The great Latvian bank fraud

In year late 1990s Parex bank led the way for investors.The Government placed the national pension fund into this high street bank. Suddenly bank started loans to Russian business men.

As Russia was under sanctions it was illegal to get involved. A man who came from America to help run this bank detected a scandal and started the ball rolling by advising client account holders to bank else where. He was then pulled from his bed at home and deported to Spain with nothing in his pocket. House lost all his goods and car lost to him .Warned by Russian Mafia to lie low and dumped from the plane.

Government involved as back collapsed with all pensions and peoples savings declared bankrupt. Cash vanished into oligarth pockets and Russian Latvian members of finance. People in public in year 2000 lost all they had .

Government did nothing now pay just 100 euro a month to pensioners in the main. As pensions fund vanished in bank fraud.

Parex bank was over and the whistle blower has now written a book about the worse bank fraud in history Its an E book also. His name is john Christmas and I know him . Many big names in riches in Riga benefited from the crime and may be this book is over due with justice .Never the less if you like a good fraud crime with who dun it, read this book .KGB BANKER. Promises to be the book of the age and a best read certainty. John Christmas said 2billion euro of public accounts went into pockets of just two Russian billionaires. Also Latvian Government is in hands of Putin yet get away with EU membership . He said it is a European problem stopped and covered by Hilary Clinton support of the Government that got away with all. Is it a wonder that some 20000o Latvians left to live in Britain and America. Leaving only one million population existing in Latvia.

You see Latvia was EU at time and still is but Moscow still has hold of Latvian reins and yet EU say nothing just hand out huge grants that also vanish as roads in Latvia come into grant as Europes worse biblical sand pits so were do the grants go for roads? John has many papers and facts on what went on but is it still going on today? One can only say nothing is out of the question if politics is your game which thankfully not mine . Read the book and see that even the fiddle over Icelandic bank is linked to this story .I leave the two writers of KGB BANKER to tell you the full story which is all the facts and will make panic over what can go wrong . watchable movie it will make soon. Thankfully none of it affects me directly and all English living here say same . Live goes on. The big overall problem of fraud affects all of us in some way or other as cost of living rises owing to it. I say read Johns book he is co writer of this whistleblowing amazing report .In this full proof of what was covered up and how it was done,but more amazing is who is at the top

amazon ebooks. gp/product/1620066696. KGB banker

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Children and poetry

Rub a dub rub and 3 men in a tub. Yes you may recall it in childhood as a rhyme chanted in play. Yet its not all it seems as innocent .As with so many remembered nursery rhymes hidden details and meanings exist.

In fact this rhyme began circulation in 14th century England. It was exposure of sorts by broad sheet city reporters at Spitalfields fair in London suburbs.

It began as three naked maids in a tub relaxing .This a site for paying customers to witness. When the Butcher and his two friends baker and candlemaker decided to jump in and join the naked girls and playing with their own privates in public before being removed by show owners.

So somewhere in that audience sat a reporter who gave us rub a dub rub ,relating to the mens fondling of both own privates and girls bare breasts this poem first saw light as degrading actions of three trades men of the city guild. It made good headlines on many broad sheets published and sold around that part of the city.It did not take long to travel all over London.

When a book was published in 18th century all rhymes were added as chant type children poems. This was to be copied by many generations down to today. So three maids in tub,a fair ground act to bring in men to pay to watch girls naked in play on a dish type bed or a large wooden bucket depending which part of London that fairs went. This intervention by local tradesman over heated in summer heat and sexual desire decided to take part with the ladies would have perhaps gone un noticed by time as a sub event.If not for a man who saw it and saw cash reward for the story of 3 dignities in an act of sexual frustration .It my have passed our attention if not for the way report hit the news. Rub a dub dub 3 maids in a tub became 3 men in tub for Victorian children writers who had not a clue what it meant .

