The lady has vanished.

It was 18th March in the year of Grace 1986. London Fulham Road was full of traffic

and in her office young attractive Suzy lamplugh sat at her desk making ready to drive the short distance to see her client.  Suzy who had traveled the world now in her first real job for 16 months was an estate agent in the big firm of Sturgis Estate Agent.  She took the firms car a Ford Fiesta number B396 GAN. In her desk diary notes for that mornings appointment to show number 37  Shorrolds Road  to a Mister kipper. No record of him ringing the office. No one saw him come in so he must have stopped her as showing another address to potential client. Or he wrote to her at her own address making him a stalker. If he then took it back from her handbag, still not found,  no woman is without a bag. He may have even known her. He certainly set out to contact her to show him a house he would end up killing her in.

Her car was found streets away later as Gordon her boss had phoned police when she had not returned at closing time.  The car with her straw hat on the parcel shelf was just as it should have been with no trace of another driver. Then the officers noticed that the drivers seat had been pushed back two clips. Suggesting that a slightly taller person had driven that car to another place. No finger prints to prove any thing.

On interviewing the man next door who had come out just to tell that the nice couple who viewed the empty house where just what he wanted to be next door to him. He , when asked, gave the only detailed description of the man that Suzy showed the house to. Said he was a bit taller than the woman ,slim in a dark business suit. Both looked a couple who wanted to live there.


Suzy Lamplugh.

Police  launched a massive search for the missing estate agency worker but to no avail.

Suzys parents said she had last visited them on the evening before.Her father  Herbert, a lawyer and his wife Rejoice Elizabeth,  a swimming and slimming instructor. Both of good families. Their own family of four with Suzy being the second born. Her father had coaxed her out of dyslexia over several years but she came out of it herself and conquered the trouble.

Police came up with nothing and so the case limped on for years. The Nation mourned and her parents finally had a service said in a church that in some way was a funeral. Her father said, “for us she is dead , but alive.”

Now those are the main facts known but to me being suspicious on one matter I wanted to pour through it all again.  To me if someone volunteers that amount of information why was it? to find out just how much Police knew. Was he the Mister Kipper. Not one other description of the mysterious Mister Kipper exits besides that that Riglin offered to police.

Riglin is probably a made up name but he told he was an unemployed builder living in a 200000 pound home. We do not even know if he owned it. His name taken down by police is recorded as Harry Riglin. Aged 58 unemployed. They even failed in taking down his address as they thought they had it as him next door. Not even the Census for that house has record of that name.

Police searched Suzys  70,000 pound flat she had bought with help from Dad. Nothing came to light other that she had a dress cut out to sew on her moms sewing  machine.

If he tried it on for sex with this lovely as Suzy was and she fought back did he kill her. If so quick roll into his house next door ready for his van to take her body to the nearest land fill. Or did he kill her next door. Police have no record of ever interviewing or looking for Harry Riglin. Or what ever his real name was. Having looked through family names records in Britain over last hundred years not one trace of surname RIGLIT.  May be just my trained mind but as no one bothered to take up that lead and ran up a bill for tax payers all over the country searching for a body not a mile from that last place we know she was at last knowledge of the case. No other explanation serves to aid a case that went no place with no clues  only one suspected owing to his record, not even a motive, I think it is a case for yes. Harry Riglit aka Mister kipper was the murderer.

This motive was that he planned to draw her out he knew the area saw her office had the sale and met her there. They went in to that said abode and we suspect the rest. He stayed around to see what would go on. He even showed his face to police to see what their reaction was.  He may not have even lived in the house next door if he did how could a builder unemployed buy such. If he rented it would not have been cheap.

images Suzys parents.

I think if they had picked him up for questioning it would no longer be a mystery at all.

Chief inspector Richard Wood who led the case had to admit he had failed to solve the case but would leave it open in on the premise more facts may appear at later date?

As all will be dead by now pointless begging police to reopen this case. Then would they want to as no one made such a hash job of it than they. I have a gut felling inside of me that I am right.   R.I.P Suzy Lamplugh. You will know who killed you that is for certain.

What is passed is over and only the memory remains.

