Case against Royal Duke.

We have it from the accuser hidden deep in Australia that Prince Andrew a war hero and family man had sex with her underage. This cannot in any stretch of the imagination be seen as true.Even the accuser one Virginia Roberts Guiffre told the world she fist meet the Prince when aged 17. .Let me point out that In UK age on sexual consent is 16. In New York 17 . So how can court suggest it as underage sex.? No one can.

As far as he abused her its her word against his and Id fight it rather than pay her . She awaited for the right moment when this Maxwell case appeared . If she really was assaulted she would have brought charges right away. She is a devil in disguise of an over sized mattress in a dress .hard looking eyes and only Daddy loves her .She brings if all on, then hides down under not even attending a trail .

If he did or did not, a good lawyer could get him off charges. He may have had sex but the accuser in the only photo of her with Prince is happy smiling and care free in the image of a young girl at easy with life . Andrew looks stunned as if she had just be thrown at him.

Her father says she is telling the truth ,But as a concerned parent where was he when the supposed sex traffic accused Maxwell grabbed her to train in sex slave market.? Did he even miss her or did he sanction it? Questions more than answers make this case open to fight a good corner .

The problem is Maxwell as a very British Subject cannot legally be judged in another nation when she lives in London England. Court in London must take the case. Then can be used as witness and this is what New York do not want. In fact holding Maxwell while the woman who ran down a British male then reversed over him killing the boy outright and fled to America must be judged in England under what New York Court is getting up to. Then USA refuse to do that.

If Prince was this real bad egg painted by the fat accuser now in her 30s she would be dead by now and end of ordeal for our playful Prince. If he pays her off ,not a thing says she will not be back for more .One only has to look at her now to know she is after big money with green eyes on our Royal family. This must end now.

I recall in Falklands the bravery of Andrew as Helicopter pilot who would leave no one behind .Under fire and with Argi war planes in air space he took us out ..

That man is a war hero .One mistake he makes may kill him as he worries badly about things and peoples. It is one reason this woman aimed at him for payout in millions. One expensive whore in fact .Once she accepts the pay out she is that whore as it paid for any sex with her.

You see America had no power over Britain it is a nation of cowboys of many nationalities a Heinz 57 of an oufit who cant even say justice exists .They hold the murderer who should be ,must be tried in England as it happened in England or hand over Maxwell now. No time like today to show these Yanks who really is the boss. We did not steal our nation from anyone its ours .They stole America from the Red Indian tribesmen. Murdered them raped their women and scalped them for the making of wigs in Paris France at top prices paid . Dont allow these American courts to take over English subjects either guilty or not are 50 times better blooded than their jailers are.

President Trump was friend of Epstein too .He attended at least two parties on his island .Photos prove this along with many others if all is told . So If Prince Andrew was there no big surprise as the host was not thought of by anyone at that stage as an evil man .When Prince Andrew found he was he dropped him like a stone. We all can make mistakes but to hound Prince Andrew is only for no reason .He is rich and something to loose so he will pay out.

Sex traffice, where is this womans proof even of that .Daddy did not know she was out of bed. Look at him as a cowboy in the big hat .One man who would not allow his daughter out of his sight at 17 I bet. He either knew or she is lying all the way to jail .it is a great case with lots of fight in it great for who ever he picks to destroy her .

No crime was committed here. .The photo shows her smiling consent and the other side made a big mistake using that image .

If Prince Andrew reads this do not worry England will not allow this to happen just get story straight and employ a bulldog with recorded wins in this matter. He can eat them alive as up to now six big mistakes I see in this story on their side makes it almost slam dunk without sweat . You brought me home ,now let me return the favour .

Best wishes to all in this New Year of challenge and change .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2022

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