Mystery in a garden world known.

In 1900 a group of American people started a fashion in England for being  happy in a world so lost until then. To this group Mrs Gertrude Winthrop sent her only son from her last marriage to search for a home in England. He left from New York around early 1900 on a mission for his aged mother. His name was Lawrence Waterbury Johnston and this is his story.


In Gloustershire not far from old old market town of Chipping Campden and within the area of the Cotswold group of Americans he sighted Hidcote Manor house for sale. It fitted his every need. Soon he was writing to to his mother with the news. She came over to view still nervous to be in England some 200 years after her ancestor had left the shores to find work in New England USA. They bought the manor house and some farm lands around it for 6000 pounds sterling.


images_005 One of the very few photographs of Major Lawrence Johnston.




His mother had no real intent to spend on gardens but she was happy her son wanted to clean up the land. She found her niche with other Americans in coffee house morning meetings to fill her days.

images_018  Edith Wharton writer gardener and  heiress attached to Major Lawrence Johnston from day of meeting to her death as friends. His health failing after her death he may have stayed in France to be warmer or did he come  to find he loved Edith so much he could not cope. He had been born in Paris and that another reason for leaving his lovely garden that people such as I take ideas from. Hidcote is perhaps the greatest garden ever built in my mind , at least.


In 1902 Lawrence Johnston did read many gardening books starting a life times love of the subject. He may have planed it many times on paper but nothing of it exists today. Then he came across a book all about designing gardens .it spoke to his soul more so that Lutchens and Jeakle had done.The book by Thomas Mawson who had owned Lakeland Nurseries in Windermere far north of Gloucester but had designed some of the most prestigious gardens around the world. Johnstons dream of Hidcote gardens came out of the pages of this book. I bought a copy of it and at high cost I treasure it.



In 1907 he enlisted in the Hussars to help Britain in the Boar War of South Africa.For 4 years Hidcote was neglected by all.

In 1910 returned as Major and put his all into the gardens


employing 12 gardeners as his team to create his dream. By 1920 it was in its perfect way. All the top brass came to see it even Churchill thrilled at his many visits. Although Lawrence Johnston was a very private living man he must have liked what people said of his designs.

The first World war came and he was again  called up to fight for England. In this hell he found a friend who he treasured .Her name was Edith Wharton a lady who loved France and warmer days but was trapped in Paris in war torn Europe. Johnston was posted to that area and found her wandering about deep in thought.The two came so close and lived for moments to be together. It was not real deep love but a real friendship that lasted to her death in 1937. She had planed with him some of the garden rooms at Hidcote although she lived in France they stayed in each others homes regularly between wars. Her death fell heavily on Johnston and maybe that is why he went to life in France at his mothers old home called Serre de la Madone near Menton.


My though when seeing this run down gardens on a trip to buy statues for my gardens brought me to ask questions. It was open to the public but still in a shabby state of general neglect .I roamed around it wondering what drove this great man to leave Hidcote Bartrim village and his beloved Hidcote manor gardens for this baked earth and no hedges. It was almost tearful to see it. Yes may have been nice after it was first made made but what it was did  not stood out clearly.It was nothing as good as Hidcote even in its hey day.


Something must have happened for him to walk out of his dream to leave it to Government in the form of National Trust and come to reside in this unearthly place just like that. I cant help feeling if I had built Hidcote would  I want anything better than my tomb there. He is buried near  his mother in England just a walk from those garden gates he had paid for as his. He gave this French property to his servants who had helped him so well in illness in his last six months on earth. He was a kind soul for all that.






And that is my mystery. Why want another garden why did he want France. Was it the love of his life had he only asked for her hand. This private hero this great man was he not so brave with love. When his Edith died did it finish him inside? Was his last beat of heart more of her than anything he had ever done. If so I understand it all. His name will live forever in the work he did on Hidcote Gardens and perhaps his ghost and hers remain within the many rooms they both designed.

images_003 Major Lawrence Johnston in his last years


Hidcote gardens are in short, heaven on earth a place to be within to find peace, beyond that world of war and of men so mad as to want war.

Yours with love, Sir Kevin.


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Knossos Palace and legend of the Minotaur.

Long ago this great Minoan city and palace of King Minos existed as a victorious and celebrated nation of Crete. Being an island off the main land of Greece it won victorious battles against Greece and legend has it that the half man half bull monster who lived in the centre of a vast set of tunnels under the city called the Labyrinth was the Minotaur.

Firstly we talk about what this legend tells us. That war won by King Minos against King Aegeus of Athens is the focus point as to why we know anything of Knossos at all. It forms the way Greek myths would grow into legends we talk of today. Name we still mention and stories loved by all who read them.

