The day was still young. The rider fast sped over the bracken moor. The great doors of Windsor Castle tight oak and closed .He galloped on through the glade as daylight broke across the land he reached his aimed destination. White with foam his steed breathed hard .Vapour ran from its gasping mouth as the bit lay cold across its cheeks. The news for the Puritan Government was not good. The rider ran up to the chamber shaking with news of Prince across the sea child birth .

The rider remained mounted and banged at the latch to name himself as Warwick . The chains rattled as the door spun back and over the cobbled court yard the Lord Warwick sped to slide out of is high backed saddle to run as the wind into the castle leaving his faithful mount shaking with sweat .He had no time to care just signaled to grooms to sort it out as he vanished into the room behind that last door in the wall.

England Sough 7th April 1649. King Charles first had been executed as a traitor to his own subjects in January and now news of the dead Kings son and his mistress Lucy Walters had now a child accepted as Prince Charles son .

He was made Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch same day as he was born. Many titles followed but the beautiful child was instantly loved by both parents in exile.

Rotterdam 6th April the child was born .Lucy had escaped with her lover the young Prince Charles. The feeling after the Civil wars the Princes father as King had caused cost dear England greatly.

Bringing in Irish and German troops to fight and kill his own people shocked the world but England had formed its own army under Lord Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell a political man who had found he had leadership and military skill in his makeup had helped train common field workers into soldiers.

Result in short was Cromwell had promise from King that war would stop and he would conform. But this was just buying time .War commenced again .Cromwell lost a son in battle and so built up a winning charge against Royal army at Neasby in 1645 and here won the war outright . Charles was captured and tried as a traitor in fast style he was lead out next day in front of crowds and his head parted from his body .Cromwell was talked into leader and became Englands Lord Protector soon after .He denied Kings crown they all wanted to give me as he was Gods servant in his mind. He workd every hour God sent running the county. He gave us a Mercantile Navy and started trade with the world. In truth it was he who gave us a trade Empire really .

The news of the Royal birth in exile had mixed reception in England. Many hated Royalty after loosing family members in Civil wars a country divided by the sword ,to the Kings wishes .No one wanted Royalty back. Then the tide turned when many Lords returned from exile on Cromwells death in 1650.

The great estates now taken back from Cromwells men. The Aristocrat was back in charge and of course brought back Prince Charles as our King. He was by now a tall thin man with dignity and grace which was rare for his class. He was also handsome and a ladies man .He had been almost starved of food being guest to his cousin the French Kings charity over so many years of feeding half of England in exile. With Charles in France he had grown rather tired of spending out and nothing coming back .

So now as King of England Charles rose to fame as a gamer and lover of women .His son Monmouth was more serious but Charles was careful not to upset as he had knowledge first hand of what Kings had to do in order to survive in Britain

Monmouth had supporters that convinced the lad that he was next in line as King . Charles had promised Monmouth Kingship, then named his own stupid brother James as his heir . Monmouth saw no way out but battle and take over as his right his place in line to throne. He and his friends never really got to build an army but meet face to face a turn coat who had supported Monmouth whos father had died and Queen Ann had taken over as King James, a Catholic had made a mess of being King and had fled. John Churchill was that named head of army by Queen Ann .

The battle commenced and in no time at all went into rout and ran from death . Churchill won fame and fortune and recaptured all who had rebelled . Monmouth was executed and so to his friends. Churchill went of to fight Dutch wars and won all and was decorated by Queen Ann who granted Johns wife a dream, a mighty house called Belhiem Palace in Oxfordshire .John hated it and his wife loved it.

Young Winston Spencer Churchill was born in this palace centuries later.

It is perhaps better to lament Monmouth than to accuse him. A misguided youth and a cheating father . The King was easily summed up by John Wilmot Charles heavy drinking friend .

“Here lies a mighty King whos promise non relied upon. He never did a foolish thing nor did he ever do a wise one. ” He said this in company to the Kings face . He said it is your epitaph my Lord King .Charles burst out laughing and agreed it suited him well .

Hope all is well with the world as life is but a short and dangerous plot for the many who see it as greed . Be good be honest and clean and keep your powder dry . God be with us all my friends .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Oct 2021

The Newstead grave

As a youth with my first motorcar many places came available to me. On one such venture I landed in the county of Nottingham shire .

The sun was high the pathway wide and there before me was the ruins of a great house. The poet Byron had lived here and there against the treeline on the main lawns stood the marble pot on top of a stone column.