The moving finger writes;and, having writ, Moves on; Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line,nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. circa 1070 AD.

Yours with respect and love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.2019

Jack the Ripper case looked into

It is an old chestnut of a case with no real new evidence introduced since 1888 between August and November of that said year. Some 50 suspects gathered by Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of London Met Police and his team of detectives. White chapel area of the city of London in 1888 was a slum housing area of so many different communities including seaman rest homes and butchers shops with a large population of prostitute and pimps.It was jack the lad land and gangsters on the prowl. The poor lived there and close was the human bond in most circles. It was near the London Docks and so had a vast collection of foreign visitors many sailors from all over the world.

images_027Whitechapel Lane  London England 1887
In this case we look only at the top 5 suspects as to go through police files it becomes very clear that they just did not have a single clue to base a case on someone. Anybody.
I was before modern technology began and so only witness work was the way to progress save that no witness lived. Who ever Jack the Ripper was he was quick able and darkly covered to vanish. It indicates an athletic man with basic knowledge at least of surgery.
First in the frame of really could be Jack is Doctor Francis Tumblety. An American Irish no body as he invented his medical rank. A seller of cheap medicine at as a cure for all ailments.He dealt in New York as a herbalist. In 1888 he was in London and lived in Whitechapel area. in his New York home he did have jars of female uterus stored in spirits as part of his organ collection. We have proof he added to this over time first shown in November 1888 outside his stall selling potions.
Police had him on a gross indecency charge but it was not enough to have him sent back for trail when he jumped bail and ran back to New York. He was a lover of young men in time when it was illegal and we know he hated women as they stole his love from him. His love a 19 year old male.
3e825d0a5791e0bd575bf4ac4d8308d1Whitechapel London 1887

Next came a Polish hairdresser in Whitechapel. One Aaron Kosminski 11th September 1865- march 24th 1919. he went raving mad and eventually was placed in a hospital for mental patients. Police thought he was Jack the Ripper on these grounds alone. yet they say now that a shawl belonging to one of the victims under DNA proved kosminshi was her killer. I say after 131 years no.  Corruption took place. The wool shoulder cloth called a shawl in the hands of many over this time in police care may have been contaminated easily. Saying this it shoves to dagger nearer to this Polish mad barber.


Third in the line up is Walter Sickert who really could have been the serial killer but no real evidence could be brought to prove he was. For the police this man was the top suspect for years. Yet again no proof came to light.

Then a German seaman called Carl Feigenbaum He had been in the area of the murders in Whitechapel in London and covers all points. He was convicted of murder of a woman and sentenced in Sing Sing prison New York to the electric chair in 1894 to death. His own lawyer William Lawton believed firmly that his client was jack the Ripper.

Lastly we arrive at a Royal physician one Sir William Withy Gull 31st December 1816-29th January 1890. He served Queen Victoria but police found him wandering in white chapel and made it an investigation. Local gossip fast to talk and out it came as the Queens doctor is Jack the Ripper. No real proof in this case as Sir William may well have been seeing a sex worker and shamed in the act.

images_051Face of Mary Kelly, the last victim.

in the murders on that year only that of Elizabeth Stride is different and now it is thought she was killed not by jack the Ripper. She may have been victim to her husbands drunken temper finding her on the game.

images_021 Victims of the Ripper E. Stride her throat cut her body so badly destroyed I decided not to use that photo.

Not one of the many suspects had enough motive or facts to arrest even one of them. They could not solve this case with whole of the London Police department after this killer in 1888 so now it beyond solving it is history only. A mystery forever.

images_034Francis Tumblety

I read of a man who claimed that one of the Rippers victims one Mary Kelly Jacks last victim was in fact AKA Elizabeth Weston- Davies grandmother to Doctor Wynn Weston-Davies who had been brutally murdered by her own husband as she had betrayed the family and his reputation in law. The man is Francis Craig his book 2015 is a real jump to prove that his facts add up.

images_050 Carl the German jew, Sing  Sing prison photograph
Jack was the signed name on the letter sent to the police inviting them to find him. It is I think a petty stupid thing to do as a member of the public sent that in.
Then it was a reporter on the local newspaper that called him Jack the Ripper and so a legend was born from an evil serial murderer long dead and judged by his betters elsewhere.

