The great hijack in the sky.

1971 .America. A man who called himself Dan Cooper boarded a passenger flight as a well dressed business man. After take off he handed a letter to the air hostess  .He said nothing as the latter was self explained. It said that in his case he had a bomb.He demanded 200000 dollars and 3 parachutes. Or plane would explode. At no time did he speak or remove the dark sunglasses off his face. The hostess was to tell the airline right away. They landed  at 5.24pm at Seattle Tacoma airport       For received amount of cash demanded and the 3 chutes. Taking off as soon as all was collected he asked for      They told him only enough fuel for

He then told them to lower the plane to 2000 feet and slow speed down. The landing gear down The plane was the only model that had the staircase lift at rear. This staircase did not affect the planes control but after a while slowed the plane down. Some time went by until a deeply concerned pilot Bill Scott aged 51 saw that no one was on that stair and so closed it. The bomb and cash bag gone with Cooper. He had jumped into thin air.

indexwitness and photofit of Dan Cooper given to police by flight attendants.

Over the 49 years since this FBI case began no one has caught the hijacking thief Dan Copper. If that was his real name? Not a marked back note was spent. The man in question had no idea of terrain as he had asked for — So dressed in a thin business suit with a case and a bag of cash he jumped off someplace between-

The shoot had no modern control strings .Then another fact is it was winter and from even 2000 feet the cold and windchill may have frozen him as badly he may not have pulled the rip cord. Lets say he did but then cold as ice he hits the fast flowing river and is knocked out on impact. He dies in 6 seconds. The bag splits and 25k leaks out to shore. The great dam takes him in and that grinds him up and shoot also. No trace of him after which is what the FBI could not face and the hunt went of for 45 years for this man Copper taking his legend into history as never ever caught. Then the man died that moment he jumped from the plane he had in effect signed his own death warrant. To me it is a case still on as who was he is the biggest question ever asked of FBI. Someone knew him that is for certain. Many have come forward with details of parent or uncle of even a woman. Silly as not one note was spent so if he exists what did he bother to rob that cash for if not to spend. We can rule out  he was intelligent as he did not know where that plane could take him he had not given thought to fuel.  He had not worked out a thin suit was silly in a sky dive at night in coldest part of winter and in a storm. My guess he was just a chance taker with first time robbery.

Boeing_727-51_N838N_Piedmont_ORD_30.09.79_edited-2 REAL PHOTO OF PLANE INVOLVED.

Who he was he was not DB Cooper that is for certain. When he failed to come home someone lodged a case with police.Yet did FBI check all states .I doubt it. Yes he made fools of FBI as they even today have no clue at all of who he was.

Mystery even today but is mine the only conclusion? I think so.

Yours with love and respect as always,Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2020

The tale of the Lady of ill fate

Cold the gathering storm winds across the English Black Hills. The flurry of winter biting deep into the horses fetlocks as his rider bent over in the saddle was dead .Shot by the arrow from outlaws in the forest.


The Kings road was no place for honest traders and the forest was alive with vermin not just animal but human garbage. The chill night cut into the slowly moving mount as the dead could not sound the alarm.

Soon the riders caught up with the prey and relieved  the saddle bags of its treasure. The rider fell to the frozen earth as the horse was led back with the outlaws of Somerset valleys and forest trails.

That treasure stolen from the Kings tax man went a long way to feed the many hidden in strong ales and meats. The invading revenge finding nothing. The outlaws grew in number and became the deadly threat to safety along the highways of old England.

It was 1343 and not a man would venture into the wilds even for trade without an army of armed supporters. Then the visit of Count Fairfax and his daughter Lady  Alice was well guarded but the capture of her was planned to perfection. From the rear outlaws dressed as Fairfaxs men divided the progress by means of fallen tree and the six riders took hold of the reins and raced off with the prize. By the turn of hoof and men it was too late as forest was silent and not a trace of his daughter was found.

For days his men searched the forest glades for the camp of the thieves but not a sign was to emerge from the dark folds of trees. It was end of day three and Fairfax livid with the town officials for allowing outlaws to exist on the Kings highway and Forest Royal was handed a ransom note. 6000 golden nobles for the return of Lady Alice.

