The Vampire murder Case

In the month of May 1932 a murder took place that shocked the Swedish Police Force and although never solved it is one of the mystery cases that involve the Vampire legend as all the victims blood was drained using a soup ladle.

The remains of Lilly Lindstrom


In her flat in a block set in the area of Atlas in Stockholm Sweden the body of Lilly


Lindstrom was discovered by police on her bed face down naked. Her clothing neatly folded on a chair near her bed.

She was a divorcee aged 32 who had fallen into the sex trade as a known prostitute. Having missed her friend fellow prostitutes had phoned police who found that her door was locked and her death had occurred some 50 hours prior. what they found was shocking as a soup ladle still containing blood was on the floor near the bedside.Lilly lay face down drained of blood.  No trace of blood found any place other than of that ladle. It was a mystery that will not vanish as the case is famous and now cult kept to live on.


The bed she was found dead on in her tiny flat.

In Sweden Stockholm the area she lived in was near Sankt Eriksplan where today a police museum keeps the case on record. Then in 1932 no DNA so even though the body was licked by her killer who had had sex with the victim before killing her by many blows to the back of head nothing could be of any use those days.Also a used condom was found inside her rectum. The verdict today would have been totally proved as to the killers identity but back then he walked with today still a mystery as to how was the vampire (in mind) who killed her? The motive unknown only the victims blood tells a tale that has no ending. It seems Lilly had a nickname she was called THE Call GIRL, not because of her trade but as she had the only telephone in that block of many flats that she resided in. Seems many used that phone but none was her killer.

Vampires are legendary in certain countries it is believed that Vampires exist to this day graves are opened and wood stakes driven through the dead heart of once loved ones who are suspected of returning to drink the livings blood and make them in return Vampires.


When in  1897     English author Bram Stoker published his tale of Vampires at Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire UK He called his subject Count Dracula and the fear of attack by this evil spread all over England and only abated as the people became more educated owing to the School laws.

Hammer House of Horror was a TV show that thrilled us in the 1960s with actors fighting evil in English manor houses and villages all over England. Such talent as Oliver Reed started out here so to  Bates. Vampires abounded on movie themes such as Christopher Lee in The Devil Rides Out. Lee a secret Government Nazi catcher and agent until the age of 25. He took up acting. Tall and strong he lead all films he made. He was the man with the nerve of steal even in real life.

As to the end of case it is really still on investigation as her killer never seemed to be thirsty again as no other case of blood sucking came to the fore.

In researching this case I met an abrupt dead end so decided to search for facts on nay other similar case files existed. In this I talked with a medical gent over blood being intake by a human from a dead human. I was so informed that if performed as 8 pints ingested by the killer police would be looking for a dead man. As to do this blood drinking would certainly finish the killer off within hours of the act as it cannot be done medically, humanly with such an amount of live blood never mind the dead womans blood.

On this I offer only that the sale of blood may have paid the killer to sell for plasma so he may have drained her live and killed her properly later.  I do know that bodies in the Rhine river drained of blood led to people selling blood to doctors and hospitals in Germany in the 70s until law had to be changed.

Some evil humans will stop at nothing to make cash. Drugs now are the excuse used to take no action in law against the drugged thief. If you knowingly use drink or drugs and kill or steal you are still guilty,in my book, of a crime. Maybe hard but if you had suffered under this you may understand my feelings.

Vampire killings are not common but many cases exist of this sort. Here are listed a few real classic sad cases.

In 1609 Countess Elizabeth Bathony, a member of the Royal family of Hungary, was caught drinking the blood of her dead servant. Things became confused. She had caused the deaths of some 650 women in her life to then. All were servants to her and nearly all had water thrown at them and set to live out side of her mansion in deepest winter naked. It caused the deaths of may such women. She would then nibble of their bodies.

When she took a fancy to a noble lady who came to visit that game was up. Trying to rid herself of the copse she was caught red handed bathing in her blood. She was executed in 1609.

The case of the Vampire of Hanover.

Fritz Harrmaan  was perhaps the worlds first know serial killer.Between the years 1918-1924 he manged to murder 24 know people by biting through the neck ans drinking blood. he was caught in this act and executed in Gothingen Germany April 25th 1925 making world news. It is said that he thought himself a 700 year old Vampire. His head and heart cut out and now on show in that city museum. it seems he was believed.

Richard Chase. Life long fascination with blood brought him to kill on 6 counts of murder. Sacramento 1977 to end of 1978 Chase murdered, dismembered, and drank the blood of at least six known victims selected at random. .He took his own life in custody.

Josephine Smith in USA told a 69 year old homeless man that she was hungry for his blood and was going to eat him. She bit large holes in his face and arms before the man managed to effect escape his cries heard by passers buy had Smith found covered in his blood still chewing but had no recollection of what had happened when police arrested her. The man survived with lips gone face so badly eaten and arms in holes to the bone that amazed hospital surgeons.

We could go on with 40 more similar case files but enough here to show that so many believe them selves to be Nosferatu  was a 1922 classic horror movie about Vampires. It is something in the mind of the truly insane as it is merely voodoo . Vampire bats but not human Vampires just mentally disturbed killers beyond the help of mankind.

Vlad the Impaler was thought to be the first of a long line of vampires. Vald was the Royal Prince in Transalvannia in the middle ages.He was a warrior with evil intent as his blood lust brought him to lance his enemy and have his men balance the man on the lance point set in the ground supported by many other lances set into the body on top of  a tent on lances the blood running down like a shower he bathed in. His fame spread fast so no doubt his enemy kept well away. Ever since the county had cashed in with tourism and why not as morbid fascination with vampires and evil seem to lurk deep down in the mind of many if the film industry is anything to go by most of us are ready to watch a vampire movie. What then is it that so draws the people watch such rubbish? Promotion adverts or just something latent with in us to know the truth? From ancient cave man days our children are scared of the dark. It is the unknown that haunts us all . in caves primitive man was venerable to wild animal attacks so being scared in the dark had real meaning for them.