Minos demanded each year 14 youths of equal number of young men and women to be sent by ship to feed the monster that was said to be a deformed son of this King. Half bull with the legs of a man who had the brain of a human and the utter strength of a bull.

Not happy with this transaction it is said that the only son of King Aegeus Prince Theseus demanded to go with the unfortunate few to Crete and so by doing slaughter the Minotaur and finish connection with Crete for good. His father told he would wait and if the black sails turned to white on his return a great feast would be made for he would then know long before the ship docked his son was alive and victorious.

Aided by Minos own daughter the kind heart lovely Ariadne, Theseus finally manages to cut the monsters head off  and the death throw of this mighty beast brought down the mountain on the city and its Royal palace and finally finish the Minoan civilization

On Theseus return he forgot to change the sails and his  father the King fearing the worse jumped over the cliff onto the rocks below and killed himself in grief.

We now jump the many centuries up to the discovery of Knossos Palace.

For thousands of years nothing remained in Crete of this great city. Under mountains of earth and rock Sir Arthur Evans from Hertfordshire England and Oxford University archeology department set his goal to clear up a mystery. It was an effort that took years from 1900 after the discovery that it might be Knossos by Minos Kalokaines in 1878.  Evens finally gave us back a lost world and the palace in 1900s.Without his devotion and Determined  manner one can say no more of this wonderful place would ever have come to light

In 1700 BC this city was covered totally with what may record a land slide brought about by earth quake  or was it attack as in the legend? Well! Evans found the Labyrinth system and may be even signs that a monster bull lived in the tunnels. If it was a mighty bull the story would grow to make this creature more than just a monster as its a Greek way to tell a good story about Gods and hero and mighty monsters.

Many such as this legend are  based on fact. The Minotaur did exist in the tunnels below this palace. what this monster was is not clear but we say a mighty bull is more than guesswork. .Or even mis shaped lion.

images_013 images_026 images_030

In 1971 I was lucky to go and see this marvel of restoration by Sir Arthur Evans who lived from 1851 -1941. I walked from inside a wonderful bath room into the Labyrinth entrance but only a short tunnel was dug back out. One could feel the bull run as real even in a tunnel about 120 feet long. I have been told that now all that system is open for inspection at this site in Crete. A place to be proud of as the Minoan capital. it has one of the oldest histories in Europe and more than one story. If you recall this King Minos had a problem with gold, another good story.

Part of ancient wall

images_038images_044Sir Arthur Evans who paid for the dig himself on a hunch he had found the Minoan palace. Not fully trained he had written many articles on Minoan text. He was knighted for his life long devotion to find the city and palace.  Against all odds he kept on digging in that true English way that gives us worlds of hope.

Simages_066  Throne room

DSC_3088 The inner most part of the Labyrinth and cave where the monster bull lived.


My hope is to return and see the expanded renovations and the Labyrinth as it was. A great story and now proof that in fact much of this tale holds fact. So less of a mystery more a shrine to mans story His story, HISTORY it is.

i hope one day you too see Greece as a nation of history makers and not the slide into poverty we see today.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.


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Crop circles explained

In no way can we call this art of crop circle a new fad as recorded history relates to a siting so cleaver and perfectly made in as early as 1678 in a Hertfordshire corn field. Various times through out the centuries this amazing fact appears as designs in our crop fields all over South England fill with circles of some massive proportions.

In 1980s in Westbury England a most unusual designed crop circle appeared over night in a farmers field .It became a national news item and so brought in expert examiners who mostly thought it the work of an Alien power who had intentions of contacting us. UFO trackers published papers on this site and in days it became a serious investigation as to which planet led the visit and made contact with their form of writing.

In January 1990 the plot thicken to show more than average number corn fields with signals in form so elaborate had been produced through out the summer.This conference on the 9th January had been formed to discuss the facts related to this invasion of crops being used to say something to us. Real scientists gathered to give an opinion.

images_006 images_002

Crop Circles.

Each year the circles became more and more complicated .Some so vast could only be seen from the air as in the two photographs above.

In an ancient corner of Britain is the county of Wiltshire that boasts Stonehenge site and Avebury and Silbury Hill and then Kennet Avenue that leads from Avebury out to Stone henge.  All mentioned sites dates at least 4000 years down the line to ancient man.


Stonehenge Wiltshire England

A newspaper called Today interviewed two men in their sixties who had claimed to have made many of the most famous crop circles themselves. Douglas Bower and David Chorley had invented the art to make really complicated designs in corn fields. At first the reporters thought it a good story but then the two men offered to show them how it works out on the fields at midnight. With wooden board frames they pushed the corn back as the walked guided by a string and with a base ball cap on head with the peak drilled to hold the level site to make the design easier. When it was all over and a small design made in under half an hour impressed the newsmen it was they that now decided to invite experts in to inspect. Without a word of fact the team of investigators came in to view. When after a good hour the experts all agreed it was not made by man but by aliens landing craft. Here the newsmen silenced the crop design makers and caused a front page run on alien life with photos of the circle included made national news. All would have been well if not for a leak and the paper was ruined as fraudsters.