mary_jane_kelly_mutilated_faceWhat was left of Mary Kelly after Jack the Ripper carved her up. The last victim and the worse crime ever. The cases saw he took heart liver and uterus out of all women that he murdered but here with his last victim he removed not just her organs but her face.
in a letter to a journalist George R Sims Police Chief Inspector Littlechild admitted in 1913 as a retied member of the London police force that Francis Tumbelty was the police top suspect after many interviews with him after capture for Gross indecency the police had enough on him try his case but he did a runner when he jumped bail and no way could they bring him back as he was changed at that stage with the lesser crime.
So we are left with two real suspects one as shown died by electric chair that other got way to New York. it is anybodies guess and this story will run on forever without any proof or conviction. I did hear that DNA may be found on a shawl that belonged to Mary Kelly that last victim but how sure are they that it was hers as all clothing covered in blood was burned later to prevent illness or rats.


Whitechapel lane 2019 London, United Kingdom.

One name we can prove he was not Jack the Ripper was in fact Prince Albert Victor who was not in London but Scotland at Balmoral for two of the murders and on Crown duties for the rest of time in the frame outside of murders.

if this case could have been closed long ago I am sure it would have been so, it will go on and on without end, or result. a true mystery folks. Go with care for its still a jungle out there.

Yours Sir Kevin
copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2019

Time Travel murder case.

In the year 1997 a womans body was found brutally murdered and in the city of London England. In forensic lab a doctor found proof that this unknown lady had put up a fight before she had been killed. Under her finger nails scrapings of flesh from her killer.

I must now say that i recall DNA tests had little meaning in that time it was for many hocus pocus magic that had no real use in fact. Though for the then head of forensics, Doctor Mike Silverman,  DNA was the way ahead in catching criminals.

The results came in and open mouth gasp came from all involved as this dead woman had been murdered by someone who had died some 3 weeks prior to this killing?

in fact all over Germany and France some 40 murders had been performed by this same now dead killer. German police took up the case and left no stone unturned.


During the end of this case the BBC News put on a full report of case announcing it as a time travel murder.

In Europe this case had gone viral as the mystery of a time travel killer. Then DNA had advanced a bit.( deoxyribenicleic acid ) which is in all elements of life. This is the full name of DNA.

In 2014 Doctor Silverman published a book  entitled Written in Blood. in which his way of thinking blamed the fact the method of deduction pointed at DNA being passed on to reused clippers and tools used when checking the dead womans body. Used before but cleaned was never enough for DNA tracing .

_74478750_74478748 Scientist, head of Forensics, Doctor Silverman.

Now DNA is fully known as we all have it scientifically proven it is in all of us. So great care is taken when police are gathering evidence. Any form of tool used such as nail clippers are sealed in the bag with nail clippings in a smaller bag along side them. Used but once so no chance of contamination such as most certainly is the case with the Time Travel mystery of 1997.

One now wonders just how many other cases became infected this way and may be someone innocent was proved guilty on misleading evidence. Chilling thought.

We know now how to deal with evidence gathering all police are so trained from day one in how to deal how to dress and gloves to wear along with disposing of suit of strong paper once used. Bags over shoes same why. Net on same over hard hairs nothing left to chance.

In time gone by police boot walked all over a murder site but again not today as it destroyed vital evidence. If DNA or fingerprints had been discovered then even the mystery of the Whitechapel  killer, named by news hounds as Jack the Ripper, would have been solved.

So dear friends we arrive at the end of this story knowing no time travel killer existed just a murder then the death of a European serial killer.Owing to the mistakes made there is no record of the dead woman on file.  In fact the July murder of fashion house ace Gianni Versace who as shot in the head at close rage by a serial killer called Andrew Cunanan  seemed to overshadow the time travel case and that helped hide so many facts until Silverman came clean in his 2014 book.

gianni-versace-archival-18.jpg Gianni Versace.  famous fashion creator and once owner of the Versace shops that are with us today.

That is not to proclaim that time travel is impossible but not in this case or any other I have worked upon to date can it be proved possible.