In this pot ,urn more of it , is the dust of the young Byrons best friend .

The midday sun was hot and the ruins looked almost haunting as a mirage before me. I walked freely over gravel path to view the scripted poem on the face side to lawn. A great white panel inserted in cold stone tell the story of Botswain Lord Byrons only known real friend . A Newfoundland dog .

I stood reading the greatness of his words .The home he knew behind it in mostly ruins like Lord Byrons life in fact. On coming to the last sentence I suddenly felt the pain of the writer; as Byron loved a Newfoundland dog with all his heart his only close friend in life.

A sadness fell over me as now I knew his mind some what better.” Mad bad and Dangerous to know “.The words of Lady Caroline Lamb .A very married woman who desired Byron so much she made an absolute fool of both her self and her poor husband as Byron had no feelings for her but took delight in having sex with her .

He was not a man of graces he was a mind of words and sentence. She presented herself and what could he do but oblige her. He was a little mad Im sure as mad Sir John Byron his own father was off his trolley with drink. .

Byron not as obvious but it was there deep seated inside him no doubt. A trace of madness in some of his ways showed through .

He died and wanted in will to be buried in Westminster Abbey but he had managed to upset so many in power that wish was denied .

He was placed in rest on top of his mothers coffin in the crypt of Hucknell Parish Church near Nottingham city. Today it stands with photos of the inside vault on its walls .Not Byrons body as one hoped would make the real event. The photo was taken when the tomb was opened in 1960s . It show a coffin made of lead crushing the one below. When it was all rescued and put safe Byron was observed to be as he had died just that moment. Photos taken by Council records dept but not displayed in public in this church at all.

The Greeks embalmed Lord Byron .He had died on his ship at anchor in the Greek bay , of a chill after fighting to assist the Greek army in war. The Greeks loved him for his valour and perhaps his love of two way sex appealed.

His poems tells of a lost man a romantic to the end . His looks excited many a female and male as Byron made no difference between sexes he just took full advantage of both.

Is he to be missed? No not really; we would not have known him as a good man even today if he was with us . Then standing reading here the story of his hound one sees a glint of real human feeling towards Gods creatures .

I am related to Lord Byron I fear , through my first cousins the Gordon family.Lord Byron name was George Gordon .I was very close in youth to Elaine Gordon who was my best of friends .She had it that Byron was a waster as he lost in gamble his Newstead Abbey family home then set fire to it .

She had a point indeed . Still that line of his.” So we will go no more a roving so late unto the night . The sword outwears the sheaf as they soul wears out the breast so we go no more a roving and the heart itself must rest ” Cut it short but the good bits when first read as a child gave me goose pimples down the neck. Romantic his words but sick his mind not for study really but worth a mention

Yours Sir Kevin hope all is well with you all. Read my take on Byrons pal Shelley in another blog I wrote some time since .

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2021 0ct

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The Bridge. a talk on garden build

In recent designs of mine in garden build I have hand dug the formal pond ready to rubber line and back fill with water. 15 feet long 5 wide 3 deep . Water lily to divide is Comanche a 5feet x 4ft pinky red beauty of a flowering water plant. Overcrowded in the fibre pond 4feet across and 3 feet deep encircled by rocks covered in snow in summer plants. Water carrier lady statue is the fountain behind pond on lawn in front of house. I made this as self contained as water lilies hate disturbed surface water. Time now as it has started to grow upwards along the perimeter of pond.

I built up the new formal pound clay to make two banks one each side of path cut to pond. On this pockets of manured top soil and in these planted creeping Phlox and Italian mint creeper on other banking . Top soil heap to cart away to veg gardens and rest of clay to form banking on way to arch into pergola walk .

I looked at wood bridges and metal ornate and came up with own design as bowed arch bridge in metal. I involved the aid of Artis my black smith near by friend to make this for me as he can bend metal on machine he made for such. All ongoing I started to lay out path in grass lawn on last to be made garden room .

My thought is to plant up as a woodland setting. Trees and shrubs so different from that other rooms behind tall hedges eventually .

Fences all up and around this new set of gardens to stop deer using my work as a salad bar and to plant climber plants to make it private and help stop the sea winds in Spring and late Autumn . When hedges replaced grow this will be the final result of my work in sections called rooms as have walls of tall green hedges .Avenues and lanes outside to gain walks of interest and and access to each vista and rooms off the path .Some are linked others not so but are separate and connected to rest by wide floral borders and entrance gates.

Six gardens I have made .From early on The Dial garden .This is cottage garden planting around a circle with sundial in place and bench to sit and rest in peace.

