Lives before ?

I as a small child had friend called Kate who was my sister imagined. I used to talk with her often im told. I attended school and this faded away . I am not be nature a lonely person at all . I can live and have lived on my own for years after wifes death. So later in life and in an ancient land of Greece met a man who told me he knew that I had lived before in the distance past of 1512. I at first told him nothing of me. Before long he convinced me he had the sight on the past. It cost me nothing a talk over coffee in his shop. He named Kate as Kateryn who was trapped in my mind from that time.

He could not have know even my name yet he said she shared same surname even now? Not a imagined friend but the ghost of a family member followed me. I asked why ? He said only you will know that sir. Nothing made sense but I thanked him and never saw him again

I knew the impossible was the only true answer that indeed 1512 was the year Kate Parr was born In London England. Could it be so that I was her brother ?

I told no one as it seemed only my love of history may have confused me. Then I though at 4 years old to age of 7 I knew nothing of history as a subject . Could it be we have all lived before and life a circle?

I cant say as no real proof exists but that was to me proof of some sort.

Then the odds of being born into same family is rather far stretching things.

So I leave my readers with this thought. Have you any thoughts towards your own existence on earth and I dont mean ,”OH! I have walked through this street before I know it. ” It could just be the mind and eye blinking but cuts out the mind and in next blink you think been here before. I mean visions or ghosts or anything that could say I have lived before I know it. I would very much like to hear and read your version and experiences .

Thank you for reading this blog this week. Yours Sir K. God bless you all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 September.

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