Time Travel by Mister Putin?

Thank you all, Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019

ESP dreams and Human Thought

Strange subject for a blog.You may be right but it fascinates the average mind. Time may not even exist, an invention of man, or real? Do we see the future in dreams. Are we blessed with ignorance  or do some really see beyond the screen that divides ,separates us from a time warp.

Time travelers may be just in movies but hey! wait up .Our Stephen Hawkins Professor at Oxford died recently but his last papers deal with the predatory race of Human history.  Yes, that means us. We need the food of earth and that includes other creatures. We live off them so that is  Hawkins heading.  He goes on to say that time travel will be the next step of mankind.  He believed that we have it now.

images Doctor Hawkins and wife in his early days

So not so crazy maybe. I go on to say proof existed when a man in strange clothing was hit by a car in Central New York in 1938. He was taken to the hospital and on him found papers showing he was born in England Bristol in 2067.  Then his clothes had material unknown to anyone then. Closer look at the man showed he was around 35 with clear health up to death. He was laid out ready for morgue but when moments later the men arrived to take the body nothing remained on the slab. Then it was found his clothing had gone also. New York news took up the story but it was soon stopped by Government who said the man was a spy and had made up a new identity.

On a set belonging to the actor Charlie Chaplin  of movie fame during 1920s one can clearly see a women in the dress of the period talking on a mobile phone. Say what you think on YouTube, Woman from future seen on Charlie Chaplin film set

More things than we know go on around us as one man on a bus swore to  the BBC news that he had seen a man appear opposite him on the bus seats .Shocked he spoke and that man vanished with out trace. 1950s London man described as portly in a strange white buttoned up uniform?

On 20th of October 1966 a small 9 year old Welsh girl told her mother that in sort of dream she had seen a big black thing cover her school. That she was not worried about death as she will be able to see her family who died.  Her busy mother told her it was only a dream and gave her daughter a lollipop .Next morning little Eryl Mai Jones had walked to school and at 9.15 avast mountain side of coal waste had collapsed on top of her school and killed little visionary Eyrl and some 144 others, mainly school children, in the worse disaster ever recorded in modern times. it rocked not just Britain but most of the world. Man made mountain of slag and water a big black thing had sat on her school. Little Eryl  had foreseen her own death and told her mother it all. sixth sense we all have it in some form or other.



A writer published a book in 1898. In the books pages a 700,000 ton none sinkable sea

vessel he called SS.Titan had struck an iceberg and with only 20 life boats had sunk below the cold Atlantic ocean with all hands and some 3000 passengers on her way to New York.


In 1912 the writer one Morgan Robertson picked up his newspaper to read in his amazement that SS.Titanic had done exactly what he had written of before hand. his details almost exact in every way as the news he now read. The Titanic we all know off as a terrible loss to the world of people who mainly froze to death in the relentless seas of deadly cold. Men women and children owing in the main to the lack of life boats. just exactly the book Robertson had published. Had he seen it all in a dream.


images_005 Titanic


In a Scottish newspaper called the Dundee Courier and advertiser carried a story of a Prophet who had not paid his ticket on the train ride from  Inverness to Perth.


In Perth the man from Wales was Edward Pearson aged 43. He had told the judge he was unemployed and was on his way to see the Minister of the Environment  to warn him of a great earth quake that would hit full force on Glasgow in the very near future. Of course the court found this funny so did the millions of newspaper readers in that area.Then  just 3 weeks later they laughed no more as the worse earth quake ever to hit Britain brought  down buildings bridges and housing and people.

378DD73C00000578-3755722-image-a-50_1472071487422City of Glasgow Scotland UK during the worse ever know earthquake predicted weeks before.

Earth Quakes are as rare in Britain as hens back teeth but that said so are Prophets who can predict them.  The man Edward Pearson was never heard of again?

In 1959 my father dreamed of a horse race called the Grand National. He saw the winner cross the line and next morning told us at breakfast table who would win the race. Two days later the race was held and sure enough Dads horse, a rank outsider, had won. Merryman 2nd it was called.

