The Road Hill House Murder Case

At midnight on 30th June 1860 a 3 year old boy was found dead and  dropped down an outside toilet spoil pit as if to say that was all he was. It was a case that really upset Victorian England to the very core. Newspapers and speeches in Parliament echoed the news through a whole year of stories connected. It was a mystery within a mystery yet not to Mister Whicher.

images_015 Road Hill House at that time of case.

Road Hill house in the county of Kent became the first case of murder ever investigated by a new breed of policeman. A detective purely involved in scientific fact and logic. This man was Jack Whicher who really was the start of all detective stories ever told.

When this new department was set up no one ever gave it a thought Whicher was all that existed as the new sort of law man. He was given the case to look at his way and report back. Really he was on his own in history making as none believed in scientific nonsense and fingerprints. A new wave of thinking had come but too soon to be noticed as useful to the police or even to the public.  Whitcher was on his own and times against him but still he got it right and laughed at. He was a simple sort of chap with a great skill he could look at the facts as a jig saw puzzle and fit it all together in his head. A thinking copper was not what the rest of the force seemed to think was useful to a case file. Clues then went by the board and feet walked all over a murder site and destroyed all clues .It was Whicher who knew this well if the rest did not. He was so far ahead of his times that even Sherlock Holmes was based on him. Doyle may have had a lecturer who had insight but Doyle had read all about this case as a medical student.  Then Edgar Allen Poe wrote about his idea of Whicher in a novel and created the worlds first fictional detective named Auguste Dupin,  before Doyle, had his idea of a pair called Sherlock and Watson. If you read up on this you will find Sherlock was called Miley and Watson had not come to mind when Sir Arthur did first put pen to paper. If Whicher had not ventured forth no detective would ever have come to our notice as we know them now.

I recall being read to as a small boy .Auguste Dupin was amazing stuff and eager did I progress onto Sherlock Holmes as another hero of my early days on earth. I was about 6 I think my first book entitled Black Beauty then Children of the New Forest by Marryat I have mentioned before in pirate review. I soon took on Doyle with Holmes and Watson and loved every page I read.  I came across Whitcher through an American lady living in South Wales who told me I had an intelligent face and recommended this book Suspicions of Mr Whitcher as a good read. She must have read me as a book as I bought it same day. Read it six times in four years and researched the subject after wards. I hand this to you with great pleasure as worth reading


Jack Whicher  1860 London UK

The train arrived with Whicher ready to walk that way from the rail station up to Road Hill House.A big imposing gentlemans country house  residence came into view with its plaque announcing the name boldly unto him. The owner, a well to do Government factory Inspector  who had remarried and the dead child, his boy from the new relationship. Samuel Kent snr. had  issue from his first wife. There being two older children from his last attempt at family life in the house. His wife then the heiress of wealth. Now married again to money One William and his sister Constance Kent. They about 16 the girl and bit younger her brother at time of the murder case.


After announcing him self to the parents the detective searched the grounds then entered the house via the kitchens door.  He interviewed the family then the servants and after this went out to inspect the outside toilet cess pit for evidence. It took him just a few hours to name the killer or killers as he believed the two other children had murdered the fathers favourite new son. Jealousy he named as the motive and so pointed the finger at the young girl and her brother as guilty.

The father would hear none of this and reported Whicher to the Police Federation. Back in Scotland Yard London Whicher was asked to write a full report of his findings. In this he explained the house had been well secured and locked. No evidence was seen to explain how any could have broken in as the only smashed window had glass outside on the path not inside as would have been the case. There fore it was an inside of house murder. The hatred for the dumping of their mother and the child who made both children second placed gave the full evidence as the work of both children as one alone could not have lowered that dead child down the deep toilet pit without help.


imagesSamuel Kent.

He was mocked and scolded and ultimately sacked from his job with lost pension owing to the Mister Kents contacts in high places Whicher was without income and laughed at. However he now became the first ever private eye. His own business and did well at it.

Quickly now our  story moves on. The young girl and her brother now older adult living in Australia free as birds. Her brother became the famous William Saville Kent photographer of wild life and birds. Director of fisheries and author of books. Constance Kent his sister eventually owned up to the murder of her dead half brother. She informed the police that she had some 30 years before killed him alone and then piled him down the outside toilet pit.  In this she saved her brother Williams career and sentence. Her final entered into Londons Holloway jail for women to serve her lengthy sentence. Whicher may have been wrong on the Brother helping as the girl at 16 could have carried a 3 year olds body. He may have based this on help as both children hated the affection given to the child and not to them.

images_003 Aged Constance Kent who murdered her half brother and in time may have repented. In her face one can still see the horror of her crime.

Constance Kentimages_028  as young woman She was born in 1844 and died aged 100 in 1944

She left for England leaving her hospital for lepers to her best workers and set off for jail at Milford England. Here she did her sentence saying nothing else .She was moved to many jails . On record Jack Whicher was still alive as an old man who must have read this news with pride and thanks that he had proved all wrong. Justice had been done. He was not reinstated nor granted his legal pension from police even so. I have found that Constance Kent faced execution for her crime. If Queen Victoria had not stopped the hanging taking place nothing would have saved her. She served life and was released on good behavior after years of being shifted around prisons.


220px-William_Saville-KentWilliam Saville Kent, brother protected by his sister Constance Kent according to Jack Whicher. I think he was right as he was famous by his own way through life and sister did not wish to destroy him. She took full blame ,eventually through guilt and possibly finding God in her life. How much this brother was responsible is doubtful he may only have known and held doors open.


Constance made an ideal prisoner making ceramic tiles that adorn the centre isle in London Saint Pauls Cathedral .in the design included is a small cherub of a fat faced boy with wings each side of head.

images_022Young Saville Kent ,the victim

One amazing historic case worth reading up. Elizabeth Jenkins who wrote Princes in the Tower so well also wrote of Whicher case. So too at that time wrote Charles Dickons about this and many have made a good account in his book called Bleak House, based on this singular case,but the best account is with Kate Summerscale and her book, “The Suspicions of Mr. whicher.” It kept me awake all one night reading the pages that I could not place that account down until the conclusion. To think we have to thank Jack Whitcher for every detective story we read or any Private Eye film we watch as he was the worlds first who none would believe was right and he forged ahead to not only start the first detective business in the world but be proved correct in all he did and in his own life span. An amazing man who knew the truth before any one else.

