The Elgin Marbles

For many this is not a new story.The question is did Lord Elgin buy the marbles to save them from neglect and from the hands of looters as Greece at that time was in hands of Ottoman Empire. Prime Minsters of Britain have since the Greeks took back their nation demanded these ancient stones back. Each time failed as Elgin legally purchased the marbles from the Pathenon and so saved them from a fate of destruction or theft. It must be said Greece does not even now protect that great tiled floors that can be seen and fields left in semi ruin of sheer neglect .As old if not older than that marbles are and of historical value that mosaic floor that once had houses over them fell to bit because no one cared .The marbles would not be seen again if not taken by a museum that preserves history to the full.

The idiot political who write we must return marbles as we made Nazi looters hand back all stolen art work after last world war is suggesting we British are thieves. He should be jailed as a traitor having said enough to make me comment on his rant. I am happy to say marbles go back if Greeks can prove beyond doubt that they were looted by Lord Elgin.

I know that he took his time with authorities and obtained the rightful documents and paid from his own pocket a huge sum in those days to secure an ancient carved relief on to marble blocks .He donated them to National British Museum so did not profit from the deal .Therefore if Greece insists they must buy them back. As Greece is poor nation who will not pay back EU loans this is but another shake down by EU on Independent Great Britain. EU have no love for Greece who own them billions they are just using this to go against its old noble partner who had the audacity to leave EU far behind and not share the pay back of Greece massive debt.

Britain is free of that club now. EU worked against Britain last month too ,stopping all trade over internet with Britain and introducing taxation on parcels by way of Customs if you break the new laws . Lovely childish slap in the face again .One gets the feeling we are being hounded but as GK Chesterton said ,We are the people of England,and we have to spoken yet . Get the feeling that when we do, God help all who are against us .

Parcels and Marbles today we must wait to see what else is planed before we act as headless Europe needs strong leadership to protect us it is seen as a war zone through all time and we know who is called to sort it out dont we. Perhaps if it happens again we roll over in bed and ignore . Sad is the world that fights over greed and payback for merely stopping our subs in the club we have grown out of.

Boris has much to do to secure or waters and Marbles are not even an issue nor are the Falklands for that matter .I think Spain is next in line in EU plan of broad attack as it moves in the state of play of Gib and our legal ownership.

The EU is throwing in all it can as days go by it will act again against us. It show just how much they lost when we marched out really. They are in the last days before break up as who in right mind wants to stay in a vastly corrupted club of mad drunk leaders .

I predict that before long another nation will leave the house of cards and we must be ready to help who ever it is from the hounds of hell that dictate our plight now. I do not say a union of states of Europe is not a good idea .I thing it must be the only way ahead for all the nations including Britain to forge a deep bond with the United States of Europe. The EU it just cant be, we need a set of rules carved in the walls of justice and freedom for all.No money for membership not fat cringing leaders and drunks telling us how to trade. We do it ourselves and keep it clean ,protective and ship shape .Above all we trade with no boarders to stop us, no taxes for that fat boy to feed off. Ebay had the right idea but an old concept now we must learn another format in order to nail down the need for fair play.

Some one out in the lands of hope and freedom will hopefully read this and invent a way to progress in free unity bring down the walls of EU and making our own trade stand to help all nations prosper without listening to greedy idiots tell us what wine lake or salt heap or sugar mountain you need in your country . Freedom to think what business you may start is vital to life blood of a nation. Trade is the way ahead, keep it clean.

The Elgin Marbles belong to Britain so Eu can take us to court and loose its all

Enough .England freed Europe 3 times in history yet now we are called by names that are not deserved nor true. We pay for that things we have not thieve than as suggested by these mindless devils in the House that Duke of Wellington bought in 1815 after victory over Napoleon .The Duke was Europe in decay and so desired control of Europes debts and to assist those robbed of goods by French Empire and bandit leader. It was he that gave us United Europe not these greedy planers who today rule Brussels offices rebuilt .

God be with God save our Queen .

Yours Sir Kevin wishing you all my best wishes for a golden future .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt March 20th 2021

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