The last stand

Laverov addressed the world and said Russia will not invade other nations as it did not invade Ukraine??? Russian think we are all as thick as mud. Twisting words and minds as if we are is this underestimation of West that will hang the lot of them in the end.

Sadly the Russian public wake up to what is going on slowly as brainwashed by the house of cards leadership. Putin will not want return of USSR but he will want supreme power over people as Czar. The many protestors in Russian cities are arrested by dozens and never heard on again . Any that stand against Putin perish and your death put down to other nations assassins. Czar Putin will need a vast empire and he looks around for next victim . Ukraine will keep him boxed down as his intelligence saw only gold and not a trained defense force.

Russian in Aleppo took out civilian life as easy targets least resistance which was a war crime as genocide but no one acted on this information . He then attacks and invades Ukraine thinking flags would be hanged out in welcome .Some intelligence service he must have?

What he is facing is financial suicide and war for the whole time they occupy. Even when they win they loose as Ukraine will never give up. So again he employs the least resistance with murder of civilians .Man woman and child suffer ignoble death while the West look on who really started this off and do not help but moan how horrid it is hoping it covers the loss of dignity we loose in what was lost in 2014 .Putin invaded Crimea breaking all laws of international courts by so doing. It was testing the water and we did absolutely nothing as he hoped would be case. If we had acted fast then we would not be witness to the Genocide we watch on our Tvs about war in Ukraine today.

Truth hurts I know but leaders of the West are to blame for this state of play.

In 1856 after defeating Russia in Crimea war of 1845-56 when England forced Czar Alexandervich 11 of all Russia to sign Treaty of Paris or be jailed and loose Russia to France Prussia and England if attack on Ukraine and or Crimea should ever be performed by Russians again. It why Laverov speech this week was tailored to be we only help nations not invade. As if Ukraine was happy to see them. They.the Russian top brass is made up of Mafia and really world owning mind leaders.They love only power and will kill and maim anyone to reach the top rung in ladder before any one else. They are criminals gangsters Mafia backed government .The Russian people must rise to over throw the already unsteady house of cards the Putin government stands on.

One can only pray that it is not too late to act and rectify this massive mistake we allowed to happen in 2014 . What will happen is world war if not . Putin wants land and Czar crown on head . The men behind him whom he is answerable to are not that many but hold power. Putin will rid himself of them and become Tyrant dictator over all . His only real fear is not Nato but the rise of the Russian peoples against him. Putin was born in Georgia like Stalin with similar evil ways. Mass murder is the thing to him like to Stalin a weapon . One must never trust a word said by Russian leaders and Putin is a master KGB agent in the mold who know sees the world as his .Stop him now as you missed the bus last time Boris . No one in right mind wants war but Putin will bring it to you if not .

My thought is not here it is fact related to all .

God be with us and time will tell who is right in this world of sin and shame coward and brave it will be who acts best that wins this last battle on earth .

Yours Sir Kevin .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. March 2022

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