Lord North. part two

The moon light lit up the moor of pink heather and the lane looked carved in stone as the horseman raced across the land. Winter the ice king flashing his whip as the rode hard heat rising from the panting steeds in swetted flanks the cold defeated near then. It was England ,1775.

At the ruins of the abbey walls they came to rest. Horses steaming as the long hard ride from Portsmouth harbour was at full gallop. No groom to care for them one rider took charge as his friends entered the doorway and vanished into darkness.

In the sanctity of the stones a man stood statue like and spoke in whispers but it broke the screen of silence.

‘Welcome brother . Your journey over. Mary has made a fine breakfast for you at home. Now tell me what is Ben Franklin up too. “

The three riders drew near . “Brother Franklin had fled from London to New York this day will be ready to join his traitor friends to form Government against us. William here sold up his holdings in Virginia before we sailed. I too sold land of timbers on the river site back to Ned Travers son. So we are here to tell you to tell our contact war is most likely.”

Silence fell like a final curtain over the abbey room. The group remounted and trotted slowly back to home some two miles off .

In New England all was in progress as weapons build up was in first talks .Franklin a slave owner had been the contact for the people of America in London as spokesman in Kings Parliament. Talks had fallen down as tax and issues even harder had not allowed the settlers permit to build a ruling party as law makers under Kings rules and law for peoples to have real contact with help .George King of England and third of that name had no intention of allowing it. It was the breaking straw as Franklin had thought it possible . No true representation was allowed by Parliament or House of Lords for the new world order .It was not to say they wanted to leave British protection but in Benjamin Franklins mind it was a slap in the face.

England slept on unaware that their sons would soon be called upon to fight own cousins ,Friends and relatives in the parting glass of war .

It came on swift wings as Lord North would not allow even a small company of men to be law makers in Virginia or any part of New world .It was a mistake that would cost us a continent land mass we owned . It would be an army sent from townships in England hard worked land boys and factory workers who when first seeing the coast of America wanted to remain as settlers with hope of grander live than they had back home. At least half of Cornwallis troops deserted and joined the free men of America. It was Britains worse war ever by far. Too few reserves were sent to reinforce the gaps in line. It was lost before it started really as poor men in uniform saw a new world of hope for in England they had none. Lord North was impeached as a Government was sacked after war ended. He was the only Prime Minster in history of our islands story ever to be so.

Back home it was sudden and swift that we had lost a nation .The King angered did not want to send in more troops .Shock in the officer ranks that ordinary soldiers had dared to desert and America had thanked them not shot them .Making them fire back at red coated ex friends as ranks swelled under Washington it was clear the end of Colonial power as near .

it was said that more Brown Bess rifles can be collected by the antique trade in America than in England who made them .It was not just tea tax that lost us the world it was a foolish Government who would not bend to the times. One yes to lawmaking under British over see would have avoided a war that lost us more men that left the ranks than had died in action.

King George 111 was the last King to have an opinion. The last real King with such power was Henry v111 .Today the parliament struggles to run Britain not empire it lost through hard law and stupidity .Our crown has today has no power, cannot have an opinion is just a worker on Parliaments books . We must remember as Franklin knew and Lord North forgot men have rights . We executed a traitor King in 1649 ,we did, the people spoke. Do we now have a Government set up with more power than ever they had to replace the man who would be King we executed ?

We are never far away from the truth in the midst of lies that surround man kind . My words. Yours Sir Kevin. God be with us all.

copyrightKevin ParrBt 2021 September.

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