In the glades the fires burned roasting the Kings venison and in a cage hanging from a tree sat the silent Lady in pure terror a captive. The man feasted and drank and talk was of Fairfax and the cash load demanded. Lady Alice began to fear her fate at the hands of drunken villains and as the night went on she was made to dance nude around the fires all touching her as he cried and tip toed softly trying to hide her shame. Then she was handed around to all of them in turn. it was hell on earth and her bloody body was made ready to return to her father either way. for two days it went on but Fairfax made sure he had the cash sum. He with some sixty knights rode in the forest with shouts to bring in the enemy. Nothing happened and so Fairfax lay the money bag across an oak tree branch knowing he was being watched and with drew a half mile .He waited

A half hour, then they all rode back to find the Lady Alice hanging from the tree and the gold vanished.

Fairfax roar of pain could be heard across the county .Her lifeless battered body in his arms he ordered the forest to be torched. Fire raced through the undergrowth into the trees flames leaped.The wind fanning it until at length it reached the camps as a burning inferno. Gases and smoke and coughing as the outlaws crawled out to be shot by sixty knights all around the line of last ditch defenses.             Arrow and sword stopped all but three men who almost almost escaped but riders cut them down like wheat corn in the ripening fields.

A blood bath ensued and so it came to be the end of all as Fairfax answered to king John upon the loss of his hunting grounds in Taunton.  He was executed on Tower Hill without mercy in February 1345

Her ghost is said to haunt the cross roads near the town road to Bath and other way to Midlands.  Her form is of a lady in white with a Blue riding cape with hood mantle up.

Many have reported seeing s vision or just a glow against the road side but one account of 1932 do tell of a man who fell off his cycle in daylight near the cross road cross. he was demented as he told the men who  tried to help him that her face was all bloody and torn and she came near him to show her face well to him. He told the police that her eyes as bright as bobbins but her torn flesh hanging from her cheek full of blood made him feel guilty and terrified. He never recovered it seems.


This in part,  a true story. Yours Sir Kevin

Copyright Kevin Parr Bart 2020.


The last dance with life.

A silent lane where once a rail way ran. Just a station in the rural Oxfordshire countryside. A one time main archery to London. Today it is so. For Sam Harlow long ago it was destined to be the last place in England he would ever be.index

It was June the 21st in the year of grace 1913. A subscription dance given by the council to the locals each year. From across the floor Sam Harlow cast eyes on the love of his life. He 18 years of age an apprenticed joiner at the firm of Peters and son ltd. She the daughter of the Earl of Dean. Two worlds apart but here no barriers existed just a country dance by invite and membership. Sam asked, she marked her card and he was forth in line to take her hand in a slow arrangement by the band. His ability to hold her impressed the Lady Edith but for her it was as for all just a dance and when it came to an end she thanked him and took her leave. He had fallen for her, a prize too high .She was back with her friends ,he alone and unable to venture forth as now the Earl and his wife appeared to escort the Lady Edith home.

In his heart he thought how lovely ,kind and impressive she was. He knew how hard it would be but would not give up on loving her. For the Lady Edith he had faded into the day before and gone from mind.

Six months later Sam was at this rail station wearing the uniform of the Oxford pals; Engineers ready for France to fight the Hun. It was from here at this station that he last saw England. In his pocket he carried the newspaper photograph of his love after being flung out of the Earls gardens by the bailiffs as trespasser twice during his efforts to win her.

He loved her more than life by now but she did not even now his name ,nor did she care what it was. She hardly knew him and had put him out of her mind that night after that one dance.index

The Front.  Mud filled, rat infested trenches, barbed wire fences, rolls of the stuff laying wildly all over. Whistle blows ,Over the top  and machine guns knock the life from the lads. Fast to fall ahead all the way to be cut to bits by gun fire and cannon. No place for pity just try after try to take another 12 feet of land. Sam survived the hell that was the Somme and found himself laying on a field kitchen table being cut open by the surgeon removing metal blastings from his arm. He came too to see her smiling down at him. Lady Edith herself taking his hand. It was not a dream .She a nurse volunteer along with many others good ladies from England who cared. She was puzzled as she could not say she knew him. In the days leading up to her ultimate death he was recovering fast unlike the poor injured helpless each side of his bed. Screaming and upset as many who would not walk again understood what pain was. Some dead within that singular moment.


He was up but in no mind of his own as  that gun was still firing in his head. Lady Edith tried to hold him back. He wanted to kiss her and he placed his blooded hands around her neck to pull her to him over the narrow bed and in that singular action he broke her neck. Limp she went and he grasped her in his arms pulling her to him.

He was sitting on the bed with her body over his knee sobbing when the Red Caps arrived guns drawn to arrest him. Sams mind was back far away, guns blazing, dead all over him, when they took his wrist he fast as a flash, removed the pistol from the policemans hand; put it to his head and pulled the trigger. For him that gun finally stopped firing for  he lay dead on the earth floor of the tented ward of beds.

