Who is Putin.

It is said Putin was born in Saint Petersburgh in that year October 7th 1952 . On research I can show a Miss Putina living in Georgia, a native woman, who had an affair as a young girl with a Soviet KGB Major. Putin is most certainly that said child . In fact it is recorded that Putina lost the boy aged 2 as no money and as born out of wedlock the State law accused her of not recording childs birth it could have been stolen. Child placed with surrogate family in Russia. Photo taken of Putina and her child seems older than stated . Records say aged 2 but I think aged 8 .

Putina found work but never forgot her boy. In 2012 she wrote to him showing how she can prove he is her son. She waited for weeks until KGB officers arrived in cars to search her home. Vera Putina had registered the birth and had photos of her with her child and as he grew. They took all of it and warned her not to say a thing to anyone or they would be back to shut her mouth.

What they failed to know was another set of photos and original papers lay in the local news paper office.

In 2014 Putin burst over the line into Ukraine Crimea. The bodies built up in piles and the West lost its chance to stop any war.

Madame Vera Putina now reported that she disowned the child she had created as a devil. She died soon afterwards of more than likely old age.?

So if Putin now sounds in speech like Stalin that man of iron who tortured millions and was born a son of Georgia it could be that Putin wants to be like him .That fact he was also born Georgian may echo strongly in his mind.

A man with no past ,not any more I know you now Vald Putina Your a poisoned dwarf and harbinger of death who can terrify the weak yes men but not the rest of them nor me . Lies so thickly spread in your house of cards has lost you both Ukraine and over 4 million of the Russian tax payers who saw the light and left Russia. There is no mother land it is earth only now soon you must fight for own survival and have lost your own soul for eternity in hell.

They say in Kremlin west is telling tales. Well! you scumbags gangsters and Mafi members as you are look at the homeless you have made and the civilians bombed loosing the peoples lives. You are a bastard pirate and blood crazed gold digging no body .

Your said mother land will lay waste as China comes to cultivate and feed her nation from the gardens they build .You had all that mass of land.The largest slice of earth yet you did nothing with it .Only steal from those who worked to own that way of life as your lot had not a clue .Pirates you are whos word means nothing .You are the most hated man on earth .Your day is over and you face your destiny not as man but as a bully being tamed.

Nato has an army in waiting of some 7 times greater than all you have .Now even that number is 48 000 sort of original count lost in a cruel evil war you cannot ever win . You will be remembered by history as a clown. Im looking forward to your reply as I know that you read what ever I write. No help from heaven will save your lost soul . Lavrov too is child brained if he thinks a single person will not see the war crimes done by Russian Government and Putin as head of it. What cowards you are not not admit to us and your own selves how bad it is to bring millions of lost people into child traffic hand .They had homes like you had and now lost to starvation and death. You sick minded devils Russia is being ruined by you too. Tyrants stick together as long as pickings is good lets see how they jump ship as court of justice orders arrest and west goes in legally to haul your dwarf like body out of the hole you will hide within. No one will rest until its done and your doomed to hell for ever and ever ,Amen

Thank you all . Sir K

COPYRIGHT Kevin Parr Bt Ides of March 2022

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