Woman of the Fairies.

I come to this as extension to my past blog on ESP. It relates to old Celtic Legend on Bean Shidhe meaning directly in English,  Woman of the Fairies. Over the centuries the Irish have made it into what we know of legend now, namely Banshee. Not to be out done the Scottish have made their own legend on this theme.But is there any real truth in this old morbid tale of the warning of a loved ones death told of by the hearing of a cry that becomes a moan that enters a prolonged terrifying shrill scream then fades away slowly.

We walk into dreams of long ago ,mist filled northern valleys of Scotland and an Earl who saw his own death of battle next day.  He was Lord Ewan of Mull.  He went to fight his won father in law,one Maclaine Of Moy Castle.On his way to the battle fields he saw a washer woman at a stream cleaning blood off shirts.  She thus cried a scream so thin and shrill that he had no doubt it was his death announced. So was born the 16th century legend as part of an older legend that we all know of. Banshee.

The Irish,canny as ever, tell of never having seen the Banshee only of hearing that lingering unearthly scream announcing the death of a loved one

it is said some hear of distant drumming or pipes playing lament then the cry once heard never forgot.


It seems only to be British isles that suffer from Banshee cries. My old Great Grandfather invented the lady in grey ghost after reading Wilkey Collins new book Woman in White. Why did he invent a ghost? It was a cleaver way to keep all who hunted off his land at night. Even as children my sister and I believed it, so no surprise that the myth lived on.

I think many large estates had their ghosts by similar means. Not to say ghosts do not exit. I do know we all have the power to feel death in a loved one.I knew my father had passed from miles away just knew inside me something was wrong. The hour he died he asked for me said he would wait but by the time i arrived he had been dead five hours. Not my fault but always on my mind.


Death is not the end it is the beginning but fear of loss of what we know will cause us pain in human thought of our  own time being called. Still it is not what one will do everyday so hope for longer life and dispel the thought for now. Repent and pray for all we have and be prepared to leave it all one fine day for then we leave.

I tried to examine how this legend came to be similar in two separate nations,It must have traveled with  trade on the high seas. I tried every way but all talk of some one who has heard it but could not contact any who had.


It seems that this whole tale began in the 8th Century when it was fashionable for rich nobles to hire local women to moan and cry at the funeral of family member. it was to show how loved that dead person was in life. This was from ancient Athens the same.The Romans too but it was left to the Scot and the Irish to invent a legend that will remain.


It extended into the spirit of a ghostly lone lady crying. Then into the warning Banshee we have from 10th century until now. This girl even tells you when to die but has no direct connection with that person. The person to die will not hear it only those close as family will be warned.


My verdict for what it is worth we  are unlikely to ever hear one as they do not exist. A good story told around the fire at night had power to be spread across all lands. This is  one of those treasured myths. It relates only to mans fear of death.

Another of mans own religion made up as we went. Effective indeed and as with Great Grandfathers invention rank as able to make one scream and maybe this how the Banshee learned to shriek.

I think a curtain, a thin veil hangs between life and death but we not have the power to see beyond it. We may never understand what is fact and what is fiction unless we make effort to explore. Man makes all the information on this earth up as he progresses. We have not a clue beyond the books, the religion and the mark of man, on both. God has not spoken only leaves us to find the way home ourselves but never takes his eyes off any of us. Now that is  a tale to speak of around the camp fire but it is always avoided. Why! because for so many they really do not want to believe but are willing to put faith in legends.

Perhaps the search must be inside of us to discover who we really are, each of us. The unassuming belief in the man called Buddha , the enlightened one. Reveals the thought that we live many times  before selection. Man belief again but then  Buddhism  will agree calmly and respectfully so. I come to see Buddha in his true stance who is not a God but a man who studied hard to find himself.

Mankind has such power, such a computer of a brain, but he has never found peace and love, yet so that power is unknown to us. The Buddhist may have locked into that latent power not by magic but by study and prayer, gentle rest and open hand. God is in the mind and Navarna is out there waiting for us. Mind is a power unit as nothing else on earth can imitate. I believe they have found a way by strict control of thought and prayer they have come nearer to understanding the spiritual need and the power God given to each of us to be happy and see life as but a test.

