my gardens .

To be truthful it came to my ears that lots of readers wanted to see what I was sometimes talking of on line. My garden build .I did do a short blog on first start on the old cow pasture to hope of English gardens .

Well! here are a few of my photos that record some of the damage s man can do in altering natures plan to be wild.

Im not the greatest landscaper but I did have a full plan in my head and 5 years to do it . I have battled with nettles ,twisted 2nd World war tank lids buried in my proposed Iris bed.

Then the idiots who cut down forest woodland and released a herd of deer into my gardens . Overnight some 3000 euro worth of damage. Thought it a salad bar .Hedges of Tuja clipped to the very trunks . Roses cropped to ground . It was heart break and panic attack at daylight next morning .

I had worked day and night to build a garden set .I had ploughed in cash and had not planted a single plant until all borders had been made .Double dug weeded dug over again and finally black plastic and car tyres on top over winter and following Spring . Weeds kept coming up in furry .So spent months digging them out. Not until all had gone and only annual weeds remained did I dare risk build borders of flowers . Then this happened.

I spent all I had on fences and wire rolls . It worked so from seed planted up .The folly built and painted.

The above photo of main drive way with farm fields behind was blasted with deer that ruined hedges both sides so had to plant rose Rugosa hedge Hansa to right of photo behind sunny border as nothing was left of 5 year old Emerald green Thuja hedge .Some 23 trees devoured to stumps 6 inch tall from 5 feet high young plants .Fences only way around such a problem .Lost not just hundred plants over all but time lost growing hedges cant make up for another 5 years . Bambi was lucky it did not end life in my oven as payment for loss. Then people who chops forests down are more to blame I suppose

again. The hedges have not been replaced . Only what remained that could be saved are in the gardens now . Trouble is with fences weeds love to grow up them .Spray is my only weapon.

What you see in these photos is what took my plan to the winning line .Sheer grit and English determination .At 72 it was a feat I never thought possible. Then look at the land it has been wilderness perhaps since time began . A head on collision with a garden builder after 60 million years must have shocked Mother Nature as it took the strength out of me .

Im now on way to having my dream .A garden of beauty and just weeding planting pruning and mowing .A garden lovers job . A garden finished .

Then is a garden ever really finished ?

and plans and changes. For now I like to do a bit then sit and view . Do an hour more then tea and cake in my folly. “Tottering by Gently” as some one dear used to say . David Austin bred a rose using same name but it is too gentle for this set of gardens . Here, we are zone 5 but suffer minus 30c in winters . Summers of 32c .Hot and moist to very dry . Plants are all tested before being planted from pots and seed trays .

The work goes on and maybe next year my last big job the Roman water fall bath .

Thank you all for being with me reading this. Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt2022

July 2022

I lost many of my old roses from England and was able by determined searches to find Canadian bred Morden Research station roses that can stand the winters here without cover. John Davis ,John Cabot are but two of the best roses to buy. Both climbers that can reach 10 feet x 10 feet . Here not a rose can cope where I grow these two explorer roses. Then Kordes of Germany roses. One or two can survive .I was surprised when finding Madam Le Gace de Sant Germain shrub rose as it is hard as old boots and a lovely old French rose of pink many petalled with yellow centres. It flowers all over and lasts 6 weeks . Scent it truly has

Solet an old lovely Moss rose also is a stunner and just as hardy. Big bush it makes and one treasure to find outside of France .Fabien

We ask for only the truth.

It is hard to say and perhaps many of us feel this way over the Prince Harry story.

Did he leave Britain to marry yet another Mrs Simpson or was because few believed he is Prince Charles son. When Charles refused to grant proof by DNA is only made matter far worse.

The thing is just this he Harry was told he had given up Royal duties to the state and lost many of his rights he could not now insist he mist have British security staff on tax payers money out in America.

Today we are told it is now being discussed as Harry insists it his right to feel safe.He has the cash so can pay his own body guards I say.

It is because of this plot one brings back that old Chestnut is he ,or is he not Royal .

He married well below him into another race even. I cant pretend to say I like his wife but that is his choice of partner and so glad this war hero is happy.

Then how far will it go before the British tax payer is told the gospel truth .

DNA to show he is not the son of Dianna to the red headed lover she took .

Then maybe tax will pay to protect him if it turns out he is Charles son .