Then across the mall Japanese garden . Waterfall and half moon pond in progress. Flowering cherry trees and weeping juniper .planting of Azalea and Hosta Empress Woo with stone lantern and fish in pound. Stepping stones and lots of moss and fern .My Hansa rose hedge is at long last dong well

The natural setting of a wild flower meadow runs behind both gardens.

The main avenue .This is wide path some 14 feet across with deep borders of Herbaceous plantings and trees. At end we look down on to arbor with pond and Mermaid fountain pours water from shell back into pond .The bower is covered with all summer flowering rambler roses behind her bronze figure .

Here is the cross road and London lamp post .One way is the gardens described. To right the long walk to postern gate. Off this Hydrangea lined walk is the English rose lawns garden. This holds old bush roses and lavenders with bluest cat mint and plantings of border edgings Rambling and climbing Canadian roses like John Davis and John Cabot to name but a few. Hardy down to minus 40c are treasured here and so hard to buy as rare and worthy Canada will not ship to Europe but will to Russia ? Talks volumes but this is not political blog so enough said.

Through the rose and clematis gazebo we have seating inside for rest. On through it on to path wide and hedged with statue on plinth in front looks like the end but as one progresses a bend in path takes you on to what im building today a bridge over water back into pergola . This will be woodland garden planting .Hedgehog home next to frog toad and lizard formal pond . Large rocks so lizards can sunbathe and over the arched bridge one passes through the arch of honeysuckles into the ambience of the tall wide tunnel covered in climbers like roses and Clematis and Wisteria blue moon . A grape vine also is tended to here. Back to postern gate and into avenue the English folly summer house and rest .

It is a fenced off half acre and with so many rooms and lanes makes for a nice place to party. My taverna dome wood oven is being made in Milan Italy for me for June next year. So then and only then will have a go at entertaining friends to open garden to them and have food hot and drinks cold in heat of June here.

May pay for music and have it a grand day al around. All gardens here not just my pet project, can be seen on that day as five acres of garden I built long before around house.

I hope to show more and talk more of garden build over next few blogs if you can bear with me. If you wish to know tell me please .I bog only for you my reader so direct me to what you want of me. Having written historic facts I turned and tried fiction and now garden talk. Having given you what I had freely in me what would you say for next blog to contain .

Many thanks for being with me on this.

God bless you all .Sir Kevin

copyright Kevin Parr Bt2021 October

Lives before ?

I as a small child had friend called Kate who was my sister imagined. I used to talk with her often im told. I attended school and this faded away . I am not be nature a lonely person at all . I can live and have lived on my own for years after wifes death. So later in life and in an ancient land of Greece met a man who told me he knew that I had lived before in the distance past of 1512. I at first told him nothing of me. Before long he convinced me he had the sight on the past. It cost me nothing a talk over coffee in his shop. He named Kate as Kateryn who was trapped in my mind from that time.

He could not have know even my name yet he said she shared same surname even now? Not a imagined friend but the ghost of a family member followed me. I asked why ? He said only you will know that sir. Nothing made sense but I thanked him and never saw him again

I knew the impossible was the only true answer that indeed 1512 was the year Kate Parr was born In London England. Could it be so that I was her brother ?

I told no one as it seemed only my love of history may have confused me. Then I though at 4 years old to age of 7 I knew nothing of history as a subject . Could it be we have all lived before and life a circle?

I cant say as no real proof exists but that was to me proof of some sort.

Then the odds of being born into same family is rather far stretching things.

So I leave my readers with this thought. Have you any thoughts towards your own existence on earth and I dont mean ,”OH! I have walked through this street before I know it. ” It could just be the mind and eye blinking but cuts out the mind and in next blink you think been here before. I mean visions or ghosts or anything that could say I have lived before I know it. I would very much like to hear and read your version and experiences .

Thank you for reading this blog this week. Yours Sir K. God bless you all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 September.

Remember the 5th of November.

To know the true history of this saying may shock you. Read on if you want to know the facts. No im not wanting to ruin the night of fire and celebrations but as an historian it is of greater interest to know the truth of it.

We all know of the man Guy Falk ?Or do we? Born near York and ventured into Spanish war as private paid soldier he served in the army of Spain for many years after war .Known to his fellow troopers as Guido Fulks he earned both respect as an honest man and cash as a brave soldier.