The hunter is out there sort of fear. It comes to us when young through some 40 million years of mans development and the Vampire only appeared in the 15th century in Eastern Europe. That fear of the unknown is what we face daily as life involves us in a test. We are only human and so are still growing in knowledge but this is a slow progress on a sharp learning curve. So Vampires are the built up fear perhaps we invent to feed that desire to be punished. The Church tells us that we are tempted by the Devil but to me man is his  own devil. Church is but an empty building at night. God is within mankind made in his likeness then if so the mind is the battleground between God and his devils .is this the root cause of madness in mankind.?  Could it be why such people come out as killers to be vampires and so the mind is disturbed twisted and deformed out of shape that gives us these facts that are the base level of mankinds evil. Vampires are not in the darkness not in the daylight they are shadows hiding in the mind of some more than in others. Like the fear of falling the fear of darkness and all the fears of childhood none are in fact real in daylight. So fear is fear not truth. It is rust upon the blade we are.

Hope you can see my point and thank you for your replies.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2018.


Who wrote Shakespeare?

Well! yes doubt was always in my mind as how a boy with no education never attended any school on record in his own town of Stratford upon the Avon river in deepest Midland England. We know he was a trouble maker recorded as one with two other boys stealing from the local big wigs garden soft fruits. He was at best a butchers boy but even doubt full he was part of that family. He ran to London with nothing and started out cleaning out stables for an in inn nearby the  Swan theater. After that no record of what this boy did. I will not speculate as how he arrived as actor but we can guess.

free-shakespeare-courses Shakespeare painted from simple sketch centuries later. i believe this is of the younger son of Southampton but again confusion lurks even over this portrait of Shakespeare.


A group of novice actors made good and good enough to go before the Queen to perform a best play given to them by a patron called Earl of Southampton . The actors chose the name the Kings Men for future performances of their trade.

We move on to Southampton  who as a noble was friendly and part related to Edward De Vere who as the Earl of Oxford had connections to the throne. Indeed he had as a youth carried part of the canopy over Elizabeth as new Queen of England at her coronation. He now at 20 was a dashing blade and the Queens ambassador to Italy.

In fact in Oxfords short carrier he was ambassador to England in six European countries. All of them mentioned in the plays.  The story legend of Romeo and Juliet under more Italian names goes far back to 12th century in story form. Oxford was present In Verona as guest to a rich Merchant who wanted trade with London. Carlo Persitino we know him as. This play unfolded it was Oxfords wish to write it up later as a play for his cousins Kings men to perform. It was Oxford who changed the end to tragic death when he came up with the title we all know as Romeo and Juliet.

Back home in London the Earl of Southhampton presented his men as patron the un named play to perform. As no woman was allowed on stage back then only men acted as women but never the less that play was an instant victory for the Kings Mens .

People started to ask who wrote the plays performed on after the other as hits for the pubic pleasure. Southampton could hardly say his cousin Oxford was the author. Then it was not done as a noble to be involved with actors or write books or play for the common people. In fact if caught a few years in the tower might stop you writing anything. It was seen as a base profession by all.


Edward De Vere 17th Earl of Oxford who wrote all the Shakespeare plays himself

In the places visited by Oxford in his duties the castle of Elsinor in Demark he was lodged and wrote that play Hamlet on hearing on the blood feud of long ago between a fathers brother and his Princely nephew.

The only play we know he most truly penned as proof showed it caused a scene. It was later the play performed on the London stage in the name of William Shakespeare.

What happened ,well! Edward De Vere Earl of Oxford died young. I believe the Kings Men had been informed by their patron the Earl of Southampton of the fact someone must take credit for the plays and sonnets in Southamptons  keeping. Did Oxfords goods after death go to his family and so his cousin had the plays out of fear by Oxfords own family that reprisals may follow then after the funeral? Both Earls had lived as boys with Elizabeth I own minister Cecil as orphan both of them after each fathers death.

images_025 Shakespeare from the time he lived or just after it. Or is it???


The company of actors may have seen high tax demands so gave the lowest man the job of being  a play write.

Wriothesley-8Henry Wriothesley pronounced Risly ,3rd Earl of Southampton born 6th October 1573 died in Netherlands 10th November 1624. Buried with his sons in Essex England. it was he who was patron to the arts.

If  this is what happened and I do think it did then it explains all.

If today ,this day, look at the only signature of William Shakespeare known to us one can see it is not the hand of  an educated man but a flow and stop scrawl. Almost like a childs attempt at cursive writing.


Stratford upon Avon today 2018. so many of these 600 hundred year old homes have survived war and strife and stand as proud in many towns and villages all over the country. England was a garden in my youth.


If Southampton handled the office side for his Kings men it again will explain how Shakespeare went home to buy a farm as a rich man. If he had have been that cleaver he would have bought a nobles estate but then was it his patron who advised so he had income after leaving the actors group.

An actor I really like called Derek Jacoby suggested this on radio interview many years ago and I felt honored he mentioned it. It was my school hood  dream to prove this case then on he came to re enforce my dream as truth. it always astounded me that a man who had never left England could have described the Castle of Elsinor interior without ever leaving his seat.. Then I started digging into records my love of it taking over my head until I found it. De Vere was in all places that the plays are set. It is beyond any doubt that De Vere wrote them all. He was know for the sonnets he wrote even in his youth.Sadly none of these remain. After his early death those plays found a way into an actors hands. I leave you to think this out . May be you believe Will Shakeshaft ( Shakespeare did write the plays? I am certain he did not. Today the group whom I support all think its right that Oxford wrote all of what is listed as Shakespeare.




