Riga, world Heritage site .

Today in this heat writing is hard .just to sit and rest out of sun at 98f and humid is not easy. We talk of the capital today. Short blog not because nothing to say just too hot to bother.

It is said that Bishop Albert founded the city in 1201 after return from Palestine and the crusades of holy murder blessed by the Pope.

In truth the ancient Balts built a trading station and it became a major port. Village gathered in the forests joined up to be protected and the town became a city. Much as in all Europe . 2nd century to Bishop Albert is a long time as a town perhaps he blessed it and his name recorded. Anyway it sits nicely on the banks of the river Daugava that runs into the Baltic Sea.

It had many many beautiful buildings from as many centuries as dwellings. Finest Art Nouveau architecture in the world can be freely seen here.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a lovely city more like Paris in places than any other. The old town is just a dream of 1700 in all its glory and colours. Guiding tours are every where in summer. The 3 main languages here are Russian ,Latvian and English and most speak all three .The Latvian being able to take on language as easily as we breath in air. They are divided in two groups to me.The helpful hard worker able to do most things to the lazy and drunk who do nothing but drink vodka Russian style. Vodka is cheap as chips here. Some make it themselves. It is not all poor as Bentley UK have a large sales room selling their cars about 15 a year im told. Big business exits but not seen in not in the click. Living in rural forest and lakes well outside Riga is cheap but rates exist in city and can compete with UK in places but houses are all four times larger in city . The fact that some 12 million works have left for better incomes leaving a very low income for governments means nothing much gets done. It suits me as pay nothing out beyond my borders seems fair.

I have talked about the Riga Zeplane market and old Armitage the English Mayor of Riga twice elected. So we move on to Riga as a place to visit. Free and easy and never packed it is a place that has everything and more .Indian expanded cafe and Turkish and Armenian Chinese and all Russian eating houses adorn the city area . Main bus and tram routes.

The walk around old town can take as long or short as your feet want . Or you could hire bicycles or taxi to give you freedom. If you can name it it can be found in this city. Do I say its a holiday of exciting walks .yes I do .Good food and not expensive as Latvians have it right food is cheap. Fresh bread here can be picked out as tasty white sweeter and crustier than any found in England .Honey is the thing you will see all over Latvia Bee apres abound. A two kilo tub is around 8 euro of pure with wax to separated but all is just from bees no additives at all. First honey we buy monthly and eat every day with bread or on its own or with Greek Yogurt. When we can walk or ride from Riga facing Sweden all the way around coast to Estonia all white sand mile wide beech and Riga bay as blue as topas one then can see it is a place of no barriers. Horses train on these beeches and councils have built barbies for cooking at intervals all along the 72 mile stretch. Summer can get hot but most average is 80 f all day. Can rise to over 100f . July September .June is 78f no rain. November can be best but snow comes in Decembers first week and cold seeks a place to hold on to. Winter sport here is a vast industry. For most of us we drive in the ice and snow where we did not in UK. We spend time in rest at home or travel to stay with friends that we have not seen since last winter as gardens take all out time in summer.

I have not included the hundreds of examples found in this city that remain as Russia smashed down manor house and palaces alike in the shadow of evil communism that set about murdering over two million Latvians per year they over lorded these people .They made Riga the communist leaders city and pulled down all else. Today Baltic Russians live in peace next to Latvians in that city. Latvians hate them but in truth no anger is displayed and all latvian can speak Russian but no Russian will bother with any language save Russian as they feel superior. I have no problem with any of them save near by that stole from me many times before I catch them in act. Only place in nation where scum exist live in a dog kennel in a corner like vermin. No contact now and keep distance from me as can bring in police at any time .

Yours with love and great thanks Sir Kevin .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 July 17th

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