Seeing is believing.

It was summertime in 1978 The ride down the mountain side from the North Yorkshire town of Hawes rolled along down to the village of Ingleton where I had bought my first house. In the car with me my wife driving and we had been to see her mother in Wensleydale hospital. Although the summer day was lovely at 4.50 pm a sadness was lingering in our minds as her mother was on her last.

It was reaching the end of the mountain as we descended a large golden sun startled us as in the wrong place .We though it could be the moon nearing earth and a sort of panic transpired and the nearing sound on a wagon from Amy Road Stone quarry behind us seemed to be watching the disc in the sky too. Then it happened the disc flipped over to be a vast vessel glowing orange .It was in the shy and then so close to the car it was terrifying . A mirage as if loocking at an electric light bulb in a darkened cellar and the light goes off but you can still see it for many seconds unto eyes adjust. Well! that is what we saw.

Later we all agreed it was not earthly. Six cars one heavy goods wagon all sat in the village centre and talked it over . The ship was only seen when the sunlight hit a metal turret on top of a vast bowl. In this we saw portholes and still orange it drifted slowly down to the shore line of Morecambe Bay .It was now all silver as we drove down the slope we could see how big it was .If one can see a Rugby field it was perhaps three times as vast . Green lights came up in lines from the sea edge but as we came closer in that cars we could not see where under this flying town a hatch. However all green lights vanished inside the craft. At this it rose into the sky level with us and vanished. I think the speed so fast was the reason.

Next day a news paper published in Preston Lancashire England named Craven Herald and another named the Lancashire reporter I think . Lancaster Guardian had front page photo of what we had seen day prior. Clear as daylight and taken by a man in his garden in Lancaster area. Two days later all news print of that day Government took up. On Tv news it was called a hoax by James Callahans Labour Government. Then came the lists of people who had seen it so in comes the met office Raf and all said they had lost a weather balloon and it explained it as so many rang to tell them it landed in Morecambe Bay.

What utter sad lies as I witnessed that whole event and swear before my G-d that it was not just a space ship of alien advanced knowledge as we could not hope to emulate such a ship as we saw. It was a colony of travel on its way back home.If the green rods in lines drawn inside that craft was fuel for powering that vast ship and it was taken from our earth perhaps that is what we are .They come to refuel and ignore the slow pace of advanced cave men as much as we would ignore monkey in the jungle. If it was some sort of mineral energy it was powerful enough to set that ship in motion so fast it fooled my eyes as nothing I have seen or now could compare with it.

In writing this I hope others who know exactly what happened could contact me as once all the north of England talked about this .Now I maybe the last one living to have seen it. I am not a lair nor a fool I do not expect many to believe we are not alone in this space we live within. So it is aimed at the few that may be terrified to speak as I believe black cars black suits took charge of negatives and cameras of many you had sent in photos to Preston news publishers .In truth I contacted this said concern some years ago now and long after the dust had settled. The young lady who took my request from information checked records and came up with nothing .Said she would ask her boss and come right back to me.It never happened I hoped it would as to be wary of reprisals is one thing but Government hit squads may have made sure even micro film library records can be taken to stop us knowing .But then I do know as it was the most remembered day in my life and have have had some really important days to recall.

I know until you see such yourself jury will be out for you I understand. Only this I will say is we are a grain on salt on a farm yard floor. What a vast waste of space if we are an example of advanced life. We have not run that far from the caves we lived. Car is 130 years old out of date by far . Tv is perhaps our best and followed closely by telephone 100 years ago. We advanced in 40 million years is laughable .One sight of that ship confirmed it all to me You may well see yourself as happy and the best of best but that is normal . Having seen and observed for almost 6 minutes this event marked it out to me we are as far from that as we are from inventing time travel yet it must exist . How else can ships come through space at such speed from one side to another taking 3 months to our sixty years. A life time just trying to leave our own planet never mind that farthest oceans we can ever imagine .lands that man human has seen filled with highest order and technology so advanced we would be kept as pets or worse slaves .Yes in all the ages we still have not seen them only in few very important interludes .Bible is a book of aliens visits .One man taken for ride in the sky some 5000 years ago. A chariot of the Gods the Hebrews called it .The man came down unhurt said they showed him the world as it looked as a bowl of gruel(Porridge) Some USA space chap told us similar in the 1980s I think. Was it Alan Shepard .Cant say I am bothered as if they had the power of a peanut I may believe all they say. Man is his own fool if he cant see we are being lied to by the men in black space pilots are landing here under great duress Id say to simply refuel and be gone but as its all so mysterious to most of us any sight sighting of a dot in the sky brings out the many who make tv shows on the subject and I know they have not seen as clearly as we saw but want to believe we have billions of travel ships around just our universe, my mind is in orbit, think just how vast is space ?

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