Thank you for being with me on this search.The findings may alter history but the truth must come out eventually as some as of me do see my point.  May be I am not the first to come to this decision may not be the last but when aged 12 I saw it as so not one historian would admit I was right. Times have changed and before long all the world will know Will Shakespeare that boy from Stratford who went back to Stratford to farm and die was a lucky man indeed. May all glories now be seen as Edward de Vere who wrote every word of every play and sonnet and gave them all away to providence and another mans name. Maybe why no one wish to paint his portrait then. For what we have in large folder none of then are of the same man. The one genuine painting be believe was done in life is the black and white sketch like painting in the mid section of this article. Then even that may not be so .No one can agree as to who Shakespeare even was. Many say that De Vere was broke and sold the plays to his own company of players that included Shakespeare. I have even been told that De Vere was a cruel man but no place have I found him so to be. I think he died aged 54 so he was alive when the big plays went on stage. Then how could he have said anything as the plays are so political with facts of events even then if we include such as the Tempest. This play was all about a know Government ship wreck that took place less than 5 years before this play came to focus on the London stages. Richard the third was a pack of lies just to please the then Queen Bess who was the granddaughter of the victor of Bosworth King Henry Tudor. Some of the plays really hit the bone with a sledge hammer. it was a risky business performing plays that were so pointed at certain know figures. De Vere would have been jailed later by King James 1 As in truth he had sat on the committee and voted for the execution of King James mother Mary Queen of Scots.

If crucked legged Jim  had know this and the fact that this was also the man who had penned MacBeth De vere would not have survived the meeting.  De Vere was happy it seems that Shakespeare ruled the stage. We know that De Vere wrote sonnets but none survive to say more. Lots of young university graduates such as De Vere and Southampton had indeed written poems and sonnets but as long as no books or plays no one bothered to buy them Unless of course published.

This is how both nobles who had lived with Lord Burley as children owing to the death of families came to love the arts. Burley of course was Cecil the wisdom behind the throne as Elizabeths chief minister. If those who say Shakespeare wrote his own plays on that plays new performed after De Veres death. Then how many did Oxford give his actors. To me if he gave all of his works then he may be dead plays of Oxfords could have gone on for many performances after. it is interesting that Shakespeare vanished back to Stratford on Avon not long after De Vere died ir seems but hard it is to locate his departure from the stage. Only that he appears  as farmer in the census two years as a profitable Gentleman farmer in Stratford area. One must say to make profit on farming is a life times job so how long was he there before he was caused to be counted? If that came be established we can see just how long he survived after the Earls demise.

Yours Sir Kevin Parr 14th Baronet.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. 2018

The days of youth and the mechanical elephant ride.

Chester England 1953 .Chester zoo one of the biggest Northern English park and zoo in the world.  Here , at my parents feet on a day out in hot July weather we drove for a day of adventure. In the zoo the Victorian mechanical elephant named Jumbo took me on a ride along with other children on each side of the back of this wonderful attraction. The cost as about one shilling a ten minute ride around some of the outside enclosures of penguins and sea lions. Parents looked on as the ride wobbled from one side to other gently progressing on its way to impress each passenger from a high saddle in the air. It was thrilling at that age being 4 years of age. It was noisy I recall as parts driving the beast made old by the passage of time grinding together inside the outside skin of some sort of rubber. On that saddle it was some 7 feet off ground. My father watched in awe and told me later that it seemed dangerous to him to ride it as it sounded really as it was breaking up. Next time we went I was around 10 and Jumbo had passed into retirement. No one really knew where it was nor seemed to care as it was not missed by insurance brokers backing the zoo on public dangers. Yes rolled by all forgotten I took my sisters children to that same zoo costing so much these days. We had a good walk around but now it seemed sad to cage wild animals.The reptile house took president with the children and best was the enclosure of desert Mearcats bob up and down vanishing in harmony into the holes in ground then in long line reappearing to watch us heads turning same way like the crowd watching Wimbledon tennis match.

Electric-mechanical-elephant-x80Structure of a steel framed elephant ride.


8e365fc62b28a9736900e79f72010be4--vintage-photography-vintagJumbo by Frank Stuart 1949  Essex. England.

I made enquiry   from the reception out of interest about jumbo. Explained all but the youth of 23 had not a clue as to my question , or indeed any single knowledge of the subject. Jumbo was no more that was a fact now the mystery begins.

in research I begin to see that long ago when Queen Victoria visited London zoo a mechanical  ride was there on view. So it seems mechanical rides made in many zoos all vanished around same time as jumbo. 1956-60.  Too costly to repair too dangerous in the eyes of zoo insurance groups most likely. Then what happened to the Victorian elephant rides is my question. Ingenious and life like many of them to the eyes of a boy who wanted only another ride on jumbo before that boy hastened into man hood. We know will try to trace the way they all went. Jumbo from the zoo went to North Wales and served for rides another decade before being scrapped. The Essex Jumbo was stored in a car garage until Frank Stuart died. The new owner bought the house but Jumbo had vanished. Some one out there must know what happened to this master piece made in 4 years from 9000 parts by its inventor and the end product presented in 1949 served from 1950 as an attraction on the Essex lanes giving local children rides. Stuart had even paid to licensed Jumbo to use the roads. Had it insured and had it serviced at home. It was no doubt the talk of that area in the days of yore when such things could be done and licensed.  An era of splendor a world of innocence just after the horrors of World war.

It was perhaps a magical time to have been a child. Nothing was impossible then to do. What happened after was no where near as fascinating ever. Rules of safety big brother watching and the nanny state replaced freedom. That is what happened. As for all the jumbos that thrilled us then ,sadly nothing now exists outside of memory. I hope the photos help understand what the value of such would be today in this world of electronics high technology and space? Then to us void of all this Jumbo was extraordinary and magical. Driven by wheels chains and momentum eventually being fitted with gas engines and using the exhaust as the trunk smoke filtered out and all said Jumbos gasping. Children then so grateful for anything as sweets on ration clothes on ration food in shortage after the war we had no sugar no real toys that could not be made by parents. i was far luckier my parents back from service and with us made a world of plenty for us. Yet I grow up happy and with values and open kindness for the many days and love of peoples who have helped to make me see we need each other more than we will ever know. The days of yore are long gone and here this moment with all we have will anything ever be as magical to the youthful mind as jumbo, ever again.