No legend no faith in false God no need for war no need for gold .no greed no harm or hurt for they have found perfect peace and joy in prayer. May it serve as a lesson to the rest of us. This world is myth and meaningless as we find our own way back home, like E.T we are travelers in time.

Today I have wandered off the path of history perhaps but still this remains the greatest mystery, who are we really? The bible tells us we had been made in 7 days. Well perhaps some 70 million years is nearer the truth. Man, made of stardust and radiation , image of God who made us. Do will live many times to gain the knowledge or do we fill the memory section on the brain as a library that some power stores. I ask myself often are we just her to be tested the meaning in finding God before we are judged. Is that we have far more power than we can imagine. Do others use it to destroy this world. As we age I thought all answers we will know. How wrong I was for only questions remain. Who are we? what is life and why the test if God loves us a test seems rather unloving. Or did we manage to upset our father so badly we are to be tried as the bible decree stands. I dont know and cannot say for I am just a humble human.

Sorry if my ramblings are not what you want to read.I promise to get back to historic facts soon. What I have written is my thoughts out loud. Maybe others are thinking much that same. One hopes so for life is short and we need to find the way home.


Thank you for reading, ,if you have any thoughts perhaps you can reply to me.Always interested in reactions of my readers. May be you know more than me and want to share.

Peace be with you all, Sir Kevin.

Copyright 2019 Kevin Parr Bt


The Monocled Mutineer

It was dawn over the trenches. The watery sun still frozen tried to bring light. In the mud and shit rats bounded here and there nibbling at the dead sat slumped as sentry called the men alive to go over the top firing hard at an enemy they could not see. No food in their bellies the wave scrambled into action .Tired starved and ill to be butchered in minutes by the flash of machine guns and the red streak of lead that shattered the very body of the dead on foot. The trumpet sounded retreat onto the deaf dead ears of mother England sons.  The mud shall be their winding sheet as mother Earth took them down in that stinking trench were moments before they had obeyed the call of death in the Kings name. Never to be found never to be remembered for long enough to matter.

So it was a man who had seen it all started rebellion in their wake.Those noble lads he knew all gone all twisted in pain and vanished under the field of mud. Not for him an end so terrible. He was the Monocled Mutineer now in his mind revenge.

The horse led carts trundled passed him but he card not for that direction that ran onto unaware of hell that lived in those fields. Great artillery guns fired as he climbed farther up the banking. Boom it deafen  him as one shell after another sang loud and screamed out across to the other side. He was dizzy with the sound but slid down to the lower level.Was there no where out of this crazy war.

His name he remembered was Private Percy Topliss born 25th September 1896 in Chesterfield Derbyshire.  His parents had farmed him out to a grandparent as they could not afford the keep. He had spent two years in Lincoln prison for attempted rape. Here he was about to vanish again as a deserter.


Five times he had deserted but always rejoined using his own name .Only now he bought a monocle and called himself Captain Topliss as his rank and name. The rebellion in Etaples he was said to have started but no proof he was even present as we have it he was on his way by troop carrier to India as medical corps man at time of uprising.

The men revolted as so many had been shot by own guns owing to what we know now is battle sickness shell shock, dizzy not aware of what went on around them, but shot as cowards by officers. Percy sided with the troops and a revolution came to be as half million mud covered blood soaked heros had had enough. The army fails to report this fact in any dispatches but it happened as stated. It is called by historians the Easter Risings.

Troops stationed in Ireland lower ranks rebelled mainly pit lads from Nottingham but unlike other nations most of these lad had like the rest volunteered to join the war as soldiers.True they had not a clue what war was when they signed to the Kings Shilling. They soon found out and making ready to be shipped to the front line many lost nerve.Some had lied about age many at 14 in uniform did mot know what hell is.

it went on for a week from 26th April 1916. At the end some 120 lads lay dead and many more wounded. The loyal army took charge of arrests and it came suddenly to halt. Terrified boys march to be shot as traitors Rest marched to the shipyard to sail to the trenches without rest.

images_027Actor Paul Magann who played Topliss in a tv drama.