My father never a gambler had not backed his own dream. My uncle had over the phone made a bet and won 2300 pounds on that dream as Merryman 2nd crossed the line from way back won the 1960 Grand National Race at Aintree Liverpool England.

Merryman-II-600x321 My fathers dream. Merryman the winner at Grand National race

The power of dreams we take as granted but not so with ESP but we all had it even if the secret is with us lost in time. Animals can do it but mankind have moved out of natural life into a plastic world of invention. Some still have Esp most have lost it. Then some also manage to see the future it seems. The only mystery is what is a dream really. What is sleep even. To die to sleep perchance to dream, as Prince Hamlet thought out loud when considering suicide. is sleep practice for death? I cant say but maybe we rest and relate.

The mind, our onboard computer, what can it store. How much does it hide from us? In London years ago I was with a girl I worked with and liked. A street musician played a Beatles song on guitar and mouth organ  Yesterday i think it was. My companion handed him two Bob (2 shillings) as hand out as he was that good. The guy took her wrist looked at her hand and smiled as he took the coin. You can play he told her.  She laughed .He waved his hands over her eyes and handed her his spare guitar. he stuck a cord Janet played as if she owned the stage and then woke up terrified. The man was gone in the commotion and we never found out how he did it. Janet had never picked up a musical instrument in her young life. It was her later who told me he put her to sleep as he waved his hands over her face. she woke up unsure with guitar in her hands.Pity all went pear shaped as if we had that time over I would have made sure that drifter told us all. who was he that is the question.

I myself have never been sure if we have a life or many. Indian friends of mine in uni years ago rich set they were too. Had a mystical way with them. They in turn could sit crossed legged on the floor for hours meditating. I have tried it but always mind comes flooding back. Like the man who stooped a Saint and the saint told him pray for 12 minutes think of nothing but of God. If you can manage that I will give you my donkey.  So the man on his knees started praying.Closed eyes tight lipped he went on but on the 7th minute he suddenly asked if that saddle came with the donkey.

Some can train the mind but others record events that happened even centuries ago .Did they life then and die and return to now.A natural blockage in the event to stop remembering but sometimes it shrinks as facts come through of last life lived.

Keeping an open mind to all facts is hard to do. we as humans say we do but in fact we all have walls of fact and reason to stop us seeing things we just cant process. it is those who train the brain that win. Science has  none of the answers and loads of questions. Yet it is all we have to deal with things.








Alexander the Great and where was he buried?

On the night of 10th June in the year 356 BC Alexander of Macedonia was born in the city of Pella . Mentioned by Aristotle and rose as the successor of his father the Great Phillip 11 of Macedonia. His mother Olypias  raised him as a Prince and warrior. When Phillip was assissnated by one of his own body guard in October of 336 BC Vergina Greece. Alexander aged only 20 took the vacant throne.  He is aid to have told his mother , “I am indebted to my father for living but my teacher for living well”


We know his plan now was to build a massive empire and that is where we come in to this tale.

Very little is known only that he employed his own friends as Generals and had more than basic skill at dividing up that army to bring in victory. He knew peoples strength and weakness which is half the job of planing battles. He  raced through all lands massacring thousands but bringing in Empire from modern day Persia to India.

He completely destroyed the armies of Darius King of Persia but left the fleeing King to be murdered by his own men.  One massive victory for the mighty warrior .

Not a nice man to meet also a robber of other peoples lands , homes , livings and no better than any who have gone in to battle for greed.

However he made the big mistake in over night partying in Babylon in the very palace of the defeated King.  Nebuchadnezzer, a Royal Palace in the heart of that city.

Alexander ordered a feast to commemorate dead friends in battle. He started drinking wines early and soon fell ill. Pain in his neck and shoulders he complained of and soon a fever had him in fits. Carried off to a bed room made in his honour he collapsed. For 12 days he suffered pain in his stomach and weakness of limbs. He went in to coma and died. No vomiting was mentioned so we are left with 3 possible theories. He was suffering Malieria , or Typhoid or he was poisoned . As no one else caught the illness it is poison but what sort as no vomit and 12 days to kill him?