Jumbo from Chester zoo then traced to North Wales coast around 1959. After that gone forever. he may not have been so well made as Frank Stuart  made  but in my day as boy this chap was  just wonderful it moved by its own device without the rider by a switch system at its rear. as you can see the ride fare here had deflated by 50 % . My thought is the owner could not have made it pay to do this work. Exit Jumbo hello factory employment as many car plants and electric light bulb manufacturing offered well paid full time employment which paid far better than mechanical rides ever did.  Jumbo here looks totally faded next to his duty life as Chester Zoo days. i doubt if anything of him is left to show he existed. Like the times both are only memories.

God bless you all this day and forever more.



Sir Kevin taking you back in time to show you one day in a  childhood and how innocent those days next to now.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2018



Hendrick Van Der Decken the Flying Dutchman Legend examined.

“Harken unto me the Flying Dutchman is no Lie.:

Words printed in a book written long ago in time written by Sea Captain Fredrick Maryatt from England. It was some 60 years before that the legend first came to light of a ghost ship that sailed through eye of storm trying to land but vanishes before hand. Its sails ripped and torn the ships bell wildly ringing and its Captain  strapped to the wheel cursed by the Devil to sail forever the high seas of the Cape.

Many sailors swear they have seen the ship race at them in full sail but vanish before the ships collide. Old stories from my youth in the company of men with faces cracked by sea salt winds and hands like old oak knots with barnacles as fingers. It was a port that rang of legends. Liverpool that rang with the over head railway and royal docks built my great grandfathers own factories made bricks.  It was heady and grand with the smell of engine oils and cries of sailors from every port in the known world.  Ships that had sailed all seas and mariners that came from the pages of Dickens. Gas light green on the cobbled roads that had felt the tread of Queen Victoria and Gladstone and had brought in King Cotton in the holds of fast clippers .That was my youth and University life in the city that had everything and guitars came of the never never and all could make up songs.


Now I investigate the truth as far back as I am able without made up legend just the bare boned facts.

When skipping through old ships logs I came across H.M.S Bucchante and a report that stood out like a sore thumb. It would have been passed over if not made by a Midshipman who became King George V of England. His report is that a ghostly ship crossed the bow while he was on watch. Some 13 witnesses back this up. The report simple states that the Flying Dutchman crossed the bow of H.M.S Bucchante. This was in 1881 so would a Prince lie? If so he would be mocked but he thought it his duty to report his findings. Out of the 13 witnesses to seeing the ghostly apparition of another ship come so close across her bows that the man on deck with the Midshipman Prince included men and officers. I cant take this lightly as they really believed what they saw was really terrifying stuff.

So determined to go much deep now I searched for more details on the Dutchman.

In 1939 dozens of people at Glencairn Beach in Capetown South Africa reported seeing a ship in full sail race at them in the water at such speed and some saw the ghostly vision of the  Captain but it melted away before it reached the shore.

Then we come to Nazi Admiral in charge of U-boat invasion of shipping in the English channel out to the roaring Atlantic in 1942. His report states they saw the Flying Dutchman sail between them in full charge as clear as day. Admiral Karl Donitz reported this to Hitler.

In 1835 a British navy vessel came into near collision with an old sail ship with tall sails.  At the last second as the wheelhouse spun the ship around to avoid contact the great vessel flying Dutch colours simply vanished. This led to newspaper cover with many stated witness reports along side article. Wagner wrote his opera of the Flying Dutchman legend in 1841 after reading this news.

Now I gave all I had in time to find the origin of the tale. It really relates to The Dutch East India Company who had a Captain lost at sea but no more details concerned with how it happened. His name was Hendrick Van Der Decken who they think went down with his ship somewhere between port in Holland and the Cape in 1641.

If this is the start of the legend as I am certain it is then we can say we have the first real facts before us.


All stems from this Captain in time and detail it is our man. Is it he who sails the sea forever trying to reach land? Is it he who all report to have witnessed racing by them or even at them and vanishing before impact ? Do ghosts exist and is the Flying Dutchman bound to sail the high seas forever bound to his ships wheel?  Well! no smoke without fire and if even the King of England believed the legend what can I say to conclude other than some things are never made for humans to know the answer. For me I have faith that he somehow made contact with evil in life. Real evil and his spirit is not at rest.

The Flying Dutchman is the dead Captain not the altering description of his ship. Therefore it accounts for six different story details of vessels seen. Lighthouse keepers over the centuries at Cape Point lighthouse have record seeing the Dutchman coming out of the mist in various types of old sailing vessels. One account of 1900 gives a chilling tale of watching the Flying Dutchman appear out of a storm that followed him across the wide view of the stormy sea in broad daylight they saw the ship for some minutes before it vanished.

So what old salty Sams told a school boy long ago was not the myth I believed I was being told by expert sea faring men who had sailed before the mast on old sail ships before I was even born.

A ghostly ship in a storm they told me. The Dutchman was coming for them who had died at sea. It was their belief and I was honoured to hear it from the horses mouth. I am forced to say I do believe it exists. Over my life I have sought answers never bare to be fobbed off with lies I wanted only the bones of fact in everything ever done. I have come to the stage that I believe we are here to be tested properly and if we pass being kind and gentle with Gods creatures and see that we are only a spirit housed in flesh and bone and blood as a frame to stay on earth. Then love our brothers and sisters helping all when we are asked then perhaps we can be forgiven for the odd nasty thought. The fact that ghosts may exist are I thought time travel people from the future. Then what do i know only that we see some things at times that make us see beyond the curtain and changes all we thought.

the Flying Dutchman is but  a sad wretch in hell for eternity.  I think that men who served at sea know far more than me and I in truth will not see them mocked they know he exists they who have seen the hell go past know just how life must be.


Be good be useful be humble be kind. I give you no explanation this time only facts for you to be alert for all truth. It is my belief i say that it is more than possible and too many real reports of this exist be be just a legend.

