The Bridge. a talk on garden build

In recent designs of mine in garden build I have hand dug the formal pond ready to rubber line and back fill with water. 15 feet long 5 wide 3 deep . Water lily to divide is Comanche a 5feet x 4ft pinky red beauty of a flowering water plant. Overcrowded in the fibre pond 4feet across and 3 feet deep encircled by rocks covered in snow in summer plants. Water carrier lady statue is the fountain behind pond on lawn in front of house. I made this as self contained as water lilies hate disturbed surface water. Time now as it has started to grow upwards along the perimeter of pond.

I built up the new formal pound clay to make two banks one each side of path cut to pond. On this pockets of manured top soil and in these planted creeping Phlox and Italian mint creeper on other banking . Top soil heap to cart away to veg gardens and rest of clay to form banking on way to arch into pergola walk .

I looked at wood bridges and metal ornate and came up with own design as bowed arch bridge in metal. I involved the aid of Artis my black smith near by friend to make this for me as he can bend metal on machine he made for such. All ongoing I started to lay out path in grass lawn on last to be made garden room .

My thought is to plant up as a woodland setting. Trees and shrubs so different from that other rooms behind tall hedges eventually .

Fences all up and around this new set of gardens to stop deer using my work as a salad bar and to plant climber plants to make it private and help stop the sea winds in Spring and late Autumn . When hedges replaced grow this will be the final result of my work in sections called rooms as have walls of tall green hedges .Avenues and lanes outside to gain walks of interest and and access to each vista and rooms off the path .Some are linked others not so but are separate and connected to rest by wide floral borders and entrance gates.

Six gardens I have made .From early on The Dial garden .This is cottage garden planting around a circle with sundial in place and bench to sit and rest in peace.

Then across the mall Japanese garden . Waterfall and half moon pond in progress. Flowering cherry trees and weeping juniper .planting of Azalea and Hosta Empress Woo with stone lantern and fish in pound. Stepping stones and lots of moss and fern .My Hansa rose hedge is at long last dong well

The natural setting of a wild flower meadow runs behind both gardens.

The main avenue .This is wide path some 14 feet across with deep borders of Herbaceous plantings and trees. At end we look down on to arbor with pond and Mermaid fountain pours water from shell back into pond .The bower is covered with all summer flowering rambler roses behind her bronze figure .

Here is the cross road and London lamp post .One way is the gardens described. To right the long walk to postern gate. Off this Hydrangea lined walk is the English rose lawns garden. This holds old bush roses and lavenders with bluest cat mint and plantings of border edgings Rambling and climbing Canadian roses like John Davis and John Cabot to name but a few. Hardy down to minus 40c are treasured here and so hard to buy as rare and worthy Canada will not ship to Europe but will to Russia ? Talks volumes but this is not political blog so enough said.

Through the rose and clematis gazebo we have seating inside for rest. On through it on to path wide and hedged with statue on plinth in front looks like the end but as one progresses a bend in path takes you on to what im building today a bridge over water back into pergola . This will be woodland garden planting .Hedgehog home next to frog toad and lizard formal pond . Large rocks so lizards can sunbathe and over the arched bridge one passes through the arch of honeysuckles into the ambience of the tall wide tunnel covered in climbers like roses and Clematis and Wisteria blue moon . A grape vine also is tended to here. Back to postern gate and into avenue the English folly summer house and rest .

It is a fenced off half acre and with so many rooms and lanes makes for a nice place to party. My taverna dome wood oven is being made in Milan Italy for me for June next year. So then and only then will have a go at entertaining friends to open garden to them and have food hot and drinks cold in heat of June here.

May pay for music and have it a grand day al around. All gardens here not just my pet project, can be seen on that day as five acres of garden I built long before around house.

I hope to show more and talk more of garden build over next few blogs if you can bear with me. If you wish to know tell me please .I bog only for you my reader so direct me to what you want of me. Having written historic facts I turned and tried fiction and now garden talk. Having given you what I had freely in me what would you say for next blog to contain .

Many thanks for being with me on this.

God bless you all .Sir Kevin

copyright Kevin Parr Bt2021 October

2 thoughts on “The Bridge. a talk on garden build”

  1. Many thanks dear friend. This weekend starts the story of my garden build with early photos on work. Leading on over say six or so blogs to now and to the finish in summer next. I hope it will be of great interest to all but to garden lovers helpful .


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