The rows of white crosses stand mute in the sand .A grass lands of death mark the spot where some 8 million lay.Then not Sam Harlow even though he was a brave soldier his mind had gone and Lady Edith made it worse for him in rejection. This is what he thought but he had no wish to kill her. In his daze the mind leaving him his action was to hold her only in human warmth. Lady Edith was 21.  Poor girl lost her life serving as a field hospital orderly out of her compassion for the soldier at war.It cost her her life through fate.  Her cold and stiff body was shipped home to the family vault. Sam to the trench marked for fill in within reach of the tent flap door. War was over four days later.The trench is still there to see today as it will be for all time. Just outside of Paris past the great Cathedral of Rhiems about an English mile.On the right hand side of the road before the tree lined parade.  It says clearly on top of the mound over the trench. ‘The glorious Gloucesters held this trench. They hold it still.”

A sad story I agree .Mistaken love and gas in the lungs  the Devil at his work. That rail station was closed years ago by Doctor Beaching and Government mistakes. Some nights when the moon is in the sky riding the clouds like a ship on the sea and the wind is in the east to fill the sails .The ghostly voice calls out above the trees and through the deluge in the dykes you can just faintly hear it call.” Edith. ” As the blackbird sings from his pulpit a sermon to the parting day. No more than that but a chill runs down the spine of those abroad on nights as this.

Farmer and tramp alike  know well.  Walk to that old rail station even in the day light is just as bad as all the time your feeling is Im being watched by unseen, dead eyes. Perhaps beyond that curtain a soldier may be just as lost as all those years ago he was. We know nothing until the time comes when all questions will be answered.   A time when we are selves will find rest .

Thank you all for reading my story.

Copyright Sir Kevin Parr Bt 2020.

The beggar of LochGail.

Long ago in the land of Picts that lay behind the wall of Hadrian built even longer back in time a castle was built. This said castle was the luck of Baron James Hepburn who had been at the table of lady luck. Cards falling like leaves came to profits of richness for the young Nobleman that day. Armed with his saddle bags full of Kings silver and gold coinage he purchased 1000 acres of farm fields in the lower hinterland of the tall mountain chain he had built his home. Here in the leafy lanes came many a tradesman from the towns of Gatehouse of fleet some miles away.  The castle of natural rock and skill took 7 years to erect. It is but a ruined pile of stones today and in the daylight not a sign that once there stood a castle proud. Twined in ivy and fern with hazel and birch through the mound no trace can a rider see from the road. On foot it is hard enough but then no local would dare to venture forth, not even for a bet.


The Castle of the Gail Woods it was know as in its hey day 900 years ago.  One easy win on the cards and a young jack the lad on a Titled rich boy who now moved in with furnishings and a newly married wife.  Servants came from all over the district and so for many weeks the coming and going of staff echoed hard on the walls of Gail. One night in a deluge of winds and rain came a knock on the door that an old woman who had been widowed was pleading for shelter. Baron James had been drinking with friends in the down rooms and in hearing the commotion advanced to sort matters out. One look at the wretch in rags wet and hair matted on her head he banished her without mercy back into the night with no food she caught her death and died in the castle stables. Her body so hidden behind a meal chest went unnoticed for many years.

The Baron lived for many decades unaware of this and when the old womans bones found by stewards came to light and shown to the Baron he told them to throw them to the wolves.

One servant was given the job but he a simple man and  of kinder heart buried the bones in the earth floor near were they had been discovered.  Nothing was ever said of that matter. Not until later ,much later,in the time of Baron James son who became Baron Ralph Hepburn  in time to inherit the castle and its lands .

One afternoon the Baroness sat with her ladies on the vast lawns in front of the old stable block and gave great thought to her plan to expand the library room into that said section. The new wing of carriage housing also had stables and the old ones looked ugly. So it was an easy talk with the Baron over dinner to express her plan to an easy man to please, as in fact this Baron was said to be.


The building was under way rooms below and upper to join into the main wing.  Men came with carts to clear out all timbers and floors of stone flags and cobblestones found the bones and skull below and of so much age and thinking the Barons of old must have had a hand in it wanted no bad deed spent on them so buried the remains again under the far corner and went about their business as normal hitherto.

Over months of that summer the fine work done and the party to invite all nobles and gentry  from far and wide. It was a costly affair indeed but all was over and the  family settled down for the night leaving the team of staff to make good the new rooms.