To me those who jump to this sort of art thing it must be like a painter with a fresh canvas to see a vast golden field must evoke the soul to deceive and make art at that same time. I conclude so called experts still say some of the circles are from aliens design and therefore made by such. I say without doubt man made each and every one every time making it more imaginative. Teams of them at night whilst we are in our beds go out to carve a circle just for fun.

It is like graffiti only good to those who did it and a mess up of architecture for the rest of us who care about our cities who want to keep all clean. it is perhaps why some more basic want tattoos to decorate the human skin is a crime to my mind. Going native was the Naval term of charge for having marked the body. Officer never would dare to do it and only those lesser stoop to be made into  artwork. Same and why crop circle people want to ruin fields of healthy food.

images_011  images_015

The bible tells of aliens walking among us educating us to planets far beyond our world.We are but a ball loose in space and the bible tells of people being taken up in the chariots of the Gods to see the world below as a bowl of gruel.



We know that we cannot possibly be the only inhabitants in space it would be foolish to think so yet why dont they come to see us now? Good question but could it be they do but not too close these days as would you in their place  knowing we had two world wars, an Atom bomb and murders in all nations.  I would stay well away if I was them. They can teach us nothing as all too big headed and selfish now is the cost to us expanding into space beyond the stars but not ever in rockets what comes up must come down so look at the sightings that Governments will not allow us to talk about and all photographic proof vanished as soon as it came to news.

I am not here to say more but enough has made us uneasy with UFO news getting so near the truth that we are but a speck of dust in our own cosmos so some sort of intelligent life must be out there. I think even more advanced than us they can travel in seconds across the system but to us 100 years one way same journey .To travel outside our zone may take a lifetime span. We need to wake up as one day we will need to leave our planet and Governments need to come clean on what they hold back and we laugh at them for doing such in secret as none of us are thick heads.

Then crop circles have nothing to do with outside worlds at all.


I hope you enjoyed it today as I have done something I never have before I have told my thoughts and solved a mystery in part on circles in corn fields but opened another in alien life.

The photograph here is of a hovering  craft from a distance.  I myself saw  a massive ufo in Morecambe bay area of UK in the mid 1970s. This  was seen by some 45000 people as far as 100 miles away. My photo and two others by better cameras went into the local newspaper which published all with photos too in front page issue but was quickly taken off sale and no photo came back as they even denied it happened. I have proof this was stopped in print by Government of UK. Not a single slide or photo remains on file in Lancaster Guardian files. I did contact their archives in Preston Lancashire and again to the newspaper last year but although promise to come back to me failed I know silence is the code word. It amazes me that crop circles that are only ever made by man are all over news each summer as proof that other worlds exist but the real proof of photographic fact are buried deep by fools who do not want us to know in case of mass panic. Or worse?  We are never alone and some of us know it.

Yours always, signing off, Sir Kevin.

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Thomas Parr and the truth.

In June 1635 an old man was mowing hay in the fields he owned near his cottage. It was a sun filled noon and on came the Lord Earl Marshal of England and his guards all on proud fine bred horse. The man cutting grass looked up as the commotion of hooves and hens in the farm yard took his attention. The old man had been the subject of a portrait painted by Rubens in around 1620. The Earl, having manors around that part of Shropshire had been so informed that Rubens subject was still alive and a farmer freeman in the hamlet of Winnigton near Alderbury Shropshire England. The Earl Marshal  made the diversion to find this man.

9d8c172c6414707c7a2204cde26b2b34Thomas Howard Earl of Arundel


Out from his manly task in the fields Thomas Parr was called by his new daughter in law to attend to the visitors who seeked him.He was almost blind but Lucy Parr had married Thomas Parrs only son who had died  young. Thomas had asked her to stay on in the house having her own rooms. When Tom Parr had heard what the Earl had to say he was not happy. You See this chap wanted Tom to leave his hay cutting in good weather to travel to the other ends on the world. London was that far to a man who had spent his whole long life in the same cottage and lands and had never gone beyond the town of Shrewsbury 14 miles away. Then over time he talked old Parr around. The King had wished to meet Tom Parr and in doing so would aid the Earl in pleasing the King in all matters. The titles of this Earl Marshal of England was Earl of Arundel and Earl of Surrey  also Lord of Norfolk. He was not to be put off by the chides of a simple farmer who had labored hard all his life

On leaving now the journey was being planed Arundel took to study and all church records he took to find the truth. Parr had been the subject of much interest when he was painted by the world famous Royal artist Rubens only owing to the fact he was aged 140 then. Now aged 152 The Earl had serious research to complete before he could risk introducing this man to his King and Queen in London. This King was not a  man to let down. King Charles the first was not a nice chap he believe he was sent from God to rule with Divine Right. We removed his head later in a bloody civil wars that ended with his death in Whitehall London January 1649.