That about sums it all up but for Percy he was right in there in France wanting friendship and asking questions.  He was being watched too. What ever this man was he was one hell of an actor. May have been slightly mad or just had courage to be the best at all he did. He stopped at nothing really.  Then out of war in 1919 he is said to have shot a taxi driver called Sidney Spicer in London and the chase was on. He fled to Scotland and then to a bothy (a small one story stone built cottage for shepherds )to take cover in at night.  it was whilst he relaxed that 3 local men seeing smoke from the chimney decided to approach. Topliss half undressed shot at them wounding two and the third ran for his life for help. When  a party of men and police arrived but no sign of the culprit. I have it that he was a beaten child by his father and the grandparents saved him. Slightly mad he lived a life of crime in the boldest sense he could. He really took the gentry off so well that as Major he so convinced Generals that he was invited to dinner.  To him, I am convinced, it all was but a game. He from the peasantry now able to rub shoulders with the toffs thrilled him. He may even have admired them but he was just an actor with such talent at 20 years of age that his legend is that of Robin hood or even more he is a vanishing Prince and loved it as theater that I am sure of. Did he kill that taxi man , but he was never charged but in his absence. He was able to shoot at any who threatened him like the hand of a father he now flashed back. he was but 23 years old when he died.

More to this man than I can say here.Many say that he was British Intelligence set to find out mutiny in the minds of high command. For me that could be except for that fact he was a loner a misfit and a conman who lived for adventure, magic and cared nought for any but himself. it made him dangerous and that is what he was.  His legend will never die and unlike his unmarked grave near the old Roman road in Plumpton he will not be forgotten by time. His legend will grow no doubt. I must add that I know the exact spot he died upon as have been to that site twice in my life as this man and his legend and the place he was shot not far from my home in my youth, a farm in the Eden Valley Cumbria.



Percy Topliss dressed as a British Army Officer

Next we have him at Penrith in Cumbria , once known as Cumberland. At a village on the A65 trunk road he was shot dead by three men not knowing who he was only that he seemed suspicious as he had changed out of army uniform into civilian brown suit and trilby hat carrying brown paper parcel with uniform in. It was 6th of June 1920 and he was shot several times, once in the back.  The shooters as guilty for murder as the man they shot down may have been.  images The gun and shaving gear with the tell tale monocle at police museum that all belonged to Percy Topliss.

Toplis-mortuary The copse of Percy Topliss

Topliss was either an intelligence officer or more likely just a bad boy who was able to charm birds of the trees and lived dangerously. He could have been suffering shell shock in intervals or was just a mad man who could act. No proof he was even at the Mutiny nor that he shot the taxi driver .If he at the Bothy shot in lower legs the two wounded men does that make him a killer? No need for mercy if he had murdered before. Lots of wrong alleys and bends in his tale. like the time he wore a Majors uniform he went in to try a suit .The tailors assistant obliged and he left the uniform and came out with a free suit. We cant say more as than that about this man.  Did he deserve to be gunned down by country bumkins at a turkey shoot? They admitted he looked suspicious but did not know who he was. I always thought his luck had run out but really he was murdered.

It all adds to the legend on the Monocled Mutineer.

God bless you all, Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019 March

Voices from the dead.

Thomas Alva Edison is famous for his many achievements in science and invention. Therefore when looking at his many clever ideas I was astounded that he ,near his own death, found a way of talking with the dead.

Edison born in Milan Ohio USA in 1847 -1931.  Went on to invent Electricity and many other useful things for mankind. in New York he had built power stations to supply street lighting and some 12 years later he gave us moving picture show. It became the film industry of Hollywood and then the cinema movies we still have today.

Edison became the toast of the world and lived in the lime light in grace. That is until an article from him appeared in the Scientific American Magazine. He was aged 72 when he wrote it and astounded an entire nation with his story of hearing the very voices of the dead.


Model one of Edison own phonograph on which he heard the voices.1d2678ba72150dd9e6a8471c1130a6e0.jpg

It went on until someone decided to visit and be present in Edison house. Here the old inventor had made what he called a phonograph and through this device one could hear a range of sounds then clear words .Jumping back in horror on hearing his own name mentioned he ran from the house. Many thought Edison had lost his mind and was mad.