Thank you all for your time in reading my article and God be ever with us all. Multum et Parvo

Yours gratefully Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr. Baronet. August 2018

Air Ace Amelia Mary Earhart mystery

Born 24th July 1897 in Atchinson Kansas USA  Amelia born to a rich lawyers family. Her father a rail road lawyer married the local heiress. She had a good beginning and as she grew she want with family to visit her far older sister living in Toronto. From here she was introduced to air planes when the family went to see an aviation Expo. The main event being a pilot flying a by plane as a barn storm flyer doing tricks in the air and ending by flying straight through an open ended barn without touching the walls with his wings at high speed. This thrilled the young lady who went on to by her own plane  and to become famous crossing the Pacific ocean.  From this flight she became the first female to fly alone across so vast an ocean.

4728433769_217e02564bFred Noonan with Amelia Earhart.35f1b09d80279f368c8b97bd0fd329c2

Aged 39 she bought her lovely Lockheed model 10 Electra and had it delivered on her birthday.. It was soon developed into a top model by radio being included in modern tech. They fitted Western Electrics radio with Bendix modification finder BFO beat finder .it was high tech and it took time for Amelia to learn how to use it.  A plane 38 feet long height from ground 10 feet and empty weighed 6454 pounds . It had a cruise speed of 192 mph and a range of 619 nautical miles .A service ceiling of 19,400 feet . its registration code number was NR16020. Modified to hold 1150 gallons of air aviation fuel.  Every bit of space held fuel cans and tanks made to hold double that amount.  The planes increased weight slowed the over all speed down by 10 mph. So if max was 202 it ended less.


Amelia Earhart with her Lockheed Electra model 10 aircraft.

A flying fuel tank she called it. They set off with world acclaim and public awareness her and her loyal navigator Fred Noonan.It was July 2nd 1937. They flew from USA on a summers morning out across towards Japan.Something happened and by 24th July she was reported missing. Her and Noonan never seen again.

The fact she did pass her license test to fly in 1923 so she was a real flyer and radio ham. Many say she had no idea of the new high tech radios but that is simply not true she did know how to use them so did Fred Noonan he was a world class navigator a flyer and  a sea captain of fame.


a brushed up and tinted photo of Amelia as she looked.

Washington Post an American news  paper carried the story of Amelia lost messages picked up by radio hams across the States .in one desperate message from her to US navy command in Honolulu was heard in Morse code 281 North Howland call KHAQQ.”Beyond north- wont hold with us much longer,above water.Shut off”

This was ignored as seen as a hoax. As with all other messages no action was taken as Government marked all calls fake.Why?

After July 24th 1937 it was proclaimed the pair had gone missing. Eventually after searches made declared the plane had ditched in the ocean and story was shut down.

Now 80 odd years have raced by but Amelia Earhart story refuses to fade away. Something is very wrong to my mind here. If we recall she was followed all the way by navigational ship with reporters and radio experts. Yet all this went on without them seeing or hearing a thing. She landed that plane we know now for sure. May be in shallow water. Her last know message received shows her near the coastlines of islands in the west Pacific Ocean. we now she headed for Howland Island but over flew it?

Gardner Island , now named by its native name of Nikumaroro  is found in Longitude -4.6667 Latitude -174,516664 in the Phoenix group of atolls. It is a land mass of 6 kilometers with an inland tidal lagoon. A coral elongated island that can be the place that she put her plane down for that last time. Forested and coconut plantation in places she must have landed on the sand bar and walked to the shore. The island is unpopulated.It is possible that both had injuries but Fred Noonan message recorded tells

.”We must be on you, but cannot see you but gas is running low.have been unable to reach you by radio. We are flying at 1000 feet”

End of message and last ever reported as genuine?

Later in time a shoe and some items of clothing along with female bones found by the new outpost of Coast guard station on that said island had some 260 men based there. That was about three years after the plane and pilot and navigator vanished. She may have buried Fred Noonan and died herself .it is clear all later messages she sent by tidal conditions as plane on sand bar could only be reached at low tide and radio only worked with engines running. Once her fuel ran out the messages stopped.

It is a mystery how the navy ship following her lost contact with high tech radios. Signal.  finder included. Was it set up to happen??? If so why? She flew for 10 hours each day nautical miles from California to just past Howland Island. She was on the wrong line it seems and over shot Howland. 33 hours it took to loose her. Oakland down the coast of Senegal and out on an established Australia root even those days Howland island was the place known well as base for ships for the Aussie ride. What really happened to Amelia Earhart is far more than her vanishing.  Something is wrong knowing how much fuel she carried for a world trip of gentle flying. Was she shot down by an unseen hand. The few messages put together tell a sorrowful tale  indeed to read. No help came and her end was tragic. Starved to death and eaten by wild animals most likely. Funny a massive Lockheed plane just vanished too. No trace will ever be found of it now after 82 years this year. Nothing could be found of it in 1937 so the story is.  Am I alone in my thoughts that fowl play is the real story. Is someone in the know as to why?  just a short time off World war 2 was she seen as a spy? even by the USA top rank war office.

I do not believe she was so bad a pilot or useless, as some say, on radio use or why would a man such as Noonan risk his all to fly with her? Amelia was  married may be only to pay for her flying.   Noonan was acclaimed as a world top navigator and seasoned aviator. There was no one with his qualifications in the world then. At age 44 he had planed her route so well a fault is impossible. How could they be using the wrong maps as said. She had ships following her at each leg of that journey yet she vanished . Lies have been told and something brought her down. It was not bad weather, storms or wind.  She had too long flying but she had Noonan to rely upon. She had enough fuel to go much further she was a good enough pilot and in the company of an expert. It just fails to stack up to my mind. Misfortune is one way of putting it but was her last flight so far off and why did her navigator miss Howland island if it was a fact she landed on Gardner island so where is that plane? Not something you would miss is it? Of course they top men told of it vanishing into the sea? how did they know to say this .If it came from the ship Amelia had as back up then they knew all. But hard science investigation on Gardner Island is pointing at her last days alive on that atoll but again no sign of that plane? Not something one can hide .was it washed with the tide into the blue yonder on the beach at Gardner island. If so divers have not found the wreckage. If the wreck is found we will have all the proof we need to find the truth.

164576-004-6E3ECC6F 75508-004-016C6328

Amelia with her navigator Fred Noonan

A true mystery but not the failure to achieve as she was a great pilot with fame justly hers but the mystery is how she was not found when they knew the area that plane went down in. why declare all messages of help being fake?  Time cannot tell what happened but questions of certain reality remain. Was it the promised war of 1939 that made her dangerous to allies. Did she see something that was not made to be discovered by public.

Over whelming evidence is there to say she landed on this atoll so what happened to her Lockheed Electra model 10? Something is not right, I feel. It is one for you to think on.

Thank you for being with me and I hope you enjoyed the read and slant I am forced to record. An interesting fact is her surname is German Saxon meaning Brave and honourable.

