Second part, Old enemy in sight

He placed down the phone in certain knowledge his services had been placed at top secret by the Palace as well as MI6. He gazed from the window that he always found the view to calm him whist thinking. London lay along both banks of the mighty Thames river as it had since Roman times only more packed with buildings now.

‘Great view over city John. Welcome back .” His old pal Jack Denning from Traffic now inspector of vice. 54 year old and smiling extended his open hand over the desk.

‘ good to see you again dear Jack .’He smiled and took the hand shake willingly.

‘How did it start back up?

” Dont know mate. One day last week a young pc in training went home at 7pm after hard first day in training. Ten minutes later a call came through from member of public a uniformed police lady was laying on Thames Embankment covered in blood. We rushed to that scene John .She was cold stone dead and drained of all blood. Coroner found tell tale twin holes in her neck between left ear and jaw . ‘

Sir Johns eyes flashed as he moved over the table nearer and personal.

‘How do you know it was that man I killed then”

“Hmm! this card in her pocket is addressed to you John. “He handed over a business card. It said only For Inspector retired Sir J J. “

“JJ retired can only be Sir John James .You infact mate “

‘ So he wants to see me does he. Best oblige the gent.”

“Not as easy .Sit down John. Look we cant just go marching in this could be a trap. “

‘ Maybe. The fact is he wants to gloat. I killed him into dust he went. I kicked this dust all into the river off the bridge .Him and her in fact. Its all in my records down stairs.”

I can relive the moment with you John. Yes, so he is alive .He may want to tell you how he did it ?”

“Not likely . If I know how its done where is he going to hide as this time we make sure all dust is gathered and destroyed. If water cant do it fire may .”

“You meet him many times what is he like .”

‘Calm, educated sort, truly hansom and polite. A womans man really. Over 2000 years old we think. “

‘So he isnt going to fall for anything is he. We need something to draw him out.”

” No he will come to me I have no doubt. I need to be in company all the time Jack.?”

“I have asked high office if you can be armed.Your weapon is waiting down stairs but no silver bullets.”

‘Only folk law Jack dont work nor do bullets alone. Holy relics either no good. These are Godless devils who have great powers to float in mid air .To vanish at will and cast no shadow at all. They fear the sun but not London mists in daylight .They come usually in dusk hour. Only thing is at 70 not as agile as I was in service last and he knows that. Let us hope my brain is still as able.”

The day became evening the teams had been briefed and Sir john had loaded his pistol and on safe lock he slid it in his over coat pocket.

The night came at last all in place Sir John walked home along the embankment but not a thing happened. He opened his house door and sitting in his arm chair was that same devil he had killed 6 years before .

‘Good Evening John. Sir John I see. One hopes one will not mind me helping myself to your fine brandy for you see its been a long time dead this time. Thanks to you Sir Johnny clever James. Come,we have a lot to talk over .Im in your seat I see .No matter I can move.’

He vanished and reappeared on the settee opposite .”There we are .Feel free to sit and tell me why you hate me so bloody much my friend. It is only business no harm to you or yours be sure of it Sir .”

‘ To take the life of one so young as the pc you sucked the life blood out of make me hate you, devil you are”

” One has to survive you know. No need for theatre Johnny old man. ‘

“Your evil you know it’

“And you think it my own fault do you. I was once a good man in fact married to a lady far better than me . I was working nights in bar in Egypt long ago . The heat was building I opened the neck of my robes. In came this woman alone .Not done in that time. She claimed to be a priestess at the temple in the next part of city. She asked for water only .I went to pour a jug in the cellar as night was hot and water cooler. She suddenly slid next to me .Her eyes bluer than the river Nile .She held me in a vice like hold and bit me hard in the neck. She did not drain all my blood but made me her servant, not a Vampire but a human with no mind other that to serve her. ‘

‘Interesting. So how did you become a Vampire.”

‘ My wife I never saw again for perhaps the next 400 year passed as fast at a day. I was closing her box for her to sleep and I caught my wrist on a nail set in the gold rim. Blood sped and she could not resist .The lid not closed she pulled me in and drained me lifeless but could not end it she breathed air into my lungs and my body responded .I would be her partner from that day on a Vampire . She was the woman you manged to finish six years ago you see. I was not dead only dust you managed to release so easy to return. No the river would not release me for long enough captured in suspended state . I came to a bridge made of stone and was caught in a boys fishing net as dust sparkles in water. He emptied the net and on finding nothing cried .One human childs tear fell on the dust and that was me alive again .”

“What happened to that boy”?

‘ Not ask, only hurts your silly mind. He will float out to sea I expect of course. Rivers are fast and it is just as it acts. So John what is next.Your team outside by now . We have had our little chat .One more to add to your records no doubt. I will leave you now . We will meet soon .It will not be a chat then. We have an old score to settle.”

In an instant he vanished leaving no impression on the seat. Sir John stood up rather shaken and opened the main house door.In came six officers armed, .Jack behind them.

‘So want did he say then?”

Sir John smiled nervously. “He was civil enough .Its me he wants .He made that clear. Seems that woman vampire we killed in fact dead was his mistress .He was floating as dust in the Thames for six years until kid fishing netted him out.We can expect a body of child near the mouth of river.’

‘So we have finished with this dead Vampire woman then have we?”

At this very moment a ghostly image of the dead woman appeared in the open doorway to the London street. All shrank back cowering until one officer fired a bullet at the vision, it was heard hitting a lamppost outside .She let out a howl that deafened all of them before simply fading away.

A silence fell over the hallway of his home until Jack spoke up and cracked the spell placed on them if any was there.

‘So I can say that was the lady in question Sir John.’

Thank you .Part 3 and last episode .Next week.

Yours Sir Kevin says thank you for reading my work.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt July 2021

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