Yours with deep love for you all no matter where you are at this moment Ill tell you you are not alone ever.

yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright KevinParrBt2018




William Wallace was not Braveheart.

Was this 6 foot 5 inch tall bearded Viking the stuff of legends as freedom fighter or just a villain , a killer on a grudge .

images William Wallace at Sterling looking out to his manorial

We may have all seen the movie Braveheart which was a good film to watch if you forget it was all lies by the production team and sales went mad. Made billions for the actor Mel Gibson and a block buster in the film industry made many rich.

Now we look at the facts and so progress with me to the year it all started. It was 1286 and the newly married King of Scotland Alexander 111 was ready with his wife to leave Edinburgh Castle but a storm so vile had launched itself against battlements and walls of that said castle. It was not a night to leave a warm fire but the King ignored all warnings and so rode off with his guard lagging behind. Soon they lost sight of the King and  his Queen and by the time he was found he lay dead on the wet ground. He had broken his neck as his horse had stumbled and out of the saddle he slipped.The Queen was able through tears, to explain.

This left Scotland defenseless with out a King on its throne. They gave great thought to this matter and it was decided that the most powerful King in whole of Europe was King Edward the first on England and France. So he was thus invited to rule Scotland.King Edward arrived and set John Balliol as Kings man in his place. All was settled Edward had bigger fish to fry and marched home leaving John to set up defenses.

William Wallace was a poor Knights son of little interest in what was going on. He too was of Norman Viking stock.  Then most of the nobles and some of the thanes had Norman blood in their French veins. A giant of a man who terrified all that saw him he had studied some Latin but was employed by the Church as an archer not a priest as told in the film. But we must leave that film now far behind us.

It seems Wallace at a local dance saw a girl called Marion from his own area of Lanark who at 17 was able to impress him that much he led her out into the fields and they became lovers. She wanted him and he wanted her in a love match. Only trouble being that the local Squire who was also a dignitary wanted her hand in marriage. His name was Hezelerigg and he waited and saw her with Wallace one of the Lanarkshire wide boys he thought and so he took poor Marion to his house. Hearing this, Wallace waited until night fall, then in he went and with sword in hand at beg for Marion to be his wife. He then saw Marion dead on the floor opposite the bed. Her killer lay laughing so he carved this Sheriff up into bits. in front of servants who saw it all he was now a hunted man. It was all a grudge over a girl that belonged to no one and a man who kept her from him had to die. Wallace was 27 years old and lion like it is recorded. He was brutal but so the times ran with him. Hearing who was after him he crept into all those mens homes and slaughtered them before they could catch him for his crime, now crimes, as he ran crazy all around killing all that stood against him.

John Balliol had had a taste of power and encouraged by his court of nobles he marched to take on England. Wallace hearing that Balliol wanted archers soon  hid himself in the ranks as that army marched on Edinburgh city. It was just the excuse that Edward had waited for. Up the length of Britain he raced in 17days a whole army stood ready waiting to take on the Scottish army with traitor Balliol at its head.

images_006 Edinburgh Castle Scotland today.

At Berwick on Tweed on the Scottish coast the battle took place and Edward massacred 12000 Scots and captured all leaders. It was a blood bath according to all accounts. Wallace had fled with a few survivors to the hills. He now had a grudge against Edward King of England and anyone who spoke English he swore to kill.

In the hills and mountains of his home he hid out for months plotting and planning against the English. he lived by hunting the Kings dear and stealing from farmers milk and eggs and more.

You see Wallace as with all people of noble birth spoke Norman French only, at that time as French Kings from time of Duke  William of Normandy   the Conqueror so all had to learn that language or else. English emerged out of four different languages Latin included French and Viking Norse with old England before 1066 which was German Saxon in the south but in the north Latin and part Norway. The north gave us English first around 1200 in middle English that sounds more like Viking and German but grew and expanded by trade into London and taken up as code to stop French masters listening in to talk below stairs.

English became the working class talk and over centuries accepted by all ranks as our own expanding language around 1312. It then set off to conquer the whole world as an easy way to converse without all the graf and male and female references as in French and European languages such as Latvian. English is direct and short and exact. It is why it spread beyond our shores to again grow in structure taking on such things as included such as Pyjamas as nightware entered our language in 1780s India.  Modern words such as Verandah meaning landed and shorter is a porch added to a house came again from India. If you are interest in old English a book by Professor  J. Hall  entitled Early Middle English published by  Oxford Press is a great help to the reader. Anyway enough of middle English for now. Back to King Edward  the first


a-portrait-of-king-edward-i-12391307-aka-edward-longshanks-.jpeg          How King

Edward 1 may have looked from a coin of his  time. I have his blood in my veins being fully  Angevin on both sides of my family and Plantagenet through Neville lines and  Du Parr down the ages .Saying this my research was pure and the out come in no way affected by relationship to Edward. Take away the locks the crown the beard Im looking at my fathers younger brother, my own uncle. I would say this is how Edward looked. My uncle too was 6 foot 4. like  Edward.


Fighting on the borders brought the Kings son at head of the army as his father King Edward was warring in France. Young Edward was no soldier not really a man, effeminate in all things he trolled up into Sterling shire  and walked right into an advanced trap on a bridge that only two horses at a time abreast could slowly advance. His generals told him to leave and surround the enemy from the far side of the hills. But then young  Edward could see no enemy and advanced to the bridge. From underneath lances where poked into the horse hearts dropping them dead that blocked the bridge and archers fired into the mass of troops deadly arrows. 10000 men died on that bridge and Wallace was now a hero. Young Edward rode home with just 100 men out of whole army lost.

black-and-white-illustration-the-great-seal-of-king-edward-.jpeg Coin of King Edward I, mint

Edward the first had no time for loving his Queen who he adored. He raced up again to wipe the smile off the Scots mans face. On his way up his intelligence officers informed him of this Wallace taller than the King who was around 6 foot 3 inches and nicknamed  Long Shanks. He was ready for a fight but so was Wallace who had nailed a silly boys army but could never compete with a war hardened war planer of Edwards ilk. Wallace was known to be near Falkirk and Edward searched the areas until the Scottish army was seen dressing and practicing in a valley below.  Edward set up and waited the action fought at Falkirk was decisive and total wipe out of Scotland army. Wallace escaped but Edward victorious  marched his army into Edinburgh offering a reward for the leaders and for Wallace the traitor. Sir John Montieth one of William Wallaces best friends and God father to his children arrested Wallace and presented him to the King of England.