Roman bust of Alexanderf624f89f901230968933034489b2b639

Only one type of poison really can work this way and it was grown in Persia at that time by those who studied chemistry in gardens made by Persian families. We grown it now knowing it is deadly but now bred to be a good garden plant. It is White Helliborus latin named Veratrum Album.

Induced into honey to rid its bitter taste and let in to a vine goblet it kills in ways described by Alexander and takes up to 12 days in a string body or faster in a weaker one. It is said also to preserve the body. now we know that although in the heat the body did not fade at all. We have how he died now but who killed him. We can leave out his Generals and his guard as without him they were nothing. It leaves Persian women in Babylon who had lost fathers , sons and loved ones to the Devil sat in their Kings Palace.  Why Alexander had course to dine in his dead enemies house is beyond good reason and one massive target for one, or more of his many enemy women did for him what a world outside would have done to rid the earth of violent thieves set in taking your all.

images_003May be from life a marble Greek statue of Alexander

Yes he owned half the world in greed, what an achievement, if you have no soul no love for brother man. He paid dearly here on earth with his life but one who brings war to the world will pay for ever and ever Amen

Where ever his bones are only vague interest do I have but my guess it is no place near his enemies domain. As far as it being ,as one TV show told us, is the remains we call Saint Mark in Rome. One can dispel that out of mind as beyond comprehension.

Besides it can never be proved by the man who proudly announced it on British Tv.

We many never know only that it must have been carried from Babylon as some how General Ptolemy captured the copse to ensure no one would know his friends grave site.

The ancient records says Pausanias , a historian saw Ptolemy bury Alexander in Memphis but in the late 4th Century , early days of Ptolemys reign in Egypt that body was moved to the new city port of Alexandria.

W e will never know more no matter what comes up in fact. who buried Alexander did it never to be found. All we do know is here that a man aged 32 had died in agony at the hand of his enemy .Divine justice no doubt. It is talked about that Phillip was killed on his sons orders. Nothing would surprise me about this man called the Great. Maybe he is buried in Egypt in what is today Alexandria It is the likely place as that General of Alexander ruled the two lands as a King .His dynasty reaching as far as Cleopatra.

I have no interest in such as he was for to me not a great man just a thief of other mens homes who stopped at nothing , saved nothing , swept across lands waving swords to chop off heads and daring all to win. Even for his own time we know Alexander as a taker of brilliance and a planner of battles next to none. Only thing is would you love him for stealing your house and family to serve him / Well neither did the poor farmers and small villages that came under the army led by Alexander who came only to win lands and villages and town  and cities  no matter who fell  or who had to die it would belong in total to Alexander in the end. Much like the Vikings savages who did exactly the same but we do not glorify them but Alexander many still do.

Youth and fame walk hand in hand it is the stuff of legend but think of those who woke one morning to hear his clarions and drums approaching knowing only you are to loose everything .Your home ,lands ,family and you as slaves at best then know what fear Alexander spread around the world he battled for then died before he could even sit back and rest. No wonder is it some one with hate finished him off without detection.

This is the way history pans out not always happy days but hard fact is the way through the maze to reach conclusion. Alexander not the Great just  a man of his time but with more pluck than most. More need to kill to love battles and enslave the conquered. If he had lived may be as master of the world things would have been so different. Thankfully not so and we are free to be ourselves. Alexander was a bandit chief whom like his father loved power more than love of the very people he was born to guide and rule over. Other nations had to fall to increase his empire. He did not wave a wand to make it so he raised a sword and chopped off heads . A sort of early day serial killer on horse back.

Nothing to venerate nothing to commemorate nothing to emulate nothing to remember of this man of blood, case closed.

Yours sincerely Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt. March2019

The mystery of Dyatlov pass 1959

This case I read of nearer the time of happening absorbed me in interest. Much that it was told to me by Russian friend at school 1963. The pass in the mountains of Siberia takes its name from the leader of the mountain skiers team who died whilst camping in the Ural mountains. This was a holiday rest from education as all scholars from research engineering.


Setting out the students but one went back leaving 9 to be slaughtered that night


What happened has puzzled thousands over the years  as to how nine crew 7 men two

ladies died in the middle of the night in 24 cel below snow fields just yards away the first two from the tent.

