A movie was in motion of being made by a group of American actors. Wild West action called by title RUST.

We are left to believe that a hand pistol of old. A peace maker .45 Colt action gun as handed to Actor who them aimed it as a person and fired a live round that hit a lady in the chest and killed her instantly and injured another by stander.

That is the case in question.

What caused this action is unsure.

They tell us as no live rounds are ever around on a set. Yet the armourer was to later say that she checked and loaded the gun with blank rounds about two hours prior and found the last round to be hard to load insert into the chamber. That would have alarmed me and would have reported before stripping the gun right down and looking at that chamber closely.However she did not bother and forced the shell into the gun barrel and said nothing. She admits she did not again check this weapon before handing it to main actor Director Alec Baldwin.

It was not made clear why Baldwin wanted the gun before scene was in motion. He then said the gun went off he did not touch the trigger? Yet he aimed the gun at the assistant first ? This hints to me he must have pulled the trigger.

No gun goes off by itself and why aim at an assistant in the film set. Something is very wrong here and the whole cast and crew set up by Baldwin seems to be the start of this case. For instance he hires a girl not fully trained and with limited experience of being fully responsible for weapons on set . We must see this as strange. The trouble she then had loading this gun before filming ever starts and Baldwin wants to handle the gun. He had asked long before it all came to be what gun would be used in his part on set. When told a Colt .45 he smiled. Those are the facts .The assistant is dead and another actor wounded all because Baldwin took hold of the gun and aimed it at one person . In that action all hinges. That fact he said he did not touch the trigger not touch nor press it.

However why did he aim this dangerous weapon at this person. Then we have to see why the gun went off? It did not fire as it was handed to him it did not fire as he held it, it fired only when aimed that is our case.

I have fired many hundred weapons in army life and never ever have I known a gun go off by itself . I do not say it cannot but it seems strange to me that they say it did . Now if the shell that was hard to fit in the chamber was fired it may well have blown up in Baldwins face jammed in the breach so to speak it would have had dire results. So we can dispense with such and move on to a bullet was fired and hit an innocent woman and killed her. Who is really in the frame? For me it is Alec Baldwin alone. He either had problems with staff or something more sinister will unfold. Or he pulled the trigger and in shock it went off? Not likely as he had bothered to aim at her . The Rest is he killer her . We can talk of every aspect but nothing will change what happened . Who is guilty ? Baldwin .

Gun in hand live round aim fire .Then who loaded the gun with life round.That is the case we need to sort .My guess it was Baldwin as he had gone out of his way to find what gun the movie chose for him. Police must find why he wanted to kill her and where he went to find a live shell for a Colt .45 . Can be no real other case in question. Guns firing by themselves is a new one on me.

I cannot see any other way and will be so surprised if wrong as its a case of why not how . She was a young beauty did she refuse him as Baldwin has reputation of being fond of the ladies . Did he have sex with young starlet and she blackmailed him? It remains all in the air but my take on law is someone killed this victim it is not all accident the thing will not stack up as so.

It is not clear cut I know but if a gun is in hand of a man and he aims it we must look hard at the person who fired that gun .Nothing else can matter .Some one else fits a live round matters little as in Baldwins own hand it was fired at one person in a group means more than maybe. Only an idiot would have done this if innocent with hair trigger and blanks even. No one has said gun had a faulty trigger and if it had why was it on set? Baldwin said on TV interview that he did not pull the trigger . Well ! if so how come the gun went off in his hand? Makes no sense really. Gun in hand aim and off it went? What do you think???

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

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