I was told as child it related to Victoria Falls barrel with woman in it. Went over fall in record attempt. This event really took place and the woman survived which is amazing. But it has no foundation in this poem. Researching it last summer led to the 1389 record of the report before court of public exposure of three local tradesmen and the fair ground sex scandal charge. Cross checked to broadsheet public records made it all clear to the origin on this nursery rhyme told to millions of children through out time as just a poem .What perhaps made this work as Edward Lear and his nonsense poems that did not need an explanation .So no one since ever questioned it. Then I as a child wanted answers for everything and still do in fact. Makes for a lively mind and the need to know everything . Can be a bit excessive really but its me.

Research finds truth not talk by historians copying pages from someone else who stole it from another book .Over time history fades into common chatter and becomes another story told.

All historians are guilty of it at some point as research will not pay the bills .One of the few who research fully is Alison Wear and I read all her works willingly but always recheck all details I have not record of.

God bless all.

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Garden build, part three

It was a cool day and borders to dig over,manure and plant up next day .Exciting really as now feel its gardening rather than all the hard structure I had to build in to field. Really hedges had been eaten by herd of white tailed deer. So badly over half died soon after. So much cost gone down drain. It was facing up to living in the wilds of countryside of such beauty that forced me to buy tall fencing. When one saw the cost it was daunting but bought posts first and used my digger man to press 3 m tall tanalised posts into the ground all around as far as could go with a JCB.

So on again I went with job in progress. Borders either side of main gates planted up each side with seed grown and bought potted plants . Laying them out remembering heights and spreads held me up but sun was strong and I enjoyed the challenge knowing if any mistake could replant in Autumn . That is the thing with gardens very forgiving with care I find.

As promised the rose and clematis arches that run to gates into garden build at top end of land. On left is a garden fountain into a raised stone pool fed by a tall stone Roman lady with a bowl as water fall. Lawns and apple trees and rose arch at door of home. On right greenhousing and test beds for crossing plants. Also beyond is acre kitchen gardens .I made all the arches from metal poles and bent same length of water pipe into curves and set ends into tops of post. Drill and screw each one once set at same height . Saved a lot of cash on this project .For now we will just deal with new build gardens as working all time on them.

The summer of 2019 came in and out faster than one could keep up pace . I saw my design laid out and planting up was enjoyed in the main. The heat of July was beyond all expectation as 102f is too hot to do much in a garden build . My digger man who had been with us since we did sewerage plant for house and leveled the land for me had decided to rest up. I too had that in mind but the gardens still called me.

I selected stones for drystone wall build of rockery on banks now made each side of path for bridge over hand dug out formal pond for my waterlily spread. Now overgrown in frog pond lady fountain in house lawn garden .I promised to give her more room when I could. This 30 foot long 5 feet wide and deep pond when rubber lined will be her joy and mine to see her happy in flower. Funny really as plants seem to flower best if they think they are dying . Best blooms come from reproduction wish. The fine line in gardeners mind is to take middle road to please that plant with out over doing care.

The next blog we talk on garden kitchen idea of walling around rear of folly to create another room for guest entertainment .This brings the gardens in to serious play and so have to earn their keep as heaven on earth delight. It all must fall on my head to make it so. Quarter of an acre is the size of this layout . From jungle to garden rooms seems big enough for this man. Addition to rest of acreage but the main event it must be when complete.

Country cottage garden finished

Bit by bit and over as many years as it took my gardens are developing into art and craft garden rooms off wide paths and interlocking where they touch. Gates arches doors all make it feel like an old manor house set of Edwardian gardens around a summer house folly house room .

This I think may be the last blog on Gardens build this year owing to lack of photos . Next summer I will be happy to show you how it all finished up and closer look at plantings . I hope you have liked my garden blog .Next week amazing history facts returns .

Thank you ,Sir Kevin.

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The winter had thankfully parted from earth like a retreating white army over the affray . The sun hung low across the treeline but soon Spring had ventured forth and hope sprang eternal inside me burning to proceed with plans.

Many jobs to do but then help came all at once to raise the roof onto the folly summer house timber frame.