The facts: First night in February 1959 some students hiked across the snow slope near the Kholat Syakhl or to us The Dead Mountain.  They had set up camp, made fire and cooked a good dinner. Then had retired into the tent and slept.


Russian police photo of tent some weeks later still almost up and able to use but then knife slits in the side wall displayed damage made from inside of still zipped up tent?


We go forward  a week and a search team of doctors and students and some police led

out to find the tent still up but with sliced sides made with knife from inside of canvas tent. Then two bodies found in snow frozen in bare  feet and mostly under wear . The girl lay face down had no eyes and tongue had been removed too. All the bodies displayed chest impact of some unworldly pressure and a few with deep cuts in head.


One of the second group of corpse found.

After time 7 bodies found laying in line as having tried to crawl back to tent. No other foot prints but of the students,  no avalanche just some scorch  marks on tree line the first bodies had been found near. The report suggests that the first bodies had been stripped of clothing as the second group had items of clothing on the bodies that had been used for warmth. So not all died at once.

The really strange facts now come in to focus. Chest injuries on two bodies suggested being hit by a truck at full speed. internal injury on all bodies broken bones and ribs but not a scratch on the outside. As if some huge giant had picked each one up and squeezed the very life out of each  victim.


So far into the wilds of earth known Siberia not a foot mark other that of the camper students anyplace. The burnt fronds of treeline was examined but dismissed as too far off.

Theories abounded ranging from Russian missile firing tests to drug abuse and then to Zolotaya Baba or the golden woman that is said by century old legend to haunt that part on the Yural mountains.


Photo taken by the team higher up the mountain showing orbs or is it simply sun flash?

When interviewed the police told news that the deaths related to inhuman force?

Tales of Yetis appeared all over the place.  Nine, or more students died that night and what  a waste of life it was.

When searching the lack of evidence I fell upon the fact that another team on skiers had camped about six miles higher up. They had been interviewed by police and told on orange orbs floating in the sky that night.

Not much notice would have been taken if not for the 1990  report from the dying police inspector Lev Ivanov who told of items from the case being removed proving a Ufo attack on that camp and fire to trees both sides of area connected into the size of the ship. He died of age soon after they took this story from him.

It could be fact but also we must consider that possibility is Russian gas tests by Army may have been the object of the case but then that explains not the vast bodily damage to the victims. Micro waves from some secret weapon we have never yet heard of.?

I leave you to decided what is the case here based on the facts given but please research this never ending case yourself now . I have only left out the clothing issue as I feel it is misleading who wore what. A man told me in conversation that it was a sexual motive as 7 men two good looking young women and a tent? Might explain the tears on the wall of tent but not why nine people froze in the snow over it? Not to mention the vast amount of damage to all of them. The later so broken they could not crawl back to the tent and died of windchill and in 24 c below in scanty clothing straight from bed.

Thank you, this case is rather sickening but the mystery element in it attracted me onwards. I cannot say what murdered these poor young students but I have my belief it was not human intervention.  You must arrive at what the answer is yourself.    Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt feb 2019

In search of a lie some 2400 years old

The lie can exist long after the very dust of the story teller is gone and all that existed with him too has vanished save for remnants of that civilized world such as stone pillars and stone steps may yield of yesterday.

I am talking of a island beyond the pillars of Heracles (Hercules) an island lays far out that is larger than Libya and Asia both together. The Straits of Gibraltar  into the mouth of the Mediterranean  . That according to the play write Greek we call Plato

As to locality though vast exploration both on the seas and under them has reveled nothing. rich men have become poor and reputations have been ruined in the search for this island that was even given a name by Plato he called it Atlantis and all believed it existed. Many today will argue I am wrong as Plato recorded it all as if Plato was God who had created it out of the words he used to talk with scholars. Plato that gifted argument of man  who looked so deep inside your mind to have you questioning ones self, could he ever lie?