030818-29-Tom-Parr-History-Medicine-242x300Thomas  Parr


However all was found to be true and Arundel had the birth record that was custom of the church of Rome to record a child at birth and so baptism and parents listed and had checked all with Rome and the Church of England.

Thomas was made ready to be passenger behind the horse in a low slung cart on the long roads to the big city. He was nearly blind and many came to see him, .touch him and try for souvenirs from his hair or his clothing. The guard that the Earl had placed with the procession was Brian Kelly who protected the old man as best he could but the mob pressed harder until Kelly fired his pistol in the air and which allowed a way through the crowds. This really shook old  Parr up.

They traveled from Shropshire over to Wem then to Sheffnal , both towns belonged to Arundel though he did not ride with them he gave his own staff and a joker called John to help relax the ancient man. We know they came through Birmingham and down to Coventry but here again the hoards of people who had heard the news flocked to see old Parr. Mobs came from all directions and Kelly as leader had so much to do to stop Parr being smothered under the mass of bodies crawling over each other to touch the venerable old man. It was said by the Stuart Chronicler that “The vulgar are so greedy to hearken to ,or gaze after novelties.”

Kelly provided us with a detailed report that still exists today in the Arundel papers of that period of history.

220px-King_Charles_I_after_original_by_van_DyckKing Charles the first.

When Tom Parr arrived in the Capital he must have been spell bound .The sights and stench of London was a far cry from the fresh air of the provinces.The Earl Marshal greeted him and housed him at his own expense in a boarding house in a crowded side street. With Lucy to look after him Parr was happy singing old songs of his youth.We are told that Lucy joined in with the bits she knew of his songs. By now it is likely that Tom Parr was truly blind. He slept for days and Lucy became concerned. The Earl was called for and a doctor was called to attend Parr. His verdict was the old man was exhausted and the foul air from the human waste in the streets had been the cause of his malady.

We know from Harveys examination of Tom Parr in death gave pneumonia as the cause of death. Harvey had just given the world the blood system and how it worked so we may be sure he knew what had killed this brave old chap.

This King could not be hurried and he kept poor Tom away for some 3 months at the Earls own cost.




Thomas Parr cottage, no longer there,  I have a stone from its walls.

The meeting , when it finally came had the haughty King ask Tom ,” You have lived far longer than any other man so what have you done more?”  Tom ably replied That he had married a girl when he was 80 and had to do church punishment in a white winding sheet asking pardon of all the congregation outside the village church. The king was horrified and quickly dismissed the old fellow. Though to Tom it was his best of life tale.

220px-Thomas_Parr_from_NPG Rubens painting of Thomas Parr.

Parr had married at age 80 a 24 year old Katherine Milton. from this union they had two children but both died young.It was recorded a love match.

After meeting with king Charles old Tom had been carried back in fear of his life . he died in the night with Lucy at his side and Arundel  apologized to him .In fact The good Earl had as good as signed the old mans death warrant by putting him through all of this and then to be fobbed off by the King he had come to see.

Some historians today say that Parr was only 100 as some mix up with the family records and he may have been using his grandfathers papers from 1483?  I say a man such as the educated Earl Marshal of England risking all the impress his King would have indeed not risked a mistake. Thomas Parr had no such reason to lie and his memory of hearing the news that King Edward 1V had died takes this man back through the reign of King Charles to his father King James to Queen Elizabeth to Mary to Edward V1 to Henry V111 to Henry V11 to Richard 111 to the King Edward that Parr talked off as hearing the news that  the loved King had died.

We know that Hungarian herdsman lived to 145 with out ridicule or doubt. My poor relative lived from 1483 to 1635 and Arundel gave up his tomb space in Westminster Abbey to bury the old chap he had treated so badly as to bring him to London in the first place. It is clear it was his death by doing so.  No one can disprove that Tom Parr was 152 no more than they can say he lied. If Arundel said he was I believe he was correct and on top of that  paper exists, to my knowledge, that gives us even Parr grandfathers name never mind his birth date. a nation that instead of being happy we have the oldest man in the world as English born seem only happy to try to discredit him.They cannot but the way they do it is for fame for themselves but not one ever replies to my question, How do you know?  You can be sure I traced Arundel papers and read them well. Thomas Parr was the oldest recorded man in history if you discount Methusala .

HARVEY looks into Parr death.030818-28-Tom-Parr-History-Medicine-300x230



Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Sir Kevin Parr Bt.Sept  2018


The truth behind Rob RoyMacGregors legend.