It went on and off withing six weeks .One metal roof man after another came and left as not enough profit or cant slope metal like that. I was becoming upset with delays . Latvia is not the place for click click it fits .Rather slow and stop is the noticed pace and no click at all. Over two summers this went on. So eventually gave in and had roof done with straight sides if coned not flair.So how did those Chinese chaps build their rooves one had to wonder on?

I then sealed the wood and planked it with both windows in place. Ready to paint a colour on to the room exteriors. This was not to happen as weather became so very hot no one wanted to work. The shirt stuck to my back just standing in the cool. 112 f dry as bone day after day until storm arrived and broke the hold for a week almost .In that time I had dug in roses and lavenders I had grown from seeds .Hidcote lavenders I found do rather well here rest not at all other that tall old English if cut right down in late Autumn starts again in season Hidcote just needs a good trim .

I had ordered the last gate from blacksmith friend and today concreted it in down the field to wonder of all who did not have my plan in their heads. To me it was the site marker for end of rose garden. Doubt you could see it either.

With this gate in place I had the plan all happily ongoing of right of it English rose garden .Behind it a Pergola and a space for a pond in woodland glade besides it. In front a wide path down to border end and three more invisible gardens to build. Vision was in my mind but no one else had a single clue what I was going on about .I worked alone and one room after another came into birth as my baby project became less daunting even to me. The mown grass behind that gate you can see was pergola site in my mind easy to spot and imagine. Then the plan was mine so just did what came next. Lot of hard work .Then if something is worth doing it has to be conquered. Or give up and forget it. I came to this wall and chose to continue. I was 68 now and had built a home here. So onward it was.

I had spent many good days each year all my life visiting gardens all over Europe .In Italy I had seen the grand vistas and marble fountains but my love turned out to be Hidcote in England. In a way my dream of walled garden rooms stems from six visits as a child and youth to Hidcote and Sissinghurst which is almost a copy of Hidcote really but with out the tall hedges .Then parts are not as Hidcote at all.

I have gardens nearer house made in second summer here 2013. Set in an old orchard water fountain pond and lawns. I had built a rose and clematis tunnel of arches as a limb rather than a back bone up the middle. This field or garth in Cumbria was a jungle we kept arms length of . So with deep emotion and big breath I set in to mow and no more to do with it. It was somewhere between point one and half way in middle of field that suddenly I saw what could be if only I had the will. May be this land spoke to my soul but I dreamed a dream of paradise and Hidcote all in one.The result is this gardens in the making

Where old meets new at point as seen old gardens come almost to gates of sunset . The peacock tail design in metal I think works well both sides of gates but from here when the sun comes to set burning orange is this part and right down the rose tunnel behind it out of view until next blog

Thank you for being with me here. Happy thoughts and God be with you my friends.

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My garden build.2014 ongoing

This was two weeks into claiming a pasture wild into an English set of gardens in a foreign corner of the world called Latvia.Well foreign to me at that time. I had finished the inside of house and summer came hot and cloudless and one having spent all winter inside working I needed a break.

The field about third an acre ,flat looking to the eye but after close observation proved to show a slope down to the farm fields beyond the border. I just had to start and mow and see the lay of the land.

I had made the garden in front of house with rose tunnel across the established orchard of apple trees. Connected through gap in hedge to the gates I had planed in mind to this field.

The sun burnt any exposed part at 100f the day I started in full steam to get on with the job. Sad looked the site, over every inch brash ,tree saplings ,thistles and grasses 5 feet tall. A marron grass heaven with deer sleeping area in centre.

It took ages ,weeks in fact, inch by inch; mow. dig and pulling out roots in sun that burned my neck, hands and places I never knew sun could reach .

It was a fight for six days then in with blades to chop it down to roots. Mark and remove with spade and barrow it away to side. Stones too. Idea for waterfall in future. Five weeks later new grass ready to spike roll, spiked again and raked over came through bright green all over the field. On my own had worked it hard and saw for first time what would be a lawn in time from a cow field untouched by hand in perhaps 1000 years.

