Why we build gardens .

I sat looking at my work. The noon sun making it a dream to behold. I sort of patted myself on the back .I was alone and only me to care for at that moment.

A soft gentle breeze crossed the garden driveway and kissed like a lover my cheek as it ran its courses.The sweet scent of Fantin latore rose in full bloom in the air was a magical moment of desire for life.

It was about now my mind, a trained historian, thought of the origins of garden builds. How first became a gardeners. Well! Adam in Eden perhaps if any on that tale is true. Then a garden is a whole work not just man in this union with earth but plants water and sound all play a part. All a design can be is to tame mother nature int what ever you see in mind and for a wish to create heaven on earth. So in history we have the Roman gardens of plenty .Olives and veg and odd plantings of herbs with seat to rest in the shade and dine as Romans know how to.

It went through fashions and religion crept in with statues of the Gods of that time. .So it became church like .Over time in England at least the Roman God was replaced by a little Urn and later still an Elf brightly painted replaced the God taking the garden farther away from religion into a world of plants and plants men and women.

We still, I think, relate to the promise made in the Bible and in other works of time that tell us God lives in a garden. So perhaps in building a garden a small element related to pleasing God.

The nature thing is there too as a gardens need is to be weed free and tidy but even so wildlife will benefit but hedges to nest in and water fountains on hot days to drink from .Hedgehogs find warmth in compost bays and insects too. To build a bird box and a cozy hole in rock garden woodland glade a box made inside the rocks the Hedgehog will find it for sure. As long as its waterproof and big enough the animal will fill it with leaves and straw and feathers from birds. Making her own bed for the long winter. Her deeds with eating pests such as slugs will help Hostas grow and other plants survive. A gardeners true friend is the Hedgehog.

We move away from the thread I fear. If man had no desire to create gardens would never have been. So in that are we part of nature. I think we are if we desire to work with Mother Earth not against her we may be helping the planet even more than just planting trees.

With all our rain forests being cut down we loose more than just the sweetness of air but the fine mesh of life vanishes. Prince Charles who planted wild flower meadows and many many trees at Highgrove was so right. We all need to plant a tree even if you have only a small front garden . Trees need to be replaced as it is how we were designed to breath clean sweet air and trees clean like filters and give scent and moisture to the air we breath .Stop winds provide security and look amazing . Trees are your life line you must know.

Wild flower areas help bees survive and bees are the garden helpers .With out bees mankind will perish .Yet bees owing to chemical and farm sprays are killing off bees .Now like our virus caused by our own greed in timber and wealth ,bees too have contacted a viral killer which is clearing vast areas of Europe of bees .Once they go its good bye man kind . We need to plant for bees and wild flower meadow ,even a corner of a small garden or in pots will help save what few we have left.

The song of summer seems far way and snow lays evenly deep across the flat land of gardens to the minstrel gallery of the forest tops beyond . Deer slots all around my fenced protection to my top field art and craft build of garden rooms . Once they ruined my every effort but now that salad bar is closed to them they will roam from here and find more delights of the unwary. Cutting down forests here to sent Baltic Pine all over world is making deer homeless and into gardens they now go. Easy prey to wolf and bear but man just could not care.

Sad world we occupy and too many humans to feed is not what we need. We will use up all or time and wealth in no time at all unless you can grow what you eat.

I sat on my bench so happy until I came to this last thought we build gardens to make the world our own. We need to take action dont allow forests to be cut down dont accept we are not minions rise up like Gods children and play your part in saving the planet .Plant trees grow fruit and veg among the border flowers as old cottage gardens knew the benefits of doing so. Leave no bare earth as nature fills it in with weeds. So in with plants first. Then feed the borders first as the answer to best production lays in the soil .

We build gardens because its is our right and Gods wish we should as all the gardens together may help in saving earth. I rose from my rest and set into working the compost again. Yes gardening is helpful to all Im sure of it. It keeps your mind flexible your body fit and time passes with work and joy of achievements.

My love to all .Sir K .

copyright Kevin Parr Bt December 2021

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