Having alone set to in the end room of that new build Edmund the head man was polishing the table when to his nose came a strange musty smell of rotted sack cloth. He lifted his head from his work to see a mist gathering from the floor up slowly into a shape of a human form which the head man can be forgiven for he ran from along the length of that new wing until he reached the main stair case and collapsed exhausted. In the telling of the event to the Baron later in that night the Butler manged to leave nothing out.

Baron Hepburn had no idea of what to do so he too walked with a candle back into that same room but not a smell remained. He did not linger for the candle was low. He went back to his bed and no more was said.

Some nights later a few business men sat around that same polished table to discuss the new venture of cattle with his Lordship the Baron. A meal was afforded to the callers and so after wine and beef from his own farms all was set to lay out the plan. Investors into the newly cross beef breeds In England had marked the way for new investment over the border for landowners such as gathered at that table. Then it happened as before told.


Started with the strong smell then a fine gray mist in the corner the crackling of straw as slowly a vision appeared of an old wisen woman dressed in sackcloth and old  horse blankets. her arms outstretched her bone hands calling them to her . Open mouthed the ten men at table gasped as the ghost growled and her mouth opened wider than a tunnel and a thin violent wind blew over the room pushing the candles over. The room in disarray then fire broke out leaving the men to turn on heels and run for their lives.

Not a moment to loose to get his family out before the timbers caught and the rooms burst into fire.  The black smoke and raging orange red flames against the cloudless star filled sky as the castle and all is buildings fell crashing to the floor with deafening noise.


The Baron and his wife and family never went near it again but left it as a burned out shell that in time fell inwards to the ruins that only the fox may know today. Not a place to be lost in at fall of night my dears.

Yours with thanks for your time .Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr,Bart

The Graham papers.

The luminous moon shone along the road bringing a sense of haunting to the gypsy moor . Onward he rode booted and laced at the throat .Armed with pistols loaded and primed fearless and able. Onward bravely in the dancing shades of moon light at speed his black shining mount foamed at the withers but knew her way back home as much as her master knew it. Then in the moonlight he saw the orange red flames of his burning home and he set spur into her flanks and shot like  an arrow across his fields to aid his servants with water to slow the spread of the racing  power of fire.

Morning broke over the land and black the beams and so to the men as soot flickered in the air and that smell of burning in the nostrils of the workers. The day light had brought the true picture of the Barons loss of home. Nothing stood from foundation upwards save chard oak beams that even now smoulder and crackle smoking thickly in the morning dew.

Baron Graham had only the clothes he stood in and six horses saved from the ruins of his yard. His three servants sat in silence worn out with the fight to save anything of Dunbridge Manor. For it was a home to they as much as to him that great Lord of all lands over the bridge. All furnishings that could be saved lay in the grass some distance away. Then the loss of six hundred years of family items had burned to ash in the way of fire as it races so fast to destroy a man.

All that could be used was spread over the cobbled yard that once had seen the best stables in county Sussex.  Horses of such hot blood brood mares that had paced over that yard over ages passed had no place here to even shelter.

Graham knew in his mind who was responsible but for now he kept it close to his chest. Harley had been butler to the Graham family since his fathers time and was seen as a member of family by that mans son now.


“Sad day my Lord but we can rebuild I dare say. ”

” We have to dear George we have to. Or we have no home at all. ”

“I can arrange for men to rebuild then sir”

‘Find Lewis he can serve us as architect .I can ask him to give me the price to build and he himself can bring in a force to build within that agreed costings. we then dear man can shift into the Bell with rooms for now. I may leave you to deal with both? ”

‘ Of course my Lord it shall be done. i will book rooms first sir If i may saddle the grey.”

‘ You managed to save harness too man. ”

“Most of it and all saddles and tow full sets of livery but rest perished sir. ”

” No more timber will be cut. Stone from my fathers half share in the quarry shall not burn if fire ill bargain. ”

‘ Costly sir. The new Cathedral is almost complete may I enquire if the master will call on you at the Bell sir?”

” Good plan and ahead of me George. Good man I can now ride back to Parliament to settle matters with someone i know. ”

So it was that Baron Grahams duel with Henry Cavell was the talk of the town. For much of that week the two men had talks and Cavell had laughed in public at Grahams loss it had led to this. The two men and seconds march ten paces off the mark. Turned and fired but neither man was hit. The gun smoke cleared and all stood still. Cavell handed the pistol back and both firearms boxed and taken to be cleaned.

