Fact or fiction case

We cannot see beyond the corner .We are blinded by straight sight.

The case on Impeachment for Bill Clinton came out of the blue. Monica Lewinsky finally admitted years later on the making of a movie that she was not as innocent as we believed. Not Bill who pushed for sex as thought but this crafty lady herself.

She as a junior intern aged 24 was not allowed in the Oval office but that is exactly where she aimed her sights. She made it her business to trap the president in the lift alone and to show him her new suspender stockings to the top. She a fit sexy girl aimed high and so ended up as Bills whore so easily it was astounding .

I say astounding as her name Lewinsky .Daughter of Bernard who was a Salvadorian Polish born newcomer in America and Monica Samille Lewinsky was born In California on 23rd July 1973 . He spoke Russian at times and she rose be have sex with the most powerful man in world.

We know look wider than they bothered to when it all came to news desks of BBC and all American state channels across the nation talked of nothing else for weeks. Bill was questioned on this by a set board of officials and Bill lied on one question.His reply.’I did not have sex with that woman.” was his big jump into history as a fallen man.

Monica was forced to say she had no sex with Bill . He lived for another month and it came up again in proof by texts he had affair with Lewinsky. Monica owned up and Bill was impeached as President as direct result.

Now could it have been just a 24 old lady who wanted a 50 odd year older man .To say I have had sex with a president of United States of America. Could just be that yes. Or could it have been a pay job to perform .Russia finding out all it needed is something we know went on all the time in the cold war of that period in general. Is therefore Monica a spy herself .Or was she recruited to bring Clinton down by some other gang of radicals .

As I say we cannot see behind closed doors but we do know what was said by Monica as she was sucking Bills privates under the committee table when all arrived to sit and talk she just carried on and Bill smiled happily answering questions and setting up trade bills and talk of war. Stop there . How often did this happen and how much was Lewinsky privy to top secrets. We cannot say as no one went that far it was just sex and Bill lied about it .All eyes on impeachment of a liked president made top news all over the world. Monica did not fade away she rose in all cash ways behind the scenes in London and America she made sure she landed on her feet.

How hard a job was that for a lady blackened by all as the Fall of Bill and scarlet lady at that. She did not change her name we do know but she entered into education in an English to institution as of no worries as to who she was.I think not. Perhaps the way was paved by more than her father .Door opened by cash and so back in USA books on sale and interviews now a movie she was asked to talk with director and producer . Impeachment ,the movie is to go out this year 2021 for pubic to view. Monica said keep nothing back because of me tell the full details

I made my quest to have sex with President Clinton. I showed him my suspenders and stocking tops and he went for it as planed. Strong admission and I read more into that face than perhaps existed. Or did I . We may never know the truth why a smart well dressed pretty lady at 24 would want her name as evil all over the world as Bill was a married man and old enough to be her father almost. Why /Unless it was her job to seek him out as the mark . It is perhaps more the right explanation for how she managed it in the White House . If not and I am wrong then she is just a dirty whore . A woman wanting top man could be the case. Some woman adore such powerful men.

What do you think ? No lady I ever knew and I did know many, would ever stoop to that . Monica made history but how will we see it in 50 years from now?

Over to you my readers. Those are the basic facts of what happened but not much makes sense of why she did it? I say she was paid to bring down a president .

Yours Sir Kevin and thank you for viewing.

Copyright kevinparrBt 2021

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