I was 64 and had made a few gardens in my life but never had to battle a wilderness. Time came to mark out borders .I saw after removing turf about inch deep that weed roots ran deeper and so the summer long dig of first three borders brought up sand, clay and boulders as big as footballs or wheelbarrow. for just one big one. I set these rocks to one side . Stone on ground wheelbarrow drop to ground on edge..Stakes of timber hammered behind stone. Roll the stone onto the inside edge of barrow and take hold of stakes and remove. Grab handles and with all my might lift to level with stone inside barrow now . In this fashion i lifted boulders of rare proportions each day. The Japanese waterfall garden came to my mind then some four years before ever it came to be as so many stones it made sense to use them.

I dug two spades deep the three plots and that was summer over . It was a start in right direction. Covered the plots over with black plastic and car wheels and tyres and left them to help kill weeds. The one piece of structure I concreted in was the postern gate. I knew why and where it should be but all else thought it silly. Postern is the back wall of a city like York and Rome and its the last gate out into safety in attack. Rear wall gate .Days of curfew in raids centuries past Postern gate was your last hope of escape. Hope that helps.

The day after plastic went on in November 2014 I planted the outside of field with Thuja Green Emerald young trees .You can see the line I first planted as hedge. Plus postern gate in photo. We built the brick columns to hold gates at entrance . I designed and made by Artis my blacksmith welder friend from next door. Peacock male tail is the design I drew as fan to decorate the two gates as one design.

At this time this was all I had managed to achieve. Then winter again. What I saw looking back was nothing like a garden for all the work given to it. I had only one wish and that was to continue . I had lined it all up to have sunset on the gates turning the whole picture blazing orange from gates down the rose arches tunnel in main garden to house . For some moments in July and for a period of 3 days sun hits this spot right on and golden fire light dazzles the eyes of beholders as sun sets. I planed it exact and thanked God for it. Little things like this make it all so worth while to me .

Winter had been long and hard minus 30c for almost all of month of February killing many of my roses from England . Mainly David Austin brand . One rose that stood up in total defiance was and is Debbs Delight from Bill Degrice nursery in Norfolk . This and yellow Absolutely Fabulous rose bush were all that survived of 56 roses I shipped here with me.

It was really hard to carry on here gardening of the edge. Then Spring turned into glorious summer lasting each day the same all season hot growing hotter at noon and climbing up to 8pm at 1o2f .The brain addled under straw hat and sweat but carried on until water ran out. All wells dry as bones. We all bought water in containers but plants we had to cart water in back of car in barrels from a pump some miles down the lanes after working each day followed the families around farming county to water pump in fields.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen came to mind as sun melted and bubbled paint on car bonnets. It seemed never ending watering plants that summer. But did achieve much even so. The garden folly frame went up in two days but the roof took four years to find a man to do it. Even then could not make Chinese style had to settle for what I could have.

You can see the timber frame of folly summer house through the gates and the first few plants in the well dug over soil. Heavily manured with farm yard midden muck some five years in the making. 50 euro a tractor trailer load .A few loads to make this garden sit up straight I used.

The bricks came from Munhousen home barn. That famous German Baron who made many a good story of impossible events seem real. His house is less than a mile as crow flies from this garden of mine. I hope those intending to make a garden draw some ideas from my work. I do not wish you the roots to hell and Aussie land as on here I faced .This land has been farm pasture perhaps since man first came to live here . A field it was. In fact only that it was flat I wanted to mow it down and from then the idea came to mind to create a garden to use what land is here . Maybe gardeners just have to garden as someone said once to me about Percy Thrower a long time garden guru on British TV .

Well my dears this is end of part one. Many more tales of garden build each Saturday to bring you up to date. Now and Again even show you it in years ahead of now as its evolving faster as it establishes each week .

I do so hope you would like to know more of this blog . A gardens in the making an historic event for years to come one hopes .Yours with love to you all, Sir Kevin

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The day was still young. The rider fast sped over the bracken moor. The great doors of Windsor Castle tight oak and closed .He galloped on through the glade as daylight broke across the land he reached his aimed destination. White with foam his steed breathed hard .Vapour ran from its gasping mouth as the bit lay cold across its cheeks. The news for the Puritan Government was not good. The rider ran up to the chamber shaking with news of Prince across the sea child birth .