History dictates a tale of the man called Robin Hood of Scotland. Sir Walter Scott magnified his life as that of a hounded saint crossed with a noble lovable rouge. Even Scotland seems to raise him high as hero. The movies did bring Rob roy to public eye again and made Liam Neeson the hero of the screen. The sad bits echoed as his dead kind poor wife was raped by a swords Master out for Robs head. Then the thief who robbed him and the fight if his life to finally win over the bastard swordsman in justice for having his wife Rob Roy brings down his great claymore sword and slices off the others shoulder through the neck.

images_015road through Glen Gyle.

Lovely film but entirely rubbish as Sir Walter Scott also made a hero of Rob Roy in that book of that name. in truth Rob Roy was able to talk people into joining him. A real smooth operator and able to con his way past troubles by confidence tricks so well no one knew he lied. Yes a charming man at times if he wanted something from you that is.

sir-walter-scott-17711832-scottish-260nw-239399674Sir Walter Scott. who wrote the book Rob Roy.

Born 1671 in Glen Gyle near Loch Katerine Sterlingshire Scotland  his father Pale Donald Mac Gregor was an English army Lieutenant Colonel under King Charles 11. Later he retired to farm cattle. Rob was born Raibert Ruadh McGregor of Clan Gregor.

Evidence has been found to show that Rob Roy was the best sword player in Scotland. Able to fight with a claymore of heavy iron for hours. He had tracking skills in the mountainous native area of he loved and could seek as well as hide better than any man. But then we discover he was also a good cattle rustler and a conman too. In 1715 he raced to join the forming army of loyal Jacobites .These men and often women had the idea to restore King James to the throne and rid us of the German king. This action was treason in law even if it was the best plan about. Rob Roy then reported all to the English King and was paid well in gold coin. He bought more land to farm cattle.His ploy was to be the humble peasant whom was being done down by the mighty powerful. Many felt sorry for him then he drew you in to be his helper in robbery making it justified by the tale of how they took it all off him. Eventually they did.




Loch katerine Scotlandimages_002

his loyal wife Mary had grown up near Rob Roys  lands and was his first cousin and also a MacGregor. She was not touched as the bladesman in the movie was fiction. no sex crime was done against her. True that in dealing with a loan from the Duke Robs aid vanished with the payment. The Duke of Montrose and gaming friends gave him no time to repay and so made him an outlaw thinking it was justice for the gold coinage the King had given Rob Roy for selling out so many lives.


Rob Roy made money by con and knew cattle and how to steal them but the rich nobles had claimed his land in court. He hit them hard in robbery and became an even greater confidence trickster in card play.

Rob died by natural cause and his grave is not known. His wife has a grave listed as hers and across the front it carries the message “MacGregor despite them all.” speaks volumes.

I say Robs grave is unknown as we know that his fathers grave is in Balqhidder Churchyard and so many think his son is buried alongside him. No proof is found to support that tale. Rob Roy died in his bed we do know that in 1734 aged 63.

sir Walter Scott was born in Edinburgh Scotland 1771 died at his home at Abbotsford in the Scottish borderland in 1832 bankrupt. So no way could both men have met as suggested by some.

images_017The statue of Rob Roy Macgregor. Nothing like the man himself as he is wearing the kilt which was but a Victorian invention of national dress by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria consort and husband. The true version wore the plaid cloth all around him in one piece like a blanket with a belt .It was the way it was draped that made it look good.


Many say Rob Roy was a lovable villain but in fact we now know he was a dangerous man in more ways than one.


Grave in churchyard but no sign of Rob Roy as it is his parents grave.He may be with them but its not recorded as so. with Campbell blood in his Gregor clan and from his mother he could charm the birds from off the trees. He could be buried any place in that area of mountains and lakes I do know so well as a walker in my youth all over the borderland between my native England and the Scottish foot hills. Abbotsford House I visited twice to see the Scott collected library.


Rob Roys wife Mary Mac Gregor and her lasting message.

Pity as I have read Scotts novel and finding otherwise was a bit heart breaking.Then should have known it as his father was English army through and through. Sad ending for the Jacobite cause that ended in a blood bath with the capture of the Earl of Derwentwater as he rested his men and horses in Bolton Lancashire on his way south to join the Rebel army. It went on and on until Prince Charles Edward Stuart made the worse mistake in history in 1745 marching through to Derby and leaving London open to greet him. Another real live mystery we may investigate later in time. However that cause died along with tired men against cannon and the German Kings English army at Colloden Moor near Inverness and the real Highlands. Prince Charlie vanished back to Rome.He died a total drunk.

I hope reading these facts you are not so disappointed as I was searching for the truth.

Yours faithfully and with love ,Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018.


