Some important words

Todays news of 30th November informs us that a 3 year old boy shot dead his 5 year old cousin at a celebration at girls parents home. Where but in America. Where else?

No place in the American law does it say the members of public can legally be armed. Yet all think that an amendment made 200 years ago allows them to carry a gun, a sub machine gun and fill home with arms . We see that gun death figures in USA are highest in world. The death of this little innocent child is not rare as it is in evidence that many times people have died in own home with gun loading or murder by another house member

The lobby to protect the right to be armed is totally wrong as no right was ever granted by Government or the original leaders of the new nation . It was for those made up to protect them that the law was passed when the British army came in to take over .British too were most of that Government who gave gun right to many but never to a nation .No Government would sanction such at own peril of public over take .

We the British have law that says we can wear a sword .It was so from centuries back but then the poor and most of the public could not afford the cost. So gentlemen the sword was mentioned for. We dont need it now. We dont want guns we the main section of public dont carry a knife even . Few crimes of that nature exist in England owing to that fact.

When will the America Government see sense and take action to stop this insanity of carrying guns in public or even being allowed to carry or use guns as no right exits if you read what is written it does not allow Tom, Dick, Harry and the Devil himself to strap on a firearm crying the British are coming. It was never intended to arm up the nation unless they signed up to fight. It was for those who served the Government only was that amendment made .

Have gun, will use it, it is not to knock nails in wall it is intent to use it .Only mad man would want to kill anything that cant defend its self .Gun is to kill so why buy one if not. It is not what Americans wish to hear but is the truth .end of case .

Copyright Sir Kevin Parr Bt 2021

3 thoughts on “Some important words”

  1. Spot on Kevin! We just lost 4 teenagers that were in school! The parents bought a distraught 16 year old son a gun. He took it to school and killed 4 innocent kids. They are going to try and hold the parents responsible for giving him the gun so the parents ran. They were just caught about 2 miles from the Canadian border hiding out. The guilty run the innocent stay and fight. All these shootings here makes me sick!


    1. Only buy a gun to use no other reason to own one so there is your answer they intend to use it. If your Government cant see this I pity the future of America .Nothing in constitution relates to every member of public the right to bear arms . As a Baronet I do have right to bear arms but only to defend the Queen. As ex army too can handle any weapon but will I have one in my home not a hope in hell. I do not own one having fought 3 wars death is not easy on mind later on in life. Here in Latvia were i chose to retire as far cheaper place to live no one has a gun or likes them. Only gangsters use them as Police are all armed .Not so in England police not armed all the time. A gun is death for some poor soul someplace on earth .Peace is worth working for as God intended for all his children so why offend our maker as man was not made to shoot his brother or sister. Facts is I feel no need for packing a gun I dont need its protection as see its death in my hand. God be with us all have a great and joyous Christmas winter festival


    2. Thank you dear lady sense must prevail. I have said USA is made of 57 varieties of incomers on to land not theirs so how can one take all guns of them all. Not an easy task but no law ever signed off and passed ever gave permit to all but to the few who protected the original leaders and farms in one area of that building. Should with wisdom be scrapped today so no more mistakes can be made then surrender of all firearms can proceed. We are all Gods children but many went mindless and call it fairy tale . Sadly God knows this as the Almighty knows all. USA the builders of it had such sins on souls as 120 million red Indians had to die to make that nation valid. Not a great fact is it. Not your fault or any today but to make up for what fathers did way back and yes even my ancestor too made Parrsville after fighting Indians for the land. Now best we can do is pray no more murders no more butchery and far more education into how to live in peace is the next step to heal that vast wound in the land of reason and justice that stops all movement forward . Sorry I had to say this as it is the only way to stop the rot that will soon affect all


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