Third part; Enemy in sight.

The horrid vision of the dead 4000 year old lover of John James enemy had sent shivers down the spines of the gathered company of police.

‘ Not real .He sent that image to our minds only . “Suggested the legendary Inspector.

“You thinks so John?”

‘Most likely yes. Look chaps he is a clever educated man ,once .Now a blood sucking menace in another century than his. We can beat him if we put faith in ourselves. He is probably listening to all we say .He can even read minds.. I am warming to the challenge at last”

” Thank heavens for that I was beginning to think you had passed the age mate.”

The day was over plans written down not talked over .Then the record burned. From now on the trap had vision in minds . Only to build on as the next day came.

‘So we have something to go on. What happens now will he just come up through the floor or bang on the door to get at you John?”

‘Message of some sort most likely. We must wait and see. “

They did not have to wait for long at noon a strange bent backed man came to the front desk. He handed the desk policeman a note and turned and left without a sound .

‘Addressed to Sir John sir .Cripple delivered it just now to front desk. “gasped the policeman out of breath having run two flights of stairs at speed.

“So the game is a foot ,my word. Its from our enemy . Seems we are invited to meet him in the British Victoria and Albert museum near the Egypt department door at 7pm this evening. He promises a lively sight. No tricks and no weapons. “


” No Jack both of us .”

” I was afraid of that John my boy. “

“Not every day you are invited by a real Vampire to meet with. Be fine really Jack he is toying with us . “

“Lets hope he isnt hungry”

At 7pm sharp they arrived at the destination. The door to the said department ajar and in they marched to see the Vampire in full glory cape wide open red silk lined, his black hair and hansom face shining magically. Suddenly it vanished and out of a glass cabinet walked a boy in rags .Head bound in Nile blue turban .his eyes yellow his skin dark. He head down suddenly came to life.

He came to face them just feet away from them ,it spoke.

“My name is Abu Nata Fae my age 2400 years old. I am the enemy from Hell Sir John .”

Transfixed no one spoke in reply. The boy turned to the window and breathed out a wind that filled it over with sand .The room quickly darkened .The boy stood between them holding the hand of each. It terrified Jack Denning but Sir John James froze in certain fear something was about to happen.

They saw in the sandy dust that filled the air like a sand storm the Vampire leaping towards them .As he came in flight the salt shaker in Sir Johns care came out of his coat pocket and into the eyes of the beast. There was a horrid roar such as not heard before. Like a wounded Bull it raged and then suddenly the room was back to normal the sand no place to be seen. The boy gone and the Vampire too.

Back in the office soon after the two men knew the plan had worked .By not talking of it the dead man had not heard as he was not in the room he could not read minds . All they had to do was plan the next stage of the trap in hand signals and written word .

The image of the Vampire as normal

The trap for the final goodbye was set. Not a word had been said and no wrong moves made. Sir John was older but the years of Vampire fighting had not left him without knowledge.

The street led to the Thames Embankment on the spot where the young woman had been drained to death of her very life blood.

In the evening gloom .The mist from the river rising he came out of the depths of fear again as hoped.

‘So Sir John and Friend .Out for an evening stroll?”

“No we came for you my dear Abu. Nice trick with that sand dear boy. Or should I say old old man. “
“No matter to me human .It is your turn to be my soul mate. You ,little man go home I will not hurt you .This faster mind is what I came for. Now Sir John shall we begin.”

‘ Begin,begin what pray?”

‘Oh| Prayer will not save you dear Sir John . One small bite and it is over .Think of it. Eternity . Some will sell their all for it. Come now do not fight me. “

He moved in a flash to Johns throat and from the fold in his over coat came the hidden pig sticker used as bayonet in two world wars. He plunged it in to the vampires stomach and a howl came from him. He fell back.’What have you done you fool this will not even hurt me.”

“Oh! yes it will Abu my boy .ist all over for you .Old blood mixed with yours Id say is fatal. Only my thoughts but by your face id say im right. “

“Old blood .What blood its a knife . “

” On the end of a British army 303 rifle it accounted for over 50 dead Nazis . No time to clean it always in use . Two world wars rusted up I can say its 70 odd dead mens blood dried to powder in the rust around it. Should be strong enough._ “

Before he could complete his theory the vampire started to crumble. In seconds he turned to ash. Sir John leapt to gather it up in a letter envelope with his gloved hand.

From the shadows came Denning trembling. Gun in hand loaded . He had seen all and felt powerless to move.

Sir john stood upright the envelope in hand. “We need a hot fire on a night such as this Jack. “

Jacks eyes widened. Slowly he looked at Sir John. ‘Sir you are blooded in the neck.Your shirt collar is red with it “

Sir John removed the glove and felt the two tell tale holes with growing fear. Slowly he handed over the envelope and fell to his knees.

‘John I fear you are taken. ”

“Shoot me Jack.I beg of you shoot me . Im a Vampire I feel it inside my innards are aching. My hands ,look hairy and nails far longer .It is a mere matter of time .For Christs sake man shoot me. “

‘John they can work magic now Ill take you to Saint Barts. “As he said it the transformation was complete Teeth as sharp as knives came slowly nearer and he leveled his pistol as what had been John, he growled and shot his old loyal friend in the head.

As expected he ran to ash very quickly. Nothing of the old timer was left. He gathered the ash into another police envelope and carried them to the office Sir John had once occupied.He opened the glass door to the fire and cast the two envelopes into the roaring flames. He sat down heavily and watched as the fire devoured the evidence . On the wall behind him the photo of Sir John as he was to be remembered a class act of great mind of action. A good husband and a great friend . When the last flame died jack Denning stood up, a tear ran down his cheek, he closed the office door behind him. Outside the rain fell the sun was rising on a world of freedom .

Denning became the head man at Scotland yard eventually but said nothing of what had happened as who would believe it in today world. Vampires indeed ? The secret files long ago boxed up and sent into records sealed with Royal stamps in red wax. In another 50 years maybe released who knows what will happen tomorrow .Not one of us can say with any authority can we.?

I hope you liked this last final part to my heros story.

Yours with love to you all Sir Kevin.

Copyright KevinParr Bt 2021 August

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