The Vampire murder Case

In the month of May 1932 a murder took place that shocked the Swedish Police Force and although never solved it is one of the mystery cases that involve the Vampire legend as all the victims blood was drained using a soup ladle.

The remains of Lilly Lindstrom


In her flat in a block set in the area of Atlas in Stockholm Sweden the body of Lilly


Lindstrom was discovered by police on her bed face down naked. Her clothing neatly folded on a chair near her bed.

She was a divorcee aged 32 who had fallen into the sex trade as a known prostitute. Having missed her friend fellow prostitutes had phoned police who found that her door was locked and her death had occurred some 50 hours prior. what they found was shocking as a soup ladle still containing blood was on the floor near the bedside.Lilly lay face down drained of blood.  No trace of blood found any place other than of that ladle. It was a mystery that will not vanish as the case is famous and now cult kept to live on.


The bed she was found dead on in her tiny flat.

In Sweden Stockholm the area she lived in was near Sankt Eriksplan where today a police museum keeps the case on record. Then in 1932 no DNA so even though the body was licked by her killer who had had sex with the victim before killing her by many blows to the back of head nothing could be of any use those days.Also a used condom was found inside her rectum. The verdict today would have been totally proved as to the killers identity but back then he walked with today still a mystery as to how was the vampire (in mind) who killed her? The motive unknown only the victims blood tells a tale that has no ending. It seems Lilly had a nickname she was called THE Call GIRL, not because of her trade but as she had the only telephone in that block of many flats that she resided in. Seems many used that phone but none was her killer.

Vampires are legendary in certain countries it is believed that Vampires exist to this day graves are opened and wood stakes driven through the dead heart of once loved ones who are suspected of returning to drink the livings blood and make them in return Vampires.


When in  1897     English author Bram Stoker published his tale of Vampires at Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire UK He called his subject Count Dracula and the fear of attack by this evil spread all over England and only abated as the people became more educated owing to the School laws.

Hammer House of Horror was a TV show that thrilled us in the 1960s with actors fighting evil in English manor houses and villages all over England. Such talent as Oliver Reed started out here so to  Bates. Vampires abounded on movie themes such as Christopher Lee in The Devil Rides Out. Lee a secret Government Nazi catcher and agent until the age of 25. He took up acting. Tall and strong he lead all films he made. He was the man with the nerve of steal even in real life.

As to the end of case it is really still on investigation as her killer never seemed to be thirsty again as no other case of blood sucking came to the fore.

In researching this case I met an abrupt dead end so decided to search for facts on nay other similar case files existed. In this I talked with a medical gent over blood being intake by a human from a dead human. I was so informed that if performed as 8 pints ingested by the killer police would be looking for a dead man. As to do this blood drinking would certainly finish the killer off within hours of the act as it cannot be done medically, humanly with such an amount of live blood never mind the dead womans blood.

On this I offer only that the sale of blood may have paid the killer to sell for plasma so he may have drained her live and killed her properly later.  I do know that bodies in the Rhine river drained of blood led to people selling blood to doctors and hospitals in Germany in the 70s until law had to be changed.

Some evil humans will stop at nothing to make cash. Drugs now are the excuse used to take no action in law against the drugged thief. If you knowingly use drink or drugs and kill or steal you are still guilty,in my book, of a crime. Maybe hard but if you had suffered under this you may understand my feelings.

Vampire killings are not common but many cases exist of this sort. Here are listed a few real classic sad cases.

In 1609 Countess Elizabeth Bathony, a member of the Royal family of Hungary, was caught drinking the blood of her dead servant. Things became confused. She had caused the deaths of some 650 women in her life to then. All were servants to her and nearly all had water thrown at them and set to live out side of her mansion in deepest winter naked. It caused the deaths of may such women. She would then nibble of their bodies.

When she took a fancy to a noble lady who came to visit that game was up. Trying to rid herself of the copse she was caught red handed bathing in her blood. She was executed in 1609.

The case of the Vampire of Hanover.

Fritz Harrmaan  was perhaps the worlds first know serial killer.Between the years 1918-1924 he manged to murder 24 know people by biting through the neck ans drinking blood. he was caught in this act and executed in Gothingen Germany April 25th 1925 making world news. It is said that he thought himself a 700 year old Vampire. His head and heart cut out and now on show in that city museum. it seems he was believed.

Richard Chase. Life long fascination with blood brought him to kill on 6 counts of murder. Sacramento 1977 to end of 1978 Chase murdered, dismembered, and drank the blood of at least six known victims selected at random. .He took his own life in custody.

Josephine Smith in USA told a 69 year old homeless man that she was hungry for his blood and was going to eat him. She bit large holes in his face and arms before the man managed to effect escape his cries heard by passers buy had Smith found covered in his blood still chewing but had no recollection of what had happened when police arrested her. The man survived with lips gone face so badly eaten and arms in holes to the bone that amazed hospital surgeons.