” It is not over Covell you destroyed Dunbridge manor but you cant destroy me.” Shouted Graham, as his man vanished back through the trees.

Parliament sat and House of Lords read the bill carefully. it had passed the vote on the floor of Commons but Lord Cavandish and Baron Graham went against it. The rest of the Lords then voted and it was passed. Cavells face told it all he had won and nothing now could stop the steam engines racing the new lines across the South of England.

Hearing this Graham sped to see the way the rails would pass his lands. To his horror the site of his old house was down for a station link and yard for iron horses. He knew now why that fire was started. Studying the plans he saw a way to avoid the rails entirely.

He and his architect designed a new mansion in the classical style in stone. It was started in the June of 1832 and completed in the September of 1847. Graham was able to resume his life without fear but Cavell had won over him and he knew it. Graham waited for years but eventually trapped Cavell in a fraud case of shares and had him jailed. in 1856 Cavell died in his cell of some sort of lung disorder and was buried in the prison yard plot as a commoner, who was  still in mid sentence.

It was late that night that the curtains in Baron Grahams bed room blew gentle and without noise until Graham a woke to see a white smoke drifting around in the candle light. He was found dead on his bed as if strangled. The doctors all agreed some sort of siezure had gripped the Baron. It was recorded as heart problems but George Harley suspected more. He left to retire as in the will of his master all staff had been carefully cared for.


Harley wrote to the new Baron Graham now able to run his fathers house what he thought had killed him. It was unwise a move as he was arrested as a lunatic soon after. The sad fact that had turned his head is that young Graham had just married Lady Joan Cavell. In his cell in Newgate Prison the dying George Harley, one time loyal servant to that said family of Graham, heard the shrill laughter in his ear of  along dead adversary . His eyes slowly closed over, as he gave up his ghost in terror and remorse. It is but a nameless plot with no marker but he knew more than any Lord Graham ever did about life and death as one.


Thank you for reading my work. Yours always Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr ,Bart.2020.


The Devil who was hanged.

He was born in the steel milling city of fame called Solengen a middle ages sword masters work shop place in Westphalia,  North Rhineland, Germany; into a middle  class family of hard working business people.  His birth date is 19th  March 1906 as karl Adolf Eichmann.

He was just a child when his mother died and at school was mocked as the tiny Jew. He had swarthy looks and only a small boy who would grow into the Devils own disciple in an age to come. index

He left school to go into sales after working with his father as a milling engineer he wanted more, far more from life than that. He later found himself in an American oil sales unit in Europe.  In 1932 he joined the  expanding Austrian Nazi party and rose bit by bit into the man who had studied well the Jewish ways and could by now speak some Hebrew yiddesh. Filing clerk was his first job under Hitler. In this role as war broke out he studied Jews as fascination until the plan came into his mind to sort out the full movement of Jews out of Europe to Madagascar in the Indian ocean.

In 1938 he had tried to put this plan to the Arabs in Palestine but was caught in the act by British spies and ordered to leave the county. if only he had been arrested all of this may not have happened for Adolf Eichmann was the architect of the death camps.

As Hitler saw a great mind in this new boy Eichmann was soon to rise into the SS ranks as head of 1v B4 units in full control of the newly provided death camps.

in 1944 he was in Hungary at Auchwitz working on the Nazi so called final Solution program . This was to rid all Europe of the Jew. In same year Eichmann was to report to Himmler as his boast was he had murdered 5 million Jews and was about to march 50,000  more into death camps as best way is to starve them to death and let disease finish the rest.

Himmler told him to stop,  but Eichmann had started and so 50000 people went on the death march from Hungary in winter cold as ice in bare feet and thin clothing on to Austria over that mountains in terror ,hungered and ill; few made it all the way with thousands of dead bodies in the snow.   It chills me even to write this.


He now turned on to 4 million Jews left in all camps to exterminate but the war had come to an end in victory for Britain and her allies. Eichmann vanished but was captured by the Americans . Eichmann was not known as yet so his guard was lax and Eichmann escaped .He worked on rabbit farms and such but he had friends in the Vatican in Rome who remarkably helped him reach Argentina . He was a man who was now well know for his crimes. News carried the voices of the dead he had killed into peoples minds . The Diary of Anne Frank nailed Eichmann as a name to fear.

He must have watched his back but had said many times.” I will leap into my grave laughing because of the feeling of that I have 5 million people on my mind is for me a source of extreme satisfaction ”

Unbelievable that any human could think like that or wish it on himself in death. He had no God but will know for certain the fires of  Hades for eternity as his crimes are unforgivable.

