Third part; Enemy in sight.

The horrid vision of the dead 4000 year old lover of John James enemy had sent shivers down the spines of the gathered company of police.

‘ Not real .He sent that image to our minds only . “Suggested the legendary Inspector.

“You thinks so John?”

‘Most likely yes. Look chaps he is a clever educated man ,once .Now a blood sucking menace in another century than his. We can beat him if we put faith in ourselves. He is probably listening to all we say .He can even read minds.. I am warming to the challenge at last”

” Thank heavens for that I was beginning to think you had passed the age mate.”

The day was over plans written down not talked over .Then the record burned. From now on the trap had vision in minds . Only to build on as the next day came.

‘So we have something to go on. What happens now will he just come up through the floor or bang on the door to get at you John?”

‘Message of some sort most likely. We must wait and see. “

They did not have to wait for long at noon a strange bent backed man came to the front desk. He handed the desk policeman a note and turned and left without a sound .

‘Addressed to Sir John sir .Cripple delivered it just now to front desk. “gasped the policeman out of breath having run two flights of stairs at speed.

“So the game is a foot ,my word. Its from our enemy . Seems we are invited to meet him in the British Victoria and Albert museum near the Egypt department door at 7pm this evening. He promises a lively sight. No tricks and no weapons. “


” No Jack both of us .”

” I was afraid of that John my boy. “

“Not every day you are invited by a real Vampire to meet with. Be fine really Jack he is toying with us . “

“Lets hope he isnt hungry”

At 7pm sharp they arrived at the destination. The door to the said department ajar and in they marched to see the Vampire in full glory cape wide open red silk lined, his black hair and hansom face shining magically. Suddenly it vanished and out of a glass cabinet walked a boy in rags .Head bound in Nile blue turban .his eyes yellow his skin dark. He head down suddenly came to life.

He came to face them just feet away from them ,it spoke.

“My name is Abu Nata Fae my age 2400 years old. I am the enemy from Hell Sir John .”

Transfixed no one spoke in reply. The boy turned to the window and breathed out a wind that filled it over with sand .The room quickly darkened .The boy stood between them holding the hand of each. It terrified Jack Denning but Sir John James froze in certain fear something was about to happen.

They saw in the sandy dust that filled the air like a sand storm the Vampire leaping towards them .As he came in flight the salt shaker in Sir Johns care came out of his coat pocket and into the eyes of the beast. There was a horrid roar such as not heard before. Like a wounded Bull it raged and then suddenly the room was back to normal the sand no place to be seen. The boy gone and the Vampire too.

Back in the office soon after the two men knew the plan had worked .By not talking of it the dead man had not heard as he was not in the room he could not read minds . All they had to do was plan the next stage of the trap in hand signals and written word .

The image of the Vampire as normal

The trap for the final goodbye was set. Not a word had been said and no wrong moves made. Sir John was older but the years of Vampire fighting had not left him without knowledge.

The street led to the Thames Embankment on the spot where the young woman had been drained to death of her very life blood.

In the evening gloom .The mist from the river rising he came out of the depths of fear again as hoped.

‘So Sir John and Friend .Out for an evening stroll?”

“No we came for you my dear Abu. Nice trick with that sand dear boy. Or should I say old old man. “
“No matter to me human .It is your turn to be my soul mate. You ,little man go home I will not hurt you .This faster mind is what I came for. Now Sir John shall we begin.”

‘ Begin,begin what pray?”

‘Oh| Prayer will not save you dear Sir John . One small bite and it is over .Think of it. Eternity . Some will sell their all for it. Come now do not fight me. “

He moved in a flash to Johns throat and from the fold in his over coat came the hidden pig sticker used as bayonet in two world wars. He plunged it in to the vampires stomach and a howl came from him. He fell back.’What have you done you fool this will not even hurt me.”

“Oh! yes it will Abu my boy .ist all over for you .Old blood mixed with yours Id say is fatal. Only my thoughts but by your face id say im right. “

“Old blood .What blood its a knife . “

” On the end of a British army 303 rifle it accounted for over 50 dead Nazis . No time to clean it always in use . Two world wars rusted up I can say its 70 odd dead mens blood dried to powder in the rust around it. Should be strong enough._ “

Before he could complete his theory the vampire started to crumble. In seconds he turned to ash. Sir John leapt to gather it up in a letter envelope with his gloved hand.

From the shadows came Denning trembling. Gun in hand loaded . He had seen all and felt powerless to move.

Sir john stood upright the envelope in hand. “We need a hot fire on a night such as this Jack. “

Jacks eyes widened. Slowly he looked at Sir John. ‘Sir you are blooded in the neck.Your shirt collar is red with it “

Sir John removed the glove and felt the two tell tale holes with growing fear. Slowly he handed over the envelope and fell to his knees.

‘John I fear you are taken. ”

“Shoot me Jack.I beg of you shoot me . Im a Vampire I feel it inside my innards are aching. My hands ,look hairy and nails far longer .It is a mere matter of time .For Christs sake man shoot me. “

‘John they can work magic now Ill take you to Saint Barts. “As he said it the transformation was complete Teeth as sharp as knives came slowly nearer and he leveled his pistol as what had been John, he growled and shot his old loyal friend in the head.

