truth is out

I read Yahoo news of Russian minds blaming West for upset over Ukraine . Saying we do not know where Ukraine is on the world map.This show how hidden the Russian is from the truth of any matter lied to by Putins Government.

So now Ill tell all that Crimea belongs to Ukraine ordained when we beat Russian in war of 1854.56. in Crimea. Yes England whooped your backside. Your Czar signed the surrender in Paris in 1856 and was told by all allies do it again and we take your Russia off you.

Putin most certainly is aware of this . It is not your nation you stile it as you stole and raped Baltic and call it yours. Russia is a land of Pirates being lied to by Putin who wants an empire now to be crowed Czar (king) of all the Russians. Nato is a peace maker that tries to find solutions to war on both sides equal. It is not a fighting force until need.

Russia is the aggressor and land grabber through out history a thief . The population of Ukraine live in total fear of invasion because of Russians wanting to expand borders and take over a richer nation to profit as they cannot run the vast lands of Russia they have someone else must feed them. Kids and families and taking up guns to try to protect them selves once the Russian slaughter begins . What evil is in this we all can see but Russians still think alone the won the second world war so how can one hope to educate such people.

Putin had drained the state to arm his forces after the defeat he faced in Afhgan lands he thought he could occupy. He could not move on Ukraine with Nato watching him with world eyes.So he did as we expected talked to Chinese his enemy who desire Siberia as their rightful reward . We pushed Putin into that yes but he forced our hand. He wants Ukraine and Crimea but Russian n3ever owned it only stole it and England kicked them out of Crimea and took back and handed it to rightful owners. The Treaty of Paris is still in force and Moscow will pay the price if Putin goes in to lands not his for any reason. It may end in world war but one seriously doubts that as Russia has a habit of taking the ball back home if beaten in the game. All the army navy and missiles after spending all the funds of Moscow leaving shelves empty in supermarkets and shops will assist him nothing as one drone can take his Kremlin down into rubble .The man is mental set of being King of the dump .

If we can hope to educate the older Russian to see the world outside their cave it would be a better world but it would take so long to show them real history with proof war would still be the only way to stop Russia dead in its tracks . Made up of Mongal and Viking they are just pirates in nature and are proving that daily to the rest of Gods creation .We cannot hope to deal with minds so warped and angered they do not understand the truth and that is the problem we have to face . History had be changed to show Russia as great and now is the time for them to know how wrong the lies told to them have been .They live in a goldfish bowl having nothing of world matters only the sounds of Moscow snows melting and what Government wants them to know.

Russia will make its move and then we make ours. If it builds to war it will lead to massive loss on each side and achieve precisely nothing . Putin is the cause of world unrest .He is the lazy spy who rose to power profited from fraud in Latvian bank crisis money laundering and became rich. He thinks he is King but will the Russians eventually wake up to what we know is fact even then. Well! only time will tell.

China may well decide to take their Siberia back and so Putin will be fully occupied fighting to save own nation and knowing the fear that today Ukraine children and parents face today owning to same greed as China finishes off what started as a war for win .All is to play for Putin thinks his plans are secret what a fool he is he can only hope his greed subsides as he is not the lion he may well be the pray . My money is on China a gentle friend in peace a force of fast action in war . Unlike the lesser Russian China knows what is what as clear as west.

You see If Putin is allowed to take Ukraine he moves on to next Baltic on to Poland Germany France and England .A straight line in fact from Belarus to Poland . He must be stopped at all cost. .Today the clock starts ticking. You see that Putin is no political mind he is and always has been a gangster mob boss. Related to Russian Mafia boss Simion a known hit man for the mob raised to overall controller when Putin used him to knock out opposition .So you see there is no point at all in trying to talk reason to this cold war spy who wants to see the world at his feet when crowed Czar. He is mad we know it but is a real danger to west. We need not be terrified of this hood man we must face up to him one day or we all will be learning Russian and polishing our food bowl .

Sleep well God save us all. Sir Kevin signing out in the safe knowledge he is not Al Capone or Napoleon he is a nobody from no place who makes his money out of crime. He will make the mistake of thinking he is a God and we nail him to the door and parade him through Moscow to loud cheers from the Russian people many who hate him many suffered under him and only 23 % support him owing to being stupidly misled. The mans a not in the right mind to be human he lost his soul long since

Yours with faith we will win on the day he calls.

Copyright KevinparrBt2022.

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