The rider remained mounted and banged at the latch to name himself as Warwick . The chains rattled as the door spun back and over the cobbled court yard the Lord Warwick sped to slide out of is high backed saddle to run as the wind into the castle leaving his faithful mount shaking with sweat .He had no time to care just signaled to grooms to sort it out as he vanished into the room behind that last door in the wall.

England Sough 7th April 1649. King Charles first had been executed as a traitor to his own subjects in January and now news of the dead Kings son and his mistress Lucy Walters had now a child accepted as Prince Charles son .

He was made Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch same day as he was born. Many titles followed but the beautiful child was instantly loved by both parents in exile.

Rotterdam 6th April the child was born .Lucy had escaped with her lover the young Prince Charles. The feeling after the Civil wars the Princes father as King had caused cost dear England greatly.

Bringing in Irish and German troops to fight and kill his own people shocked the world but England had formed its own army under Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell a political man who had found he had leadership and military skill in his makeup had helped train common field workers into soldiers.

Result in short was Cromwell had promise from King that war would stop and he would conform. But this was just buying time .War commenced again .Cromwell lost a son in battle and so built up a winning charge against Royal army at Neasby in 1645 and here won the war outright . Charles was captured and tried as a traitor in fast style he was lead out next day in front of crowds and his head parted from his body .Cromwell was talked into leader and became Englands Lord Protector soon after .He denied Kings crown they all wanted to give me as he was Gods servant in his mind. He workd every hour God sent running the county. He gave us a Mercantile Navy and started trade with the world. In truth it was he who gave us a trade Empire really .

The news of the Royal birth in exile had mixed reception in England. Many hated Royalty after loosing family members in Civil wars a country divided by the sword ,to the Kings wishes .No one wanted Royalty back. Then the tide turned when many Lords returned from exile on Cromwells death in 1650.

The great estates now taken back from Cromwells men. The Aristocrat was back in charge and of course brought back Prince Charles as our King. He was by now a tall thin man with dignity and grace which was rare for his class. He was also handsome and a ladies man .He had been almost starved of food being guest to his cousin the French Kings charity over so many years of feeding half of England in exile. With Charles in France he had grown rather tired of spending out and nothing coming back .

So now as King of England Charles rose to fame as a gamer and lover of women .His son Monmouth was more serious but Charles was careful not to upset as he had knowledge first hand of what Kings had to do in order to survive in Britain

Monmouth had supporters that convinced the lad that he was next in line as King . Charles had promised Monmouth Kingship, then named his own stupid brother James as his heir . Monmouth saw no way out but battle and take over as his right his place in line to throne. He and his friends never really got to build an army but meet face to face a turn coat who had supported Monmouth whos father had died and Queen Ann had taken over as King James, a Catholic had made a mess of being King and had fled. John Churchill was that named head of army by Queen Ann .

The battle commenced and in no time at all went into rout and ran from death . Churchill won fame and fortune and recaptured all who had rebelled . Monmouth was executed and so to his friends. Churchill went of to fight Dutch wars and won all and was decorated by Queen Ann who granted Johns wife a dream, a mighty house called Belhiem Palace in Oxfordshire .John hated it and his wife loved it.

Young Winston Spencer Churchill was born in this palace centuries later.

It is perhaps better to lament Monmouth than to accuse him. A misguided youth and a cheating father . The King was easily summed up by John Wilmot Charles heavy drinking friend .

“Here lies a mighty King whos promise non relied upon. He never did a foolish thing nor did he ever do a wise one. ” He said this in company to the Kings face . He said it is your epitaph my Lord King .Charles burst out laughing and agreed it suited him well .

Hope all is well with the world as life is but a short and dangerous plot for the many who see it as greed . Be good be honest and clean and keep your powder dry . God be with us all my friends .

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The Newstead grave

As a youth with my first motorcar many places came available to me. On one such venture I landed in the county of Nottingham shire .

The sun was high the pathway wide and there before me was the ruins of a great house. The poet Byron had lived here and there against the treeline on the main lawns stood the marble pot on top of a stone column.