He went back to England well off and meet up with a man he had served with. This chap led him to Lords of our realm who had it in for the German King that was so disliked and not trusted the they had decided he must be taken out. Guy now took a job guarding the fuel that had gone into a rented cellar in house next door to Parliament. Over time the dividing wall was taken down and kegs of gun powder taken under to parliament side of wall. Timbers and fire wood placed over the barrels and Guy took up his duties of watchman.

All went well until one of the plotters informed his relation to not attend the sitting of Parliament that evening . The man informed Cecil and as chief minster Cecil went to investigate .Finding Guy said to be smoking a pipe of tobac and with a lantern in hand said he was there only to keep an eye on firewood load. Cecil became suspicious by the pistol in Guys belt. He was arrested and the wood stack taken down to show five barrels of black gun powder and fuses.

Guy was tortured but had said he cared not about the Kings children in the rooms above he was there only to keep watch before the whole thing blew the King and his family to Kingdom come. He refused to give any names to Cecil even on the rack.

He was hanged and Cecil told the nation that a catholic plot to take over Britain and make us slaves had been foiled by him. He knew what he was doing and he knew that by backing the hated King people in fear of war would accept the King as good. It worked and Guy was dead . The scaffold was burned under the dead man hanging by the public. Cecil made the date a public paid holiday and said how close we came to danger . Remember remember the 5th of November as the duty of all .Gunpowder and plot of evil intent by Lords of this realm under pay of Spain .

It was all lies but Cecil had achieved what he had set out to do.All hatred for George Ludwig as our King had turned to loyalty by the peoples as such sympathy for his children being blow up hit the hearts of nation.

No one outside a bunch of rioters had had anything to do with the plot and Guy was not in pay of Spain to do it. He was paid only to watch the firewood from thieves. Because of Cecil and his lies some 24000 Scottish people suffered death in 1746 after another plot came into focus to set King James 11 back on the English Throne .Prince Charles Edward Stewart the ex Kings grandson came over from Rome and marched as far as Derby.

King George recalled the day of Guys execution and Parliament made sure the public remained loyal by same trick as Cecil had done years before. After the Prince vanished back to Rome George decided to send his army son Duke of Cumberland into Scotland to capture the rouge army and at Colloden. Murdered women and children and waited for the hunters to return to camp and butchered them. Cumberland had employed butcher boys eager to kill and carve up, into his ranks, as he moved north in to place.

After that over next 15 years Scottish peoples were cut down all over the country just because they may have been followers of the enemy ex King .It was destruction of a race of Scottish blood and evil but because of William Cecil son and his lies we accepted a German no body as our King and so this crime of all crimes was performed on so many innocent peoples in revenge only. If you have ever wondered why so many Scots in Canada and Australia then now you know. It was not just the sheep and landlords that pushed the Scots out of Scotland it was King George the first and his fat son Cumberland.

Cumberland sausage is named in part after him as fat and porky from the county that gave this Duke his titled name . So for me I never celebrate death on the 5th of November as Lord Cecil decreed I should as we may have been a better joined up nation if this had not been the case.

Hope this helps to explain how we the people are hood winked each and every day by the method of rule was employ. this is not me suggesting anything just relating fact.

Yours Sir K

copyright Kevin Parr Bt2021 Sept18th

Fact or fiction case

We cannot see beyond the corner .We are blinded by straight sight.

The case on Impeachment for Bill Clinton came out of the blue. Monica Lewinsky finally admitted years later on the making of a movie that she was not as innocent as we believed. Not Bill who pushed for sex as thought but this crafty lady herself.

She as a junior intern aged 24 was not allowed in the Oval office but that is exactly where she aimed her sights. She made it her business to trap the president in the lift alone and to show him her new suspender stockings to the top. She a fit sexy girl aimed high and so ended up as Bills whore so easily it was astounding .

I say astounding as her name Lewinsky .Daughter of Bernard who was a Salvadorian Polish born newcomer in America and Monica Samille Lewinsky was born In California on 23rd July 1973 . He spoke Russian at times and she rose be have sex with the most powerful man in world.

We know look wider than they bothered to when it all came to news desks of BBC and all American state channels across the nation talked of nothing else for weeks. Bill was questioned on this by a set board of officials and Bill lied on one question.His reply.’I did not have sex with that woman.” was his big jump into history as a fallen man.

Monica was forced to say she had no sex with Bill . He lived for another month and it came up again in proof by texts he had affair with Lewinsky. Monica owned up and Bill was impeached as President as direct result.

