Letter on touchy subject .

It is without doubt a tricky subject on my mind and related to excuses in the life of Prince Harry.

It must be said it is how I see the problems from vastly a stand outside of the close private matter of a wayward Prince.

A man who is still a child in some ways. His talk with Black Activist Ophra Winfree in America shocked the nation and lies openly told by both he and his wife to the interviewer passed back and forth willingly.

The case of marriage before Westminster Abbey never happened . It was designed to shock and it hit the mark. It insulted many people involved in that marriage set up. Because Megan agreed to marry and said so is not a legal marriage but in her mind it was and she made it up to look as if so.

All the lovely British ladies Harry knew and he married outside of his own domain. To blame his own father was not just unkind it was dangerous to Prince Charles reputation and harks back to death of Dianna . Harry talked of bullying by his own loyal helpful family which to me is unforgivable . It is almost repeat full circle of his more famous uncle in 1938 who married a twice married German helper and possible Nazi Spy .

In King Edwards case in the marriage with Mrs Simpson it soon cooled off and he was alone as she cavorted with younger men on the dance floors of best hotels. She may have had six lovers in the years she left him to his whiskey and he hated her for it. . Lost his Throne, haunted him until he died.

He was not really a nice man as he said of his young brother who suffered much with a life changing matter only know today as Autism .When he died Edward said he would not attend his brother funeral as he was an animal and a total reject. Compassion he had none and so none gave him any either.

Harry is running on same lines in many ways as we see him seeking medical mind help. Many children loose both parents and survive well .Harry was 12 when Dianna died in Paris living a life well away from her sons. She had found independence and Harry took it badly I do not doubt. Then army life batters all that out of a man makes him stronger fitter and more willing to survive . Yet here we are today with Prince Harry admitting he needs help as Megan insists he needs help.

Trouble is with actresses one never can tell when they are acting and he married well below his own rank so it is unsurprising he learns to take her view. If this view also take in the hatred of Harrys family in London it show well what life must be like with his new wife.

To ridicule The Queen and her departed loving husband and their eldest son Prince Charles, Harry own father, as Harry says all against him and made his life horrid is not him but her at work . The effect on him is akin to the Uncle and Mrs Simpson .All said she worked in the sex industry and that hooked King Edward right into her web. But I think it was same thing as Harry had a desire to be ruled by a woman far stronger and able to rule him.

Harry is back as a child not through the loss of his ,mother, so much, it is deeper he is being sucked in to Megans way of life. She gets what she wants with Harry for sure.

Sad waste of a man . War hero and all that now mommies boy in mid life . He needs to pull himself up by his Army boot straps and get back to Royal duties if he has the guts to know his own mind, that is.?

Other wise he is dog meat and best forgotten with his wife and America . Pretend they never happened and get on with life as we know it . Cant salvage a rotted machine cost too high and admit it Harrys gone too . The Nazi uniform should have warned us all what was to follow .For him it was fun to us he is a joke not a man to count on lack of moral loyalty and false tales of woo. He never saw it like that until Megan illustrated her version to her ever willing doting fool.

So is it all Megans fault? Partly yes it is and wrong part too. Harry fell under her spell and will end similar to his uncle David, King Edward ,who abdicated for a woman. such is the power that woman wields over weak males who cant see a life any other way .Replacement mother really. Sex and cozy life under strong instruction carefully placed .Not for me Harry nor for any other ex army survivor . Treat them well keep them in pig and and keep all else to yourself and all will be well. Never let the right hand tell the left what you decide to do. Never be weak never show any that you dont know the answer just find it fast and be strong in command, gentle in your ways and rule as King in own house.Wisdom is made through experience and mistakes but dont dwell on mistake try until its not a mistake. Live is for learning . Not stagnating . Love is the one thing I cannot buy so never insult her with how great you are show her how to come to you as partner. Wife who constantly decries you do not respect you . Or is just a bitch one made the wrong choice in that case. Where are you in this Prince Of England? iD say you know the answer now. Royal life is the envy of the world I was King England would not tolerate such treachery but as i am just a normal man without such power I can, and will, speak my mind . He is letting the side down making England look silly and blaming all ,but himself ,for his problems.

My thoughts dear reader hope it sits well with you.If not perhaps look at the case again. Harry is public property and your opinion must count. Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

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