House, part 5

The afternoon sun ablaze in the south wing Lounge room windows fell in patterns of pinks and yellow upon the Chinese carpets .The old arched stained glass windows as good as they were after 500 years in situ.

Door opens in comes Plumer with afternoon tea and cream and jam sandwich cakes .

‘Thank you .Cook has been busy.”

‘Yes my Lady.My daughter made these cakes as cook is cleaning the copper pans today . The police rang my Lord. “

“Ah! progress one must hope.”

” Sam the man found silver plate and coffee pot with sugar trug sir. The crest is your family design. Seems they have arrested the fence too”

“The fence, Plumer?”

” Indeed a police expression for someone who takes in stolen goods and sells for the real thief at a percentage of take. Fencing it seems to be called sir.Will that be all ?”

“Yes, ask Lady Emma to join us will you.”

“Indeed I hear she is in the city my Lady.Caught the 7.45am milk train to London .”

“What ever for man?”

“She did not confide in me alas Maam “

The train whistled on to Kings Cross station. On the platform waited a tall uniformed Colonel of Horse. His crop tapping this polished high leg ridding boot . His young face shinning in joy at the sight of the woman he loved as she slighted the carriage door away along from where he stood,motionless and abated .

The yard at home now filling with police as the young Ostler was lead away in handcuffs as all stood open mouthed .

“I say Inspector are you sure its him.”

“Yes sir .Fingerprints maybe new but a clear print from your brothers house matches the plate and coffee pot . He is our thief with out doubt. It was his mother who sold to Sam the dealer. We set watch and trapped her this time. Sad affair my Lord but justice will be done. “

” My word to think he had keys to all buildings in stable yard. Have you searched it Inspector?”

” No sir but was about to ask just that?”

“Of course get on with it.Never now what else is in there. Well! that sort of settles it .My idea of a motor car and replace horses stables and all to garages. “

‘ but none of us can drive the wretched things dear.”

” My dear wife it is but a trifle . Hire a man who can . We have no stable lad now anyway. Lady M will be happy . ”

“What did she go to London for anyway . Wayward of late is our daughter ?”

Hour was striking midnight on the long cased clock in the stair well as she tipped toed to her bedroom in the stillness of the house. Her dress held up to mount the stairs was watched from the Butlers pantry in silence as he locked the side door and went to his own bed.

A vast change of wind was blowing over the estate and life was never going to be quite the same in the future .Then for now we leave them unware of fate and blissful in a world that would fall into the pages of history soon enough . Cars replace steeds, marriage takes a young heiress away . The Earl retired from public service and his wife tries on modern cloths in city store . The telephone lives in all rooms. The dark clouds of war loom over the start of this new century but Plumer stays on to serve . With in 20 years the cost of living would rise and the old manor sold for flats and gardens turned back to fields by cash available development companies for more house later ahead in time. Only Lady Emma benefited and lived on married as simple Mrs Smith. She did marry her young Colonel and both lived well and into the 1950s . Based roughly on my Grandfathers home 1834-1926 By time I was born only the title was passed to me .Government own the estates today under guise of national trust.

Thank you for reading .This being the last part of this extended blog.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2022 Sept

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