Now could it have been just a 24 old lady who wanted a 50 odd year older man .To say I have had sex with a president of United States of America. Could just be that yes. Or could it have been a pay job to perform .Russia finding out all it needed is something we know went on all the time in the cold war of that period in general. Is therefore Monica a spy herself .Or was she recruited to bring Clinton down by some other gang of radicals .

As I say we cannot see behind closed doors but we do know what was said by Monica as she was sucking Bills privates under the committee table when all arrived to sit and talk she just carried on and Bill smiled happily answering questions and setting up trade bills and talk of war. Stop there . How often did this happen and how much was Lewinsky privy to top secrets. We cannot say as no one went that far it was just sex and Bill lied about it .All eyes on impeachment of a liked president made top news all over the world. Monica did not fade away she rose in all cash ways behind the scenes in London and America she made sure she landed on her feet.

How hard a job was that for a lady blackened by all as the Fall of Bill and scarlet lady at that. She did not change her name we do know but she entered into education in an English to institution as of no worries as to who she was.I think not. Perhaps the way was paved by more than her father .Door opened by cash and so back in USA books on sale and interviews now a movie she was asked to talk with director and producer . Impeachment ,the movie is to go out this year 2021 for pubic to view. Monica said keep nothing back because of me tell the full details

I made my quest to have sex with President Clinton. I showed him my suspenders and stocking tops and he went for it as planed. Strong admission and I read more into that face than perhaps existed. Or did I . We may never know the truth why a smart well dressed pretty lady at 24 would want her name as evil all over the world as Bill was a married man and old enough to be her father almost. Why /Unless it was her job to seek him out as the mark . It is perhaps more the right explanation for how she managed it in the White House . If not and I am wrong then she is just a dirty whore . A woman wanting top man could be the case. Some woman adore such powerful men.

What do you think ? No lady I ever knew and I did know many, would ever stoop to that . Monica made history but how will we see it in 50 years from now?

Over to you my readers. Those are the basic facts of what happened but not much makes sense of why she did it? I say she was paid to bring down a president .

Yours Sir Kevin and thank you for viewing.

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Lord North. part two

The moon light lit up the moor of pink heather and the lane looked carved in stone as the horseman raced across the land. Winter the ice king flashing his whip as the rode hard heat rising from the panting steeds in swetted flanks the cold defeated near then. It was England ,1775.

At the ruins of the abbey walls they came to rest. Horses steaming as the long hard ride from Portsmouth harbour was at full gallop. No groom to care for them one rider took charge as his friends entered the doorway and vanished into darkness.

In the sanctity of the stones a man stood statue like and spoke in whispers but it broke the screen of silence.

‘Welcome brother . Your journey over. Mary has made a fine breakfast for you at home. Now tell me what is Ben Franklin up too. “

The three riders drew near . “Brother Franklin had fled from London to New York this day will be ready to join his traitor friends to form Government against us. William here sold up his holdings in Virginia before we sailed. I too sold land of timbers on the river site back to Ned Travers son. So we are here to tell you to tell our contact war is most likely.”

Silence fell like a final curtain over the abbey room. The group remounted and trotted slowly back to home some two miles off .

In New England all was in progress as weapons build up was in first talks .Franklin a slave owner had been the contact for the people of America in London as spokesman in Kings Parliament. Talks had fallen down as tax and issues even harder had not allowed the settlers permit to build a ruling party as law makers under Kings rules and law for peoples to have real contact with help .George King of England and third of that name had no intention of allowing it. It was the breaking straw as Franklin had thought it possible . No true representation was allowed by Parliament or House of Lords for the new world order .It was not to say they wanted to leave British protection but in Benjamin Franklins mind it was a slap in the face.

England slept on unaware that their sons would soon be called upon to fight own cousins ,Friends and relatives in the parting glass of war .

It came on swift wings as Lord North would not allow even a small company of men to be law makers in Virginia or any part of New world .It was a mistake that would cost us a continent land mass we owned . It would be an army sent from townships in England hard worked land boys and factory workers who when first seeing the coast of America wanted to remain as settlers with hope of grander live than they had back home. At least half of Cornwallis troops deserted and joined the free men of America. It was Britains worse war ever by far. Too few reserves were sent to reinforce the gaps in line. It was lost before it started really as poor men in uniform saw a new world of hope for in England they had none. Lord North was impeached as a Government was sacked after war ended. He was the only Prime Minster in history of our islands story ever to be so.

