The winter had thankfully parted from earth like a retreating white army over the affray . The sun hung low across the treeline but soon Spring had ventured forth and hope sprang eternal inside me burning to proceed with plans.

Many jobs to do but then help came all at once to raise the roof onto the folly summer house timber frame.

It went on and off withing six weeks .One metal roof man after another came and left as not enough profit or cant slope metal like that. I was becoming upset with delays . Latvia is not the place for click click it fits .Rather slow and stop is the noticed pace and no click at all. Over two summers this went on. So eventually gave in and had roof done with straight sides if coned not flair.So how did those Chinese chaps build their rooves one had to wonder on?

I then sealed the wood and planked it with both windows in place. Ready to paint a colour on to the room exteriors. This was not to happen as weather became so very hot no one wanted to work. The shirt stuck to my back just standing in the cool. 112 f dry as bone day after day until storm arrived and broke the hold for a week almost .In that time I had dug in roses and lavenders I had grown from seeds .Hidcote lavenders I found do rather well here rest not at all other that tall old English if cut right down in late Autumn starts again in season Hidcote just needs a good trim .

I had ordered the last gate from blacksmith friend and today concreted it in down the field to wonder of all who did not have my plan in their heads. To me it was the site marker for end of rose garden. Doubt you could see it either.

With this gate in place I had the plan all happily ongoing of right of it English rose garden .Behind it a Pergola and a space for a pond in woodland glade besides it. In front a wide path down to border end and three more invisible gardens to build. Vision was in my mind but no one else had a single clue what I was going on about .I worked alone and one room after another came into birth as my baby project became less daunting even to me. The mown grass behind that gate you can see was pergola site in my mind easy to spot and imagine. Then the plan was mine so just did what came next. Lot of hard work .Then if something is worth doing it has to be conquered. Or give up and forget it. I came to this wall and chose to continue. I was 68 now and had built a home here. So onward it was.

I had spent many good days each year all my life visiting gardens all over Europe .In Italy I had seen the grand vistas and marble fountains but my love turned out to be Hidcote in England. In a way my dream of walled garden rooms stems from six visits as a child and youth to Hidcote and Sissinghurst which is almost a copy of Hidcote really but with out the tall hedges .Then parts are not as Hidcote at all.

I have gardens nearer house made in second summer here 2013. Set in an old orchard water fountain pond and lawns. I had built a rose and clematis tunnel of arches as a limb rather than a back bone up the middle. This field or garth in Cumbria was a jungle we kept arms length of . So with deep emotion and big breath I set in to mow and no more to do with it. It was somewhere between point one and half way in middle of field that suddenly I saw what could be if only I had the will. May be this land spoke to my soul but I dreamed a dream of paradise and Hidcote all in one.The result is this gardens in the making

Where old meets new at point as seen old gardens come almost to gates of sunset . The peacock tail design in metal I think works well both sides of gates but from here when the sun comes to set burning orange is this part and right down the rose tunnel behind it out of view until next blog

Thank you for being with me here. Happy thoughts and God be with you my friends.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

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