The Devil at our door.

Today the garden had 3 bare root roses planted below the blanket of snow moved to dig and manure the land . All was so pleasant man and his spade working again after so long a winter. Then the muffled sound of distant tank firing I knew was far off but tank fire all the same. Came in to find Russia lined up on Belarus Polish border now. Reports say shots fired on Nato border means war . World war 11 at that. BBC suggests cold war may have begun. Not a hope of cold war if shots are being fired within Polish border. It is a worrying time for all the world but sat her in the Baltic nation of rural Latvia sounds more personal close up and may be danger spot .Nato say not enough troops to cover all needs.

Putin planed this well over perhaps a whole year . Lying to all he meet is his way. You never know his mind and he likes that to be known. He broke the Treaty Of Paris by crossing into Ukraine by force. Ukraine a taken over nation by Joe Stalin while war was on .It is stolen land .Its Crimea has always belonged to them and in 1854-56 Crimean war was fought and Russia lost to England and France. Treaty of Paris was signed by Russian Czar Alex 11 in surrender . No question by law Russia has not right to invade. The west did nothing.Sanctions are laughable to Russians with wide wealth. Putin sees this as cowardly response of crippled nations.

I must say having seen Moscow it is a joke as China ,Canada trades with them So too South America Mexico and may states trade well . Sanctions hurt only a very little . Will not stop a much braver Putin made by mismanagement of west who should have averted this long ago in 2014 but failed in duty to the world .

Putin has said many times he wants all land returned and will not stop once started until London is his . Yet still no action transpires from Boris of Joe. Sweep it under the carpet matters not to them. Once Poland is secured and still nothings done the world belongs to Putin .If stopped in the bud it would have saved many lives that now will be lost in World war .I blame both America England and the ones who could have said enough lets stop this souless being now.

No one wants war its true but Putin is at war and its with us we like it or not it is in process. Firing a few shot near Polish border is your invited to stand up to him.

Mothers mainly who caused riot in Moscow lately was over Russian army and police beating up sons to get them to sign in army .Many youth from home to university taken by force into uniform to build up the numbers to invade another mans country .The Russian machine then jailed and maybe shot them as trouble makers as Putin wants total control as dictator .

Russians are divided in the streets. 45 % do not want this war 17% do the rest are worried about life in Moscow anyway. People over 50 seem to think its just as Ukraine has been a problem for decades .ignorant my friends and brain washed they are . Russia stole every inch of empire in days of Communism more so . It is the evil taker of another nation work and wealth.

Not much changes only perhaps now the youth are seeing the wrong in it. More educated and with more feeling that their war hardened fathers who believed in state control and pirating as both right and just then declared communism made it a farce.

Now things are more dictatorship and totalitarian but it is not democracy it is still leaders with billions of dollars next to a populace of poverty. Yet Putin commits more war crimes in two weeks than recorded by reporters.

The fact that some 34 % of Latvians are in fact Russian blooded and true to Russian but born in Latvia makes them Latvian. Most of them are good people but hate me telling them Russia today would not accept them as Russian . Unless Putin saw them as way to come into Latvia as sort of protector .The trouble with being Nato with enemy alongside us .Best them understand this and say Im Baltic Russian only or Latvian born. Never happen I think.

I went to school with Italians Polish and Russian diplomats sons so in way it was good ground for working out the minds of here today Russians.

Moscow Russians area vastly different breed. Never can work out what they think.

Putin had slaughtered over 20 peoples in a remote island in Black Sea the property of Ukraine because they refused to surrender their homes. .

Putin says congratulations to our brave officers and men but should have said how come fighting untrained kids and women with rifles how well the Ukraine fighter fought.

Putins money came from robbery of pension fund and Mafia connections but the best was bonus.Billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the richest man in Russia with his oil business . Things went wrong and Putin had him arrested. In front of witnesses he said to Mikhail hand me 50% of your wealth or go to prison and i take it all . About 17 million Putin got out of that deal .Mikhial left for safety in London UK.

Make no mistake Putin is liar and thief and con man. Best would be Al Capone he is more like. Straight faced beady eyed Putin managed to convince all that he had no intention of attacking Ukraine . He wanted diplomatic peace. Now we know he took the piss out all world politics and leaders of mighty nations shook his hand in friendship. Now that is a con man.

Evil bastards are all around us but this man is Satan for sure. Never trust him again and hopefully he will not know many days left to him. Best dead rather than alive. But anyway captured is good news for Russia and the world .

All of us are Gods children some are born to be evil.

CopyrightKevin ParrBt 2022( 25th Feb )

2 thoughts on “The Devil at our door.”

    1. Thank you dear lady. He may well have bitten off too much but time alone will tell. Living too near Russia is a worry for us now as Baltic states he wants .Nato and Eu membership may stop him dead in his tracks I hope or world war 3 will so commence . I think he will be ruined in Ukraine as fighting urban gurilla troops is a deadly game with a rag tag army not convinced they should even be there. Russia prisoners tell of being dragged from home into uniform and unsure what they had to face sounds about it. He could run out of money if it goes on another two weeks and no further forward. This nato line protects Putin more that it now protects us as he can hide behind it . In 1854-56 England won the victory over them in Crimean war . Treaty of Paris signed by Czar Alexandre 11 made it clear to all that Ukraine owned Crimea and if any one attacked it war would commence . In 2014 Russia broke that charter and so then Europe and England should have gone in to stop him .That window has closed and now we sit waiting for next move .Not good as if we had stopped him than we would not be facing World war now . Maybe Putin will take Muldovia but then his grave yard may still be Ukraine


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