The Maxwell Girl.

Some time ago I read an account of Robert Maxwell the financier and corporate business magnet who fell off his boat and died. His court hearing set up so well avoided. Maxwell had been able to steal his own workers pension funds among many other deals or nasty work he existed life on his terms beyond earthy justice . You will remember the case Im sure so no point in continuing part one of this case in question.

Ghisaliane Maxwell Roberts own daughter is spending years being held without trail in USA as a British subject is wrong. A typical American way of torture. Now devoid of any real acusal she is held on charges not brought. This is no good to her defense team as how to plan is impossible as they dont know what she is accused of.

The facts are Maxwell lived separately from her said lover Epstein who killed himself in jail cell by hanging to avoid being found guilty in child sex traffic business. Maxwell left her home in England to be with Eptein. Now facts are thin as to what transpired. Did Maxwell procure victims for Epstein rich customers to violate or is she an innocent in all of this.? The trial may come near sorting this out. Or not as maybe.

On the tape records of Epstein sex island show Prince Andrew,Donald Trump and sex fiend Bill Clinton enjoying a holiday. 3 men with absolutely nothing in common but on thing, sex with young girls, or why are they partying with sex trafficer on that mans private island. It makes no sense other than they paid to have sex. No other reason can there be. Not guests as business was Epsteins only way of life .He was a supplier of sex with young virginal girls.

Maxwell is photographed in the arms of Epstein yet she says she lived alone and not with him. He was not her lover so why was she there? Was she paid to do a job? What job was that one finds ones self wondering?

Was she a hostess , no not good enough in features perhaps. Was she a madam controlling the many captured young women? Was she a close friend of Epst? May be one or all of them. She knows in her own heart and trail may open this case right out or just use her as escape goat for Trump, Clinton and Prince Andrew, and others to walk freely out of this horrid consorted case of pure evil.

Maxwells brother may ride to his dear sisters rescue but what can he say he is not accused of ever being with Epstein . How can he know what transpired?

It is a nightmare for her lawyers and unjust to hold her and not grant bail. They need to accuse her or let her go. Not enough hear say or late acusal from female who say she was raped by her and Epstein. You cannot hold anyone on this bail must be. This all points to Yanks making her the only point to carry the case since Epstein is dead. As long as she is being held a prisoner over 2 years and longer held unlawfully by Yanks we know the intention is for her to die in custody or carry the can leaving all concerned to walk away un touched . Law must call Trump Clinton and Prince, randy, Andy to the stand and open the whole case before justice or never again hold heads up but in shame.

I am not declaring Maxwell innocent only justice is not here in this case she is the sacrificial lamb to hide the many twisted minded mob who used and paid Epstine for his services and record shows them all on that island with Geoffrey Epstine alone. No excuse can be accepted one cannot jail the only witness and hope she dies of same end as her boss, lover ,friend. I can bet many sit hoping that she will take her own life but my guess is she is a survivor and my hope is for the victims to win against the might of the establishment no matter how rich and protected they all are. Then see how guilty Maxwell is in compliance if nothing else. Her time held must go towards her sentence if ever there is one proclaimed.

A trial date has now been given for July .But will this be as i suspect another none starter no one called as witness as all could be found guilty of sex crimes with captive sex under aged victims and open a whole new bag of worms . My guess she something will happen between now and July as they cant afford her to take the stand in her defense as names will be mentioned by her defense. I think she has not a snow balls chance of freedom and 50 50 towards her arranged death. It is why the law has been broken to hold her so long. It is a set up ready to go into action. A time bomb ready to explode if not as Prince and ex Presidents head will roll and one knows justice will be done at last. Do I think justice exits in this singular case. I do not. Guilty or not she is English and must be sent home to be judged. Keeping her in a cell they say is filthy is the states duty to keep prison cells clean .it is an excuse used by Yanks who cannot will not hand us back the killer they shield who drove down a boy outside barracks who had no diplomatic immunity and fled by flight to America to hide from justice. Britain asked twice and told no. So we tell the lousy Yanks to ship this prisoner home or we cut off any contact with them as enemy number one. They owe billions and go around like sporing lions with no claws . Not the American public but their CiA and government. I say it is a criminal case of kidnapping a British subject and holding her until she dies without charging her covers all the sins of the rats and sinners who used children for sex. Maxwell may be innocent we cant say only a British legal system can judge her.

Thank you for reading my blogs again dear you.

Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright kevinparr Bt 2021.

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