Yours as ever Sir Kevin,

copyright Kevin Parr. Baronet 2018

; A Lady witch called Helen.

We come to the story by way of Helen Royston the real lady witch. Her father called Valiant for Truth Royston, a name made for the fight against Crown injustices, was badly injured fighting as a Puritan against the King at the battle of Naseby .Although the Kings army under Prince Rupert was annihilated by the Cromwell led puritan army Royston was not so lucky and was to returned home an unknown injured hero.

Roystons fighting days over he retired to a cottage near Cromwells birthplace in Huntington. Here he chose a wife and settled down. His chosen  was a good looking lass and she agreed to marry her man. A child born in 1650 they named Helen but in 1653 the mother died leaving her ill husband and their toddler daughter to get on with life. Royston seems to have come into money around this time and later started delving into science with the philosophers stone looking for that Elixir of Life. Alchemy  it was called he now practiced as the truth of Kings he had dismissed as lies this new truth of Alchemist ways he sought freedom of another sort.


Sir Richard Morris. Later in time as no photo of any before him exists. this is Victorian Sir Richard of that same bloodline.

Family bloodline named him the same but in Victorian times this man lived.  As no existing portrait of the man, I include his descendant for your interest.

Alchemy was like a drug it entered the blood such as gambling has that same effect.  However it was young Helen who took over as her father slept until at length he died and so Helen around 17 was rich. She too fell under the spell of Alchemy and her fame spread far and wide in healing medicines and such as those who suffered required that may have found some soothing benefits in the ointments Helen made. After John Roystons death Helen became famous as an early chemist but then all that mystified was witchcraft. One day a pestilence fell on a farmers stock and Helen was called  for. Her efforts saved many of his horses but it now ran into others farms. She worked hard curing those that could be saved until at length a Witch Finder named Stubbs heard of Helens magic and came to call her a witch.. Outside her cottage a crowd gathered and Stubb lead the shouting and accusations flew. Helens Mastiff dog was called the devil and was cut down dead before her feet. Bound and dragged to the local pond to be ducked. Then before this assembled crowd reached the pond side up came the son of the local squire with his hunting party. Even though Stubbs proclaimed her a witch and fought to hold her this educated man rescued Helen and galloped away with her. Stubbs shouted that a man who took a witch away from a witch finder would die within a year passing. It was the usual curse from such as self appointed evil men who profited from sticking pins in women and proclaiming them witches to be burned.

The squires son died of a malady a year later exactly. Helen had been sent for to remove the spell from the Squire Sir Richards son. it was too late and he passed away in his bed. Helen was now blamed for every mishap as a witch.  She was arrested by Sir Richards deer keeper and taken to be hanged . Off he went with Helen to jail her in the village stocks. Sir Richard rode down to see justice done. When out of a thicket the deer keeper was seen to appear dazed. The vast crowd gathered around heard him say. “She will not be a trouble to you now Sir Richard she is to be married to your younger son.”

Helen Royston became a lady and did marry the Squires youngest son. Nothing could now be done to harm her but the legend of the lady witch lived on to the end of her days.

The truth of history for so many other poor victims of none educated men who set themselves up as witch finders did not fare so well as Helen Royston nor as lucky being pretty enough to marry high. For the real Matthew Hopkins who called himself Witch finder General made so many hundred women suffer under his cruelty and vigor in proving such women to be the Devils mark upon them  and  so a witch.

oimages_036Matthew Hopkins

Anglia and became Witchfinder General not by Parliament but by his own hand madeimages_005


sign of an alchemist

.England and later in time America also had many who fell to belief that witches existed.How it worked was some older lady had a black cat as mouse catcher in her care. If someone fell out with her all could then pile in from the pub to call her a witch and drown the poor woman in the village pond. If you sank you died but would be found innocent if you floated you became guilty and would be burned at the stake bound hand and foot in the flames. The long flowing dresses worn by all classes those days may have kept afloat many as air in the dress as it billowed up like a sail in the driving winds held the woman above the waters. Anyway you died as soon as some fool or enemy called your wife or daughter a witch. Aided by evil in the form of witch finders women had a bad time those days. Men too could be called warlocks and suffer a test by fire made possible by the intervention of the church. It was as barbaric as the thing with  witch finding. The cruelty was rife those days it was bred into many from ancient belief and superstition.

images_022From the 1968 film Witch Finder General. Matthew Hopkins as he may have looked,portrayed  actor Vincent Price.

Hanging Judge George Jeffreys


The last named witch to burn to death as punishment in England was in the days of hanging Judge George Jeffreys  and the bloody assizes. her name was Elizabeth Gaunt of Brownber hall Cumbria UK. She was imprisoned for helping a man who had taken part in the famous Rye House Plot .He then turned Kings witness to save his own skin and so pointed the finger at his kind heart rescuer. The only charge they could summon up was witchcraft and so Elizabeth climbed upon the wood piles and was strapped firmly to the stake at Tyburn, London in front of a large crowd of public viewers and so burned to death as a witch for doing nothing but a kind deed for a coward. The Rye House Plot was all about removing the King in rebellion. Discovered by Royal spies all involved ran for their lives. All caught in short time and punished. Elizabeth Gaunt has a window paid for by those who would not accept the story made up of witchcraft. It remains in the Ravenstonedale church wall depicting young Elizabeth Gaunt in stained glass.

I must add I found Sir Richard in this factual story as Sir Richard Morris an educated university man who had no belief in witchcraft so that may be why Helen was allowed to marry Morris youngest son as he did not believe the local press his elder son had died by her hand. I cannot find portraits of either Helen or her noble husband.Included only a portrait of one of the later family. It was a fit end to this article do not you think?

My thanks for your readership. Yours, Sir Kevin.

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Captain William Kidd and hidden treasure

Kidd was born near Dundee in Scotland United Kingdom of Britain in 1645. His father a sea captain in the Kings Navy was shipwrecked and lost at sea when William was but  a boy. He dreamed of being a Navy commander and became fascinated by the world of ships. When able he made up his mind to make the long journey to London to put his case to the King.

He seemed an honest man who took his chance and put his case to the King. Kidd wanted to sail with the Navy but that King Charles was a man who never could promise anything. What he did come up with would line the Kings pockets with treasure as he made Kidd his pirate catcher. He would have his own command to sail the seas looking for pirates to capture. All treasure taken back to England into the Kings chests. Kidd paid out of what he brought in. Not a good job or a safe deal with such a man as King Charles 11 who was famous for forgetting who served him well. Here was a mighty King whos promise none relied upon, he never said a foolish thing but never spoke a wise one.

hqdefault King Charles the second.