In a concrete box made into a house he with a woman and a job in local factory of Mercedes car making traveled each day on the bus at same time  each day. Back and forth for years but in time the Jews who had survived the ordeal  built a Nazi catching police unit and Eichmann had been found. By stealth alone they hired cars and set a plan to take him by night from the bus home to a car waiting .Plates changed out to the waiting plane . They first had to identify it was he. This took some time as the SS tattoo had been burned off with the number too but Eichmann had slipped up in fast interview gave his SS number as another name not his for a soldier his number is foremost in his mind forever. So the SS number was that of Eichmann.

He was tried  back in Jerusalem and unrepentant hanged in Tel- Aviv 1st of June 1962. His body cremated and his ashes dumped from a swill bucket into the sea well off the coast of Palestine. For me a school boy in England could not understand why the Vatican was part of it. Then over the years since have come to see the evil of that same institution who dared to pay Spain to attack England to make our dear Queen a slave of the pope that Bishop of Rome who hated Britain for loss of funds paid to Rome added into billions  even then in 1540.

Eichmann was the Devils own Disciple and true follower of his own mind and thoughts like Hitler who had endorsed him and knew what would be the fate of millions in death camps all over Europe.


Was it a war of pure greed or was it a war that produced more the hand of real evil from the many who flocked around Hitler all the same evil mixture as each other. Hitler and perhaps Eichmann too of Jewish extract makes it even more sinister in truth. The fact that Hitler married a Jew makes it even more amazing. Only they knew why it was brought about as no human being could ever condone it. A mass murder of around 8 million Jewish people in our times, horrific.

To look at him at trial, a frail dwarf of a man, one would not suspect he could be so evil but he was.



imagesMaybe here the real sick smile of a true villain can be see as sentence of death is passed by court on him.


I wish you all my best and thank you for your time to give me. Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. 2020.

The burning building case.

Long ago in deepest darkest Oxford a young man leaves university life to join a Vicars sub division selling arms to anyone who paid well. His name was Roger Morrison Sellwood and this is his story. It is a tale of greed, dishonour , and, perhaps pay back.

This case takes us far from our shores into Ukraine in May month 1952.

Winning an order for six armour plated tanks and over 200 new Gpmg machine guns from the Russian unmarked soldiers he saw the massacre of many poor peasant farmers wives and children.Yet after the initial shock and having been treated well by a General from Moscow in soviet dress who signed the form for order, he said nothing but thank you. Over the next 10 year Sellwood sold thousands on arms to Russia in all parts of the world . Back in 1956 Sellwood alone made his company more cash than ever seen before from the Soviet Russian envolament  in the Hungarian revolution . Thousands of civilians died alongside soldiers in this horrific war .Then Sellwood saw it as his best wages ever.


In Serbia in 1970s he made millions in commission  pay with full order books for his employers. Many dead he stepped over to reach his target of arms sales.

Back home for Christmas 1958 he meets miss Cora Harvey, working a Lyons corner house in Trafalgar Square London. She was serving at table cakes to the middle class ladies. It for him was love at sight. Over the next two years of courtship he buys a house just outside of the city of Oxford. Foxholes became their home as man and wife. Little Henry was born in 1963  and his life as father could not have been better. Cora was a good girl good wife and mother but not an educated mind. She did ask what Sellwood did for a living once but was told Government oversea agent. No more.

He was in fact gone for weeks at a time but she trusted him and was proved to be right as far as faithful duties.She wanted for nothing and so when Sellwood packed to fly to Middle East she first noticed the pistol in the side wall of the half packed case.


That evening ,after her husband Roger had left she first saw the line on ghosts coming down the main stairs towards her just faces in a sheet of mist. faces with open wide mouths and silent screams. She was found by the childs nurse flat out cold across the hall floor less than half hour later.

Roger returned and she told him her plight . He laughed loudly ,Ghosts do you no harm they cant, their dead. From than on her visions became regular and in different forms.Then in a dream like trance her young six year old son Henry fell to his death falling down the stairs. Roger never got over his loss and his wife was taken off to hospital having tried suicide. In the passing months Roger was shot dead in Serbia and his great house far back in England caught fire and burned to the ground. Her body was searched for for days but no human remains were found by police teams. Firemen and Insurance agents. Mrs Cora Sellwood had vanished. She has never been seen since.


Make what you may from that, but this case is closed.

Hope you enjoyed this fictional tale Sir Kevin says thank you for reading it.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2020