Past has power over us.

We today think the past is gone and for those whos passion is perhaps not on history we can be forgiven, only as its education, so why will it matter today.

Fair enough but what you fail to see that past and the future are forever linked. I will try giving examples of this fact know to me.

In the year 1213 a very concerned King John was being threatened by war as the French had Vatican permit to invade England. The Vatican was an enemy to us long before King Henry V111 dissolved the power of Rome over us. The Vatican sent Spains navy in 1588 to murder our Queen and enslave the British. All that happened was Spain lost and it bankrupted Spanish King.

King John contacted the Pope and asked for Vatican to protect Britain .John signed the papers and so passed over control of his throne to Vatican. A Papal Bull was written and posted to all nations hands off England the message. John had wriggled well out of danger but it cannot just stop there.

Even though King Henry cut Vatican off and stopped the taxation flowing out of Britain to Rome it did not stop this paper Bull of 1213 being made null and void.

King John had very bad press but few mistakes did he make in reality. Yes he had a temper such as his own father suffered. Angivin to the last John did not fall to his Barons as history records. In fact he spent nearly a full 12 months writing what we call Magna Carter . Great Charter in English. Liberatum in truth. He researched it well and told his court he would sign it if they did handing some power over to his Barons and Earls. Hence the arranged meeting at Runnymeade but 4 miles from Windsor Castle Royal residence . Token of justice was designed to impress his peoples.

So what happened to this 1213 record? Vatican owns the original and more of it is unknown by times today. In one of two ways it still could help us or destroy us . Master copy paper not in British records office .Not in Royal documents open to inspection by historians. Well! in truth ,open to public but then who ever bothers to be armed with fact and read old papers? I do ,then it is my interest.

Any power over Britain is not a good thing to boast off. Vatican and Mafia walk hand in hand so do we worry . Perhaps the answer is yes. The Vatican is a power house built in back of the poor. History records the evil that goes of and many Italian children have vanished outside of its gates . Read Italian news papers of the chidrens bones found in Vatican drains. Child sex is wide spread in its folds

What happened in 1213 was in the past but it affects us today in 2021 almost the same . A Royal document alone is mighty but linked to Vatican could be dynamite in wrong hands .

As Britain has forgotten it Vatican have stored it the matter still is when will it come back to haunt us. Then a clever lawyer may deduct protection today may help us out of danger in act of defense. It could also bring back the Church of Rome in England on the down side.

Politics are not my job only facts I deal in .Once checked am I opening a Pandora box or hoping for definite split with Vatican. I do not like having links to such a place but then who am I to preach.

Short blog today as life goes on in the gardens now summer has reintroduced herself and work is to commence.

G-d be with us all. Hope it was of interest .Thank you my readers love you all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021.

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