It is unfair to ask the tax to pay for him other wise . I hope you all agree its not an attack against Harry at all it must be who pays his bill . If he is Jack nobody all the time.We do need proof its is our right I say as it is our funding that keeps the firm in top jobs . It could even be a focus for anti Royals to force issue and that adds fuel to their fire. .I myself are pro Royal as it is safe and brings in millions each year in tourism . Not just that a president would cost us far more . It is historic theatre and builds moral . I say its normal for England to have it as its is .

Only can we have the truth. No one would complain no one wants a row only the truth as your asking us to pay his bill and it matters surely who he is we pay for if that is the case we have to pay it . If not we do not pay anything until your respect us and then all will be aware of what is truth .

I would like your comment as it is broad church and am I right to mention the problem at all? I see it as a tax of the people going to waste and there in a nutshell is the problem. If this had not come to light today who would have asked for that real truth of who he is .Harry started this by begging security team to watch over him after packing his bags doing nothing for us and loss of all duties to the public asks us to pay for his protection in USA the land of the gun . Time is now for us all to know the truth or is they pay we need to argue they have no right to used hard worked for tax from our pockets on a no body

Yours Sir K

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022 July 22

Code of the house. final part.

The kid leather case laid out of the hall table shocked both men. It was a sparkling Emerald green stone set in silver claw case surrounded by sixteen pink red rubies. A ladies necklace of amazing worth.

The two men stirred at each other. The morning sun lighting the hall from the closed stained glass front door made the necklace burn with sunlight on the polished table surface.

“So the question is Rubens old stick. If my uncle was so broke why in Gods name did he not sell this item?”

“Sir it was not my place to know.”

“Quite. So who was it for.He married and she died .Did he take it back. To me it looks as if has no war and not moved out of this case since new. “

“Another mystery sir. Your uncle was a private man whom near his end became terrified of that man in the garden folly that vanishes with no sign of being in that building. Yet even I have seen the shadow move up the steps .”

” I too Rubens. Shadow is the best word for what I saw. We need to did deeply into this.Nothing in his papers relates .Did he keep a diary do you know?”

“Indeed he dis sir. Where he kept it I do not know”

‘If he wrote down here it must be in his desk of library . Ill search the desk you make a start in that books shelves .”

The sun hung low across the terrace .The hour was late in afternoon.

“Nothing in desk .Under drawers each place looked . Must be in this room . “

Leaning against the great black oak fire surround a panel opened at his hip . Amazed he stood back open mouthed, words failing him

Inside the vault the answer to the questions came as fast as machine gun bullets.

In his past he had stolen jewels from India as suggested. He was later haunted by the curse. No human came to take back the gems now so carefully cut into the necklace he had had made for someone?

The spirit of a dark vapor that rose from out of the lake haunted that masters last months and he knew instinctively what it meant .He was terrified to death as the curse came true.

“WoW! some story sir.No wonder we could not find his foot prints. “

” Poor devil what happens when one takes not what is his. . Ill have a shot of gin and a talk with an auction house I think may help with funds Rubens. “

” The necklace sir must find its way back id say?

“Indeed I do agree . I was referring to the car Rubens .We can do without it . Then to find a business for me to run. “

“The black shadow sir ?”

“Somehow I think it some sort of trick .Not real but sent by mind advanced to do this . Beyond me but I am sure teleport shadow man is just that.”

” We sell the necklace and we are just as guilty sir?”

“You think so Rubens do you. I say get it out of my house and all may stop .If not we move to stop the shadow that is not existing by ignoring it . Bring in help such as Indian guru from over at Cricklewood .I read about him in last nights newspapers.”

“Fight fire with fire and hope for peace sir “

“It is all one can hope for .Any tea in the pot.Im ready for a top up Rubens ?”

The code of the house .Part two.

The evening sun fell in the sky hitting the red rose climber as it dropped. The blooms in abundance illuminated by soft strong golden daylight on the wane .

The new master had watched the folly only rarely but this evening he sat dreaming of winning the pools .The house had almost drained him with incoming bills.

It was only then that his eye caught a dark shadow standing watching over the dark waters of the lake from the steps to the folly.Just for a split second did he see it? It was gone as he adjusted his eyes to the oncoming dusk .

‘ Dinner will be served at 7pm as instructed sir.” Announced the Butler from the casement at the doorway.

‘I have seen your dark stranger Rubens old chap .We need to go and search again as he pays no rent to me whom ever he may be.”

Rubens said no words his eyes cast down bowed and left to room .

The day came and the sun hung low over the garden. The path to the folly at the far side of the lake was empty .The slight smell on sulpher came to the owners nostils as he marched on in. I was a dust filled old room with one small window facing the lake.A strong door on iron hinges swung freely through much use. No trace of foot makes no effect there to give the clue. Then on leaving Both master and his man servant experienced a chill as if someone one was observing them from the house .