As expected he ran to ash very quickly. Nothing of the old timer was left. He gathered the ash into another police envelope and carried them to the office Sir John had once occupied.He opened the glass door to the fire and cast the two envelopes into the roaring flames. He sat down heavily and watched as the fire devoured the evidence . On the wall behind him the photo of Sir John as he was to be remembered a class act of great mind of action. A good husband and a great friend . When the last flame died jack Denning stood up, a tear ran down his cheek, he closed the office door behind him. Outside the rain fell the sun was rising on a world of freedom .

Denning became the head man at Scotland yard eventually but said nothing of what had happened as who would believe it in today world. Vampires indeed ? The secret files long ago boxed up and sent into records sealed with Royal stamps in red wax. In another 50 years maybe released who knows what will happen tomorrow .Not one of us can say with any authority can we.?

I hope you liked this last final part to my heros story.

Yours with love to you all Sir Kevin.

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Second part, Old enemy in sight

He placed down the phone in certain knowledge his services had been placed at top secret by the Palace as well as MI6. He gazed from the window that he always found the view to calm him whist thinking. London lay along both banks of the mighty Thames river as it had since Roman times only more packed with buildings now.

‘Great view over city John. Welcome back .” His old pal Jack Denning from Traffic now inspector of vice. 54 year old and smiling extended his open hand over the desk.

‘ good to see you again dear Jack .’He smiled and took the hand shake willingly.

‘How did it start back up?

” Dont know mate. One day last week a young pc in training went home at 7pm after hard first day in training. Ten minutes later a call came through from member of public a uniformed police lady was laying on Thames Embankment covered in blood. We rushed to that scene John .She was cold stone dead and drained of all blood. Coroner found tell tale twin holes in her neck between left ear and jaw . ‘

Sir Johns eyes flashed as he moved over the table nearer and personal.

‘How do you know it was that man I killed then”

“Hmm! this card in her pocket is addressed to you John. “He handed over a business card. It said only For Inspector retired Sir J J. “

“JJ retired can only be Sir John James .You infact mate “

‘ So he wants to see me does he. Best oblige the gent.”

“Not as easy .Sit down John. Look we cant just go marching in this could be a trap. “

‘ Maybe. The fact is he wants to gloat. I killed him into dust he went. I kicked this dust all into the river off the bridge .Him and her in fact. Its all in my records down stairs.”

I can relive the moment with you John. Yes, so he is alive .He may want to tell you how he did it ?”

“Not likely . If I know how its done where is he going to hide as this time we make sure all dust is gathered and destroyed. If water cant do it fire may .”

“You meet him many times what is he like .”

‘Calm, educated sort, truly hansom and polite. A womans man really. Over 2000 years old we think. “

‘So he isnt going to fall for anything is he. We need something to draw him out.”

” No he will come to me I have no doubt. I need to be in company all the time Jack.?”

“I have asked high office if you can be armed.Your weapon is waiting down stairs but no silver bullets.”

‘Only folk law Jack dont work nor do bullets alone. Holy relics either no good. These are Godless devils who have great powers to float in mid air .To vanish at will and cast no shadow at all. They fear the sun but not London mists in daylight .They come usually in dusk hour. Only thing is at 70 not as agile as I was in service last and he knows that. Let us hope my brain is still as able.”

The day became evening the teams had been briefed and Sir john had loaded his pistol and on safe lock he slid it in his over coat pocket.

The night came at last all in place Sir John walked home along the embankment but not a thing happened. He opened his house door and sitting in his arm chair was that same devil he had killed 6 years before .

‘Good Evening John. Sir John I see. One hopes one will not mind me helping myself to your fine brandy for you see its been a long time dead this time. Thanks to you Sir Johnny clever James. Come,we have a lot to talk over .Im in your seat I see .No matter I can move.’

He vanished and reappeared on the settee opposite .”There we are .Feel free to sit and tell me why you hate me so bloody much my friend. It is only business no harm to you or yours be sure of it Sir .”

‘ To take the life of one so young as the pc you sucked the life blood out of make me hate you, devil you are”

” One has to survive you know. No need for theatre Johnny old man. ‘

“Your evil you know it’

“And you think it my own fault do you. I was once a good man in fact married to a lady far better than me . I was working nights in bar in Egypt long ago . The heat was building I opened the neck of my robes. In came this woman alone .Not done in that time. She claimed to be a priestess at the temple in the next part of city. She asked for water only .I went to pour a jug in the cellar as night was hot and water cooler. She suddenly slid next to me .Her eyes bluer than the river Nile .She held me in a vice like hold and bit me hard in the neck. She did not drain all my blood but made me her servant, not a Vampire but a human with no mind other that to serve her. ‘

‘Interesting. So how did you become a Vampire.”

‘ My wife I never saw again for perhaps the next 400 year passed as fast at a day. I was closing her box for her to sleep and I caught my wrist on a nail set in the gold rim. Blood sped and she could not resist .The lid not closed she pulled me in and drained me lifeless but could not end it she breathed air into my lungs and my body responded .I would be her partner from that day on a Vampire . She was the woman you manged to finish six years ago you see. I was not dead only dust you managed to release so easy to return. No the river would not release me for long enough captured in suspended state . I came to a bridge made of stone and was caught in a boys fishing net as dust sparkles in water. He emptied the net and on finding nothing cried .One human childs tear fell on the dust and that was me alive again .”