Kidd set off with a full company of trained navy sailors. It is noted that Kidd himself was no sea man. Indeed many of them had sailed in war ships and he could not handle them with so little knowledge.  When they had sailed to the middle of the Indian Ocean and not a pirate in sight the crew lost faith in Captain Kidd having no plan so many of them in port changed back to other Naval ships crews. Kidd was  left with a few men who could not sail the ship. He had no choice so went ashore and offered jobs to sailors, who many of them, if not all had piracy crimes against them. He had little choice but it is logged that he fell out with many of his new crew who wanted to board richer ships to rob them.  It was hell for Kidd who had honestly done all with dignity loyal to the King.

What happened then they came across a large trader ship and it looked as if pirates were aboard her.  Not British Navy men. They attacked and soon won the fight. It was soon discovered that they had captured traders from the East Indies Company racing to England backed by Royal command papers. Kidd knew this now but his pirate crew cared not.




It was Kidd who needed a faster ship so he took over and called the  vessel “Adventure Prize.”  From this point on Kidd may have crossed the line into piracy. It is a fine grey line.


Kidd had not know that the ship belonged to The famous trading company and may well have seen it as a pirate ship. By now he knew he was for it as her papers showed him how wrong his action had been. He raced back to explain in London. He was arrested as soon as he appeared to see the King. Thrown in jail and ready to be hanged Kidd tried his luck by pulling out his ace card and played it. He promised he had buried that said ships fortune on an island near the location of the ship attack. He asked to be forgiven when the booty was found.

The Governor was contacted and in went men to search and soon found Kidds hurriedly buried haul. It was sent back to London as proof Kidd was a pirate. Once received by the King Kidd was tried and found guilty and sentenced to hang. On his last night he told of another larger Treasure but no one believed him. He met with God on 23rd day of May in the year of Grace 1701. His body was caged and hung out on the Thames River banking for all to see what happened to pirates. He left a wife Sarah m. 1691 and two children Sarah and Elizabeth Kidd.

Was he a pirate or a Kings pirate catcher? I think he was unlucky and foolish to trust a self loving minded cash crazy King in the first place.

This other treasure is suspect as Kidd never had time to build a fortune even if he had turned pirate.So did he build a trap on Oak Island in Nova Scotia ? No he clearly never did. Who ever claimed it was Kidds treasure must never have traced Kidds movements or seen how short his career was. The treasure sent back to London was hardly treasure but the belongings of that ship he had taken that his crew had set on fire as to proof against them all would be lost.

The legend that followed Kidds death is mostly urban myth yet again. Many became Pirates owing to ability to sail. Some fell into piracy like Morgan being captured as a boy in Bristol port and slavery, served at the mast, enlisted eventually as a pirate himself.

Kidd only ever wanted to serve the navy and the King until circumstance hit him hard in the face and the King who washed his hands of him could have saved him.

The treasure at Kidds trial was never shown but referred to as Kings cash stolen.It really belonged to the East Indies Company from the ship Kidds men took as pirate vessel. Even if that is not fully right what could he do with a crew bent of piracy anyway. One man against 50 is not really worth arguing with. They may even have killed him as he seems to have failed as a leader who had little sailing qualifications before he went to see about a navy appointment that would have trained him as a sailor. Then the greedy King had other plans for his subject. Kidd was used by Charles as many others had been.

I think Kidd was no real pirate nor is there proof he was as he admitted his error honestly by putting his own neck in the noose believing to the end in the King who employed him. it is certain that his second treasure was just a ploy to buy more time. It is why the Admiralty did not take any notice of Kidds talk. It may even be owing to them being fully aware that their prisoner was no pirate in the first instant.

Since then every Discovery TV Program that talks of treasure of any sort relate it to William Kidd. Oak Island pit was not made by he. More some cruel engineer who just wanted to show he had skill in fooling all . He may rest in peace, he succeeded.

As for the legacy of Captain William Kidd, history proclaimed him a pirate, without proof.

Yours, with best wishes, Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018.





The Mystery of a Picnic at Hanging Rock


When in 1900 a group of young ladies being boarded and schooled at the Appleyard College Academy in Victoria Australia go off for a picnic something very strange happens.

Divided from the main group four girls set off with their math teacher to wander in the rocks. A picnic is under way both sides of Hanging Rock in the Macedon range of mountains. The girls see a family picnic and a young man watching them. Up higher they explore. Miranda a blond leader of that group has had a premonition of some standing that she will not return from the mountain. This guides her up through the rocks followed by the girls but the teacher is reading her book and sees not the ladies take down their stockings and remove shoes to climb higher into the old volcano caves.

When later the teacher comes to see it is late she at first tries to call the girls.Then decides to follow them. Far down the mountainside the main party are worried and leave one teacher there in case the party return. The coach takes everyone back to the school an hours drive away.

A week later two boys find one of the missing girls almost dead in the rocks and carry her down bit by bit until one boy takes his horse and gallops off to find the doctor. Once alerted a party ride fast to Hanging Rock .It is now they all then carry her down to the coach and back to schools hospital wing.

The doctor is concerned that the girls face and hands are torn and damaged as if by a fall. She has no marks elsewhere on her body and she has not been molested or interfered with. The fact that she has just come to senses and can recall nothing is vexing and that her week without food or water seems remarkable that she even  survived.

A full and massive search is launched again for the other girls and their teacher but again not a sign of the lost ladies comes to light. A bloodhound is used and a gap in the rocks is located by the dog. But nothing is found. It seems the rocks absorbed them.


In research dear reader I found the book by Joan Lindsay absorbing to read. She wrote as a first book in just 4 weeks . She was born in 1896 in an age of Queen Empress Victoria and wrote that book aged 70 during the Vietnam war in 1966. It became a smash it and was said to be based on fact. The mystery is why the writer insisted it was fact when I found none is puzzling. Was it the writer wanted it to be  a real mystery and so a cult book on sale. Did she base it on legend ,no. Searching newspapers of that time nothing is reported on missing young ladies.  So it is fiction only sorry to say and happy for the saving of souls to report. images_008.jpg

You see the last chapter the publisher took out which tells of an ending by Alien capture on the mountain that would have ruined this most haunting story of mystery as to what happened to young pretty ladies lost in the rocks under a hunting moon. Enjoy the book as I have not told it all here and surprises still exist for the reader never the less my attempt at finding truth was my way of proving mystery it is not .Fiction it remains in a haunting tale of vanished ladies into the very folds of rock that form an ancient volcano.

Hanging rock also called Mount Diogenes.


or even Drydens Rock is 344 feet higher that the surrounding plains. It is part of the 7 million year old  Macedon range of mountains and is a volcano with no history of eruption in history of mankind. It is situated in central Victoria province Australia.