220px-Thomas_Edison2-crop Thomas  Edison.

After many top men heard the device it was only then brought into focus as scientists took over and after many tries and tests had no clue what it was or how it could be. The voices clear as a bell haunted many and more and more came to be certain that Edison was right he had brought the voices of the dead back.

As never a sentence has been joined together and only odd words can be detected no result is known as to what causes this puzzling human sound to  emanate. Big tests have been done on this machine and many such phonographs were made to sell no one to date as ever found out a thing.  Do we really believe that the dead speak through sound waves and are collected by such a device as Edison constructed?  Wireless sometimes has sounds on it that make no sense. So sound waves bending do they make sounds not heard by human hearing until through the tube of a machine become words?

images_014Russian army taking over Riga to imprison and murder at will. Enslaved populations even today recall the horror of cruelty imposed.



In 1945 a Latvian Scientist named Doctor Konstantin Flaudive who had managed to survive the torture of the invading Russian army who had taken over the Baltic nation and made them slaves. He learned English, dressed as English and vanished out of Latvia under Russian noses. Not so for the millions who died in salt mines in Siberia  or forced to work the land to feed only Moscow.  Many women raped and shot by KGB Russian police. No crime made but that made no  difference no one escaped from KGB cruelty .  The Iron Curtain of Churchills address to the British people in 1950 told of it falling over Europe to hide what ever Joe Stalin was doing behind that iron curtain. Churchill had come to distrust the Russian leader that had offered alliance when Hitler had turned his guns on Moscow.

All Russia had in mind was not war but to clear out Germans in Baltic and Poland to take over all of that land and nations themselves. No help other than that in pushing back the German forces in that area did they do. From here it was fast run into Berlin and be first in to cover tracks. If  the phonograph is the dead talking may be those butchered with out mercy by Russian army and agents in those darkest hidden days after that last World War is what we hear.

Today in the Latvian city of Riga the cursed Russian sits as boss against the loyal Latvian who cannot fight back the tide of invader even today. A Russian mayor of Riga tells his lambs he owns the city for them .Yet EU pays out millions in grants to Latvia and grabbed again it is by Baltic Russians who refuse to go home. Danger sits at every level as Putin can walk in to save his loyal Russians and not call it take over.

images Edison.  first lighting of New York City.

Doctor Konstantin was to join Doctor Bander  to study the voices of the dead in a cellar in a bombed out house in Germany.  Their notes can be seen as published work.

What ever it was then has not changed over the decades. May be Edison can now be heard on his own invented phonograph.  If so may be he knows now what causes such to happen. As for now no real helpful answer has come to explain what is so weird. So we are thus left with voices of the dead until someone comes to sort this out with explanation suitable.

With respect and best wishes dear friends all yours, Sir Kevin.   a man who must expose the evil we have in this world with out fear or die a coward many deaths. The voices may one day tell of the way things are in our unfair world.  Edison . a good man in a bad world did his best to aid us all without him no electricity would we have today. What ever his machine is we must seek further in order to know exactly what causes the trapped words that we hear when using his phonograph which is just as mystifying for us and it must have been for Edison that great man of science.

Thank you all for your time and hope again you enjoyed this read. Phonographs are found in many museums for you to listen into.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019



Pearl harbour 1941.

Japan attacked America on the 7th December 1941. It was 7.55 am on a sunny Sunday morning when an air strike from aircraft carriers out of sight bombed at will the naval ships in port.  A two pronged attack over an hour nine minutes brought the navy ships in dock to destruction. Some 2046 injured or dead American service men and six ships attacked.

Pearl Harbour is in Hawaii and although no such attack was ever thought possible the navy had blocked the harour mouth to stop submarines slipping in. No one gave thought to air attack and so far away at sea from Japan and Germany .The servicemen at breakfast sat in disbelief as skies went black with Japanese planes.

franklin-d-roosevelt-portrait Franklin Roosevelt.

