The day was still young. The rider fast sped over the bracken moor. The great doors of Windsor Castle tight oak and closed .He galloped on through the glade as daylight broke across the land he reached his aimed destination. White with foam his steed breathed hard .Vapour ran from its gasping mouth as the bit lay cold across its cheeks. The news for the Puritan Government was not good. The rider ran up to the chamber shaking with news of Prince across the sea child birth .

The rider remained mounted and banged at the latch to name himself as Warwick . The chains rattled as the door spun back and over the cobbled court yard the Lord Warwick sped to slide out of is high backed saddle to run as the wind into the castle leaving his faithful mount shaking with sweat .He had no time to care just signaled to grooms to sort it out as he vanished into the room behind that last door in the wall.

England Sough 7th April 1649. King Charles first had been executed as a traitor to his own subjects in January and now news of the dead Kings son and his mistress Lucy Walters had now a child accepted as Prince Charles son .

He was made Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch same day as he was born. Many titles followed but the beautiful child was instantly loved by both parents in exile.

Rotterdam 6th April the child was born .Lucy had escaped with her lover the young Prince Charles. The feeling after the Civil wars the Princes father as King had caused cost dear England greatly.

Bringing in Irish and German troops to fight and kill his own people shocked the world but England had formed its own army under Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell a political man who had found he had leadership and military skill in his makeup had helped train common field workers into soldiers.

Result in short was Cromwell had promise from King that war would stop and he would conform. But this was just buying time .War commenced again .Cromwell lost a son in battle and so built up a winning charge against Royal army at Neasby in 1645 and here won the war outright . Charles was captured and tried as a traitor in fast style he was lead out next day in front of crowds and his head parted from his body .Cromwell was talked into leader and became Englands Lord Protector soon after .He denied Kings crown they all wanted to give me as he was Gods servant in his mind. He workd every hour God sent running the county. He gave us a Mercantile Navy and started trade with the world. In truth it was he who gave us a trade Empire really .

The news of the Royal birth in exile had mixed reception in England. Many hated Royalty after loosing family members in Civil wars a country divided by the sword ,to the Kings wishes .No one wanted Royalty back. Then the tide turned when many Lords returned from exile on Cromwells death in 1650.

The great estates now taken back from Cromwells men. The Aristocrat was back in charge and of course brought back Prince Charles as our King. He was by now a tall thin man with dignity and grace which was rare for his class. He was also handsome and a ladies man .He had been almost starved of food being guest to his cousin the French Kings charity over so many years of feeding half of England in exile. With Charles in France he had grown rather tired of spending out and nothing coming back .

So now as King of England Charles rose to fame as a gamer and lover of women .His son Monmouth was more serious but Charles was careful not to upset as he had knowledge first hand of what Kings had to do in order to survive in Britain

Monmouth had supporters that convinced the lad that he was next in line as King . Charles had promised Monmouth Kingship, then named his own stupid brother James as his heir . Monmouth saw no way out but battle and take over as his right his place in line to throne. He and his friends never really got to build an army but meet face to face a turn coat who had supported Monmouth whos father had died and Queen Ann had taken over as King James, a Catholic had made a mess of being King and had fled. John Churchill was that named head of army by Queen Ann .

The battle commenced and in no time at all went into rout and ran from death . Churchill won fame and fortune and recaptured all who had rebelled . Monmouth was executed and so to his friends. Churchill went of to fight Dutch wars and won all and was decorated by Queen Ann who granted Johns wife a dream, a mighty house called Belhiem Palace in Oxfordshire .John hated it and his wife loved it.

Young Winston Spencer Churchill was born in this palace centuries later.

It is perhaps better to lament Monmouth than to accuse him. A misguided youth and a cheating father . The King was easily summed up by John Wilmot Charles heavy drinking friend .

“Here lies a mighty King whos promise non relied upon. He never did a foolish thing nor did he ever do a wise one. ” He said this in company to the Kings face . He said it is your epitaph my Lord King .Charles burst out laughing and agreed it suited him well .

Hope all is well with the world as life is but a short and dangerous plot for the many who see it as greed . Be good be honest and clean and keep your powder dry . God be with us all my friends .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Oct 2021

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