In this pot ,urn more of it , is the dust of the young Byrons best friend .

The midday sun was hot and the ruins looked almost haunting as a mirage before me. I walked freely over gravel path to view the scripted poem on the face side to lawn. A great white panel inserted in cold stone tell the story of Botswain Lord Byrons only known real friend . A Newfoundland dog .

I stood reading the greatness of his words .The home he knew behind it in mostly ruins like Lord Byrons life in fact. On coming to the last sentence I suddenly felt the pain of the writer; as Byron loved a Newfoundland dog with all his heart his only close friend in life.

A sadness fell over me as now I knew his mind some what better.” Mad bad and Dangerous to know “.The words of Lady Caroline Lamb .A very married woman who desired Byron so much she made an absolute fool of both her self and her poor husband as Byron had no feelings for her but took delight in having sex with her .

He was not a man of graces he was a mind of words and sentence. She presented herself and what could he do but oblige her. He was a little mad Im sure as mad Sir John Byron his own father was off his trolley with drink. .

Byron not as obvious but it was there deep seated inside him no doubt. A trace of madness in some of his ways showed through .

He died and wanted in will to be buried in Westminster Abbey but he had managed to upset so many in power that wish was denied .

He was placed in rest on top of his mothers coffin in the crypt of Hucknell Parish Church near Nottingham city. Today it stands with photos of the inside vault on its walls .Not Byrons body as one hoped would make the real event. The photo was taken when the tomb was opened in 1960s . It show a coffin made of lead crushing the one below. When it was all rescued and put safe Byron was observed to be as he had died just that moment. Photos taken by Council records dept but not displayed in public in this church at all.

The Greeks embalmed Lord Byron .He had died on his ship at anchor in the Greek bay , of a chill after fighting to assist the Greek army in war. The Greeks loved him for his valour and perhaps his love of two way sex appealed.

His poems tells of a lost man a romantic to the end . His looks excited many a female and male as Byron made no difference between sexes he just took full advantage of both.

Is he to be missed? No not really; we would not have known him as a good man even today if he was with us . Then standing reading here the story of his hound one sees a glint of real human feeling towards Gods creatures .

I am related to Lord Byron I fear , through my first cousins the Gordon family.Lord Byron name was George Gordon .I was very close in youth to Elaine Gordon who was my best of friends .She had it that Byron was a waster as he lost in gamble his Newstead Abbey family home then set fire to it .

She had a point indeed . Still that line of his.” So we will go no more a roving so late unto the night . The sword outwears the sheaf as they soul wears out the breast so we go no more a roving and the heart itself must rest ” Cut it short but the good bits when first read as a child gave me goose pimples down the neck. Romantic his words but sick his mind not for study really but worth a mention

Yours Sir Kevin hope all is well with you all. Read my take on Byrons pal Shelley in another blog I wrote some time since .

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The Bridge. a talk on garden build

In recent designs of mine in garden build I have hand dug the formal pond ready to rubber line and back fill with water. 15 feet long 5 wide 3 deep . Water lily to divide is Comanche a 5feet x 4ft pinky red beauty of a flowering water plant. Overcrowded in the fibre pond 4feet across and 3 feet deep encircled by rocks covered in snow in summer plants. Water carrier lady statue is the fountain behind pond on lawn in front of house. I made this as self contained as water lilies hate disturbed surface water. Time now as it has started to grow upwards along the perimeter of pond.

I built up the new formal pound clay to make two banks one each side of path cut to pond. On this pockets of manured top soil and in these planted creeping Phlox and Italian mint creeper on other banking . Top soil heap to cart away to veg gardens and rest of clay to form banking on way to arch into pergola walk .

I looked at wood bridges and metal ornate and came up with own design as bowed arch bridge in metal. I involved the aid of Artis my black smith near by friend to make this for me as he can bend metal on machine he made for such. All ongoing I started to lay out path in grass lawn on last to be made garden room .

My thought is to plant up as a woodland setting. Trees and shrubs so different from that other rooms behind tall hedges eventually .