We could go on with 40 more similar case files but enough here to show that so many believe them selves to be Nosferatu  was a 1922 classic horror movie about Vampires. It is something in the mind of the truly insane as it is merely voodoo . Vampire bats but not human Vampires just mentally disturbed killers beyond the help of mankind.

Vlad the Impaler was thought to be the first of a long line of vampires. Vald was the Royal Prince in Transalvannia in the middle ages.He was a warrior with evil intent as his blood lust brought him to lance his enemy and have his men balance the man on the lance point set in the ground supported by many other lances set into the body on top of  a tent on lances the blood running down like a shower he bathed in. His fame spread fast so no doubt his enemy kept well away. Ever since the county had cashed in with tourism and why not as morbid fascination with vampires and evil seem to lurk deep down in the mind of many if the film industry is anything to go by most of us are ready to watch a vampire movie. What then is it that so draws the people watch such rubbish? Promotion adverts or just something latent with in us to know the truth? From ancient cave man days our children are scared of the dark. It is the unknown that haunts us all . in caves primitive man was venerable to wild animal attacks so being scared in the dark had real meaning for them.


The hunter is out there sort of fear. It comes to us when young through some 40 million years of mans development and the Vampire only appeared in the 15th century in Eastern Europe. That fear of the unknown is what we face daily as life involves us in a test. We are only human and so are still growing in knowledge but this is a slow progress on a sharp learning curve. So Vampires are the built up fear perhaps we invent to feed that desire to be punished. The Church tells us that we are tempted by the Devil but to me man is his  own devil. Church is but an empty building at night. God is within mankind made in his likeness then if so the mind is the battleground between God and his devils .is this the root cause of madness in mankind.?  Could it be why such people come out as killers to be vampires and so the mind is disturbed twisted and deformed out of shape that gives us these facts that are the base level of mankinds evil. Vampires are not in the darkness not in the daylight they are shadows hiding in the mind of some more than in others. Like the fear of falling the fear of darkness and all the fears of childhood none are in fact real in daylight. So fear is fear not truth. It is rust upon the blade we are.

Hope you can see my point and thank you for your replies.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2018.

Who wrote Shakespeare?

Well! yes doubt was always in my mind as how a boy with no education never attended any school on record in his own town of Stratford upon the Avon river in deepest Midland England. We know he was a trouble maker recorded as one with two other boys stealing from the local big wigs garden soft fruits. He was at best a butchers boy but even doubt full he was part of that family. He ran to London with nothing and started out cleaning out stables for an in inn nearby the  Swan theater. After that no record of what this boy did. I will not speculate as how he arrived as actor but we can guess.

free-shakespeare-courses Shakespeare painted from simple sketch centuries later. i believe this is of the younger son of Southampton but again confusion lurks even over this portrait of Shakespeare.


A group of novice actors made good and good enough to go before the Queen to perform a best play given to them by a patron called Earl of Southampton . The actors chose the name the Kings Men for future performances of their trade.

We move on to Southampton  who as a noble was friendly and part related to Edward De Vere who as the Earl of Oxford had connections to the throne. Indeed he had as a youth carried part of the canopy over Elizabeth as new Queen of England at her coronation. He now at 20 was a dashing blade and the Queens ambassador to Italy.

In fact in Oxfords short carrier he was ambassador to England in six European countries. All of them mentioned in the plays.  The story legend of Romeo and Juliet under more Italian names goes far back to 12th century in story form. Oxford was present In Verona as guest to a rich Merchant who wanted trade with London. Carlo Persitino we know him as. This play unfolded it was Oxfords wish to write it up later as a play for his cousins Kings men to perform. It was Oxford who changed the end to tragic death when he came up with the title we all know as Romeo and Juliet.

Back home in London the Earl of Southhampton presented his men as patron the un named play to perform. As no woman was allowed on stage back then only men acted as women but never the less that play was an instant victory for the Kings Mens .

People started to ask who wrote the plays performed on after the other as hits for the pubic pleasure. Southampton could hardly say his cousin Oxford was the author. Then it was not done as a noble to be involved with actors or write books or play for the common people. In fact if caught a few years in the tower might stop you writing anything. It was seen as a base profession by all.


Edward De Vere 17th Earl of Oxford who wrote all the Shakespeare plays himself

In the places visited by Oxford in his duties the castle of Elsinor in Demark he was lodged and wrote that play Hamlet on hearing on the blood feud of long ago between a fathers brother and his Princely nephew.

The only play we know he most truly penned as proof showed it caused a scene. It was later the play performed on the London stage in the name of William Shakespeare.