“What happened to that boy”?

‘ Not ask, only hurts your silly mind. He will float out to sea I expect of course. Rivers are fast and it is just as it acts. So John what is next.Your team outside by now . We have had our little chat .One more to add to your records no doubt. I will leave you now . We will meet soon .It will not be a chat then. We have an old score to settle.”

In an instant he vanished leaving no impression on the seat. Sir John stood up rather shaken and opened the main house door.In came six officers armed, .Jack behind them.

‘So want did he say then?”

Sir John smiled nervously. “He was civil enough .Its me he wants .He made that clear. Seems that woman vampire we killed in fact dead was his mistress .He was floating as dust in the Thames for six years until kid fishing netted him out.We can expect a body of child near the mouth of river.’

‘So we have finished with this dead Vampire woman then have we?”

At this very moment a ghostly image of the dead woman appeared in the open doorway to the London street. All shrank back cowering until one officer fired a bullet at the vision, it was heard hitting a lamppost outside .She let out a howl that deafened all of them before simply fading away.

A silence fell over the hallway of his home until Jack spoke up and cracked the spell placed on them if any was there.

‘So I can say that was the lady in question Sir John.’

Thank you .Part 3 and last episode .Next week.

Yours Sir Kevin says thank you for reading my work.

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Old enemy in sight

If it was not one of those days .You know when the seasonal sky is perfect Alice blue and the clouds just butter balls of fluffy white drifting about like sail boats in the ocean. A sort of day when one expects to relax and read the news in the Telegraph pages before moving in to the Guardian . But no . Here we are at that unwelcome knock on the door. I decided to open it as who ever it was had a sort of heavy knuckle sort of hammering in mind. Not that I am sensitive or able to read minds behind doors but having lived a bit one ones the culprit means it.

‘ Hello Archie old man. Look here have you seen Fred the Fox of late. “

I looked at him with frozen glance. ‘Never heard of the cove and for that matter who are you ?”

He looked at me aghast with Spaniel eyes . ” You know my Archie. Call me Terry Watts from the club. “

” Club!” I exclaimed ,feeling hot around the old shirt collar.

” Yeh! the club .You know your a member. “

” Im sorry I think you have the wrong fellow.My name is not Archie either.”

He gasped at my facial expression of boredom , and left .

I was happy on the money pages until the phone burst into life and in the silence maybe even made a chap jump a bit .

‘Hello. Who?.No .Goodbye. “

A retired copper like me and Archie from Bow .Suddenly the penny dropped .I rang that last number on my phone .” Bingman here Metropolitan police “

I placed the receiver down in shock. The knock returned I allowed him in to my house. “So you need my services is it man?”

“Slow on the uptake Sir. I have been sent privately .My name is unimportant . The message is your worse enemy is back from the dead. Your man said you would understand.”

‘ Then tell who ever it is this man is retired. No longer a police officer lad. 70 now tell who ever sent you to handle what ever it is himself and leave me alone, thank you both. “

He looked as puzzled as before and still turned on his polished heel and vanished.

I picked up the newspaper but nothing but Vampires filled my mind. Five years ago the last known of them I killed on London Bridge. Since than London has been silent and respectable, this side of River at least..

I hoped for complete abandonment and rest. My dear wife had passed on and alone I had little of excitement at all. I had sort of fallen into the nicely laid rut of doing nothing. Newspapers in morning. Walk in park around boating lake . Drink in pub and back home for evening news. Life as it is in fact. Retirement is just that idle days and rest. I slept uneasy that old days haunting the muddled mind and heat of the weather added up to trying to effect sleep and only serving to hurt my eyes. At 4.34 I was up washed shaved and dressed. I bused it down to the MET after a good breakfast in Ronnies cafe.

“Good God man look what the cat dragged in, its Inspector Sir John himself. Well! I never.How are you Sir. “

” Older less wise but need a talk with someone upstairs. “

“Really .Hanbury is the only one standing you would know John. ‘

I was soon at his desk .Hanbury was himself due to retire . His face looked drained and somber. He spoke in whispers and begged me to sit.

‘I called you owing to fear I can speak to no one but you or I may be locked away mate. ‘

I brought my eyes to his. “Vampires again “

‘Sssh! not a word more . Here look at this.” Across the desk he handed my a full page photo of a dark street in city lit by only a street light . Then in the back ground a body lay, head towards the camera. A cloak like shadow fell across the victim .

‘ Her name was Kerry Dains from Epping .Pc Kerry Dains six weeks out of police training and first day on duty in this office . On inspection two puncture holes in side of her neck I saw at once .having two years of it one can smell them John .Creatures of the night . Blood sucking devils . Yes they are back and reborn as you killed him John. “

Sir John James looked at his old desk with some affection after his 30 years behind it. He pulled back the chair arranged the cushion to his liking and pounded down behind the desk as though time had stood still. He was coming back in mind to thinking like a copper.

“So John James the legend is it.?”

” Who are you lad my name is Sir John James ex Chief Inspector of this branch of London police. “

“Really .Well! In Wellings the office fag .Seem to be on all lists for shop. You want anything then Gov. “

“No thank you Pc Wellings who ever is in charge of weapons these days to pop up here to see me pronto. ”

The Pc smiled and left. The phone rang. ‘Steve here and who are you for me to come to you mate. Want me call down and book appointment Im busy.”James shook his head in disbelief about to dial back . Then it hot hom he was not Inspector James now he was just Sir John retired 6 years. The place had moved on and he was just a visitor after all.