However millions of tourists have visited the place since that book was first published in 1966. all seemingly to believe that it all happened as real time. Movies had been made with big directors and famous actors and actresses to set the legend in place.

The writer Joan Lindsay died in old age and it still sells as a book of fact because we all love a good mystery. There is something about young innocent college girls in laced dresses of Victorian white with long blond hair blowing in a gentle breeze being spirited away forever. It is haunting and none forgiving and sad. Not a single trace of a bit of lace white linen no trace of footsteps and only the dawning knowledge of a loss so great it pains all readers. It must be true said one lady close to me.I want it to be true but so glad it is not in a way. As it would be cruel to wish it so as fact.

There is a creepy sense of haunting along with hope they are returned to tell us what happened. 1900 is 118 years ago when the story was set. 1966 when it sold all over the world and no one you read it ever thought it fiction so much is the power of a good yarn.

So there we are my reader yours is the story now. Read the book now even knowing the truth and see how you will be drawn in slowly to wanting it to be true . It has that power over you in fact to remain a mystery forever in your heart.

Thank you again for being with me. How much I hope you liked this article

Yours always Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018


MysterY surrounding death of Freddie Mills.

In my youth Freddie Mills was famous British boxing champion. At end on his fighting career he took easily to television acting and entertaining. He came over as a self assured man but with a kind joyful way about him. We know that he had bought into the first Chinese restaurant in London even perhaps in Britain . He had partnered with Andy Ho the TV chef in running this place but Mills was aware that things were not quite right. We know that the famous gangster team called the Kray Twins Ronny and Reggie kray had eyes of protection cover on this eating house but it just was not taking enough cash income for Ho to pay the demanded payment for cover. Freddie Mills may have refused to pay Kray as hard as they both stood Mills was a pro fighter.


It is said that Mills suffered a darker side with depression and was possibly have speech difficulty after being punched in the head so often in the ring. If this is true it clearly did not show as this in his many TV appearances just before his death. It was suggested that the Chinese Triad had also been there with treats over protection who may have talked with Mills. No proof of any of this can be traced. We can say the the Krays did approach Ho over this. But what happened is mystery. My thought is many have had a say in this  and books are telling many different story outcomes.

yes Mills was loosing money of Ho who ran the place .It may be that he was no manager or even something so new as Chinese food in that part of London in the 1960s was slow to take off. What ever Mills was a rich man one loss did not mean he was broke. He had a fighting career second to none he was never the best but a rear trier in the ring, had made lots from TV shows and some acting .His savings added up.

His wife said she did not think he ended his own life and so on all I have read neither do I. If we move now to that day he died in a lock up garage near to the night club restaurant he part owned we have been told Mills was found dead in back seat of a car with a rifle between his knees. The bullet entered an eye and blew out his brains.

Now that long barrel at an angle such as upright and slightly towards the man is set at an angle that unless he bent his head over the barrel it could not have even hit him but gone through the car roof. When he read the coroners report they claim that his eyes remained open? Would he not have blinked when the wind of that shot whistled towards him.? Go to a modern day eye test. I defy anyone not to blink hard waiting for that blast of air and reflex action and then when it finally is set exact and fired into your eye lens you blink, out of nervousness.

Mills was a fighter self trained never to give in. Did he kill himself , no he was murdered. Now who would have loved to sort Mills out but that hard man who was crazy Kray.

Some old lag out of Prison told that Ronnie told him he had nothing to do with Mills death. The lag went on to say he believes him? kray was Mills friend even though Mills was not like him at all? Mills would not have scared so easily so did Ronnie , who was crazy sort him out? Some one pulled that trigger for certain as it could not possibly have been any other way done. It points to a gangland murder same as Mike Holliday case. May be protection racket and two stubborn victims and it rolls right back to the Kray twins. as they never said  a thing one way or other about it as being the darling of the nation Mills death known would go right against them and public may have demanded hanging both of them which would have been cheaper than feeding them and keeping them both for life on public purse.Both of them filth. It is only gossip that Ronnie told this prisoner that he knew nothing about Mills death. Or was it put around by Someone on Krays side?

I can say only that a medal winning fighter such as Freddy Mills was with ambition so strong as to take up acting and own a night club and shares in Chinese rooms is very unlikely to commit suicide. Even if Crays threats did have an effect on Mills I think he had funds enough to start again in USA. I know his marriage was nearly over and he was not a  worry sort of person he had legal people on his side.Now if the headaches was his death wish I am not that sort as suffering high pitched whistling in my left ear is driving me mad at times but why end your life on that. Im a fighter understanding Mills as a victor not a looser. He , in my mind, did not take his own life as so many claim Freddie Mills was murdered for sure.images_012Mike Holiday

record made just before his death by so called suicide. Great friends with Mills

His best friend singer Micheal Holiday had been found dead and that too was pronounced suicide not long before Mills death. Holiday had also known by the Kray Twin



Rare photograph of the Kray twins who both died behind bars in prison.Evil they lived and dead may be more than punishment as faced with almighty God.


Then the murders of many prostitutes bodies found in the Thames River proved sexual contact and strangulation was the reason for death. Mills was not named as killer but many people seem to connect up dots that do not exist. Police believed a night security officer had done the nasty deed. Mills was not a suspect but some writer now claims the guilt of this drove Mills to kill himself.

Many have ideas as to what happened all I can say is good luck. He did not kill himself not was he a killer nor was he a worried man .When death came to him on 25th July 1965 this fighter of 101 clean fights out of which 76 wins and 49 straight knock outs made him the legend of British light-heavy weight boxing world. He had made his fortune and the British nation loved him as their darling.

Boxer World Champion Henry Cooper helped carry Freddie Mill coffin to be buried in Camberwell new cemetery South London UK, he certainly did not believe his friends death was suicide.

Frederick Percival Mills born 26th June 1919 body was brought before Professor David Wingate at the Middlesex Hospital by police for examination. Wingate suggested that someone else must have pulled the trigger and killed Mills. He was hushed up and never heard to say another thing on Mills not even at the  inquest.  Now that speaks volumes to me. Something is not right and the 46 year old victim was murdered in the back seat of car in a London lock up garage. If someone thought of killing themselves would not the passenger front seat be the choice. Perhaps a minor detail in a vast area of facts but worth a mention. he was killed elsewhere as no blood splash in car

Mills and Holiday both died as friends in an underworld setting of the city of London where gangsters carted guns in public. Hit men as common as fish and chip shops and the Krays just one unit of a lively crime area. If someone paid to have Mills put down easy it would have been. Andy Ho and many enemies surrounding business those days could have wished Mills dead. Police failed to look further into this case at the time and the same police man who looked at Mills case was the man who captured the Krays. End of story.Freddie-Mills

This is how Freddie Mills was found by police acted by Mills relative. I think shot elsewhere and set up to look as suicide as if a rifle shot at close range was fired his head would have flown back into the rear window perhaps but not sat as if snoozing after a long day. Was it someone far nearer the top that ordered Mills and Holidays deaths? Mafia even if both men together witnessed something that evil and shot and blamed for all. they all say Mills was broke but he did not spend on high life was paid for all he did and at 46 how could millions of pounds just vanish unless his account was the death sentence that closed his life. Two men committing suicide almost together is more than a story can cope with it is murder to all who read or knew of him. A man from poor background made good and loved by the nation as a real gentleman and sport. I say someone shot him elsewhere and sat him in that car later. the photo above show Freddies nephew posing to show us how his uncle was found in the car.M


Dangerous times to have lived in Londons east end those days.Even now in fact.