The Japs had done the impossible and had moved fast to bring in aircraft carriers undetected across thousands of miles to move against America. It very nearly did not happen as in Tokyo the ruling war lords did not allow the plan to go ahead. The Commander in Chief Admiral Yamamoto said he would resign if not agreed to use the plan. They gave in and handed over the job to Yamamoto and Admiral Nagano. As the whole thing was top secret it is unlikely to have been announced.

The Japanese aimed to sail with aircraft carriers many thousands of miles to Pearl Harbour. From the carriers launch a close range attack on the port. Surprise thus being the element used. If you fly direct today it is 3845.96 miles but in ships over 6000 miles.

It has been said many times by documentary on Tv and film that indeed Emperor Hiro Hito had sent a warning by Radio to Pearl harbour an hour prior to that fatal attack but even though it was a radio operator in Pearl Harbour that took the message but thought it a joke? he did not report it. Well! this may be a case as honor is Japanese way. Though if the attack was so secretive why would one risk to announce it happening? I do not think it happened myself.

We look at Roosevelts dealings with Churchill. The American President had traveled with his wheelchair ever present and all to see his best friend Sir Winston Churchhill in England. Talks went on in  particular on  the subject of American joining the war to help Britain fighting alone the giant armies and navy of Hitler. In truth Roosevelt had gained his office on a manifesto which included the promise that he would never bring America into war unless attacked. She was again sitting on the fence watching the blood bath of tiny England bashing at the Hun. Two years of war with  Germany had gone on fighting with only the British facing the vast might of the Nazi war machine.

When Japan obliged and attacked America came in to help. Now it is said that Roosevelt arranged it as he gave the Japs chance by moving some of the navy fleet from Northern Pacific base to Pearl Harbour.



Weeks before a letter note was sent by the American Secretary of State one Cordell Hull had written a warning to withdraw Japanese troops from Indo china territory but with out threat, it was sent.

When Japan suddenly acted it had nothing to do with Roosevelt or Churchill knowing anything. Pearl was so far from Japan no one considered it being a target.Japan made the effort to surprise.

It was not the real fleet but japan thought they had stopped the Americans dead in their tracks. It had not as the main fleet was on the way to Japan very soon after that attack. This was the basis of the story that the American President had planned it all himself but nothing could be further from the truth.

Now if Roosevelt did twist fact it was  addressing Congress. he suggested that Hitler was behind that attack as he had joined war effort with Japan. This was most certainly not true but it brought that nation into the war alongside of us. Together we won victory. Russia had nothing to do with it. It had come in changing sides from Nazi side to us when Hitler turned his guns on Moscow. What Stalin had in mind was to take Poland and the Baltic over by clearing out the vast amount of Nazi troops in that area of Europe so near the Russian borders. Hard fight with great loss of Russian troops but then in they went to occupy from 1944-until 1960, The Iron Curtain had fallen over the Baltic nations and what went on behind it was pure evil.

The French resistance fought on after France had given up and Germany army occupied that said land. Malta too had its resistance fighters and many good people gave their lives to help rid this world of the Devils sons who formed the Nazi party leaders.

So only the Japs knew why they had performed a wasted journey. My guess is it was the weakest part of America and had report of the Navy docking there. That letter from Cordell Hull sparked it all off.  No conspiracy just fact. Sad the loss of so many brave men who perished in peacetime at Pearl Harbour. God bless them, taken so unaware. Yet their deaths brought about a peace in victory that brought about a union between England and America that will last forever.


For me it is all in the diaries of Sir Winston Spencer Churchill who told us a United States of Europe was our only way to avoid another such war as fought.

Admiral Nagano Admiral20Nagano-592eaed

Yours faithfully and with respect Sir Kevin .

May we live in peace without greed strife of bullying idiots if the Governments who serve us wish for war we can build them a ring and watch them fight. Why have millions slaughtered just to make cash from metal and arms and betting as my friend it is but a power game nothing but the cruel  to play us as pawns in the bloodbath that is war.


Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2019


The lady has vanished.

