The truth about a Royal marriage.

I may risk beheading but I feel as an historian I need to tell this story now .

Prince Charles meet Camilla Shand in 1960s London .For some 18 months they both loved each other as soul mates. Charles as happy as ever told his Uncle Dickie ,To us Lord Louis of Burma. The older Viceroy of India too. But in fact Charles uncle was furious . Said Charles had pick of the Realm and not to take on a commoner .Charles demanded he loved Camilla .

What transpired was wicked as Charles was parceled off into Royal navy and Camilla was told to marry another . Charles tried hard to contact her from any port his ship docked around world. All contact was blocked to him by power that was.

He is said to have cried on news his soulmate was wed to Parker Bowls an army office who was in fact Princess Annes boy friend at time. You can see where this is going.

He was told when he finished his years at sea that he must marry to have heir to throne . His wife would be chosen for him by his grandmother the Old Queen of England. She was friend of Spencer family and had promised a match .Dianna was chosen by both sides .Charles was somewhat trapped as he had just won the impossible by contact with Camilla against the total wall of silence that had been cemented into place. He liked Dianna well but held back and his father told him, enough, either ask the girl to marry you or give her up. Royal duty son is your job here.

So all moved into place and we know the rest .One heir one spare born . By now Camilla was on the scene but refused to be any other than his best friend .

It was insufferable as he knew he was making Dianna sad. He told her his mind but she refused to take leave. Going her own way injured in pride in woman hood she presented a persona to the public and talked openly of her problems which should never have happened really. We British do not hang out dirty washing on the line for all to see. What goes on in a marriage is no ones business but man and wife to short out. She had done her job had given Charles an heir and back up and did not love him nor him her . Acting like a wounded deer in the headlights of on coming traffic made her the darling of the newshounds but she constantly hated them that she was pandering to. One mixed up lady. If she had sense she would have taken a huge income and bowed out with two manor houses and staff for rest of her life taken care of.

Charles was free and back to the world of love he had known in youth with Camilla . It was not as news said an evil deed it was truest love between them. Camilla of Shand Kidd wallpaper empire family richest commoner in the Kingdom she loved horses and hounds as did Charles so loved the world of hunting. A most kindred spirit .She was all he ever desired.

It had taken half a life time to be with her but they made it happen and fate allowed the fact to mature . Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess and future Queen are happy so why not let them be so .News is a sensation maker hardly ever all the truth is the nature of the beast and why I have never read a newspaper in my life . Facts only make a story and this is the greatest love story ever made in Royal circles .Even outside few can claim the similar story of sheer determination that brought two lovers back together. God had a hand in this I am sure .

I just though best to set the story straight as many still judge them when they have no right to. This true story I am privy to with nothing left out.

I do not deal with the death of Dianna as it seems to me it was planed but Charles nor the palace had nothing to do with it. My best guess is Secret service and the gangster connection with Fied family. She was sleep walking into a life of crime with Dodi and how knows the complications that may be well hidden by this sudden death no matter how sad it is Treat to nation is always the job of the keepers. No one knows what is top and this must not be questioned in interests of safety and defense of the peoples. I have opened this up to all as it may well be and leave well alone thereafter. God protect England .

Yours faithfully, Sir Kevin. My best wishes to all for a great New Year to all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022

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