Thank you all for your visit to my blog. I do so try to make things vivid and interesting for you but never move from the facts.  Yours Sir Kevin.

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The mystery of Lucius Cary and his death.

Tew Houseimages           200px-2ndViscountFalkland.gif Cary

This man was the great mind who had  the strength of Kings. The prime minister and Chancellor to King Charles I. He was a scholar that became one of Oxford University  top brains. He was a studious mild gentleman. Even his lands, houses and titles made little difference to his cultured mind. He was a believer in good  and took for granted that others thought the same. He was 2nd Viscount Falkland , a Scottish title

This is the mystery that brought him to the edge of human faith. We can look at his life and make a  leap into suicide or accident as the case may be.

The Earl of Falkland was dead and his son Lucius was now the inheritor to all titles, land and homes, now the richest man in his shire.

You see to understand how rare this young chap was we will examine the century that he lived within. The seventeenth century to be precise was for the first 60 years a time when man looked more deeply into the very fabric of  English Society. Men had come to reason and had throw away the middle ages that gave men jobs owing to rank and Gods will. Questions in law ,Government and science.Even the church was being reformed in English minds.

In many ways it was a time to live for those who wanted change.

At the age of  twelve young Lucius was taken by his parents to Dublin to be educated at Trinity College.  Some time later his grandfather Sir Lawrence Tanfield  died and willed the manors of Great Tew and Burford  to first his dear wife then down to Lucius.

in 1629 ,the grandmother died and at Nineteen Lucius Cary became the owner of all .The vicarage at Tew was vast and lovely .He moved in and had built a library .by now he was versed in Latin and skilled in French. He loved the house and made it fashionable for himself. It was not long after this that he met and fell in love with the daughter of Sir Richard Morrison of Tooley Park in Leicestershire. Her name was Letice and they married against her fathers wishes.

Clarendon, the Royalist Historian said much about the studious Earl and his house at Tew. Having retired from London high life Cary could be found in his library with groups of like minded followers. Even involving his new wife in education .She however seemed to be happy gaining knowledge. Well known poets and theologians. rich educated gentlemen and even Cowley and Suckling the famous strove to be part of this set. Must have been what Virginia Wolf had in mind when writing her story of Orlando.

Like her hero Lucius wrote poetry but it was not filled with fire but was readable. He therefore was a wise and gentle student of all that was important to him. He was not an inventor or a polished mind of original thought. Cultured is the best word to describe him. Never happier than with his head in a book.

The tide was now turning in the country and John Hampton, a near by land owner rejected the new taxation demanded by the King.He called it ship money as tax was to build a navy. It was so high a demand on all folk that it was a real first reason for Civil War. Carys name can be found on this document so we know now that he did leave at least once to ride to London to sign his name to the petition.


ill fated King Charles 1 .

There is found a mistake in papers connected to Carys houses as we find he did pay tax on all other properties in his ownership so the paper for Tew must be lost of taken out by enemies. he also penned a poem on the death of Ben Jonson which states the King is master of the seas. He also served as volunteer in the ill judged expedition against the Scottish Covenanters On facts that exist it seem Cary supported the King. We find him sitting in Parliament as Secretary of State in discourse with Prince Rupert of the Rhine telling that swaggering blade that if he took no notice of Cary,’ You neglected your own Royal uncle,the King. It was Falkland the educated against the brave but foolish German Prince. Rupert did settle down though and was one of the founding members later of the Royal observatory. Falkland may have even warmed to him at that point in the Princes life but he was long dead by then.

images_009  Prince Rupert of the Rhine

We come to the mystery step by step now. Civil wars of 1642-49.  In truth as a soldier for the king he was brave but not a believer in the war that divided English man from his brother, son from his father or mother from her boy, or husband from his wife. It was war, divided by the sword in the hand, the belief in mind and it tore apart holy England. left thousands dead and an executed  King. Before it was stopped and every family suffered cost and what for? Freedom, no, as it was more than that. It was a war that divided people and it never ended did it?

It was as the day progressed and on the morning of 20th September 1643 Lucius Cary dressed calmly told his friends peace is the way not war. Peace, peace. It was the siege of Gloucester. He was heard to say by night fall he hoped to be out of the troubles. “I am very weary of the times, but will be out of it ere night.” He was dressed in a clean linen shirt and a smile to his associates she he spurred his horse into battle.

Choosing an early opportunity in the fighting he walked his horse through a gap in the hedge and was instantly shot dead by Parliament troops approaching the gap from the other side of said hedge. Did Cary know that they had crept up when he went through that gap or did he simple not know is the question.? By all things said he wanted it all over but was his death at that point his wish or just bad luck?

Clarendons, History of the Great Rebellion, says war took his sleep from him and would shortly break his heart.

He was a sensitive man an honest and loyal human with an insatiable desire for education. His love of all things made him a highly interesting mind and one I wish I had known. He had it that all men are equal that no good came from none truth. Without that feeling inside of us life for him, was not worth living for such a man of deep honor a sensitive spirit and a gentle soul who saw old England in tears and blood lust by the Devils throng on both sides of that argument. It solved little as mankind is fickle and rich will always forget the poor. Kings are but empty vessels trying to be political. Man kind will fight over anything led as donkeys by the monkeys in power.

Yes I think Cary had had enough and was unconcerned of his safety but his death was by accident I still feel. Matters not as he was dead for sure and well out of that war. It only comes to mind as a mystery he ever joined that fight at all.

It so enraged both sides of the fight that our King was such a traitor to his people by paying foreign armies to fight his own subjects  just to save his throne. He could have survived and still ruled if he had had honesty, dignity and education that would have told him his belief in the divine right of Kings was rubbish. Then he was not a man to be talked into caring for the people he ruled over. He had it that God himself had placed him in power and his words came from God alone? War just had to happen and it ripped poor England in two. Like an apple it lay rotting whilst the Devil sang.

