The Latvian winter.

Left my house in rural wilds under heavy snow. I drove with great care the 89 miles through Riga city centre over the river bridge to find no road visible the other side. Imanta road end a skating rink but after some detours into Babita I found my way to my great friends houses.

A valley on end of busy city that once through the opening gates is another world of gardens and holiday lodges,house and log cabin with now another large bungalow being built. Gary and his wife Elana welcomed me and my 3 days with them went too fast . I met Russian and Latvian with English all happy in talks over warm wines. The dinners and friendships made my time so precious that when snow fell hard I hated to leave .The thought of the drive home ,however nice, was a blank out.Hens to feed jobs to do I said my found farewells and left on Saturday to engage the brain in combat with the weather. I arrived home safe no real problem and only two slides and near misses on the way back .We English have no training in such as this.

Here nothing comes to a dead stop like at home in England.Here not as rich the Latvian takes it as normal. After 9 years perhaps I too am changing into taking it in my stride .One cannot just sit at home all winter one must have a life.Snow ice and minus 34c is all winter so one must adapt. It is rather pushing the boat out without a sail but it works if care is taken not to panic if the odd spin or slide happens. Hit nothing yet. Never had an accident and driven in many nations may have helped me survive. High gear low revs and head in the right direction is the art of deep snow driving .Spade and sacks and some sand just in case, in boot of car .

I stay with Gary and Elena in the main house not shown .This photo is of a guest house on his estate for paying guests .All set in gardens some wood cabin homes and 4 bed house. Booked up most of year. Forest Edge.Imanta.Riga Latvia EU if your interested in booking.

It was good to sit in front of a raging fire and sip spiced Swedish hot wine to warm up at home. Here its a way of life .I do not like drink but this warms the body so fast that I agree a cup of it helps the blood circulate . So my friends winter in Latvia is as it is .Warm hats warm clothing and its fine .Looking forward to Summer . Bless all of you. I thank God for life.

Yours most lovingly Sir K.

COPYRIGHT.kevin Parr Bt2022

2 thoughts on “The Latvian winter.”

  1. What wonderful friends and beautiful scenery. I was actually excited to get the 10-12 inches of snow we got a week ago because for the first time in my life. Driving in the snow every year I finally bought a new Jeep that is 4 wheel drive. It was so easy driving in the snow and I wish I had bought one sooner!


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