Fences all up and around this new set of gardens to stop deer using my work as a salad bar and to plant climber plants to make it private and help stop the sea winds in Spring and late Autumn . When hedges replaced grow this will be the final result of my work in sections called rooms as have walls of tall green hedges .Avenues and lanes outside to gain walks of interest and and access to each vista and rooms off the path .Some are linked others not so but are separate and connected to rest by wide floral borders and entrance gates.

Six gardens I have made .From early on The Dial garden .This is cottage garden planting around a circle with sundial in place and bench to sit and rest in peace.

Then across the mall Japanese garden . Waterfall and half moon pond in progress. Flowering cherry trees and weeping juniper .planting of Azalea and Hosta Empress Woo with stone lantern and fish in pound. Stepping stones and lots of moss and fern .My Hansa rose hedge is at long last dong well

The natural setting of a wild flower meadow runs behind both gardens.

The main avenue .This is wide path some 14 feet across with deep borders of Herbaceous plantings and trees. At end we look down on to arbor with pond and Mermaid fountain pours water from shell back into pond .The bower is covered with all summer flowering rambler roses behind her bronze figure .

Here is the cross road and London lamp post .One way is the gardens described. To right the long walk to postern gate. Off this Hydrangea lined walk is the English rose lawns garden. This holds old bush roses and lavenders with bluest cat mint and plantings of border edgings Rambling and climbing Canadian roses like John Davis and John Cabot to name but a few. Hardy down to minus 40c are treasured here and so hard to buy as rare and worthy Canada will not ship to Europe but will to Russia ? Talks volumes but this is not political blog so enough said.

Through the rose and clematis gazebo we have seating inside for rest. On through it on to path wide and hedged with statue on plinth in front looks like the end but as one progresses a bend in path takes you on to what im building today a bridge over water back into pergola . This will be woodland garden planting .Hedgehog home next to frog toad and lizard formal pond . Large rocks so lizards can sunbathe and over the arched bridge one passes through the arch of honeysuckles into the ambience of the tall wide tunnel covered in climbers like roses and Clematis and Wisteria blue moon . A grape vine also is tended to here. Back to postern gate and into avenue the English folly summer house and rest .

It is a fenced off half acre and with so many rooms and lanes makes for a nice place to party. My taverna dome wood oven is being made in Milan Italy for me for June next year. So then and only then will have a go at entertaining friends to open garden to them and have food hot and drinks cold in heat of June here.

May pay for music and have it a grand day al around. All gardens here not just my pet project, can be seen on that day as five acres of garden I built long before around house.

I hope to show more and talk more of garden build over next few blogs if you can bear with me. If you wish to know tell me please .I bog only for you my reader so direct me to what you want of me. Having written historic facts I turned and tried fiction and now garden talk. Having given you what I had freely in me what would you say for next blog to contain .

Many thanks for being with me on this.

God bless you all .Sir Kevin

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Lives before ?

I as a small child had friend called Kate who was my sister imagined. I used to talk with her often im told. I attended school and this faded away . I am not be nature a lonely person at all . I can live and have lived on my own for years after wifes death. So later in life and in an ancient land of Greece met a man who told me he knew that I had lived before in the distance past of 1512. I at first told him nothing of me. Before long he convinced me he had the sight on the past. It cost me nothing a talk over coffee in his shop. He named Kate as Kateryn who was trapped in my mind from that time.

He could not have know even my name yet he said she shared same surname even now? Not a imagined friend but the ghost of a family member followed me. I asked why ? He said only you will know that sir. Nothing made sense but I thanked him and never saw him again

I knew the impossible was the only true answer that indeed 1512 was the year Kate Parr was born In London England. Could it be so that I was her brother ?

I told no one as it seemed only my love of history may have confused me. Then I though at 4 years old to age of 7 I knew nothing of history as a subject . Could it be we have all lived before and life a circle?

I cant say as no real proof exists but that was to me proof of some sort.

Then the odds of being born into same family is rather far stretching things.