He must have sat stock still in day dreams for quite some time. Then came to his senses as some stood before him and spoke his name.

” Sir John glad to see you back here sir. Seems you are needed again. ”

” You are?’

“Peter Dean sir. I was 22 years in weapons training when you had the station you had here. The hidden files of blood suckers I have read and reread last night . Horrid stuff if one man say so.”

‘So Dean fill me in will you ,woken out of moth balls one finds it hard to stay up so awake. “

‘Mid day sir. “

“Nap time at home lad. ”

“That boring is it “


‘ Retirement “

“Yes at times .Alone and out of sink pehaps. Not so sure I can be of much use to you.”

‘upstairs must think your worth it Sir. Or you would still be at home dozing. “

James smiled knowing that the lad was correct .It was then the phone burst into life and he casually answered and stood up fast when he came to know who it was on the other end of line.

” Yes your Majesty Im your man for this job. ‘

He had woken up to the old side he knew of himself with renewed vigor and positivity he made his way upstairs.

More next week end. Story continues .

Hope all who read my work are well and happy people .I cant seem to reach some on gavitar but dont think I dont care about you.

Yours with love Sir Kevin.

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Riga, world Heritage site .

Today in this heat writing is hard .just to sit and rest out of sun at 98f and humid is not easy. We talk of the capital today. Short blog not because nothing to say just too hot to bother.

It is said that Bishop Albert founded the city in 1201 after return from Palestine and the crusades of holy murder blessed by the Pope.

In truth the ancient Balts built a trading station and it became a major port. Village gathered in the forests joined up to be protected and the town became a city. Much as in all Europe . 2nd century to Bishop Albert is a long time as a town perhaps he blessed it and his name recorded. Anyway it sits nicely on the banks of the river Daugava that runs into the Baltic Sea.

It had many many beautiful buildings from as many centuries as dwellings. Finest Art Nouveau architecture in the world can be freely seen here.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a lovely city more like Paris in places than any other. The old town is just a dream of 1700 in all its glory and colours. Guiding tours are every where in summer. The 3 main languages here are Russian ,Latvian and English and most speak all three .The Latvian being able to take on language as easily as we breath in air. They are divided in two groups to me.The helpful hard worker able to do most things to the lazy and drunk who do nothing but drink vodka Russian style. Vodka is cheap as chips here. Some make it themselves. It is not all poor as Bentley UK have a large sales room selling their cars about 15 a year im told. Big business exits but not seen in not in the click. Living in rural forest and lakes well outside Riga is cheap but rates exist in city and can compete with UK in places but houses are all four times larger in city . The fact that some 12 million works have left for better incomes leaving a very low income for governments means nothing much gets done. It suits me as pay nothing out beyond my borders seems fair.

I have talked about the Riga Zeplane market and old Armitage the English Mayor of Riga twice elected. So we move on to Riga as a place to visit. Free and easy and never packed it is a place that has everything and more .Indian expanded cafe and Turkish and Armenian Chinese and all Russian eating houses adorn the city area . Main bus and tram routes.

The walk around old town can take as long or short as your feet want . Or you could hire bicycles or taxi to give you freedom. If you can name it it can be found in this city. Do I say its a holiday of exciting walks .yes I do .Good food and not expensive as Latvians have it right food is cheap. Fresh bread here can be picked out as tasty white sweeter and crustier than any found in England .Honey is the thing you will see all over Latvia Bee apres abound. A two kilo tub is around 8 euro of pure with wax to separated but all is just from bees no additives at all. First honey we buy monthly and eat every day with bread or on its own or with Greek Yogurt. When we can walk or ride from Riga facing Sweden all the way around coast to Estonia all white sand mile wide beech and Riga bay as blue as topas one then can see it is a place of no barriers. Horses train on these beeches and councils have built barbies for cooking at intervals all along the 72 mile stretch. Summer can get hot but most average is 80 f all day. Can rise to over 100f . July September .June is 78f no rain. November can be best but snow comes in Decembers first week and cold seeks a place to hold on to. Winter sport here is a vast industry. For most of us we drive in the ice and snow where we did not in UK. We spend time in rest at home or travel to stay with friends that we have not seen since last winter as gardens take all out time in summer.

I have not included the hundreds of examples found in this city that remain as Russia smashed down manor house and palaces alike in the shadow of evil communism that set about murdering over two million Latvians per year they over lorded these people .They made Riga the communist leaders city and pulled down all else. Today Baltic Russians live in peace next to Latvians in that city. Latvians hate them but in truth no anger is displayed and all latvian can speak Russian but no Russian will bother with any language save Russian as they feel superior. I have no problem with any of them save near by that stole from me many times before I catch them in act. Only place in nation where scum exist live in a dog kennel in a corner like vermin. No contact now and keep distance from me as can bring in police at any time .

Yours with love and great thanks Sir Kevin .

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Letter from Latvia no4

Good morning. The sun shines on a world of rural bliss as the gentle butterfly ,yellow and gold, flutters across my face and and the sound of bees in rose blooms open and scented is music in my ears. 78f not a breath of breeze the garden carries me further in to this image of peace to start weeding.