Lucius Cary 2nd Viscount Falkland, a very educated son of England is worth studying if you see how much he did for all. He thought everyone was good in heart but sadly he was wrong and in that he paid the price with his life.

Lucius Cary.

van Dyck, Anthony, 1599-1641; Lucius Cary (1609/1610-1643), 2nd Viscount Falkland

Thank you again my readers for your support in all I write for you.

Yours with great love and respect, Sir Kevin


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The Angels of the Mons.

AA333630: Military - Objects

Today we delve deep into a tale from 1914 and that evil First World War. It will be as true in detail as I can record. One must relax and try to read with no opinion as to yes or no it happened or not. After all millions of men saw a heavenly visit by a host of Angles or just one with a gold ring on her head. Some say Saint George rode through the English lines of retreating men to give them hope.Others say not George but King Henry V as Agincourt field is not far away from Mons. Did that victor against so massive odds and so few brave English troops win a victory and return to give these soldiers support as his ghost rode through the lines shouting “For England and Saint George .”


Painting depicting King Henry V giving his brave speech before 600 men fought 1500 French at Tramerco near Agincourt in France not far from Mons battle field

Many think all this is true and many like me want it so to be. So spread the tale.

Then the signed affidavit of Private Robert Cleaver of the1st Regiment The Cheshires tells a story that will stand as evidence he saw the whole thing with bands of musical angles and angels directing men into battle. This statement gave credence to the story and started a real hunt for evidence from returning troops there after that war.

The vicar of Sunderland parish Northern England one Rev. Alexander A Boddy of All Saints Church 1886-1922 was instrumental  in his search for truth.

In an article in the Daily mail newspaper dated 24th August 1915  he read Private Robert Cleavers telling story the legend had formed and all England now knew of the strange tale of guardian Angels appearing to help our desperate over run troops in the battle field of mud at Mons in France.


I can quite see now how this pans out but my grandfather who survived Mons and that awful war never saw Angels at all. This caused me to look deeper and search longer and by chance fell upon a story that Robert Cleavers signed statement on oath had been a total lie. On checking this out it came to light that Private Robert Cleaver 10515 The Cheshire Regiment had never been at that battle of Mons as he was in England training and only arrived in France with the Expeditionary Force on 6th September 1914 when Mons was fought in August . Cleaver was sent back To England ill in December 1914 and saw very little action. Why had he lied under oath? Well mystery is in that only he could say why. Maybe he wanted to be famous if only if war record had been checked by that said newspaper on Mister Hazelhursts report in Daily Mail newspaper all this would never had gathered pace and may well have fizzled away. instead the months after the war was over all news was awash with stories that all prove now to be pure fabrications.

Tales of interviews by Vicars in Keswick to Vicars in London with returning injured soldiers are interesting but no names of witness seem ever to appear in that accounts.

Nor are there photographs of any of them and no trace even of Robert Cleaver after months of trying to find anything about him.

If I now tell you of a writer called Arthur Llewellyn Jones Machen from Caerleon Monmouthshire on 3rd March 1863- 1947 who among other works penned a short story that became a best selling hard back book title ‘The Bowman’ In this story published in 1914 as the war began tells of Angles appearing in the sky during a battle to aid and protect an army hammered by the enemy.  It paints such a tale of spiritual hope that it became real in the minds of a generation butchered and dambed by war.Mons was a total defeat and disgrace on part of Generals  in charge of that defense had only to turn and finally run in retreat. Germans had far more trained men and more guns than us. Even though we did win in the end Mons was our worse nightmare. No wonder stories exist about spiritual beings covering the British and Belgium retreat from German Cavalry advance and pinned down by infantry the loss of life great and brave men died at their posts. One man shot four times still carried on machine gunning while the mates escaped in retreat .He was so badly shot he knew he was dead in moments so carried on firing ignoring the retreat and he kept the enemy back just long enough to aid the rest.


It is now easy to see why this legend became an Urban Myth so angrily defended by so many it could not fade away but ran the course on the back of Private Robert Cleavers lie.Based on the topical mystical book of fiction named the Bowman and one best seller in 1915 Published in short story in newspaper of August 1914. It was here that Private Robert Cleaver saw the story and placed it as happening at the battle of Mons he claimed to have witnessed. He was later proved to be a fraud but too late for the urban legend not to grow and grow. As in all news it becomes real to many who will not let it go.


It accounts for the one reason why my grandfather failed to see Angels at the battle at Mons and others did. My grandfather had not read the book or any other as for the first six months he was blind after that war came home with lung lost in gas attack in the trenches of war in France. He was at Mons and many other battles in the Lancashire regiment of Queens own Bays now Kings troop Royal Horse Artillery.He returned to being a plumber on his own  estates and died of heart failure in 1950.

I do not believe that God would send Angels to anyone side in a war.How could he as we are all his children so war to God is against his command and we sin each time that occurs. The men at the top that is. So now come to the climax. Yes I am sure that it was not mass hysteria nor was it real. It was bogus fiction that may never have been told if not for that book by the Welsh mystic Arthur Machen with his profits high on sales of THE BOWMAN story that started this Urban Myth .Machen was not guilty as he said from the outset it was a story of fiction. Then Robert Cleaver took it upon himself to promote the myth.

May Angels guard us all.

Yours Sir Kevin.

Thank you for reading my articles it is as much as I may do to entertain with facts to set the truth in stone

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The Royal Prince who lived in obscurity.

He was born the fifth son to King George V and Queen Mary on 12th July 1905. He was named John Charles Francis Windsor of Saxe-Coberg and Gotha. John had been born at Sanderingham  York Cottage Norfolk estate England. A lovely baby boy and was loved from that moment on. As he grew problems came to light and he had now suffered with  fits. Reaching the age of eleven he was so outspoken and leaked secrets in front of visitors that he was taken back to Norfolk and from 11 years of age was never seen again by anyone other than Royal family servants. Local farm children only from the Royal estates brought in for him to play with helped Prince to mix well with others and all liked him it was said.

images York Cottage

From 1909 he had suffered Ellipses and doctors knew more was wrong but Autism was unknown at that time. The boy was unruly and could be alarming at times with his antics. However some facts relate to his mothers visits to him and she arranged for the local estate farm children to play with John. Though from age 11 he was not seen in public ever again. He was hidden from view as to be that way would reflect badly on King George relationship with both newspapers and public. It was his view that his son should not show him up.

220px-Prince_John_1912-13Prince John.

John could upset many people but his Autism he could not help. To all that knew him including his older brothers he was wild not dependable and a problem child. Yet his kind heart and warm ways melted many hearts who had suffered his outbursts.

