Russia today

Putin has lost the war in Ukraine but says we now start World war 111 target is the whole Nato alliance .

How silly this cancer ridden fool is to think he has not been set up by Nato to come out fighting instead of hurling abuse.

He cant win against public in Ukraine what can he do to a mighty war machine called the West .

In a way we can finish this and Russia divided into many parts .Siberia belongs to China anyway . Then Ukraine may like a nice slice of land around Moscow and Petersburgh handed to Germany .Polish must have a big slice of the pie and Latvia takes back the land stolen from then in war time by Stalin the butcher

All will be happy if Russia just makes its move instead of threats and sabre rattling . Like children they need handling properly but if out they march it will be as we all hoped the end of threats and loss of Russia as warned of in 1856 treaty of Paris signed by Russian leaders after we beat the daylights out of them in Crimean war 1854-56 .

Putin broke that law in invading Ukraine . Crimea is part of Ukraine too.

I doubt if leaders behind the dying Putin will want a war with West it is just as always threats to lead to fear. But no one fears Russia and never did .It is a system of a form of Communistic evil starve that public tell them only what we need them to hear . Ill sod hungry we can control them. Then now is the slumbering population slowly waking up to what is really going on.I think its possible ,yes .

Putin is seriously ill he needed a win in Ukraine not just to have his way but because he is under they eye of evil big brother who will replace him now. That may be better for peace, or worse.Time will tell .Giving us time to build up even more our objective . Today Russia said Ben Grant a British soldier from Chetzin army aiding Russia against the enemy Ukraine he will run forever but death sentence has been placed on him . It is fine for other nations to help Russia but if any aid Ukraine its murder for them. It is typical cowards and brainless talk of idiots . I think Ben should be a medal holder for his way of helping Ukraine. His mother is Conservative MP which will fuel the situation no doubt. But it shows you just what trash the Russians are. News of Putin at best he has five weeks to live said Russian doctors to news press in Moscow. Published and on sale in Baltic shops . Cant see it being wrong myself. Good riddens to him I say .

I doubt Russia has much left to fight a war with .Only Nuclear which is old and mostly volatile . Meanwhile two British super ships are lined up on Moscow from sea off shore from Baltic knock out takes 12 seconds with all fired on them nothing will survive .So fear not the news it is all over in a flash if the rat pops its nose out of its hole its certain it will turn to vapour.

Yours with peace in defense, Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022

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