So I leave my readers with this thought. Have you any thoughts towards your own existence on earth and I dont mean ,”OH! I have walked through this street before I know it. ” It could just be the mind and eye blinking but cuts out the mind and in next blink you think been here before. I mean visions or ghosts or anything that could say I have lived before I know it. I would very much like to hear and read your version and experiences .

Thank you for reading this blog this week. Yours Sir K. God bless you all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 September.

Remember the 5th of November.

To know the true history of this saying may shock you. Read on if you want to know the facts. No im not wanting to ruin the night of fire and celebrations but as an historian it is of greater interest to know the truth of it.

We all know of the man Guy Falk ?Or do we? Born near York and ventured into Spanish war as private paid soldier he served in the army of Spain for many years after war .Known to his fellow troopers as Guido Fulks he earned both respect as an honest man and cash as a brave soldier.

He went back to England well off and meet up with a man he had served with. This chap led him to Lords of our realm who had it in for the German King that was so disliked and not trusted the they had decided he must be taken out. Guy now took a job guarding the fuel that had gone into a rented cellar in house next door to Parliament. Over time the dividing wall was taken down and kegs of gun powder taken under to parliament side of wall. Timbers and fire wood placed over the barrels and Guy took up his duties of watchman.

All went well until one of the plotters informed his relation to not attend the sitting of Parliament that evening . The man informed Cecil and as chief minster Cecil went to investigate .Finding Guy said to be smoking a pipe of tobac and with a lantern in hand said he was there only to keep an eye on firewood load. Cecil became suspicious by the pistol in Guys belt. He was arrested and the wood stack taken down to show five barrels of black gun powder and fuses.

Guy was tortured but had said he cared not about the Kings children in the rooms above he was there only to keep watch before the whole thing blew the King and his family to Kingdom come. He refused to give any names to Cecil even on the rack.

He was hanged and Cecil told the nation that a catholic plot to take over Britain and make us slaves had been foiled by him. He knew what he was doing and he knew that by backing the hated King people in fear of war would accept the King as good. It worked and Guy was dead . The scaffold was burned under the dead man hanging by the public. Cecil made the date a public paid holiday and said how close we came to danger . Remember remember the 5th of November as the duty of all .Gunpowder and plot of evil intent by Lords of this realm under pay of Spain .

It was all lies but Cecil had achieved what he had set out to do.All hatred for George Ludwig as our King had turned to loyalty by the peoples as such sympathy for his children being blow up hit the hearts of nation.

No one outside a bunch of rioters had had anything to do with the plot and Guy was not in pay of Spain to do it. He was paid only to watch the firewood from thieves. Because of Cecil and his lies some 24000 Scottish people suffered death in 1746 after another plot came into focus to set King James 11 back on the English Throne .Prince Charles Edward Stewart the ex Kings grandson came over from Rome and marched as far as Derby.

King George recalled the day of Guys execution and Parliament made sure the public remained loyal by same trick as Cecil had done years before. After the Prince vanished back to Rome George decided to send his army son Duke of Cumberland into Scotland to capture the rouge army and at Colloden. Murdered women and children and waited for the hunters to return to camp and butchered them. Cumberland had employed butcher boys eager to kill and carve up, into his ranks, as he moved north in to place.

After that over next 15 years Scottish peoples were cut down all over the country just because they may have been followers of the enemy ex King .It was destruction of a race of Scottish blood and evil but because of William Cecil son and his lies we accepted a German no body as our King and so this crime of all crimes was performed on so many innocent peoples in revenge only. If you have ever wondered why so many Scots in Canada and Australia then now you know. It was not just the sheep and landlords that pushed the Scots out of Scotland it was King George the first and his fat son Cumberland.

Cumberland sausage is named in part after him as fat and porky from the county that gave this Duke his titled name . So for me I never celebrate death on the 5th of November as Lord Cecil decreed I should as we may have been a better joined up nation if this had not been the case.

Hope this helps to explain how we the people are hood winked each and every day by the method of rule was employ. this is not me suggesting anything just relating fact.

Yours Sir K

copyright Kevin Parr Bt2021 Sept18th