My summer house roof, that bane of my life over last three years . is finally in use .An English folly with a purpose . Soon will stain glass the leaded rear window. Paint the walls and set the scene for summerhouse use. Seats table and chandelier from the high spire that is the roof . So long since I made the design set the base of this small build in heavy timber beams. Trouble was dear reader here in Latvia none can bend metal to sloped shapes. I therefore had to change it to a pyramid and in week it was done .We cant always have exactly what we wish for and it did not ruin the outcome really. If I had acted on this I may have avoided the time it took to effect. Still I may suffer from perfection I admit.

The delicious solitude of plants and trees drives and fountains is becoming reality and a world on its own. Love that makes this place a best retreat fills my plans to carry it on into the fields and make a garden worthy of England far off from another land. A corner of the great rested in this design to be a world of Bertie Wooster perhaps even the ghosts of Edwardian ladies parasol and white lace will roam its paths. Wander in its rooms and join the peacock in is splendor in a gardens made by man for God to bless.

We are the creatures of experience one saws the works of other gardeners ,the rooms and hedges of Hidcote the Welsh tall hats of Nora Lindsay .The dream of Vita Sackville West and Harold Nicholson. The great expanse of Lancelot Brown and gasped at its total overall beauty. The days before wars when money was not the hold back of today they carved England into one great garden in the many that make the patchwork blanket of England work . Here can only do my best not to copy but to praise the past and see tomorrow in the buds that form i see on my walk around. Jobs still to do but when is a gardens finished .It can never be so and there is the dilemma of the subject . We change and gardens change and time goes by it even makes its own mind up. My designs of hardcore will not change but plants will dictate and will look better some area around the room.. Cuttings grown increase stock and so more room is required as nothing remains stagnant in a garden.

We find we reach the question of why are we so very interested in building garden. Is it a world we can rule over. Is it latent desire to find heaven . Is it to be back in the world of our ancestors ? For me I have loved gardens since I first opened my eyes on arrival on earth. My passion led to my father making me a wheel barrow and tools to assist him in art of garden keeping. I was perhaps 6 at the time and had pestered just to have my own part of garden. Here planted annuals from packets bought for me by kind relatives . It was awake up call at 12 seeing Hidcote gardens on a Sunday ride out. It is best described as the dream of its creator Major Lawrence Mayfield Johnston . England in 1900 was far different place that today. It gave him a world of his own and i saw it with open eyes myself. Strong and true it was my world also . Then all the gardens in this world i visited as it was all the mattered in a holiday to me. Hate of sand and fun as the call a holiday. I crossed the Sahara on a camel with the Arab into Algeria just to see Eljem a Roman ruin that once had gardens and town life in the desert. Algiers and its old walled gardens . I have seen the great Cardinals gardens in Rome and traveled to Persia in search of a water fall garden called hanging gardens that are not in the place we are told of. Built miles and a country away they did exist . I think it led to this my gardens to use as canvas to paint in flowers a living image of the world of peace and interests.

For me its time to go weeding again as one thing is for sure gentle rains of last night may de the trick for all plants but weeds grow even faster. Soon a stone water fall will be a job once have saved enough stones in my pile. Fences to past up and wire off this month too. Hedges then can expand without Bambi the deer and her family using my garden as a salad bar . Build a garden and watch just how many want part of it . It is a costly job today Johnston built ten acres of garden far cheaper than my 5 acres cost. But it was 1898-1920. We live in a very different world today unfortunately so. Budgets exist and slower is progress.

It shall be done as it nears the end and start of the beginning of growth. Old man time will do the rest .Mother nature his aid.

Many thanks to my readers and love from me, Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2021 July

Titled ; A Helping Hand

‘OH! bother it. Cant find it in this undergrowth dear. Do you need it for school ?”

“Daddy it was moms and she trusted it with me. I want it back “

; Indeed you do. .Are you sure you lost the necklace here and why in fact did you wear to go to school in. “

” Daddy all my friends wanted to see it.Girls do that you know. “

;” Not a sign of it. Been right trough the weeds and plants. Mothers garden in this state terrifies me . No time to do any work on it .Im needed at work in half an hour. Look are you ready?’

‘ In in my uniform daddy of course Im ready.’

‘ Right Ill walk you to the bus stop dear.”

” And moms necklace?”

“Have another look tonight.”

‘ In the dark when you come home ?”

” Yes ,yes flash light .Yes that will be easier.Now let us sort you out and on your way to school dear.”

” Oh! how I miss mommy she always knew what to do.”

“You and me both Alice. She was my world .Now lets trot or you will miss school today.”

It was much later at the office that Harry Portland sat at his desk as a trader. His seat of power at risk his knack of working in shares was that moment taking a tumble. Truth was his mind was drifting and if he could not break out of the dive out of reality he faced doom. He world died when his wife Amanda passed on aged just 34 of a massive stroke .One moment making dinner next slumped over and on the kitchen floor before he could jump out of this chair. Six months ago he was that man in the picture to his bosses a real super star. Now he was nose diving towards unemployment as deal after deal failed .Melted away like soft snow on a warm pavement, before his eyes.