Back home it was sudden and swift that we had lost a nation .The King angered did not want to send in more troops .Shock in the officer ranks that ordinary soldiers had dared to desert and America had thanked them not shot them .Making them fire back at red coated ex friends as ranks swelled under Washington it was clear the end of Colonial power as near .

it was said that more Brown Bess rifles can be collected by the antique trade in America than in England who made them .It was not just tea tax that lost us the world it was a foolish Government who would not bend to the times. One yes to lawmaking under British over see would have avoided a war that lost us more men that left the ranks than had died in action.

King George 111 was the last King to have an opinion. The last real King with such power was Henry v111 .Today the parliament struggles to run Britain not empire it lost through hard law and stupidity .Our crown has today has no power, cannot have an opinion is just a worker on Parliaments books . We must remember as Franklin knew and Lord North forgot men have rights . We executed a traitor King in 1649 ,we did, the people spoke. Do we now have a Government set up with more power than ever they had to replace the man who would be King we executed ?

We are never far away from the truth in the midst of lies that surround man kind . My words. Yours Sir Kevin. God be with us all.

copyrightKevin ParrBt 2021 September.

The mistake of Lord North.

Out of an autumn sunset he rode. Black as silk lining against the mighty setting sun he stood out as a hero in the young ladys eyes. The chill of the late hour once the heat had left the earth ran through her.

From the thicket near her a bird screamed and flew out in a flury of leaves .Frightened her to let out gasp as the horseman reached down and gathered her up like a mop hen and fitted her down on the horse behind him without slowing down his trot. Once she was seated the spurs brought his stead to the gallop which was so fast took the wind out of her breath .

Before them,over the hill loomed the manor of Gorton . Its great Tudor chimneys famous all over the county of Kent as a house of rich and noble family of De Brin. .The rider brought down the speed to a gentle walk over that last of the way. She stead steaming ready for the groom to take charge of the reins.

He lifted her gently down and patted the neck of his mare before sliding down from his saddle . “Give her a good wipe down Edric .She ran well today.Maybe even a half hand of oats extra at lockdown .”

‘My lord all will be as you say. ” He lead the great 16hand mare back to her loosebox .She snorted at the door to stables as her announcement to the other occupants that she was back.

In the house now sat Sir Alister De Brin father to the horseman . The girl shivered in front of a great log blaze in the grate.

‘Come to my ears John my son that a war is brewing slowly but sure as eggs will burst into something nasty soon. America is but a young pup leaving her older mother England. Lord North is making light of it in the House . The Government too is relaxed as he. Tell you son things are building up .Tax is the problem . These new Englanders are mighty upset of the Kings taxation ”

He smiled showing his white teeth from under the heavy black mustache . ” Father if we have to pay up why in the name of justice cant they. Crops are good im told in the new world estates. “

“That may well be. But you see John they want to break from us so tax is just another thing to moan over . Washingtons uncle in Durham is worried what is going on asked me this day to look into it . I am to send in spys North says its pointless but old chap is not a thinker beyond his London club. If he rattles the cages he will be bitten is my thought John. ”

The girl sat down her legs stiff with walking.

“So little sister tell our father your news ”

She looked up as if sleepy but Johns booming voice woke her mind up .She rose and walked to the table.

“Well! child what news is this you bring me? “

She threw back her raven black hair and said. ‘I was in the village of saint Ives this morning father. I was sat with cousin Mary near the garden gate and two men walking slow in thought we saw and heard but they failed to see us. The concourse was like this. First an said aint right Dan we sail on morning tide to New York. What with that is so worthy on Sir Jeremy Strong on board. The other man said ,mind your words you fool. We are aiding the colonists with arms .What do I care we are being paid more for silence now shut it will you. I dont want to hang because of your loose mouth you hear? Then they went out of ear shot still muttering down the hill out of sight and sound. “

” Can you say who they are dear Grace?”

“No father not locals Id at guess may say Bristol. One was wearing a tricorn the other a bare head . Not sailors Id say bankers by sight or tricorn hat was the other maybe in trade. They walked from the east nothing there but warehousing .”

‘Good daughter. Now ring that bell for dinner someone Im famished .”

At Midnight John and two of his gaming friends rode silently down to east road to see what ware was in the building. It was not a break in just a examination of how to get in.

By moon light they forced the window shutters open but the room was empty . All rooms seen as the same .

‘They must have loaded the hold on one of those ships in the dock . Wait here whats this.?” John bent down with the candle lit in his hand and picked up coin. Small and dark but clearly he saw it as an American cent.

Part one to the story .

Thank you for joining us this day .

Sir Kevin Parr Bt.