Letters of Wallace in his own hand showed how he had been to Rome and France and asking for trade and aid to capture London and the King himself. One such letter still exists in care of records office from Wallace to traders in Germany.

Wallace had raided England and killed children in schools murdered simple farmers and slaughtered all he came across adding to thousands of lives lost by fire and sword. During his trail in London week latter he would say nothing all through the witnesses against him and the proof that was brought in . Edward gave him a fair trial even down to the Roman and French traders that Wallace had spoken with. He was accused with murder of the local sheriff and then murder of civilians and children. He was accused of being a traitor to the king.

It was only now he spoke,  in French. “How could I be a traitor I have not sworn alliance to any King. ”

He was hanged drawn and quartered at Smithfield in London on a special stand erected for the public to watch the show. Parts from his divided body sent across to main cities and to Scotland too.

Wallace was suffering from mental illness in my opinion as he was more brutal than even the gory times he lived within. If any crossed him he would act fast and kill them in their own homes even in their beds. He was hated by the Scottish high lords and a legend with the locals in Lanarkshire Even now loved by nationalistic Scots men who sing his praise even  after 722 years of winning nothing but the road to England.

Being fully nationalistic is an illness as we are all Gods children and live not long enough to war and die for any country any King or any gold offered. My soul is clean now after war fought for Britain and who stopped our pay going into banks as they thought that non of us would come back home alive. I was finished that day and refused a medal.

In  a free spirit and a God loving man no fear of death exists.

Robert De Bruce became King of Scotland by seizing that throne in 1306 and fought the son of now dead King Edward of England at the battle of Bannockburn  on 24th June  1314- making Scotland free from English taxes and independent   as a nation. The son of Edward Longshanks lost again an army and lost his throne soon after before his enemies could kill him. And they would have even so. Then that was covered in my story of facts on King Edward 11 tomb.

Ah! yes before I sign off dear readers that title above explained. At Robert Vill de  Bruces funeral  at Melrose Abbey he was called by his priest Brave Heart in life as he cut out that heart from the Kings body, to send corpse to Palestine whilst his heart to rests at Melrose in front of the alter and it is there today in that glory of a ruin over the English border that is Melrose Abbey. Brave heart was Robert Bruce not Wallace.

images_072 Robert De Bruce King of Scotland at Bannockburn site in Scotland

So as Wallace never came into contact with Queen Phillipa wife of King Edward 11. He never bared his back side to Edward the first either. If he painted his body blue it was from Saxon wode and so Id say impossible copying an English ancient custom. So you see there is not much left as that film was Hollywood only. The end bit that says a surviving Wallace member told the true story I would stand up and say what facts are. That is if ever it was in truth that he existed at all. The truth is always more nasty and violent and told as it happened against record is better than all fiction ever can be. Wallace was a killer of even his own peoples never mind the hatred he had for us English who had never hurt him. Remember we never invaded Edward was invited by Scots to rule Scotland. The Scottish  have no right to hate England nor we to hate the Scots. God will judge us all so in that time allocated to all of us short or long we should clear the mind live as honest men and help all who need it. Remember  this eternity is waiting for us which side you go is yours now to decide. Is life just a test.Indeed it is my own thought that it is. I know full well that I am immortal as death is only the end of the cart that is our body in flesh .Our spirit walks freely out of it. In that vein will we meet and talk with those I write about , that I do not know I never got that far before I was called back to serve on earth.

Thank you for reading the true facts. We are all of us Gods children but some forget or never have know peace. Some need help others are pure evil. Wallace was mentally disturbed in my opinion he needed help for sure. You see his letters show he was educated for his time and he had diplomacy in his words. He just loved killing people as judge and jury. A  brutal thug of a man with a brain is the most dangerous of beings. It divides him from the lion who kills because he is made that way and has to for food. For he who kills his brother will be judged. Im not a religious man at all I subscribe to none of that man made churches. God walks with us why will he need a house he owns all planets made us in his own image and never leaves our side. He hears our every thought I believe.

Sorry I have again wandered off the subject

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018 August.

The Road Hill House Murder Case

At midnight on 30th June 1860 a 3 year old boy was found dead and  dropped down an outside toilet spoil pit as if to say that was all he was. It was a case that really upset Victorian England to the very core. Newspapers and speeches in Parliament echoed the news through a whole year of stories connected. It was a mystery within a mystery yet not to Mister Whicher.

images_015 Road Hill House at that time of case.

Road Hill house in the county of Kent became the first case of murder ever investigated by a new breed of policeman. A detective purely involved in scientific fact and logic. This man was Jack Whicher who really was the start of all detective stories ever told.

When this new department was set up no one ever gave it a thought Whicher was all that existed as the new sort of law man. He was given the case to look at his way and report back. Really he was on his own in history making as none believed in scientific nonsense and fingerprints. A new wave of thinking had come but too soon to be noticed as useful to the police or even to the public.  Whitcher was on his own and times against him but still he got it right and laughed at. He was a simple sort of chap with a great skill he could look at the facts as a jig saw puzzle and fit it all together in his head. A thinking copper was not what the rest of the force seemed to think was useful to a case file. Clues then went by the board and feet walked all over a murder site and destroyed all clues .It was Whicher who knew this well if the rest did not. He was so far ahead of his times that even Sherlock Holmes was based on him. Doyle may have had a lecturer who had insight but Doyle had read all about this case as a medical student.  Then Edgar Allen Poe wrote about his idea of Whicher in a novel and created the worlds first fictional detective named Auguste Dupin,  before Doyle, had his idea of a pair called Sherlock and Watson. If you read up on this you will find Sherlock was called Miley and Watson had not come to mind when Sir Arthur did first put pen to paper. If Whicher had not ventured forth no detective would ever have come to our notice as we know them now.