The pace had picked up as they raced back on the path around lake to the garden door. On search the house was void of trespassers of any sort.

“Why man did my uncle not call police when he witnessed someone occupying his garden house?”

: He said sir that whom ever it was needed a home ?”

“How very strange.As if he knew who it was Id say. Put a padlock on that door .Who ever it is cannot pass beyond it then. “

‘ Very well sir .Ill purchase a brace and lock from the locksmith shop in the town perhaps the handy man can apply it to the folly door sir”

The day passed calmly but at night,just before he retired he discovered papers in the library room that went back to his uncles war days. Bringing them to the desk light he spread them over and sat down to peruse the wording.

Next morning broke and he woke furtively still in situ . He struggled stiffly to his feet and out of the papers fell a note. On closer inspection it was in Hindi script. Hi uncles 7 years in Ceylon was not covered at all in any of the details on the desk .

It caused the owner to know have the note read. His only known Indian was Doctor Pandit Barkat from Bombay who had a surgery in town . He soon found that the note was a demand for the return on a book from the man who had loaned his uncle it. The book was late found in the safe .It was a book on the black arts . Why it had not been returned had the new master pondering the situation .It was then that the butler appeared with tea and cake.

My gosh is it that time already Rubens? See here this book in Indian .Did my uncle speak Indian ?”

“Never know what he could do sir .Very private man indeed .Bought this house in 1923 aged just 22 . I often wondered where his income came from. He seemed to have millions .The car in the garage is a 1950 Rolls Royce .Used only a few times to take him to London for meetings. “

‘ Where is the car now ?It must mean it now belongs to me?”

“Yes and the garage too is adjoined to the side of this house but only way in is through the read wooden doors facing the front street.”

So off the two men went with keys to open the garage up and there under blankets and oil sheet a sparkling 50 year old car .

‘ I say Rubens only 1200 miles of this clock?”

:He bought it but he never learned to drive it . His driver was who ever could and who was available you see. In end he gave up on it. Doubt if he even recalled he had a car sir.”

“Meetings in London what was that about Rubens?”

“Again sir he told me nothing . I came to work under the code of the house. Ask no questions get on with duty . So I did . “

“Who would know ?”

” Mr Brown the Dentist drove him once .He is still alive in a nursing home in Brighton sir .May still be clear of mind. Shall I get my coat sir. “

“Will this car start man?”

Battery in the cupboard in kitchen sir. Needs charging but no tax on car .So even if it starts its still unable to move. “

:We must try later as if a runner I can drive and what a car to use.Mind you cash is a bit tight so lets take the bus .”

: Train sir is faster and almost door to door.”

The old man was too weak to sit long talking but said that his uncle was once part of a raid on an Indian temple. Four men stole the Rubies from the tomb of a Moor buried with his wife near the temple alter. .The army demobbed them and they vanished . A curse was said to have been placed on all of them by the head servant of the Temple. .He was then taken back to his room and could not remember a word he had said an hour later .

The rails took the master and Butler back home on the last train through . Once in side he raced to the car doors with the key. Inside the glove compartment a kid leather case was found .

Part three next weekend .

Thank you for reading and peace and love to all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 July

The code of the house. Short story.

The Squire sat still in his easy chair gazing across the lake to the old folly building on far side. His eyes clear from care his whiskey at his reach a pain in his chest .He felt it creep across him like a suit of tight armour . He saw the figure come from the folly to the very lake side waving at him. He knew his time had come . There was a taste in his mouth of indigestion .His chest being crushed his arms unable to release the vice like hold on his breathing.

He slumped back in the cozy folds of the chair . It was over and he knew it .No fight left his man from the folly had come out at last to laugh at him .

“So what time did you call on him Lord Derby.? “

“It was as Rubens here let me in .Seconds after 11am this very morning .:Replied the Peer.

:Rubens has the body been moved at all?”

‘No doctor just as you see him is how I found him as I let Lordship in I went to wake master .He often takes a nap you know. “
The man was visibly moved and so Doctor Howes released him from the room.

He then marched softly over to the dead mans body .Slumped in the chair ,as it was, hoping for clues.

Police arrived at noon and the body seen close up.

“So heart attack Doc or fowl play?” uttered the Inspector from Scotland Yard.

‘Unless that whiskey is poisoned I would be sure its natural causes.Suffered heart trouble over time did old Henry Vane . “

The police Inspector bagged both bottle and glass.

