The facts and Natalie Wood

Nov 1981 off coast of California . Only two people stood arguing violently in the main room on that ship. Heard by many it seems .The row was over the presence of actor Christopher Walken . She had played soft and easy with him all that day .Laughing and joking closely with Walken . For her husband Wagner this was hell to see. He had not invited Walken she had . Now Roberts mind was playing him badly . Walken left to go to his cabin shortly after the start up of a massive argument between man and wife

We can read all the facts that have milled around ever since this major star left earth. The only part that truly matters is the last five minutes of her life.

We need look no further either. Walken of Denis the captain of this ship own be Wagon and his wife. no witness report even matters. Two of them argued loud and furious then suddenly silence . He had struck her hard as he had before and down she went. He dressed her in a sea jacket and lowered slowly off the platform into the cold dark sea.He let loose and then did same with the life boat. He then ran back into the main cabin and sat down just in time for Walken to march in. He was crying by now and as Denis the captain came slowly in ordered a sweep of the ship to find his wife. This gave him time to invent a story. Walken had perhaps put two and two together and suggested when the dingy was found missing that they called the coast guard .Wagon did not want this said give her time she may be in town drinking. It is unsure only on one point that is : did Wager know she was dead or hoped she would freeze in the cold sea. Which ever he banned all moves as if he did not wish to find her.

Walken was the blame for Robert Wagners anger so he left and told him self he knew nothing. He did not want anything to do with Wagnor or the case ever again. Wagner is 90 now and my guess he will repent on his death bed. He was a violent man in anger we are assure. A few have said as much at times about Bob.

She had married him and then dumped him and years later remarried him but she had said he wanted to killer once or twice. If one looks close at this case if Robert did not do as I said he did then who did. Natalie in her bed clothes would not have gone swimming in or out of that dingy. She was put there out of the ship by someone and that someone must be Robert Wagner as none of the others involved where near that room that argument raged on in and one man could have slipped her dead or held dead body in a jacket over her nightgown and silently slipped her into the sea from that room . It could be done no other way and so Robert Wagner is guilty as it is no brainer situation .She had told many people he wanted to killer over a period .He did in the end as she was too up market and independent he just could not control her as he wished to .

Thank you it is my theory on the facts that are on record unless she was pushed by an unearthly hand Wagner was the last person with her . Yet he walks free even today. Making mockery out of law and justice.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan2022

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