I recall being read to as a small boy .Auguste Dupin was amazing stuff and eager did I progress onto Sherlock Holmes as another hero of my early days on earth. I was about 6 I think my first book entitled Black Beauty then Children of the New Forest by Marryat I have mentioned before in pirate review. I soon took on Doyle with Holmes and Watson and loved every page I read.  I came across Whitcher through an American lady living in South Wales who told me I had an intelligent face and recommended this book Suspicions of Mr Whitcher as a good read. She must have read me as a book as I bought it same day. Read it six times in four years and researched the subject after wards. I hand this to you with great pleasure as worth reading


Jack Whicher  1860 London UK

The train arrived with Whicher ready to walk that way from the rail station up to Road Hill House.A big imposing gentlemans country house  residence came into view with its plaque announcing the name boldly unto him. The owner, a well to do Government factory Inspector  who had remarried and the dead child, his boy from the new relationship. Samuel Kent snr. had  issue from his first wife. There being two older children from his last attempt at family life in the house. His wife then the heiress of wealth. Now married again to money One William and his sister Constance Kent. They about 16 the girl and bit younger her brother at time of the murder case.


After announcing him self to the parents the detective searched the grounds then entered the house via the kitchens door.  He interviewed the family then the servants and after this went out to inspect the outside toilet cess pit for evidence. It took him just a few hours to name the killer or killers as he believed the two other children had murdered the fathers favourite new son. Jealousy he named as the motive and so pointed the finger at the young girl and her brother as guilty.

The father would hear none of this and reported Whicher to the Police Federation. Back in Scotland Yard London Whicher was asked to write a full report of his findings. In this he explained the house had been well secured and locked. No evidence was seen to explain how any could have broken in as the only smashed window had glass outside on the path not inside as would have been the case. There fore it was an inside of house murder. The hatred for the dumping of their mother and the child who made both children second placed gave the full evidence as the work of both children as one alone could not have lowered that dead child down the deep toilet pit without help.


imagesSamuel Kent.

He was mocked and scolded and ultimately sacked from his job with lost pension owing to the Mister Kents contacts in high places Whicher was without income and laughed at. However he now became the first ever private eye. His own business and did well at it.

Quickly now our  story moves on. The young girl and her brother now older adult living in Australia free as birds. Her brother became the famous William Saville Kent photographer of wild life and birds. Director of fisheries and author of books. Constance Kent his sister eventually owned up to the murder of her dead half brother. She informed the police that she had some 30 years before killed him alone and then piled him down the outside toilet pit.  In this she saved her brother Williams career and sentence. Her final entered into Londons Holloway jail for women to serve her lengthy sentence. Whicher may have been wrong on the Brother helping as the girl at 16 could have carried a 3 year olds body. He may have based this on help as both children hated the affection given to the child and not to them.

images_003 Aged Constance Kent who murdered her half brother and in time may have repented. In her face one can still see the horror of her crime.

Constance Kentimages_028  as young woman She was born in 1844 and died aged 100 in 1944

She left for England leaving her hospital for lepers to her best workers and set off for jail at Milford England. Here she did her sentence saying nothing else .She was moved to many jails . On record Jack Whicher was still alive as an old man who must have read this news with pride and thanks that he had proved all wrong. Justice had been done. He was not reinstated nor granted his legal pension from police even so. I have found that Constance Kent faced execution for her crime. If Queen Victoria had not stopped the hanging taking place nothing would have saved her. She served life and was released on good behavior after years of being shifted around prisons.


220px-William_Saville-KentWilliam Saville Kent, brother protected by his sister Constance Kent according to Jack Whicher. I think he was right as he was famous by his own way through life and sister did not wish to destroy him. She took full blame ,eventually through guilt and possibly finding God in her life. How much this brother was responsible is doubtful he may only have known and held doors open.


Constance made an ideal prisoner making ceramic tiles that adorn the centre isle in London Saint Pauls Cathedral .in the design included is a small cherub of a fat faced boy with wings each side of head.

images_022Young Saville Kent ,the victim

One amazing historic case worth reading up. Elizabeth Jenkins who wrote Princes in the Tower so well also wrote of Whicher case. So too at that time wrote Charles Dickons about this and many have made a good account in his book called Bleak House, based on this singular case,but the best account is with Kate Summerscale and her book, “The Suspicions of Mr. whicher.” It kept me awake all one night reading the pages that I could not place that account down until the conclusion. To think we have to thank Jack Whitcher for every detective story we read or any Private Eye film we watch as he was the worlds first who none would believe was right and he forged ahead to not only start the first detective business in the world but be proved correct in all he did and in his own life span. An amazing man who knew the truth before any one else.

Thank you all for your time in reading my article and God be ever with us all. Multum et Parvo

Yours gratefully Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr. Baronet. August 2018

Air Ace Amelia Mary Earhart mystery

Born 24th July 1897 in Atchinson Kansas USA  Amelia born to a rich lawyers family. Her father a rail road lawyer married the local heiress. She had a good beginning and as she grew she want with family to visit her far older sister living in Toronto. From here she was introduced to air planes when the family went to see an aviation Expo. The main event being a pilot flying a by plane as a barn storm flyer doing tricks in the air and ending by flying straight through an open ended barn without touching the walls with his wings at high speed. This thrilled the young lady who went on to by her own plane  and to become famous crossing the Pacific ocean.  From this flight she became the first female to fly alone across so vast an ocean.