‘Well im no use here .Best drive back to London for the meeting at 5pm with Prime Minister. Who will inherit then Rubens?”

“In fact I cant say as master changed his will last month end when lawyers came here. Could be his nephew Charles Pernell or that Mister White . “

“White the news hound .My word what was Henry thinking?”cried his Lordship.

‘John White is an historian researching the Neville line of masters family . Ill have to ring and tell him sir as its his day for calling .”

The night air came in close as the corpse was carried out into the wooden box provided by Sherwoods Funeral Parlour in the village . Rubens had butlered for Sir Henry over 43 years with never a complaint .Then at 70 himself he had no place to go now it was all over. For now he crept back to sleep once more in the bed in his room. Forget it all as he took one of the bottles of wine down and de corked it. Set it to rest and wondered what it felt like to drink it. Master gone his wine cellars soon to be someone else. He took it by the neck into his little room and closed firmly the door with his foot behind him.

It was 10am and someone knocking at the front door. Rubens had only been up a few minutes and felt sick. “Yes good morning is this the home of Sir Henry vane ,my man .”Spoke the words of a stranger. A man in a long black over coat .

Rubens was not in the mood and worried about his future. “No this is not that home anymore . ” And closed over the door . He was feeling badly after drinking a whole bottle of claret from the bottle before passing out.

The knocking continued and it was not all from inside his head .”Sorry sir there has been a death in here. What is your business?”

“You are ?”

‘Rubens the butler sir. “

“You not well old sport look rather pale.”

” No shock only .Can I help?”

The man in the long coat smiled .”No perhaps not. Who got the old drum then?”

The butler looks puzzled

“The house who got it then.” explained the man.

‘We are not in that knowledge as yet sir .One must wait for the will reading.”

“And when will that be my man?” laughed the caller.

Rubens had not a clue so after a while the man left .

It was later it happened.Rubens had been polishing to table in the masters largest room . He heard a noise from the lake as if a boat had hit the water.He was forced to look up and there as sharp as daylight he saw a figure dart across from the boat into the stone built folly room . He was a tall man all in black as if wrapped in a cloak. He lay the cloth on the table and opened the door in the glass bay .There he could see a fire was lit in the folly .Gray smoke whisped up into the morning air from that tall chimney set against the hillside . It was a long walk around but in fact he had nothing to do .No one to serve and no job at all left for him.

He reached the steps to the little arched doorway in side of the small building .The door firmly closed .He did not knock in announcement but stretched to see into the leaded window . He fell back wards almost into the lake. He picked himself up and fled as fast as his old legs could carry him. Panting he arrived at the glass bay door and was sick as a dog on remains of wine and pure shook at the sight of what he saw in very that room.

The will read the victor ,nephew Charles Pernel took charge of the house keys. The assembled left with best wishes to that man.

Up from the kitchens came the Butler, bag in hand,he saluted ,in time honoured fashion the new master and left the home he had now for 45 years .

He walked aimlessly into the park and flopped down on a empty bench to think what to do next.

He was miles away in deep thought when Pernel came to his side.” Tired are you dear mister David Rubens .Me thinks you have much work to do to introduce me to my uncles house and ways . “

“I can do that for you Sir but I am to sign on for new work. “

“As is your wish .Then I have a job in my home if its likeable to you. “

“To be your butler sir is that your intent?”

“Make no mistake my man you are?”

The two walked back happily to the house.

” So whats that hut on the horizon .He never told me about it you know. ?”

‘It is an odd building sir .Placed there as an decoration called an English garden folly sir. Some one inhabits it at times .My master watched it daily but as much as I asked he never said a word about it . Sat in that same chair he did watching always watching . He was badly infirm by fall from his hunter four years ago. Never left that chair slept in it ate in it . I had to bath him as his legs had no power his back injured you see. “

‘ You say its occupied,by whom ?”

‘ I do not know sir but can say its not of this world and best left alone . “
‘How very interesting. So my Uncle watched to see it did he?”

:He was a good man until he had that accident . He changed into fear and upset soon after. It is all I can say of the matter .He told me nothing of that building ever. Will you be dinning in sir ?”

“Yes Rubens . What is for dinner ?”

‘ Roast pork and apple sauce and selected garden greens sir .”

” Jolly good sounds wonderful .he told me you cooked too. “

‘ Yes sir man of many tricks. We are perhaps low on certain items I must bring to your attention. “

” Just write what you need down and have them deliver pay on delivery Ill give you permission “

Part one ended .Part two next week .

Thank you for reading yours Sir K

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022 July.