The great Latvian bank fraud

In year late 1990s Parex bank led the way for investors.The Government placed the national pension fund into this high street bank. Suddenly bank started loans to Russian business men.

As Russia was under sanctions it was illegal to get involved. A man who came from America to help run this bank detected a scandal and started the ball rolling by advising client account holders to bank else where. He was then pulled from his bed at home and deported to Spain with nothing in his pocket. House lost all his goods and car lost to him .Warned by Russian Mafia to lie low and dumped from the plane.

Government involved as back collapsed with all pensions and peoples savings declared bankrupt. Cash vanished into oligarth pockets and Russian Latvian members of finance. People in public in year 2000 lost all they had .

Government did nothing now pay just 100 euro a month to pensioners in the main. As pensions fund vanished in bank fraud.

Parex bank was over and the whistle blower has now written a book about the worse bank fraud in history Its an E book also. His name is john Christmas and I know him . Many big names in riches in Riga benefited from the crime and may be this book is over due with justice .Never the less if you like a good fraud crime with who dun it, read this book .KGB BANKER. Promises to be the book of the age and a best read certainty. John Christmas said 2billion euro of public accounts went into pockets of just two Russian billionaires. Also Latvian Government is in hands of Putin yet get away with EU membership . He said it is a European problem stopped and covered by Hilary Clinton support of the Government that got away with all. Is it a wonder that some 20000o Latvians left to live in Britain and America. Leaving only one million population existing in Latvia.

You see Latvia was EU at time and still is but Moscow still has hold of Latvian reins and yet EU say nothing just hand out huge grants that also vanish as roads in Latvia come into grant as Europes worse biblical sand pits so were do the grants go for roads? John has many papers and facts on what went on but is it still going on today? One can only say nothing is out of the question if politics is your game which thankfully not mine . Read the book and see that even the fiddle over Icelandic bank is linked to this story .I leave the two writers of KGB BANKER to tell you the full story which is all the facts and will make panic over what can go wrong . watchable movie it will make soon. Thankfully none of it affects me directly and all English living here say same . Live goes on. The big overall problem of fraud affects all of us in some way or other as cost of living rises owing to it. I say read Johns book he is co writer of this whistleblowing amazing report .In this full proof of what was covered up and how it was done,but more amazing is who is at the top

amazon ebooks. gp/product/1620066696. KGB banker

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2 thoughts on “The great Latvian bank fraud”

  1. The man in the street is victim to all high placed crime and its all over human world and things will never change . Tax ,no one knows where it goes or how its spent. Who pays the ,many thousand Government members Governors and prelate alike. Work out how many adults pay tax. How many are disabled how many pensioners . When arrive at figure take way what Government claim to pay out to run nation and soon see whats left that simply vanishes . Politics a dirty game said Plato long ago . Its a game that pays only for the player not the public we are just cannon fodder to who ever we vote in. Sad and one tries not to worry but the waves of power proved the lockdowns helped them not us. We matter not as we are army to be sent to protect the top rung on the ladder not a country as all leaders will be in underground planing rooms we just die .They then emerge and own all .
    In England slowly the Government under cover bought 160 mile of our coastlines.Took from us ancient family homes we could not hope to run with rates of today. They then opened those said homes to public and make millions a day. Its called the department of Dirty Tricks that John Cleese and Monty Phython team tried hard to show it exists in jokes and laughter .National Trust is a government owned club . hidden under Qango laws. Trump is man who owes millions to small investors in his Trump Tower London white elephant .He lost nothing in its fall but spent all investors money and court ruled he must pay back so he paid six big bakers and forgot a million others who gave him 500 pounds each to 2000 in shares . His father told him London is one square mile of city commerce and six miles outside is no place to build hotel .But did Donald listen? You see they are untouchable gangsters .
    John Christmas was hauled from his bed by police and bundled into a car and on to plane with nothing. Dropped in Spain as he was in bed. House car all his goods lost to the state he gave us the truth over . He bravely battled on and survived to fight back . We need more like him .I come from the other side as titled but may family lived fair and honest hurt no one and helped many. It is the new age rich that cause this not the level playing field of old bloods who care.


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