Remember the 5th of November.

To know the true history of this saying may shock you. Read on if you want to know the facts. No im not wanting to ruin the night of fire and celebrations but as an historian it is of greater interest to know the truth of it.

We all know of the man Guy Falk ?Or do we? Born near York and ventured into Spanish war as private paid soldier he served in the army of Spain for many years after war .Known to his fellow troopers as Guido Fulks he earned both respect as an honest man and cash as a brave soldier.

He went back to England well off and meet up with a man he had served with. This chap led him to Lords of our realm who had it in for the German King that was so disliked and not trusted the they had decided he must be taken out. Guy now took a job guarding the fuel that had gone into a rented cellar in house next door to Parliament. Over time the dividing wall was taken down and kegs of gun powder taken under to parliament side of wall. Timbers and fire wood placed over the barrels and Guy took up his duties of watchman.

All went well until one of the plotters informed his relation to not attend the sitting of Parliament that evening . The man informed Cecil and as chief minster Cecil went to investigate .Finding Guy said to be smoking a pipe of tobac and with a lantern in hand said he was there only to keep an eye on firewood load. Cecil became suspicious by the pistol in Guys belt. He was arrested and the wood stack taken down to show five barrels of black gun powder and fuses.

Guy was tortured but had said he cared not about the Kings children in the rooms above he was there only to keep watch before the whole thing blew the King and his family to Kingdom come. He refused to give any names to Cecil even on the rack.

He was hanged and Cecil told the nation that a catholic plot to take over Britain and make us slaves had been foiled by him. He knew what he was doing and he knew that by backing the hated King people in fear of war would accept the King as good. It worked and Guy was dead . The scaffold was burned under the dead man hanging by the public. Cecil made the date a public paid holiday and said how close we came to danger . Remember remember the 5th of November as the duty of all .Gunpowder and plot of evil intent by Lords of this realm under pay of Spain .

It was all lies but Cecil had achieved what he had set out to do.All hatred for George Ludwig as our King had turned to loyalty by the peoples as such sympathy for his children being blow up hit the hearts of nation.

No one outside a bunch of rioters had had anything to do with the plot and Guy was not in pay of Spain to do it. He was paid only to watch the firewood from thieves. Because of Cecil and his lies some 24000 Scottish people suffered death in 1746 after another plot came into focus to set King James 11 back on the English Throne .Prince Charles Edward Stewart the ex Kings grandson came over from Rome and marched as far as Derby.

King George recalled the day of Guys execution and Parliament made sure the public remained loyal by same trick as Cecil had done years before. After the Prince vanished back to Rome George decided to send his army son Duke of Cumberland into Scotland to capture the rouge army and at Colloden. Murdered women and children and waited for the hunters to return to camp and butchered them. Cumberland had employed butcher boys eager to kill and carve up, into his ranks, as he moved north in to place.

After that over next 15 years Scottish peoples were cut down all over the country just because they may have been followers of the enemy ex King .It was destruction of a race of Scottish blood and evil but because of William Cecil son and his lies we accepted a German no body as our King and so this crime of all crimes was performed on so many innocent peoples in revenge only. If you have ever wondered why so many Scots in Canada and Australia then now you know. It was not just the sheep and landlords that pushed the Scots out of Scotland it was King George the first and his fat son Cumberland.

Cumberland sausage is named in part after him as fat and porky from the county that gave this Duke his titled name . So for me I never celebrate death on the 5th of November as Lord Cecil decreed I should as we may have been a better joined up nation if this had not been the case.

Hope this helps to explain how we the people are hood winked each and every day by the method of rule was employ. this is not me suggesting anything just relating fact.

Yours Sir K

copyright Kevin Parr Bt2021 Sept18th

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