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Letter from Latvia

The summer turns into early autumn and surprises all. Rain wind and hail stones since end of June heat . I have been assured England is facing the similar fate as we speak. Blighted August usually so warm and garden party time is just a wash out facing us. Yes it is good for the plants ,hedges and ducks but hardly so as one has to find gaps in the weather to go weeding on 3 acres .Rest of land ignored until sun visits again. Hard to see improvement ahead .3 weeks is a long time in gardening terms to affect even light duties. It may not rain all day but clouds are gray and sombre all the time.If sun manages to shine it is hot and lovely for only moments to half hour max.

No one is happy with it,this is not how we expect summers here. In the last 9 years I have faced some of the best summers in Europe .June 17th to October 30th one constant heat wave of a summers reliable. May have light rain mostly at night once or twice a month . Going from 78f at 9am rising to 98f by noon and more than once reaching 102f. Same all summer . It was too hot for many years but once one becomes use to heat as an Englishman over time. Today rain again 63f and slight breeze . Too cold jumpers on and shorts changed to trousers to keep warm. This is not what we signed up for one chap suggested to me as Latvian born farmer . My grape vine arbor proving the only real shade in my gardens is redundant now .Tables and chairs stand idle under the canopy as no sun to be found in the sky beyond it .Black wood fired oven covered over as in winter, during August, must be a first for Latvia in its history.

Now the question is climate change? or nature wanted rest?

Every 50 years a change happens in climate. Each 500 years it is dramatic. Climate change is with us all the time it is not castrova or default nor is is terrifying . Alarmists tell us world is changing owing to mans fault. Man is not able to alter nature to my mind. We look at mans record of wars, gas attacks, atom bombs and violence . The packed sea of plastics and waste .yes it is all a crime against nature against innocents and saints but world survives and alters to deal with it all . We should deal with our own problems and not damage that planet we occupy.

Soon the world reforms because if one looks at Pepys diary. 1660s he tells us winters so cold the river Thames froze over 6 feet thick in ice. Fires lit and skating on the frozen river as he reports in the many interesting pages for himself alone to recall. As an historian one thanks him as it was published only after his death. My point being that 400 years later winters are perhaps a thing of the past in England. We face the heat that was England in time of Saxon Kings 500 years before even Pepys.

The world is constantly changing it is a natural process every bit as much as ice cap melting in one hemisphere and freezing hard the other side of the world .You can call it climate change but is mother nature not mankind that causes it. If man invented the biggest bomb ever it may wipe us all off the earth but I assure you the earth would not be hurt at all . Another species would take our place.Perhaps the rat for most likely place . Who knows if another great race of humanoid inhabited this earth before us and destroyed them selves by wars and might gas attacks .Would not surprise me at all. It may answer many questions too.

We see cars spreding trash on motorways from car windows . We see plastic piled all over the place .Not here in rural Latvia . Most take rubbish back home to burn . Roads no littler to be seen . Our coast line a world heritage site .In fact on warm day on white sand deep blue sea one can be forgiven for thinking your in a tropical paradise .Not a paper to be seen mile wide beach running 67 miles all around Riga bay to my home. In land with its hedged wild rose lanes one would think it England for a moment . Green fields spread for miles in all directions. Trees form forests still may to rejoice in. Lakes teaming with life and life goes on.My self built garden world is now fenced around to stop Bambi and her vast relatives using my gardens as a salad bar again. Ruined many green emerald Thuja hedging trees and lavender not easily replaced. Told many time deer dont eat lavender or roses but its lie they can and will if hungered eat anything .Nothing is deer proof other than a tall strong fence well planted with thorny shrubs behind it so id deer can see beyond they will not dare jumping we find.So a 6 foot fence will be fine if all is blocked so they cant see in. If they can 16feet will not stop them when hungry. I have electric fence line on top of poles and hope this winter to be free from attack. We cant shoot them as law in EU says protected. Hunter who lives near by says in Spring and summer breeding and winter out of season gives only a months licensed cull and we did that last year but forests cut down to sell Baltic pine to USA at big money will ruin our countryside and deer will be more interested in gardens and wheat fields as no natural forest left. As a none native I cannot get a rifle license easily so must rely on metal timber and wire walls around half acre new built English garden rooms .

What makes me wonder is around our home are another four and half acres of lawns and garden plantings .With arched rose tunnel up the middle . Deer leave it all alone but devour my new hedged rooms and hedges too. So this letter shows another side of Latvia not seen or felt before. We cant buy timber here now at a price used to as all of it is sent to England and USA. Baltic timber is hard and firm and pine is perhaps the best in the world as I know from building workshops and garden folly and hen sheds it is easy to use and scented hard ware and takes the punishment of hard winter as no other will.