John the joker was a boy who would put glue on door handles, pins on chairs and once even asked his father what he was eating at table.The King ignored the son but as he placed lettuce from salad in his mouth John quipped “Oh! alright then father there was a caterpillar on that lettuce, but too late as you have eaten it. ”

His mothers visits became far less frequent and John sank into despair relying on his nanny only he wept.  He was able to wander in the house but watched as never able to go outside without a minder. John was slipping into a dark world that would be the root cause of his misery.

John had learning difficulties they all knew but it went far deeper and some thought him wicked as no one understood how confused he was as Autism makes the boy so wrong.

He died aged 13 on18th January 1919 at Wood Farmhouse Sanderingham estate Norfolk England just yards from his birth place un loved by most but cherished by his nanny he was laid to rest in Saint Mary Magdalene Church  on the estate on 21st January 1919 as guns fired in the war far away in France.

Prince Edward, Johns eldest brother, wrote on 22nd to his new mistress one Freda Dudley Ward .” John was more of an animal than anything else, that I should be plunged into mourning for that?  This prince Edward was he who sold us out to Hitler after we forced him into abdication in 1938.  One rotten egg of man was he.

Queen Mary lived on until 1953 and her rather hard minded husband who wanted better sons died as King George V in 1938 as his errant son climbed into his throne only never to be King in truth.


images_022  images_005

Queen Mary                          King George V


Prince of wales, the hateful bother who became King but left his throne for a woman married to someone else.


For all the problems John faced he did suffer, with a smile on his face while his family came off worse. His father the King was put out of his misery by lethal injection by his doctor to get the news on time of Kings death before news office published morning papers. The doctor made a cash gain it is said by his actions.

Edward married Mrs Simpson who was said to be 5th Column Nazi. He was forced to give up his throne and become a civilian only. His brother with no such training for Kingship had to quickly pick up the job as King George VI.  He suffered a severe stammer and he conquered it in time to be able to give a public speech. The problem was the fear that his father had instilled in him that he was second best. The old King had expected too much of his children and that was his own fault.

The royal family today suffers not in that way thank God. Poor John lies in peace while his able Brother Edward my be in a different camp for ever.

A sad tale indeed today I tell but history never goes away and Prince Johns story will be told for centuries ahead.

Once again may I take this opportunity to thank you for reading about this poor boy that was hidden from all and forgotten by his parents over time. To all those who suffer may God be your support and kindness shown to all.


Yours always, Sir Kevin. Be safe, be loved, be you and worry never.Rust to the blade is worry so father told me.

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Finding the tomb of Genghis Khan.

images_016  Mongolia step


Genghis Khan

The real man who became a world leader in war. Born Temijin son of Yesukhei the bloodline clan leader of Kubla Khan and the mother Hoelun of the Chinjin dynasty of Mongul tribes bloodline. On her sons birth in 1162 a birthmark on his hand told of great leadership. So she trained him well in art of defense and to protect himself in violent existence between warring tribes and to know and understand the need for alliances.

Aged 9 years old Temijin was taken by his father to live with his brides family. That chosen wife was Borte. A girl of same age who knew her own mind. She had know Temijin would pick her as his own wife. He did select her freely and that formed a bond between them. Some weeks later He was to hear of his fathers death on returning home.

He had fallen in with a camp fire roast of lamb.He knew that this tribe had been instrumental in war against Yesukhei tribe and he had caused death against one of their Tartar Prince who he had killed in fair fight. He was offered hot soup from the fire and bread to eat. A lamb based soup that he found to his liking. In peace he and his men were allowed to ride  away on their journey homewards. After about a mile he started feeling stomach pains. After five miles he was dead and fell from his horse to earth. The soup had been poisoned by the Tatar warriors in revenge for the death of their fellow warrior.

At this news Temijin rode home and took his fathers mantle as leader of that tribe.  A mere boy he took full control and and no one argued too much. Aged 16 he claimed Borte as his wife and they married. just a few days later she was captured by a Merkit tribe hunting party.  Made the sex slave of their leader. Within weeks Temijin killed all guards and rescued her. A child was born that was in some doubt but Temijin claimed it was his child no matter what.

Aged 20 Temijin was captured by a so called friend and sold off into slavery. In a walled room he was imprisoned after killing a guard. The iron bars to the window gave him his only view outside of his jail room. For months he watched the guard living on one bowl of rice every now and again and chained from wrist to wrist he watched all that went on outside. Then he used a guard to help him escape. He ran all the way back to Borte who now gave her sable coat as dowry to Temigins mother as gift. Borte  had her husband back and would stop at nothing to save him.

But Temijin had plans of his own.he built an army around him ready to defend. Within a year he fought all comers to be King on the Mongolian steppe. Traitors came and went but he now saw only revenge. his wrath swept all tribes under his banner. He then hit China. Building that army into millions as he speed through out Europe to conquered all in his path. Loved in leadership he raced through to France nothing could stop his golden hordes in battle and soon his empire was so vast it en compassed the know world.

When he died in 1227 they say his broken hearted men buried him in a secret place.  The grave hidden by 1000 horses trampling back and forth over the soils in order to hide the last resting place of the might khan. What killed him is in truth a mystery too. Some say it was fatigue and dust in the throat or a dust mite that choked him. It may just have been his time to go for judgement with his maker.

Experts have proclaim that that site is in Khentis Aimag province of Mongolia. Today a team of archeologists have professed to have found his body in the temple of Genghis Khan.

Decades later in 2004  a mass grave was found near by in which contained 12 horses sacrificed and 16 women possible wives to Genghis khan lay in golden coins for a bed.  in armour lay the bones of a great war lord which shows signs of being Temijin who is known as Genghis Khan himself.images_016 images_015

Genghis means great leader and khan his family name. So was it legend only that a river was diverted and 1000 horse used to hide the last resting place of a remarkable leader or is he in the golden temple as said? My belief is his remains are under the soils of Mongolia as predicted. The mounted rider and the base do not look as old as 800 years to me. And why would his army want to announce to his enemies the burial site? It therefore sounds more than right that he is buried in the place that was found in 2004.



The tomb of Genghis Khan with mounted leader on the roof that dwarfs the building below. Known as the tomb of that war leader but is it? A man such as Genghis Khan who was a really a thief of other mans property would be hunted in death by those he insulted robbed and made slaves of. So a secret place such was chosen for the other famous land thief Alexander would be the way his army Generals would want his grave up be. Indeed Khan himself would have decreed it. The bones of men , women and horses found in the earth in 2004 must be the burial site of the Mongol leader for certain.

Yours, dear reader thank you for your time. I hope you return for more amazing facts

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