He was warned the red light still did not flash in his mind and by 6pm he was on his way home with a week wage and a reverence from his boss after a goodbye handshake. For Harry it could only get worse and it had too.

“Eat your green Alice .Things are not as I would like and eating good food may be not long term.I will think my way back up .So help us both dear will you eat the greens they will build you up. “

‘ Daddy your sad .Is it Mommy on your mind.”

‘ Yes dear as I know she is in your mind too. ”

‘ My friends laughed as I had promised to show them my necklace .”

:The necklace .Come Ill find the flash light in my shed. ”

: Ill come to as im far better at finding things than you are now Daddy”

Hour later and no batteries in torch he was becoming upset and irritable . When vexed he shouted at his daughter and she ran crying to her bedroom locking the door behind her .

He sat down with a flop on the workbench top and puzzled his way out of a mess build up against him. He could shoot himself and end the misery of life in London without Amanda .No job .A daughter who was slipping away from him. .He slid back into the kitchen took down the wooden box and removed his old army revolver. He was fumbling for the ammunition box when suddenly the door bell rang.

He listened to it for a time; stunned as if in a trance, he eventually arrived at the front door and when opened again on the world there stood a man with a suit case .”Good evening Sir my name is Ponderby. Im here to take the job offered. “

Harold stood amazed and open mouthed.

“Close the mouth fish may jump in sir. Now shall we progress to the inner of your abode it is rather damp on the doorstep sir.:

‘I never had an advert for a butler did I.”

” No sir you did not and I am not a butler.Shall I make tea.Oh! my Lord what a mess in here. Look you sit down here put your feet up and rest . “

It was morning when he woke in bed .He puzzled hard to focus was it all a dream.He wandered down to Saturday morning and was stunned in his tracks to witness a tidy sparkling house and on the table lay his wifes neclace.

“Good morning Sir .Slept well.So important . Tea sir in the morning room.This way sir.’

He followed like a lamb to mothers milk. Then seeing how the lounge looked so lovely tears ran down his cheeks.’ look old chap I cant pay you a penny I lost my job. “

” Ponsonby my name sir. Never mind allow me to work here and all will fall into place. Your wifes necklace I discovered in the garden rose bush. So all is well for your daughter now can show her friend Mary Paxton . Tea sir. “

“Ponsonby just how did you know that?”

” It is my job to know sir. Cake .its Bakewell tart your favourite I made it last night for you sir. “

With a smile he handed over a side plate bearing a good sized chunk of cake .”Now your daughter is up sir just make her bacon and egg. Same for you sir is it?”

Ponsonby we have nothing in the fridge. Need to shop I fear.”

‘ Have it all sorted this morning sir .”

Harry stood up to take the empty plate to the sinkside. He was again open mouthed in sheer shock as all cupboards and shelves over spilled with food stuffs in cans pack and fridge opened to month or more supplies.

; I owe you all of this man what am I going to do Ponsonby?”

“Do sir. Well ! right now sit down and enjoy breakfast then ring this number on your phone.”He with that handed him a small business card bearing the name of a unknown man.

‘ Who am I ringing please ?”

‘ It relates to a job offer sir.He will know all about your problems .Never fear all is in hand. Ar! Young and lovely miss Alice here is your place and bacon and egg for you my dear. ”

” Daddy who is this man in our house.”

” Oh! its Ponsonby .He did find your mothers necklace dear.”

‘ Amazing and thank you so much .But why are you here may I ask?”

‘ Here breakfast enjoy. You will know all soon enough Alice”

He rang to number on the card soon after breakfast and came back in to his kitchen to find all dishes had been washed and dried and replaced in store.

Just then Ponsonby appeared with his coat on .”I am off to the city sir. Have any requirements for me to fetch here .?”

“I have not a penny having paid the rates on phone . Your man wants to see me at 2pm in The Savoy Hotel lounge .I mean to say could he not have seen me in his office?”

‘ I would say it matters not sir .Just go and he will buy coffee for you. I dare say he needs a star such as you sir so would not concern yourself further. Just relax sit back and keep your ears open is my advice sir. Must dash tat tar . “

At dinner that evening Ponsonby had prepared it and vanished .

” Is it chicken Dad?”

“Alice i did not make it. Just try it hey .Be a good girl .You may even like it. “

He pushed his fork into the pastry case and offered the forkfull to his mouth .

His eyes opened wide his taste buds danced a jig and he looked at Alice who was the same. Not a word was said during the meal until Ponsonby appeared in the kitchen as they finished.

“Icecream pavola anyone”

” How do you do it Ponsonby .Your a marvel. Food was beyond words .I have a job on more cash than before.”

‘ Yes Sir you do and start at 9am in morning sharp. With your new wage may I suggest you employ a cook and cleaner I know needs a good home. “

‘Ponsonby yes but will that mean your leaving us.”

‘ Yes sir my work is done. I have enjoyed being of service again . All your problems now may go, one hopes. “

‘ Your packed ready to go. ”

‘ No Sir These cases are yours .You see your wife sent them sir. “

Ponsonby melted away like morning mist never to be see again.

Inside the cases a gallery of photographs that had long been lost .In this six photos of his wife as girl and six as a woman in love. Her bed gown warm as if she had just stepped out of it he held to his cheek as tears ran down his cheeks .Alice stood frozen her face unsure .The voice said .Im here with you fear not life but live it to the full Alice. Darling husband ill wait for you pine for me not Im here with both of you.