It was 18th March in the year of Grace 1986. London Fulham Road was full of traffic

and in her office young attractive Suzy lamplugh sat at her desk making ready to drive the short distance to see her client.  Suzy who had traveled the world now in her first real job for 16 months was an estate agent in the big firm of Sturgis Estate Agent.  She took the firms car a Ford Fiesta number B396 GAN. In her desk diary notes for that mornings appointment to show number 37  Shorrolds Road  to a Mister kipper. No record of him ringing the office. No one saw him come in so he must have stopped her as showing another address to potential client. Or he wrote to her at her own address making him a stalker. If he then took it back from her handbag, still not found,  no woman is without a bag. He may have even known her. He certainly set out to contact her to show him a house he would end up killing her in.

Her car was found streets away later as Gordon her boss had phoned police when she had not returned at closing time.  The car with her straw hat on the parcel shelf was just as it should have been with no trace of another driver. Then the officers noticed that the drivers seat had been pushed back two clips. Suggesting that a slightly taller person had driven that car to another place. No finger prints to prove any thing.

On interviewing the man next door who had come out just to tell that the nice couple who viewed the empty house where just what he wanted to be next door to him. He , when asked, gave the only detailed description of the man that Suzy showed the house to. Said he was a bit taller than the woman ,slim in a dark business suit. Both looked a couple who wanted to live there.


Suzy Lamplugh.

Police  launched a massive search for the missing estate agency worker but to no avail.

Suzys parents said she had last visited them on the evening before.Her father  Herbert, a lawyer and his wife Rejoice Elizabeth,  a swimming and slimming instructor. Both of good families. Their own family of four with Suzy being the second born. Her father had coaxed her out of dyslexia over several years but she came out of it herself and conquered the trouble.

Police came up with nothing and so the case limped on for years. The Nation mourned and her parents finally had a service said in a church that in some way was a funeral. Her father said, “for us she is dead , but alive.”

Now those are the main facts known but to me being suspicious on one matter I wanted to pour through it all again.  To me if someone volunteers that amount of information why was it? to find out just how much Police knew. Was he the Mister Kipper. Not one other description of the mysterious Mister Kipper exits besides that that Riglin offered to police.

Riglin is probably a made up name but he told he was an unemployed builder living in a 200000 pound home. We do not even know if he owned it. His name taken down by police is recorded as Harry Riglin. Aged 58 unemployed. They even failed in taking down his address as they thought they had it as him next door. Not even the Census for that house has record of that name.

Police searched Suzys  70,000 pound flat she had bought with help from Dad. Nothing came to light other that she had a dress cut out to sew on her moms sewing  machine.

If he tried it on for sex with this lovely as Suzy was and she fought back did he kill her. If so quick roll into his house next door ready for his van to take her body to the nearest land fill. Or did he kill her next door. Police have no record of ever interviewing or looking for Harry Riglin. Or what ever his real name was. Having looked through family names records in Britain over last hundred years not one trace of surname RIGLIT.  May be just my trained mind but as no one bothered to take up that lead and ran up a bill for tax payers all over the country searching for a body not a mile from that last place we know she was at last knowledge of the case. No other explanation serves to aid a case that went no place with no clues  only one suspected owing to his record, not even a motive, I think it is a case for yes. Harry Riglit aka Mister kipper was the murderer.

This motive was that he planned to draw her out he knew the area saw her office had the sale and met her there. They went in to that said abode and we suspect the rest. He stayed around to see what would go on. He even showed his face to police to see what their reaction was.  He may not have even lived in the house next door if he did how could a builder unemployed buy such. If he rented it would not have been cheap.

images Suzys parents.

I think if they had picked him up for questioning it would no longer be a mystery at all.

Chief inspector Richard Wood who led the case had to admit he had failed to solve the case but would leave it open in on the premise more facts may appear at later date?

As all will be dead by now pointless begging police to reopen this case. Then would they want to as no one made such a hash job of it than they. I have a gut felling inside of me that I am right.   R.I.P Suzy Lamplugh. You will know who killed you that is for certain.

What is passed is over and only the memory remains.

The moving finger writes;and, having writ, Moves on; Nor all your piety nor wit shall lure it back to cancel half a line,nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. circa 1070 AD.

