Garden build, part three

It was a cool day and borders to dig over,manure and plant up next day .Exciting really as now feel its gardening rather than all the hard structure I had to build in to field. Really hedges had been eaten by herd of white tailed deer. So badly over half died soon after. So much cost gone down drain. It was facing up to living in the wilds of countryside of such beauty that forced me to buy tall fencing. When one saw the cost it was daunting but bought posts first and used my digger man to press 3 m tall tanalised posts into the ground all around as far as could go with a JCB.

So on again I went with job in progress. Borders either side of main gates planted up each side with seed grown and bought potted plants . Laying them out remembering heights and spreads held me up but sun was strong and I enjoyed the challenge knowing if any mistake could replant in Autumn . That is the thing with gardens very forgiving with care I find.

As promised the rose and clematis arches that run to gates into garden build at top end of land. On left is a garden fountain into a raised stone pool fed by a tall stone Roman lady with a bowl as water fall. Lawns and apple trees and rose arch at door of home. On right greenhousing and test beds for crossing plants. Also beyond is acre kitchen gardens .I made all the arches from metal poles and bent same length of water pipe into curves and set ends into tops of post. Drill and screw each one once set at same height . Saved a lot of cash on this project .For now we will just deal with new build gardens as working all time on them.

The summer of 2019 came in and out faster than one could keep up pace . I saw my design laid out and planting up was enjoyed in the main. The heat of July was beyond all expectation as 102f is too hot to do much in a garden build . My digger man who had been with us since we did sewerage plant for house and leveled the land for me had decided to rest up. I too had that in mind but the gardens still called me.

I selected stones for drystone wall build of rockery on banks now made each side of path for bridge over hand dug out formal pond for my waterlily spread. Now overgrown in frog pond lady fountain in house lawn garden .I promised to give her more room when I could. This 30 foot long 5 feet wide and deep pond when rubber lined will be her joy and mine to see her happy in flower. Funny really as plants seem to flower best if they think they are dying . Best blooms come from reproduction wish. The fine line in gardeners mind is to take middle road to please that plant with out over doing care.

The next blog we talk on garden kitchen idea of walling around rear of folly to create another room for guest entertainment .This brings the gardens in to serious play and so have to earn their keep as heaven on earth delight. It all must fall on my head to make it so. Quarter of an acre is the size of this layout . From jungle to garden rooms seems big enough for this man. Addition to rest of acreage but the main event it must be when complete.

Country cottage garden finished

Bit by bit and over as many years as it took my gardens are developing into art and craft garden rooms off wide paths and interlocking where they touch. Gates arches doors all make it feel like an old manor house set of Edwardian gardens around a summer house folly house room .

This I think may be the last blog on Gardens build this year owing to lack of photos . Next summer I will be happy to show you how it all finished up and closer look at plantings . I hope you have liked my garden blog .Next week amazing history facts returns .

Thank you ,Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 November 13th

2 thoughts on “Garden build, part three”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Kevin and a lot of work! I have a 50 foot wood arbor, that we built, covered in wisteria and I know how much work it is keeping it pruned, I can’t image how much work yours is! I can’t wait to see your pictures next summer! Thank you for blogging about you gardens Kevin I have really enjoyed them.


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