One can only hope I do know well. Gardens and design have interested me all my life from aged 3 with my own garden hoe and trowel and bit of land Father dear gave me and taught me well what to do .Weeds from plants and all names in fact Latin and English I slowly learned from him. At 10 was pruning fruit myself under supervision. Only when I went off to boarding school at 12 was it to end for many years of work ahead. My dream of building on vast scale an English garden became real in 2012 when I moved to Europe .Land in England was out of question as housing comes first. Farm field i offered to buy but no planing permit allowed to turn it into gardens or a house was allowed .Yet 6 years later it all became low cost housing . It was clear message to me to pack up and leave England. Builders want cash Government wants more homes and the population exploded makes for building a six acre garden a none starter. The last days when it was viable belong to the 1920s.

Here it is welcomed open armed and gasps as they have never ever seen an English garden before in their lives .The Latvian garden is but an apple tree and a shed with upper class adding a greenhouse and sitting bench under apple tree. Few real garden plants but bedding in hanging baskets a main event for the native family.

It is 890 English over here to 16000 Latvians in England that have the upper hand and have built houses that amaze the locals. Shower rooms and inside toilets never seen before for the vast many rural dwellers. In cities modern world begins

Hope peace remains and Afghan refugees escaping death and slavery by Terrorist Taliban take over find kindness and respect through a time of total evil caused by American total march out. We must pray for the safe passage of so many terrified peoples having lost all they had to escape evil.

Yours Sir Kevin and thank you for being with me all of you no matter were you are God bless.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021 August 22nd Bosworth battle day in English history


At school long ago now I had a passion for poetry .Must say it never left me. I used to hide under the bed sheets with a torch reading Percy Shelley and Byron. . Romantics both of them but somehow they excited me. Opened my mind to English not just as a means of passage but a great interlectual briefing into lifes true meaning.

This short reading brought me beyond the boundary of enjoyment in the way this poem was thought out and written but into the mind of the man himself. As I saw it aged 15. It must be said not much has changed since. I re read this same said piece not long ago. I now at your pleasure set this poem before you. Many will know of it and comments therefore be accepted.

I met a traveler from an antique land

Who said: “Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,Half sunk,a shattered visage lies,

whose frown

And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read

Which yet survive,stamped on those lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed

And on the pedestal these words appear :

” My name is Ozymandias ,king of kings;

Look at my works ,ye mighty ,and despair !’

Nothing besides remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck ,boundless and bare,

The lone and level sands stretch far away”

That ends Shelley, great and visionary poem.

I must have delved deeply into those words as a boy.As the power of his words is endless. The three narrators in just a few sentences convey a massage .Firstly the voice of Shelley next the traveler from a far off land .Next and last the words of the dead king.

A story of amazing quality and adventure in so short a work is a genius mind at work in fact.

So summing it up the meaning meant is death finishes all earthly power. But more it must mock the foolish King in some way one thinks.

The fact that Shelly says nothing about where he met this traveler from an antique land .He could have been on an oxford lane at that time. Then the clue must be in the name.Ozymandias I found is ancient Greek .It means in English a tyrant. So that was Shelleys mind he wrote about a tyrant. He was in Greece not Oxford at that time. The poem is deeper than just words it is about Byron in small part who always bettered him.

It is about life experience and death . A real tyrant who ruled with iron fist and thought himself a mighty immortal.

It is perhaps a lesson to us all .Percy Bysshe Shelley died in 1822 racing boats against Byrons faster craft .He pushed his boat harder than it could hold and mistake made with sail took the boat over .Shelley was a good swimmer but he may have been drinking and the tide was hard against him .He drown and Byron waited only hours before giving his friend a Viking funeral and burned him to ash on the beach. He was 29 years of age

.In his old college in Oxford halls they carved him in stone but alas made him look like a fish to me when I looked at most days . Said to be the sea wrapped around him with weeds and signs of drowning .Still looked fish like to me and an insult to one of our greatest poets ever .If he had but lived Byron would have been left in the shade. Percy Shelley had a mind that was well advanced of his time. His wife died in 1898 and never forgot him. She wrote Frankenstein perhaps with some help from Percy and Bryon but the basic idea was hers alone.

Thank you for reading my works . Yours with kind thoughts Sir Kevin.

copywrite kevinparr2021, August .