Yours with respect and love Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.2019

Jack the Ripper case looked into

It is an old chestnut of a case with no real new evidence introduced since 1888 between August and November of that said year. Some 50 suspects gathered by Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline of London Met Police and his team of detectives. White chapel area of the city of London in 1888 was a slum housing area of so many different communities including seaman rest homes and butchers shops with a large population of prostitute and pimps.It was jack the lad land and gangsters on the prowl. The poor lived there and close was the human bond in most circles. It was near the London Docks and so had a vast collection of foreign visitors many sailors from all over the world.

images_027Whitechapel Lane  London England 1887
In this case we look only at the top 5 suspects as to go through police files it becomes very clear that they just did not have a single clue to base a case on someone. Anybody.
I was before modern technology began and so only witness work was the way to progress save that no witness lived. Who ever Jack the Ripper was he was quick able and darkly covered to vanish. It indicates an athletic man with basic knowledge at least of surgery.
First in the frame of really could be Jack is Doctor Francis Tumblety. An American Irish no body as he invented his medical rank. A seller of cheap medicine at as a cure for all ailments.He dealt in New York as a herbalist. In 1888 he was in London and lived in Whitechapel area. in his New York home he did have jars of female uterus stored in spirits as part of his organ collection. We have proof he added to this over time first shown in November 1888 outside his stall selling potions.
Police had him on a gross indecency charge but it was not enough to have him sent back for trail when he jumped bail and ran back to New York. He was a lover of young men in time when it was illegal and we know he hated women as they stole his love from him. His love a 19 year old male.
3e825d0a5791e0bd575bf4ac4d8308d1Whitechapel London 1887

Next came a Polish hairdresser in Whitechapel. One Aaron Kosminski 11th September 1865- march 24th 1919. he went raving mad and eventually was placed in a hospital for mental patients. Police thought he was Jack the Ripper on these grounds alone. yet they say now that a shawl belonging to one of the victims under DNA proved kosminshi was her killer. I say after 131 years no.  Corruption took place. The wool shoulder cloth called a shawl in the hands of many over this time in police care may have been contaminated easily. Saying this it shoves to dagger nearer to this Polish mad barber.


Third in the line up is Walter Sickert who really could have been the serial killer but no real evidence could be brought to prove he was. For the police this man was the top suspect for years. Yet again no proof came to light.

Then a German seaman called Carl Feigenbaum He had been in the area of the murders in Whitechapel in London and covers all points. He was convicted of murder of a woman and sentenced in Sing Sing prison New York to the electric chair in 1894 to death. His own lawyer William Lawton believed firmly that his client was jack the Ripper.

Lastly we arrive at a Royal physician one Sir William Withy Gull 31st December 1816-29th January 1890. He served Queen Victoria but police found him wandering in white chapel and made it an investigation. Local gossip fast to talk and out it came as the Queens doctor is Jack the Ripper. No real proof in this case as Sir William may well have been seeing a sex worker and shamed in the act.

images_051Face of Mary Kelly, the last victim.

in the murders on that year only that of Elizabeth Stride is different and now it is thought she was killed not by jack the Ripper. She may have been victim to her husbands drunken temper finding her on the game.

images_021 Victims of the Ripper E. Stride her throat cut her body so badly destroyed I decided not to use that photo.

Not one of the many suspects had enough motive or facts to arrest even one of them. They could not solve this case with whole of the London Police department after this killer in 1888 so now it beyond solving it is history only. A mystery forever.

images_034Francis Tumblety

I read of a man who claimed that one of the Rippers victims one Mary Kelly Jacks last victim was in fact AKA Elizabeth Weston- Davies grandmother to Doctor Wynn Weston-Davies who had been brutally murdered by her own husband as she had betrayed the family and his reputation in law. The man is Francis Craig his book 2015 is a real jump to prove that his facts add up.

images_050 Carl the German jew, Sing  Sing prison photograph
Jack was the signed name on the letter sent to the police inviting them to find him. It is I think a petty stupid thing to do as a member of the public sent that in.
Then it was a reporter on the local newspaper that called him Jack the Ripper and so a legend was born from an evil serial murderer long dead and judged by his betters elsewhere.

