Letter from Latvia no4

Good morning. The sun shines on a world of rural bliss as the gentle butterfly ,yellow and gold, flutters across my face and and the sound of bees in rose blooms open and scented is music in my ears. 78f not a breath of breeze the garden carries me further in to this image of peace to start weeding.

My summer house roof, that bane of my life over last three years . is finally in use .An English folly with a purpose . Soon will stain glass the leaded rear window. Paint the walls and set the scene for summerhouse use. Seats table and chandelier from the high spire that is the roof . So long since I made the design set the base of this small build in heavy timber beams. Trouble was dear reader here in Latvia none can bend metal to sloped shapes. I therefore had to change it to a pyramid and in week it was done .We cant always have exactly what we wish for and it did not ruin the outcome really. If I had acted on this I may have avoided the time it took to effect. Still I may suffer from perfection I admit.

The delicious solitude of plants and trees drives and fountains is becoming reality and a world on its own. Love that makes this place a best retreat fills my plans to carry it on into the fields and make a garden worthy of England far off from another land. A corner of the great rested in this design to be a world of Bertie Wooster perhaps even the ghosts of Edwardian ladies parasol and white lace will roam its paths. Wander in its rooms and join the peacock in is splendor in a gardens made by man for God to bless.

We are the creatures of experience one saws the works of other gardeners ,the rooms and hedges of Hidcote the Welsh tall hats of Nora Lindsay .The dream of Vita Sackville West and Harold Nicholson. The great expanse of Lancelot Brown and gasped at its total overall beauty. The days before wars when money was not the hold back of today they carved England into one great garden in the many that make the patchwork blanket of England work . Here can only do my best not to copy but to praise the past and see tomorrow in the buds that form i see on my walk around. Jobs still to do but when is a gardens finished .It can never be so and there is the dilemma of the subject . We change and gardens change and time goes by it even makes its own mind up. My designs of hardcore will not change but plants will dictate and will look better some area around the room.. Cuttings grown increase stock and so more room is required as nothing remains stagnant in a garden.

We find we reach the question of why are we so very interested in building garden. Is it a world we can rule over. Is it latent desire to find heaven . Is it to be back in the world of our ancestors ? For me I have loved gardens since I first opened my eyes on arrival on earth. My passion led to my father making me a wheel barrow and tools to assist him in art of garden keeping. I was perhaps 6 at the time and had pestered just to have my own part of garden. Here planted annuals from packets bought for me by kind relatives . It was awake up call at 12 seeing Hidcote gardens on a Sunday ride out. It is best described as the dream of its creator Major Lawrence Mayfield Johnston . England in 1900 was far different place that today. It gave him a world of his own and i saw it with open eyes myself. Strong and true it was my world also . Then all the gardens in this world i visited as it was all the mattered in a holiday to me. Hate of sand and fun as the call a holiday. I crossed the Sahara on a camel with the Arab into Algeria just to see Eljem a Roman ruin that once had gardens and town life in the desert. Algiers and its old walled gardens . I have seen the great Cardinals gardens in Rome and traveled to Persia in search of a water fall garden called hanging gardens that are not in the place we are told of. Built miles and a country away they did exist . I think it led to this my gardens to use as canvas to paint in flowers a living image of the world of peace and interests.

For me its time to go weeding again as one thing is for sure gentle rains of last night may de the trick for all plants but weeds grow even faster. Soon a stone water fall will be a job once have saved enough stones in my pile. Fences to past up and wire off this month too. Hedges then can expand without Bambi the deer and her family using my garden as a salad bar . Build a garden and watch just how many want part of it . It is a costly job today Johnston built ten acres of garden far cheaper than my 5 acres cost. But it was 1898-1920. We live in a very different world today unfortunately so. Budgets exist and slower is progress.

It shall be done as it nears the end and start of the beginning of growth. Old man time will do the rest .Mother nature his aid.

Many thanks to my readers and love from me, Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2021 July

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