Group leader Wing Commander of 617 squadron heavy bomber command Guy Gibson had flown 172 missions for RAF before taking over as Wing Commander 617 squadron .In 1942 he was only 24 years old and faced his greatest task .Bomber Harris and Churchill saw a need to stop German production of arms and machinery in Rhur Valley . So bomber squads trained to drop bombs from Avero Lancaster planes onto dams in that said valley of heavy industry.

Gibson was selected to take charge of the 11 planes involved and all Lancaster aircraft were delivered ready to fly that said mission.

Barnes Wallace was an inventor know to war office .He was tasked in designing a bomb that could do it. He did just that with his bouncing bomb .Round metal barrel stuffed with explosives and Lancasters had to be modified in bomb bay to be able to release this massive load as easily as possible.

They flew at night without sights and with no lights . Match stuck with gum to the face board instrument cover top . This was how they hoped to score hits no other way as given. 5 planes 53 men lost in this suicide mission that did knock out two of the three targets, amazingly as it is.

Gibson was now a celebrated VC holder and was the pride of the RAF. Guy Penrose Gibson VCO and bar DFC and bar born August 12th 1918 in Shimla hill fort town India .His parents civil servants overseas . Guy was educated at Saint Edwards college Oxford.

Now we move on .He was now in 1944 26 years old flying a mission along with another Sq leader . A fighter air craft. It was a mission over Germany not know to us even today. Seeing a plane fly low over coast of Holland some one shot it down thinking it a raid. The aircraft hit the ground killing both men . The Nazi occupation thought it best just to bury and forget. Then a name tag hidden in Gibsons sock gave the game away. Churchill was told soon afterwards where the grave was . Harris decided to inform that senior staff but not the men. Both he and Churchill hid the secret as thought best not to worry the public .Loss of moral sort of thing.

Guy Gibson

The movie and music The Dambusters made in the 70s thrilled many of us and helped to immortalize those brave crews who flew missions in Avro Lancasters and all else that flew for Britain against a foe called Hitler.

Guy Gibson will live for ever in the minds on men who know duty to England is a must.One hero among so many in operation Cherise will stand as proof against all odds it can be done .

God bless them all. Until mankind says NO to war, they will stand as high as mountains to warn us peace is best

Yours Sir K

copyright Kevin Parr Bt October 28th 2022

The way home

The dying light of the sun flickered through the forest of trees that blocked, in part, my progress made.

Soft the mossy floor of this timber cathedral arched and bowed as giant limb be told. The way to the light far off did haunt the vision on high the tired frame of man behold.

The path half sunk in mounds of upturned earth .The gentleman in the velvet coat beware the stumble .The sound of pain that thus do rise above the ceiling of this darkened place of witches and devils called woodland at night .Hark a twig breaks the silent under foot.

There was a path under lichen and bracken that has long since fallen into its spell and is no more a path to see the way home. Then once,long ago it was so used .I found its trace . The dead now its route and take me the rest of way .

Tant le desiree it echos in time to my footfall .I hear in the wind over and over so .My advance breaks the silence as I crash through the golden bracken and fall headlong onto my lawn. The curtain slides softly behind me . There was a path,they were right , that now belongs to ghosts .