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You can ask that question of almost anyone and the answer will come back no. Ridicules who knew him personally. I would have said he invented many things to make his point a score. Then I never met him either so what do I know. Only that he lied or invented Atlantis in a work of fiction. if not we must ask why did we not find other such tales of this most notable land mass vast in all proportion not another living soul mentions its existence. Not one single record of anyone save that of Plato.images_025images_027

The hundreds of people over the years have tried to find this land mass without a sniff of success.  People such as Jacques Cousteau the Oceanographer and divers. Then we have not lost Atlantis as it was always there where it lived , inside Plato books Timacus and Critias

It was an American amateur historian called Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) a Congress man from Minnesota who added his own twist to Plato work. He went on to invent Diffusionism ,the idea that we all start from the same point not just we but all life on earth. He even sent Charles Darwin his book on the subject. Darwin was less than impressed.

Jacques Cousteau diving from his research ship Calypso in search of Atlantisjacques-cousteau-gestures-at-his-latest-underwater-research-

in 1888 Madam Blavatsky wrote her book called ,The Secrets Doctrine. It gave a very Christian flavour to Platos Atlantis and she even predicted that Atlantis would be found in 1969.  It was never lost but never found.


How many have lost lives trying to find Atlantis and how many in the future will continue the work instead of better things to do. It is fools gold to say the least but to some it is me who is mad. I care not the math will never add up and in the true style of Plato will argue my case as he would so very long ago. He invented it all.

Like that of the Sainted Sir Thomas More  his book Utopia was penned to teach a king how to rule wisely  though it fell on stony ground as that King Henry went on to murder. Plato in his own way  wrote of the mythical  Atlantis is much the same way perhaps.

Not long ago a man called Franck Goddio claimed to have found Atlantis below the North West corner of the Nile Delta  at a place known as Aboukir Bay. He found when diving a 330 foot stone block wall then a statue in the remains of a Temple of Scrapis  who was Egyptian in origin.  He went on to say that this sunken city is the size of a temple and palace. As it is not in the sited area that Plato gave us nor is it the size of Asia and Syria one then sees Egypt in the making how can it be Greek Atlantis. I dare say many lands sank below the waves over our long history. The Town of Port Royal is but one example. Many exist around the world. This will not add to Atlantis as it never existed but in the mind of Plato to tease us all. Or was it his desire to teach us.? Or was it poetic license belonging to a serious writer .What it was not nor ever shall be is fact. If a vast land mass in the middle of Atlantic ocean,the size of Syria and all of Asia suddenly appears the wash waves it could produce would sink both Africa and America north and south. All of Asia even then was all of China ,India and all between. It would be the largest Island in our world. It is foolish in fact to think Plato never lied as he certainly fooled some on this story who believed him Atlantis existed.

If one doubts this simply add up Asia land mass at time of Christ it is=4458 sq meter .Syria now far smaller today as it included Turkey at that time but land mass = 185.180sq M .Now take away size of Atlantic at 3716 miles and in metric 9.6244+9 sq M. Making Plato who invented Atlantis not very good with sizes of mythical islands.

We can rest assured that what ever was in the great mans mind at the time of writing his famous books it was never to impress with figures so again we are back as to why he felt he needed artistic license to write at all?  As I say I have felt for many years that Plato was trying to tell us something by this means not lie to us. He was a cleaver mind that worked so well I would have loved to have spoken with him just to know how very good he was at mind reading and puzzles as he knew so much of man and his ways.Pity he was forced to drink hemlock in his wine or be cut apart by swords. He knew far too much and the corrupt had to have him silenced. What he left us was far more than Atlantis the real gold is in his words.

His belief was that democracy will not work in the favor of all.At best it is mob rule. He died owing to such radical ideas but we know today how right he was and so as he said only the dead know end of wars. May be his Atlantis was his ideal land to start a colony of good people on. This world of greed and war could never hold his free soul so may be that was his wish to leave us hope to live in peace devoid of greed and mans desire to own us to make us many soldiers and for what? .So the greedy can survive to use us again for their  own ends. Plato and I would have been ever such good friends pity the gap exists. Now that would be worthy a quest to find time travel and stop searching for land mass as to find it is impossible for it was in Platos heart to find why he needed it so much.

Hope you found this ramble as interesting as I found writing it?

Yours with love and kind thoughts ,Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2019.