4728433769_217e02564bFred Noonan with Amelia Earhart.35f1b09d80279f368c8b97bd0fd329c2

Aged 39 she bought her lovely Lockheed model 10 Electra and had it delivered on her birthday.. It was soon developed into a top model by radio being included in modern tech. They fitted Western Electrics radio with Bendix modification finder BFO beat finder .it was high tech and it took time for Amelia to learn how to use it.  A plane 38 feet long height from ground 10 feet and empty weighed 6454 pounds . It had a cruise speed of 192 mph and a range of 619 nautical miles .A service ceiling of 19,400 feet . its registration code number was NR16020. Modified to hold 1150 gallons of air aviation fuel.  Every bit of space held fuel cans and tanks made to hold double that amount.  The planes increased weight slowed the over all speed down by 10 mph. So if max was 202 it ended less.


Amelia Earhart with her Lockheed Electra model 10 aircraft.

A flying fuel tank she called it. They set off with world acclaim and public awareness her and her loyal navigator Fred Noonan.It was July 2nd 1937. They flew from USA on a summers morning out across towards Japan.Something happened and by 24th July she was reported missing. Her and Noonan never seen again.

The fact she did pass her license test to fly in 1923 so she was a real flyer and radio ham. Many say she had no idea of the new high tech radios but that is simply not true she did know how to use them so did Fred Noonan he was a world class navigator a flyer and  a sea captain of fame.


a brushed up and tinted photo of Amelia as she looked.

Washington Post an American news  paper carried the story of Amelia lost messages picked up by radio hams across the States .in one desperate message from her to US navy command in Honolulu was heard in Morse code 281 North Howland call KHAQQ.”Beyond north- wont hold with us much longer,above water.Shut off”

This was ignored as seen as a hoax. As with all other messages no action was taken as Government marked all calls fake.Why?

After July 24th 1937 it was proclaimed the pair had gone missing. Eventually after searches made declared the plane had ditched in the ocean and story was shut down.

Now 80 odd years have raced by but Amelia Earhart story refuses to fade away. Something is very wrong to my mind here. If we recall she was followed all the way by navigational ship with reporters and radio experts. Yet all this went on without them seeing or hearing a thing. She landed that plane we know now for sure. May be in shallow water. Her last know message received shows her near the coastlines of islands in the west Pacific Ocean. we now she headed for Howland Island but over flew it?

Gardner Island , now named by its native name of Nikumaroro  is found in Longitude -4.6667 Latitude -174,516664 in the Phoenix group of atolls. It is a land mass of 6 kilometers with an inland tidal lagoon. A coral elongated island that can be the place that she put her plane down for that last time. Forested and coconut plantation in places she must have landed on the sand bar and walked to the shore. The island is unpopulated.It is possible that both had injuries but Fred Noonan message recorded tells

.”We must be on you, but cannot see you but gas is running low.have been unable to reach you by radio. We are flying at 1000 feet”

End of message and last ever reported as genuine?

Later in time a shoe and some items of clothing along with female bones found by the new outpost of Coast guard station on that said island had some 260 men based there. That was about three years after the plane and pilot and navigator vanished. She may have buried Fred Noonan and died herself .it is clear all later messages she sent by tidal conditions as plane on sand bar could only be reached at low tide and radio only worked with engines running. Once her fuel ran out the messages stopped.

It is a mystery how the navy ship following her lost contact with high tech radios. Signal.  finder included. Was it set up to happen??? If so why? She flew for 10 hours each day nautical miles from California to just past Howland Island. She was on the wrong line it seems and over shot Howland. 33 hours it took to loose her. Oakland down the coast of Senegal and out on an established Australia root even those days Howland island was the place known well as base for ships for the Aussie ride. What really happened to Amelia Earhart is far more than her vanishing.  Something is wrong knowing how much fuel she carried for a world trip of gentle flying. Was she shot down by an unseen hand. The few messages put together tell a sorrowful tale  indeed to read. No help came and her end was tragic. Starved to death and eaten by wild animals most likely. Funny a massive Lockheed plane just vanished too. No trace will ever be found of it now after 82 years this year. Nothing could be found of it in 1937 so the story is.  Am I alone in my thoughts that fowl play is the real story. Is someone in the know as to why?  just a short time off World war 2 was she seen as a spy? even by the USA top rank war office.

I do not believe she was so bad a pilot or useless, as some say, on radio use or why would a man such as Noonan risk his all to fly with her? Amelia was  married may be only to pay for her flying.   Noonan was acclaimed as a world top navigator and seasoned aviator. There was no one with his qualifications in the world then. At age 44 he had planed her route so well a fault is impossible. How could they be using the wrong maps as said. She had ships following her at each leg of that journey yet she vanished . Lies have been told and something brought her down. It was not bad weather, storms or wind.  She had too long flying but she had Noonan to rely upon. She had enough fuel to go much further she was a good enough pilot and in the company of an expert. It just fails to stack up to my mind. Misfortune is one way of putting it but was her last flight so far off and why did her navigator miss Howland island if it was a fact she landed on Gardner island so where is that plane? Not something you would miss is it? Of course they top men told of it vanishing into the sea? how did they know to say this .If it came from the ship Amelia had as back up then they knew all. But hard science investigation on Gardner Island is pointing at her last days alive on that atoll but again no sign of that plane? Not something one can hide .was it washed with the tide into the blue yonder on the beach at Gardner island. If so divers have not found the wreckage. If the wreck is found we will have all the proof we need to find the truth.

164576-004-6E3ECC6F 75508-004-016C6328

Amelia with her navigator Fred Noonan

A true mystery but not the failure to achieve as she was a great pilot with fame justly hers but the mystery is how she was not found when they knew the area that plane went down in. why declare all messages of help being fake?  Time cannot tell what happened but questions of certain reality remain. Was it the promised war of 1939 that made her dangerous to allies. Did she see something that was not made to be discovered by public.

Over whelming evidence is there to say she landed on this atoll so what happened to her Lockheed Electra model 10? Something is not right, I feel. It is one for you to think on.

Thank you for being with me and I hope you enjoyed the read and slant I am forced to record. An interesting fact is her surname is German Saxon meaning Brave and honourable.

Yours as ever Sir Kevin,

copyright Kevin Parr. Baronet 2018