Sun stones and navigation

In the 1960s a British trading ship wreck off the coast of Scotland gave us a large crystal slab of rock found in Captains cabin. Ship was 17th Century and so did this crystal guide ships in fog and low cloud across the oceans?

How. Well we have only guess as seaman ship was lost when steam replaced sail. The crystal bent light in beams and the sun could be traced by leaning to stone crystal in angle to where they thought sun was in sky . May have taken a time but once located a course could be made even in low cloud and fog .

If so the craft came from the Vikings and called sunstone but not one has been found of that time. Only in their tales and sagas of travel do they often mention Sunstone in navigation. Always mysterious until now. Historians cannot agree that sun stones ever existed only drama in saga but how did the Viking long boats sail all over the world with no fog and mist navigation?

The crystals come from Iceland which must be another logical clue . Some have tried and found 92% accurate by trail and error. Known as Iceland stone it can work as a way to find the sun by rings.

Vikings used all ways to navigate as master seamen. By following whale migration .By stars in sky .By sun and by education in wave structures they reached America 500 years before Vespucci or Columbus. Settlement has been found in todays Maryland named after our Queen who was half sister to Elizabeth Tudor.

Nova Scotia too walls exist to show that at some time in 6th century Vikings landed and built shelter in what they called Vinland or land of wild grape land .Could relate to Maryland more I suspect.

In Hereford cathedral is the treasure sea map of time of Leif Ericson Viking prime minster and sailor explorer. Its called Mappa Mundi and show America,Russia and even further south near New Zealand . They had gone all around the oceans and sea rivers and inlets on raids and although they were feared they settled as any other farming survivor in all fertile parts of our globe. We can trace back and find we all may have 3% of Viking DNA or more. A strong bloodline and an inventive race. In north of England they still speak almost Viking language . A man called Jack Cragg who once I knew was a Yorkshire man living in hills in Cumbria .He was more Viking than I have ever seen a man be in talk. Hard at times to understand his talk yet it was mixed with English. Words I traced back to Norway and Vikings . Farmers up in the Penine hills, the very backbone of old England, many speak like old Jack.

Until we find a Viking long boat wreck intact as much as possible we just cant say what the Viking sunstone was. Mentioned in tales of great seaman ship but what was it really? Mystery to all and Crystals from Iceland may just have been what they meant by Sunstone to locate the sun in foggy sea mist.

By taking a DNA test one may be surprised to see who you really are .i did and 87% British isles 3 Percent Norway 6 % Gaul 2% Italian and 12% English rest unknown.What it tells me is Im English Briton with Norse and French and English modern. With Roman on top .So likely was an ancient Briton taken by Vikings of married into them. Rome marched in and again mingled the bloods but like old Hobdenious in the poem by Kipling I am a Briton of the clay . I was happy with the two DNA tests that almost matched exact.

Vikings ended up serving the Vatican guard and giving armies to the Pope . Harold Hadrada who died at battle on York 1066 was King of Vikings and a Pretorial guard of Bazantine Church of Christian belief. He had been told by Pope to back the attack for takeover of King Harold Of Englands claim to the throne of dead King Edward Confessor. Man who gave us Westminster Abbey. The attack by William the bastard of Normandy was Viking also and so a two way attack would finish King Harold and really Harold Hardarda was caught with his pants down at York surprised defense at rest on riverside in sun . We know that his intel told him that another attack was launched at Hastings some 400 miles down the country. On foot after battle no rest his army arrived on time and met head on the Norman Viking army of King William. He still may have won but William had brought heavy war horses and now sent in cavalry to break the bowmans and spear carriers line .Result, the end for Harold. His broken bones sword and axe cut show he was butchered by Williams Knights . The bone found in the church show also he was allowed a burial in holy ground.

Sharp tactics by a Pope again lost us one of our best Kings in history and turned native British into serfdom . As Chesterton said we are the people of England who have not spoken yet. When we finally do it will be British fury for the first time in centuries if ever before did happen.

The back Postern gate was left open and we told the Governments not to drive a tunnel to France and make us so open to invasion .NO no they assured us then in came vast armies of enemy from ISA .We can hold our own on top but from inside we can be taken over as Vikings did to Saxon so can todays none English plan against us. What is among the refugee is Isa Islamic fighters. Made men and women hell bent on trouble . We had it from the IRA now do we face it from the Islamic armed mindless cruelly induced people mind taught to hate and blame us for everything .Perhaps history should tell us to be aware and on guard. I bet someplace in this a Vatican plan exists deep down in the relics of riches and sexual scandal.

When tests had been completed using calcite crystal it was found to be within just i percent out in over all accurate readings. Therefore logic tells us this Crystall was used before Vikings even had compasses .Starts at night and sun by day kept then on course and if foggy mist hung down all day the simple fact is rings of the sun show in the crystal and even no sun it can be located in these magnetic rings the sun spreads out across the globe and reflect in crystal face. Conclusive evidence i think but time will tell if we find a wreck of a longboat and a crystal in it .Not many such vessels have been found but the few that have come to light badly decomposed no sign of anything we can call a sunstone has ever been discovered .Time will tell but my bet is on calcite Crystal from Iceland .

Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021, June

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