Conflict and the mind of a man who demands power.

Russia February 2022. Putin who suffers Napoleon syndrome is sabre rattling his position and using Nato as the evil army at his door to top effect. For 70 years Nato has watched Moscow closely. Nothing is new but to show Nato as the war monger helps him both internally and in counties he intends to invade to build back the old Russian block. He will then rise as Emperor on his golden throne. Baltic states may lose independence yet again in the grab for land.

Putin has murdered all who came to stand up to him or take over his position. He says he is a student of history but fails to see that 1856 Treaty signed by Russia as defeated army in the Crimea war of 1854-55. Britain France and Prussia told Russian Royalty and Government if ever they advance into Ukraine and Crimea they would loose all Russia in return .

seems Im blocked from publishing Russia advance photos

Putin thinks no one will bother but to take out Moscow is childs play for west. He may have millions of trained troops and Britain has halved her army . I do not think for one moment troops will be used to great extent in a modern war.

America Australia Canada India England and Sweden Norway and Finland to face him. How lucky does the hopeful Emperor feel now.

Let him do all he wants and we destroy the fabric of his homeland while its being done. He cannot spread himself so thin and even if he will its over for the saddest man in the world who lives only to be top dog on the shit heap of power .

All that training. all the tricks he has shown us; but we have not spoken yet.

His eyes on what Russia stole in last world war.The Baltic nations and Poland almost . He wants .It is his Pirate nation leaders than took Baltic ,slaughtered many sent to Siberia the rest leaving only the fittest to farm the now owned lands to grow food for Russian over lords .House they occupied are only now being handed back to the Latvian families who were robbed .

Churchill hated Joe Stalin rightly so as the iron curtain fell over Europe so the world could not witness the most evil slaughter of the Baltic nations .Nor the murders of 6 million public including Joes own people in Georgia .

Baltic Russians not known or recognized by Russian troops will be killed just as Latvians will . The gap between them wider than the city of Riga instead of joining together against this as men not animals.

A house divided against itself cannot stand .

Today we are perhaps closer to war than in that last 70 years or so since the last world war. Yes Putin is only rattling sabres hope in heart Nato will leave and allow him to get on with his plans of takeover. Then the training of armies and the way they creep closer to Ukraine and the gates of Riga is worrying . What is in Putins mind is take over to be crowned Tzar of all the Russians . Nothing short of that .

To take Ukraine lines him up to take Poland, Hungary and a straight line into Berlin . He then can spread into Riga and capture Baltic then he has his Empire . It is what this man desires most and is his life dream . Napoleon was greater but soon fell to the allied army under Wellington . Russia will fall even sooner but not before it has its day .

Will he make his move known .Yes indeed he will .Will we move to black him ,no we will take out his Moscow with just two men. SAS have never stopped training in Britain and Canada Russias back door. I say this to Putin your a prize idiot and as with all small men you have to prove your a giant .

If EU declare Ukraine and Crimea EU nation it keeps Putin from war. He has somehow lied to the Chinese Government and now has them on his side . He demands NATO leave Europe making it so easy for the big land grab to go ahead .

It leaves that Baltic and Poland unprotected not just Ukraine but Chinese may not have seen that depending on how sly Putin was in talks .

I could be cold war but I think Putin wants war on his own terms. Things we dont know are in the mixer but for us we can only wait and see our fate .

Kruschev promised Russians Crimea to keep his power job. He knew it was not Russias to give but it gave him more years in power.

I now ask all nations public to see one goal we unite as one mighty force and sweep the evil greed who rule over us all into the sea .See us not as nations but as Gods children at last united as a family unit .Be you black ,white Yellow or pink God made you sisters and brothers . We can do this I promise if all want change at same time .A wave that will rise that will wash the sin from this earth . No violence to stoop to the level of our leaders .Shoulder to shoulder a forceful mighty push forward all over the world . If you say it cant be done it will echo across empty space .So think positive we can do this . It is overdue this lost freedom to build a new world order that has no master only it Utopia or is it today finely arriving ?

God be with us all .

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022

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