Letter from Latvia

The summer turns into early autumn and surprises all. Rain wind and hail stones since end of June heat . I have been assured England is facing the similar fate as we speak. Blighted August usually so warm and garden party time is just a wash out facing us. Yes it is good for the plants ,hedges and ducks but hardly so as one has to find gaps in the weather to go weeding on 3 acres .Rest of land ignored until sun visits again. Hard to see improvement ahead .3 weeks is a long time in gardening terms to affect even light duties. It may not rain all day but clouds are gray and sombre all the time.If sun manages to shine it is hot and lovely for only moments to half hour max.

No one is happy with it,this is not how we expect summers here. In the last 9 years I have faced some of the best summers in Europe .June 17th to October 30th one constant heat wave of a summers reliable. May have light rain mostly at night once or twice a month . Going from 78f at 9am rising to 98f by noon and more than once reaching 102f. Same all summer . It was too hot for many years but once one becomes use to heat as an Englishman over time. Today rain again 63f and slight breeze . Too cold jumpers on and shorts changed to trousers to keep warm. This is not what we signed up for one chap suggested to me as Latvian born farmer . My grape vine arbor proving the only real shade in my gardens is redundant now .Tables and chairs stand idle under the canopy as no sun to be found in the sky beyond it .Black wood fired oven covered over as in winter, during August, must be a first for Latvia in its history.

Now the question is climate change? or nature wanted rest?

Every 50 years a change happens in climate. Each 500 years it is dramatic. Climate change is with us all the time it is not castrova or default nor is is terrifying . Alarmists tell us world is changing owing to mans fault. Man is not able to alter nature to my mind. We look at mans record of wars, gas attacks, atom bombs and violence . The packed sea of plastics and waste .yes it is all a crime against nature against innocents and saints but world survives and alters to deal with it all . We should deal with our own problems and not damage that planet we occupy.

Soon the world reforms because if one looks at Pepys diary. 1660s he tells us winters so cold the river Thames froze over 6 feet thick in ice. Fires lit and skating on the frozen river as he reports in the many interesting pages for himself alone to recall. As an historian one thanks him as it was published only after his death. My point being that 400 years later winters are perhaps a thing of the past in England. We face the heat that was England in time of Saxon Kings 500 years before even Pepys.

The world is constantly changing it is a natural process every bit as much as ice cap melting in one hemisphere and freezing hard the other side of the world .You can call it climate change but is mother nature not mankind that causes it. If man invented the biggest bomb ever it may wipe us all off the earth but I assure you the earth would not be hurt at all . Another species would take our place.Perhaps the rat for most likely place . Who knows if another great race of humanoid inhabited this earth before us and destroyed them selves by wars and might gas attacks .Would not surprise me at all. It may answer many questions too.

We see cars spreding trash on motorways from car windows . We see plastic piled all over the place .Not here in rural Latvia . Most take rubbish back home to burn . Roads no littler to be seen . Our coast line a world heritage site .In fact on warm day on white sand deep blue sea one can be forgiven for thinking your in a tropical paradise .Not a paper to be seen mile wide beach running 67 miles all around Riga bay to my home. In land with its hedged wild rose lanes one would think it England for a moment . Green fields spread for miles in all directions. Trees form forests still may to rejoice in. Lakes teaming with life and life goes on.My self built garden world is now fenced around to stop Bambi and her vast relatives using my gardens as a salad bar again. Ruined many green emerald Thuja hedging trees and lavender not easily replaced. Told many time deer dont eat lavender or roses but its lie they can and will if hungered eat anything .Nothing is deer proof other than a tall strong fence well planted with thorny shrubs behind it so id deer can see beyond they will not dare jumping we find.So a 6 foot fence will be fine if all is blocked so they cant see in. If they can 16feet will not stop them when hungry. I have electric fence line on top of poles and hope this winter to be free from attack. We cant shoot them as law in EU says protected. Hunter who lives near by says in Spring and summer breeding and winter out of season gives only a months licensed cull and we did that last year but forests cut down to sell Baltic pine to USA at big money will ruin our countryside and deer will be more interested in gardens and wheat fields as no natural forest left. As a none native I cannot get a rifle license easily so must rely on metal timber and wire walls around half acre new built English garden rooms .

What makes me wonder is around our home are another four and half acres of lawns and garden plantings .With arched rose tunnel up the middle . Deer leave it all alone but devour my new hedged rooms and hedges too. So this letter shows another side of Latvia not seen or felt before. We cant buy timber here now at a price used to as all of it is sent to England and USA. Baltic timber is hard and firm and pine is perhaps the best in the world as I know from building workshops and garden folly and hen sheds it is easy to use and scented hard ware and takes the punishment of hard winter as no other will.

One can only hope I do know well. Gardens and design have interested me all my life from aged 3 with my own garden hoe and trowel and bit of land Father dear gave me and taught me well what to do .Weeds from plants and all names in fact Latin and English I slowly learned from him. At 10 was pruning fruit myself under supervision. Only when I went off to boarding school at 12 was it to end for many years of work ahead. My dream of building on vast scale an English garden became real in 2012 when I moved to Europe .Land in England was out of question as housing comes first. Farm field i offered to buy but no planing permit allowed to turn it into gardens or a house was allowed .Yet 6 years later it all became low cost housing . It was clear message to me to pack up and leave England. Builders want cash Government wants more homes and the population exploded makes for building a six acre garden a none starter. The last days when it was viable belong to the 1920s.

Here it is welcomed open armed and gasps as they have never ever seen an English garden before in their lives .The Latvian garden is but an apple tree and a shed with upper class adding a greenhouse and sitting bench under apple tree. Few real garden plants but bedding in hanging baskets a main event for the native family.

It is 890 English over here to 16000 Latvians in England that have the upper hand and have built houses that amaze the locals. Shower rooms and inside toilets never seen before for the vast many rural dwellers. In cities modern world begins

Hope peace remains and Afghan refugees escaping death and slavery by Terrorist Taliban take over find kindness and respect through a time of total evil caused by American total march out. We must pray for the safe passage of so many terrified peoples having lost all they had to escape evil.

Yours Sir Kevin and thank you for being with me all of you no matter were you are God bless.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 August 22nd Bosworth battle day in English history

2 thoughts on “Letter from Latvia”

    1. Hi dear .Yes now fences up al around and planted back up outside hedges with other plantings other than all green emerald Thuja trees. Berberis and rose hedging some Forsyhia .All should reach 8feet tall and do the job. lost over 200 Thuja tree hedges plants as deer had a feast. Cost was high so never ever again will they have a chance. It is the end field added to rest of gardens which never had exposed area for deer to take interest but lowland meadow now built into English arts and craft gardens lay open to invasion not thought over . My fault and an expensive mistake .Now healed and should grow well. My blog will show you many photos of developed garden over time.


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