mary_jane_kelly_mutilated_faceWhat was left of Mary Kelly after Jack the Ripper carved her up. The last victim and the worse crime ever. The cases saw he took heart liver and uterus out of all women that he murdered but here with his last victim he removed not just her organs but her face.
in a letter to a journalist George R Sims Police Chief Inspector Littlechild admitted in 1913 as a retied member of the London police force that Francis Tumbelty was the police top suspect after many interviews with him after capture for Gross indecency the police had enough on him try his case but he did a runner when he jumped bail and no way could they bring him back as he was changed at that stage with the lesser crime.
So we are left with two real suspects one as shown died by electric chair that other got way to New York. it is anybodies guess and this story will run on forever without any proof or conviction. I did hear that DNA may be found on a shawl that belonged to Mary Kelly that last victim but how sure are they that it was hers as all clothing covered in blood was burned later to prevent illness or rats.


Whitechapel lane 2019 London, United Kingdom.

One name we can prove he was not Jack the Ripper was in fact Prince Albert Victor who was not in London but Scotland at Balmoral for two of the murders and on Crown duties for the rest of time in the frame outside of murders.

if this case could have been closed long ago I am sure it would have been so, it will go on and on without end, or result. a true mystery folks. Go with care for its still a jungle out there.

Yours Sir Kevin
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Time Travel murder case.

In the year 1997 a womans body was found brutally murdered and in the city of London England. In forensic lab a doctor found proof that this unknown lady had put up a fight before she had been killed. Under her finger nails scrapings of flesh from her killer.

I must now say that i recall DNA tests had little meaning in that time it was for many hocus pocus magic that had no real use in fact. Though for the then head of forensics, Doctor Mike Silverman,  DNA was the way ahead in catching criminals.

The results came in and open mouth gasp came from all involved as this dead woman had been murdered by someone who had died some 3 weeks prior to this killing?

in fact all over Germany and France some 40 murders had been performed by this same now dead killer. German police took up the case and left no stone unturned.


During the end of this case the BBC News put on a full report of case announcing it as a time travel murder.

In Europe this case had gone viral as the mystery of a time travel killer. Then DNA had advanced a bit.( deoxyribenicleic acid ) which is in all elements of life. This is the full name of DNA.

In 2014 Doctor Silverman published a book  entitled Written in Blood. in which his way of thinking blamed the fact the method of deduction pointed at DNA being passed on to reused clippers and tools used when checking the dead womans body. Used before but cleaned was never enough for DNA tracing .

_74478750_74478748 Scientist, head of Forensics, Doctor Silverman.

Now DNA is fully known as we all have it scientifically proven it is in all of us. So great care is taken when police are gathering evidence. Any form of tool used such as nail clippers are sealed in the bag with nail clippings in a smaller bag along side them. Used but once so no chance of contamination such as most certainly is the case with the Time Travel mystery of 1997.

One now wonders just how many other cases became infected this way and may be someone innocent was proved guilty on misleading evidence. Chilling thought.

We know now how to deal with evidence gathering all police are so trained from day one in how to deal how to dress and gloves to wear along with disposing of suit of strong paper once used. Bags over shoes same why. Net on same over hard hairs nothing left to chance.

In time gone by police boot walked all over a murder site but again not today as it destroyed vital evidence. If DNA or fingerprints had been discovered then even the mystery of the Whitechapel  killer, named by news hounds as Jack the Ripper, would have been solved.

So dear friends we arrive at the end of this story knowing no time travel killer existed just a murder then the death of a European serial killer.Owing to the mistakes made there is no record of the dead woman on file.  In fact the July murder of fashion house ace Gianni Versace who as shot in the head at close rage by a serial killer called Andrew Cunanan  seemed to overshadow the time travel case and that helped hide so many facts until Silverman came clean in his 2014 book.

gianni-versace-archival-18.jpg Gianni Versace.  famous fashion creator and once owner of the Versace shops that are with us today.

That is not to proclaim that time travel is impossible but not in this case or any other I have worked upon to date can it be proved possible.


Time Travel by Mister Putin?

Thank you all, Sir Kevin.

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