The need to know

As I have been a need to know person all my life so far I must tell you why we use so many words and ways of life that connect directly to our Roman occupiers some 2200 years ago.

We call the mile only because the Romans did. Mille passus is the distance in 1000 paces. How that works is measured from the left foot hitting the ground and is double paced but only count left foot beat to reach 100o paces and Rome placed a Mille stone in the ground in order to tell the army how far a day they needed to reach a point in how many days. So Mille passus is mile paces in corrupted English from Latin .The fact that Canada America England and Italy use miles as measurement of speed and walking distance. Even though the modern mention says Kilometer mille we forgive the inventor for lax on sense.

The pint of beer is also a measurement of jar set to drink from. They also gave us 3 types of beer. The strong first brewed the middle less strong and the small beer that children drank at about 2 percent. Well no one dared drink the water .

Even the words we use such as- Verbatim, Et cetera, ultimatum ,consensus , ego ,alibi ,bath , per diem, agenda, gratis, major and also Video which means I see . We could go on but you see my point pure Latin in our language of middle Germanic and Norman French with big slice of Viking in it makes raw middle English of the 13th century.

I read books on this subject in my teens by Professor Hall of Oxford university .Still in print and entitled Early Middle English . It covered how Saxons and Normans absorbed Latin in many ways but what emerged out of thousand years of French rule of Britain made peasants out of the Saxon farmers and village dwellers who made up code to talk in secret . Those forced to serve in houses of great lords learned the code and made from bits of each language and made up words too . If heard today we may recognize bits of English emerging in a hard gutteral form of German Saxon and base line Roman and two words of Viking Norse. The effect will astound the listener . It can be bought on tapes to listen to at home on line. Churchill himself read it along with the Rights of man be Tom Payne an English soldier who went to help the Americans win a victory over us. Not what Churchill wanted to know nor myself but Paynes book is something of good in reading.

What we know of todays modern English did not emerge as a spoken language for many decades from 1230 to around 1342. By this time it had became a national spoken language in essence. But not before the Victorians was it all as we know today. BBC made it world famous as did the empire of the East India trading Company did it spread as a world known. Then the internet is closing the gap as today even the jungle tribes men can converse in English. Not since Latin has a language become international as English is today .

It is a fine language now and one knows it is not as expressive as the French nor as forceful as the German descriptive but what it lacks it makes up for in easy relaxed ways .No male and female gravs a chair is just a chair. no sexual content exists in items or anything else but then boats are called she ? Because she carries and protects, obeys and assists in travel.No because of the bond that is formed a Brit will love his boat his car and so the loving word, She , can be applied. This is affection only and not to be confused with male and female in French.

I can place a hand across a brick and know I have 4 inch distance on hand spread out from wrist joint to start of finger joints . A grow mans foot size 10 is one foot in measurement. A hand to measure a horse to the withers (shoulders) is a hand open one on top of other. Each hand is the measurement of house say 14 hands is 14 open hand measurements. Invented to be easy for farm labour in the 10th century. I use it today. If in Metric say 5foor 4 inch .An inch is thumb joint of right hand from top to first joint. So back to Metric is 1.64592. What use is that to any one trying to cut timber with no ruler he is stuck.So dont camp out in forest with out having a ruler to measure the site.

Now Britain is back on its own changing all ,but laws, back to English perhaps its time to teach feet in inches and stop this crazy Metric nonsense. Metric is not British so why use it.

I hope I insult no one Im safe with The USA who refused Metric as rubbish and work in feet and inches to this very day.We are now working with USA on trade and not EU so best learn the real way to measure things and thank me later. It is a most English way of working . You can work out a size by looking at it really. Not in Metric as a 8 foot gate goes into so many numbers one cant visualize it. I have have proved this time after time in Europe and still its Metric in use. Ask them why ? All say because we are Europeans. Well! there is your answer .Britain is not Europe is it. Britain is getting back to be an island set in a silvered sea against the envy of all other nations.

SECTION OF A ROMAN ROAD STILL IN EXISTENCE IN THE ENGLISH LAKE DISTRICT AGED OVER 2200 YEARS. Many such have been motorway made over through out England but vestiges remain of what was Rome in its hey day.

I hope all found something in this blog that pleased them. I wrote it for myself alone but there we are its done.

Sir K says God be with us all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

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