He looked at Alice who was smiling and as he turned there she was as she had been in life smiling back melting into the curtains and gone. Alice ran to his arms as the sat on the floor saying nothing.Peace had come down on them for first time since she left them. He pinched himself hard to see if it was dream .Her sweet perfume filled the room and he knew she was there .Alice smiled through the tears and life returned back to happy days . Who Ponsonby was he never found out. On reflection he knew it all had helped so much it amazed him. He became top man in his job and was known as a gifted fair advisor in shares.He kept his word and hired a lady Friday to run his home. Alice loved her and all went so well after that.

Sometimes when at night he wakes that scent she wore he detects and up he gets to look for Amanda he know is not faraway.Though he is only dreaming. The reality of life soon returns and he sighs . Stretches and gets on with the day Who Ponsonby was he ponders .Then smiles as the penny drops.

Yours in gratitude for your readership and loyal selves. Sir Kevin thanks you all.

Kevin James Parr Bt Copyright 4th June 2021

Letter on touchy subject .

It is without doubt a tricky subject on my mind and related to excuses in the life of Prince Harry.

It must be said it is how I see the problems from vastly a stand outside of the close private matter of a wayward Prince.

A man who is still a child in some ways. His talk with Black Activist Ophra Winfree in America shocked the nation and lies openly told by both he and his wife to the interviewer passed back and forth willingly.

The case of marriage before Westminster Abbey never happened . It was designed to shock and it hit the mark. It insulted many people involved in that marriage set up. Because Megan agreed to marry and said so is not a legal marriage but in her mind it was and she made it up to look as if so.

All the lovely British ladies Harry knew and he married outside of his own domain. To blame his own father was not just unkind it was dangerous to Prince Charles reputation and harks back to death of Dianna . Harry talked of bullying by his own loyal helpful family which to me is unforgivable . It is almost repeat full circle of his more famous uncle in 1938 who married a twice married German helper and possible Nazi Spy .

In King Edwards case in the marriage with Mrs Simpson it soon cooled off and he was alone as she cavorted with younger men on the dance floors of best hotels. She may have had six lovers in the years she left him to his whiskey and he hated her for it. . Lost his Throne, haunted him until he died.

He was not really a nice man as he said of his young brother who suffered much with a life changing matter only know today as Autism .When he died Edward said he would not attend his brother funeral as he was an animal and a total reject. Compassion he had none and so none gave him any either.

Harry is running on same lines in many ways as we see him seeking medical mind help. Many children loose both parents and survive well .Harry was 12 when Dianna died in Paris living a life well away from her sons. She had found independence and Harry took it badly I do not doubt. Then army life batters all that out of a man makes him stronger fitter and more willing to survive . Yet here we are today with Prince Harry admitting he needs help as Megan insists he needs help.

Trouble is with actresses one never can tell when they are acting and he married well below his own rank so it is unsurprising he learns to take her view. If this view also take in the hatred of Harrys family in London it show well what life must be like with his new wife.

To ridicule The Queen and her departed loving husband and their eldest son Prince Charles, Harry own father, as Harry says all against him and made his life horrid is not him but her at work . The effect on him is akin to the Uncle and Mrs Simpson .All said she worked in the sex industry and that hooked King Edward right into her web. But I think it was same thing as Harry had a desire to be ruled by a woman far stronger and able to rule him.

Harry is back as a child not through the loss of his ,mother, so much, it is deeper he is being sucked in to Megans way of life. She gets what she wants with Harry for sure.

Sad waste of a man . War hero and all that now mommies boy in mid life . He needs to pull himself up by his Army boot straps and get back to Royal duties if he has the guts to know his own mind, that is.?

Other wise he is dog meat and best forgotten with his wife and America . Pretend they never happened and get on with life as we know it . Cant salvage a rotted machine cost too high and admit it Harrys gone too . The Nazi uniform should have warned us all what was to follow .For him it was fun to us he is a joke not a man to count on lack of moral loyalty and false tales of woo. He never saw it like that until Megan illustrated her version to her ever willing doting fool.

So is it all Megans fault? Partly yes it is and wrong part too. Harry fell under her spell and will end similar to his uncle David, King Edward ,who abdicated for a woman. such is the power that woman wields over weak males who cant see a life any other way .Replacement mother really. Sex and cozy life under strong instruction carefully placed .Not for me Harry nor for any other ex army survivor . Treat them well keep them in pig and and keep all else to yourself and all will be well. Never let the right hand tell the left what you decide to do. Never be weak never show any that you dont know the answer just find it fast and be strong in command, gentle in your ways and rule as King in own house.Wisdom is made through experience and mistakes but dont dwell on mistake try until its not a mistake. Live is for learning . Not stagnating . Love is the one thing I cannot buy so never insult her with how great you are show her how to come to you as partner. Wife who constantly decries you do not respect you . Or is just a bitch one made the wrong choice in that case. Where are you in this Prince Of England? iD say you know the answer now. Royal life is the envy of the world I was King England would not tolerate such treachery but as i am just a normal man without such power I can, and will, speak my mind . He is letting the side down making England look silly and blaming all ,but himself ,for his problems.

