How to finish war.

We see how much cash has been gifted to Ukraine for weapons yet still have not targeted 42 miles of tanks and war machines in transport it may have been best to pay a hit man to bring back Putins body to show his troops we mean business Hard thing to do for a normal person but Putin is not normal he murders in day by day violence on Ukraine. A specialist gun man hired to do the full job would be a world beating idea . Once army finds out how long will it take for it to fall back and scarper .

Putin is a war Criminal who may never come to trial so why wait for justice .Pay and be sure he pays for crimes .He is doing this to you .

One must see logic in this and besides you hand the pleasure of that job to an expert marksman to deliver head of Putin back to Ukraine President as gift for hard work and worry .

I am sick of seeing how bad it is for children cancer suffers and all human life being butchered by a mad man called Satan.

How glad was i to be told the damage to Russian army and Government in cyber attack cutting out radios and mobile phones and computerized tanks decks by the legion of Anonymous hackers team.

If one says it is not human to even suggest what i have advised then the situation in Ukraine is no picnic for human needs . The going rate for a hit man is about 5ooo euro to 15 oooo . 25 maybe for best one. Can be paid half now half when head is delivered . Or all wired to his bank or depot as soon as done . Most ways will be done by easy ways perhaps not seeing his face or by contact of agent of phone. Dark web is full of ads or advertise on wall Some one will see it. Ask around but not take a Russian. Snipers retired with army training may advert their services but best arrange for cash transfer on product delivery

Done well nothing can come back to bite you but than do you care ? Putin may be four of his worse men to just to clear out old wood and its welcome modern new Russia .

Otherwise its hard living in war that has no way out. just a suggestion I think as good as it gets in your situation chaps.

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