What happened ,well! Edward De Vere Earl of Oxford died young. I believe the Kings Men had been informed by their patron the Earl of Southampton of the fact someone must take credit for the plays and sonnets in Southamptons  keeping. Did Oxfords goods after death go to his family and so his cousin had the plays out of fear by Oxfords own family that reprisals may follow then after the funeral? Both Earls had lived as boys with Elizabeth I own minister Cecil as orphan both of them after each fathers death.

images_025 Shakespeare from the time he lived or just after it. Or is it???


The company of actors may have seen high tax demands so gave the lowest man the job of being  a play write.

Wriothesley-8Henry Wriothesley pronounced Risly ,3rd Earl of Southampton born 6th October 1573 died in Netherlands 10th November 1624. Buried with his sons in Essex England. it was he who was patron to the arts.

If  this is what happened and I do think it did then it explains all.

If today ,this day, look at the only signature of William Shakespeare known to us one can see it is not the hand of  an educated man but a flow and stop scrawl. Almost like a childs attempt at cursive writing.


Stratford upon Avon today 2018. so many of these 600 hundred year old homes have survived war and strife and stand as proud in many towns and villages all over the country. England was a garden in my youth.


If Southampton handled the office side for his Kings men it again will explain how Shakespeare went home to buy a farm as a rich man. If he had have been that cleaver he would have bought a nobles estate but then was it his patron who advised so he had income after leaving the actors group.

An actor I really like called Derek Jacoby suggested this on radio interview many years ago and I felt honored he mentioned it. It was my school hood  dream to prove this case then on he came to re enforce my dream as truth. it always astounded me that a man who had never left England could have described the Castle of Elsinor interior without ever leaving his seat.. Then I started digging into records my love of it taking over my head until I found it. De Vere was in all places that the plays are set. It is beyond any doubt that De Vere wrote them all. He was know for the sonnets he wrote even in his youth.Sadly none of these remain. After his early death those plays found a way into an actors hands. I leave you to think this out . May be you believe Will Shakeshaft ( Shakespeare did write the plays? I am certain he did not. Today the group whom I support all think its right that Oxford wrote all of what is listed as Shakespeare.




Thank you for being with me on this search.The findings may alter history but the truth must come out eventually as some as of me do see my point.  May be I am not the first to come to this decision may not be the last but when aged 12 I saw it as so not one historian would admit I was right. Times have changed and before long all the world will know Will Shakespeare that boy from Stratford who went back to Stratford to farm and die was a lucky man indeed. May all glories now be seen as Edward de Vere who wrote every word of every play and sonnet and gave them all away to providence and another mans name. Maybe why no one wish to paint his portrait then. For what we have in large folder none of then are of the same man. The one genuine painting be believe was done in life is the black and white sketch like painting in the mid section of this article. Then even that may not be so .No one can agree as to who Shakespeare even was. Many say that De Vere was broke and sold the plays to his own company of players that included Shakespeare. I have even been told that De Vere was a cruel man but no place have I found him so to be. I think he died aged 54 so he was alive when the big plays went on stage. Then how could he have said anything as the plays are so political with facts of events even then if we include such as the Tempest. This play was all about a know Government ship wreck that took place less than 5 years before this play came to focus on the London stages. Richard the third was a pack of lies just to please the then Queen Bess who was the granddaughter of the victor of Bosworth King Henry Tudor. Some of the plays really hit the bone with a sledge hammer. it was a risky business performing plays that were so pointed at certain know figures. De Vere would have been jailed later by King James 1 As in truth he had sat on the committee and voted for the execution of King James mother Mary Queen of Scots.

If crucked legged Jim  had know this and the fact that this was also the man who had penned MacBeth De vere would not have survived the meeting.  De Vere was happy it seems that Shakespeare ruled the stage. We know that De Vere wrote sonnets but none survive to say more. Lots of young university graduates such as De Vere and Southampton had indeed written poems and sonnets but as long as no books or plays no one bothered to buy them Unless of course published.

This is how both nobles who had lived with Lord Burley as children owing to the death of families came to love the arts. Burley of course was Cecil the wisdom behind the throne as Elizabeths chief minister. If those who say Shakespeare wrote his own plays on that plays new performed after De Veres death. Then how many did Oxford give his actors. To me if he gave all of his works then he may be dead plays of Oxfords could have gone on for many performances after. it is interesting that Shakespeare vanished back to Stratford on Avon not long after De Vere died ir seems but hard it is to locate his departure from the stage. Only that he appears  as farmer in the census two years as a profitable Gentleman farmer in Stratford area. One must say to make profit on farming is a life times job so how long was he there before he was caused to be counted? If that came be established we can see just how long he survived after the Earls demise.

Yours Sir Kevin Parr 14th Baronet.

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