The missing files

We can go right back to the day the driver of president JFK changed the official route of the drive in city of Dallas . This told me and most sensible minded peoples that it was a planed job. So two men had to die even after the President lay dead. One the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald shot dead to silence him by ex CIA man retired Jack Ruby .He himself was chosen as he had cancer and life expected of just two months.

The shots that connected with Kennedys head came from 3 separate directions and why that car was diverted from planed route as ambush .CIA headed an intelligence agency hit of the President for some un kown but suspected reason .

We all suspected at the time this was the case and was connected to death of even actress Marilon Munrow. Too much pillow talk was listed as reason that she knew too much of what both Kennedy brothers may have told her of world events. Both men were using her for sex over same period of time.

John Kennedy was a serial womanizer so maybe that latter was not so important but murdered she was anyway. So was it the Cuba missile crisis that sparked this off?

We will not fully know until CIA release the files. Now we are getting to the base of this . Trump ordered all the papers related to JKF murder to be available to public. CIA handed over some files but withheld many more .Trump then set a release date on all files and papers by December 2021 but incoming Joe Biden cancelled this. We know it was CIA who murdered a serving leader in office. Only thing we dont fully understand is why?

Yours Sir K.

copyright Kevin James Parr ,Bt2022

2 thoughts on “The missing files”

    1. Indeed papers must be released soon or we know without reading any what happened. The aimed shot of three marksmens rifles besides the patsy means it must have been CIA hit . Russians in open streets not a chance of that. People just wanting him stopped .Means it was planed with the driver and police. Hardly believable dear . Government felt he was a trouble maker. Then went on to take out all his family .

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