Old enemy in sight

If it was not one of those days .You know when the seasonal sky is perfect Alice blue and the clouds just butter balls of fluffy white drifting about like sail boats in the ocean. A sort of day when one expects to relax and read the news in the Telegraph pages before moving in to the Guardian . But no . Here we are at that unwelcome knock on the door. I decided to open it as who ever it was had a sort of heavy knuckle sort of hammering in mind. Not that I am sensitive or able to read minds behind doors but having lived a bit one ones the culprit means it.

‘ Hello Archie old man. Look here have you seen Fred the Fox of late. “

I looked at him with frozen glance. ‘Never heard of the cove and for that matter who are you ?”

He looked at me aghast with Spaniel eyes . ” You know my Archie. Call me Terry Watts from the club. “

” Club!” I exclaimed ,feeling hot around the old shirt collar.

” Yeh! the club .You know your a member. “

” Im sorry I think you have the wrong fellow.My name is not Archie either.”

He gasped at my facial expression of boredom , and left .

I was happy on the money pages until the phone burst into life and in the silence maybe even made a chap jump a bit .

‘Hello. Who?.No .Goodbye. “

A retired copper like me and Archie from Bow .Suddenly the penny dropped .I rang that last number on my phone .” Bingman here Metropolitan police “

I placed the receiver down in shock. The knock returned I allowed him in to my house. “So you need my services is it man?”

“Slow on the uptake Sir. I have been sent privately .My name is unimportant . The message is your worse enemy is back from the dead. Your man said you would understand.”

‘ Then tell who ever it is this man is retired. No longer a police officer lad. 70 now tell who ever sent you to handle what ever it is himself and leave me alone, thank you both. “

He looked as puzzled as before and still turned on his polished heel and vanished.

I picked up the newspaper but nothing but Vampires filled my mind. Five years ago the last known of them I killed on London Bridge. Since than London has been silent and respectable, this side of River at least..

I hoped for complete abandonment and rest. My dear wife had passed on and alone I had little of excitement at all. I had sort of fallen into the nicely laid rut of doing nothing. Newspapers in morning. Walk in park around boating lake . Drink in pub and back home for evening news. Life as it is in fact. Retirement is just that idle days and rest. I slept uneasy that old days haunting the muddled mind and heat of the weather added up to trying to effect sleep and only serving to hurt my eyes. At 4.34 I was up washed shaved and dressed. I bused it down to the MET after a good breakfast in Ronnies cafe.

“Good God man look what the cat dragged in, its Inspector Sir John himself. Well! I never.How are you Sir. “

” Older less wise but need a talk with someone upstairs. “

“Really .Hanbury is the only one standing you would know John. ‘

I was soon at his desk .Hanbury was himself due to retire . His face looked drained and somber. He spoke in whispers and begged me to sit.

‘I called you owing to fear I can speak to no one but you or I may be locked away mate. ‘

I brought my eyes to his. “Vampires again “

‘Sssh! not a word more . Here look at this.” Across the desk he handed my a full page photo of a dark street in city lit by only a street light . Then in the back ground a body lay, head towards the camera. A cloak like shadow fell across the victim .

‘ Her name was Kerry Dains from Epping .Pc Kerry Dains six weeks out of police training and first day on duty in this office . On inspection two puncture holes in side of her neck I saw at once .having two years of it one can smell them John .Creatures of the night . Blood sucking devils . Yes they are back and reborn as you killed him John. “

Sir John James looked at his old desk with some affection after his 30 years behind it. He pulled back the chair arranged the cushion to his liking and pounded down behind the desk as though time had stood still. He was coming back in mind to thinking like a copper.

“So John James the legend is it.?”

” Who are you lad my name is Sir John James ex Chief Inspector of this branch of London police. “

“Really .Well! In Wellings the office fag .Seem to be on all lists for shop. You want anything then Gov. “

“No thank you Pc Wellings who ever is in charge of weapons these days to pop up here to see me pronto. ”

The Pc smiled and left. The phone rang. ‘Steve here and who are you for me to come to you mate. Want me call down and book appointment Im busy.”James shook his head in disbelief about to dial back . Then it hot hom he was not Inspector James now he was just Sir John retired 6 years. The place had moved on and he was just a visitor after all.

He must have sat stock still in day dreams for quite some time. Then came to his senses as some stood before him and spoke his name.

” Sir John glad to see you back here sir. Seems you are needed again. ”

” You are?’

“Peter Dean sir. I was 22 years in weapons training when you had the station you had here. The hidden files of blood suckers I have read and reread last night . Horrid stuff if one man say so.”

‘So Dean fill me in will you ,woken out of moth balls one finds it hard to stay up so awake. “

‘Mid day sir. “

“Nap time at home lad. ”

“That boring is it “


‘ Retirement “

“Yes at times .Alone and out of sink pehaps. Not so sure I can be of much use to you.”

‘upstairs must think your worth it Sir. Or you would still be at home dozing. “

James smiled knowing that the lad was correct .It was then the phone burst into life and he casually answered and stood up fast when he came to know who it was on the other end of line.

” Yes your Majesty Im your man for this job. ‘

He had woken up to the old side he knew of himself with renewed vigor and positivity he made his way upstairs.

More next week end. Story continues .

Hope all who read my work are well and happy people .I cant seem to reach some on gavitar but dont think I dont care about you.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevinparr Bt 2021 July

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