My thoughts dear reader hope it sits well with you.If not perhaps look at the case again. Harry is public property and your opinion must count. Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

Sun stones and navigation

In the 1960s a British trading ship wreck off the coast of Scotland gave us a large crystal slab of rock found in Captains cabin. Ship was 17th Century and so did this crystal guide ships in fog and low cloud across the oceans?

How. Well we have only guess as seaman ship was lost when steam replaced sail. The crystal bent light in beams and the sun could be traced by leaning to stone crystal in angle to where they thought sun was in sky . May have taken a time but once located a course could be made even in low cloud and fog .

If so the craft came from the Vikings and called sunstone but not one has been found of that time. Only in their tales and sagas of travel do they often mention Sunstone in navigation. Always mysterious until now. Historians cannot agree that sun stones ever existed only drama in saga but how did the Viking long boats sail all over the world with no fog and mist navigation?

The crystals come from Iceland which must be another logical clue . Some have tried and found 92% accurate by trail and error. Known as Iceland stone it can work as a way to find the sun by rings.

Vikings used all ways to navigate as master seamen. By following whale migration .By stars in sky .By sun and by education in wave structures they reached America 500 years before Vespucci or Columbus. Settlement has been found in todays Maryland named after our Queen who was half sister to Elizabeth Tudor.

Nova Scotia too walls exist to show that at some time in 6th century Vikings landed and built shelter in what they called Vinland or land of wild grape land .Could relate to Maryland more I suspect.

In Hereford cathedral is the treasure sea map of time of Leif Ericson Viking prime minster and sailor explorer. Its called Mappa Mundi and show America,Russia and even further south near New Zealand . They had gone all around the oceans and sea rivers and inlets on raids and although they were feared they settled as any other farming survivor in all fertile parts of our globe. We can trace back and find we all may have 3% of Viking DNA or more. A strong bloodline and an inventive race. In north of England they still speak almost Viking language . A man called Jack Cragg who once I knew was a Yorkshire man living in hills in Cumbria .He was more Viking than I have ever seen a man be in talk. Hard at times to understand his talk yet it was mixed with English. Words I traced back to Norway and Vikings . Farmers up in the Penine hills, the very backbone of old England, many speak like old Jack.

Until we find a Viking long boat wreck intact as much as possible we just cant say what the Viking sunstone was. Mentioned in tales of great seaman ship but what was it really? Mystery to all and Crystals from Iceland may just have been what they meant by Sunstone to locate the sun in foggy sea mist.

By taking a DNA test one may be surprised to see who you really are .i did and 87% British isles 3 Percent Norway 6 % Gaul 2% Italian and 12% English rest unknown.What it tells me is Im English Briton with Norse and French and English modern. With Roman on top .So likely was an ancient Briton taken by Vikings of married into them. Rome marched in and again mingled the bloods but like old Hobdenious in the poem by Kipling I am a Briton of the clay . I was happy with the two DNA tests that almost matched exact.

Vikings ended up serving the Vatican guard and giving armies to the Pope . Harold Hadrada who died at battle on York 1066 was King of Vikings and a Pretorial guard of Bazantine Church of Christian belief. He had been told by Pope to back the attack for takeover of King Harold Of Englands claim to the throne of dead King Edward Confessor. Man who gave us Westminster Abbey. The attack by William the bastard of Normandy was Viking also and so a two way attack would finish King Harold and really Harold Hardarda was caught with his pants down at York surprised defense at rest on riverside in sun . We know that his intel told him that another attack was launched at Hastings some 400 miles down the country. On foot after battle no rest his army arrived on time and met head on the Norman Viking army of King William. He still may have won but William had brought heavy war horses and now sent in cavalry to break the bowmans and spear carriers line .Result, the end for Harold. His broken bones sword and axe cut show he was butchered by Williams Knights . The bone found in the church show also he was allowed a burial in holy ground.

Sharp tactics by a Pope again lost us one of our best Kings in history and turned native British into serfdom . As Chesterton said we are the people of England who have not spoken yet. When we finally do it will be British fury for the first time in centuries if ever before did happen.

The back Postern gate was left open and we told the Governments not to drive a tunnel to France and make us so open to invasion .NO no they assured us then in came vast armies of enemy from ISA .We can hold our own on top but from inside we can be taken over as Vikings did to Saxon so can todays none English plan against us. What is among the refugee is Isa Islamic fighters. Made men and women hell bent on trouble . We had it from the IRA now do we face it from the Islamic armed mindless cruelly induced people mind taught to hate and blame us for everything .Perhaps history should tell us to be aware and on guard. I bet someplace in this a Vatican plan exists deep down in the relics of riches and sexual scandal.

When tests had been completed using calcite crystal it was found to be within just i percent out in over all accurate readings. Therefore logic tells us this Crystall was used before Vikings even had compasses .Starts at night and sun by day kept then on course and if foggy mist hung down all day the simple fact is rings of the sun show in the crystal and even no sun it can be located in these magnetic rings the sun spreads out across the globe and reflect in crystal face. Conclusive evidence i think but time will tell if we find a wreck of a longboat and a crystal in it .Not many such vessels have been found but the few that have come to light badly decomposed no sign of anything we can call a sunstone has ever been discovered .Time will tell but my bet is on calcite Crystal from Iceland .

Yours Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021, June

The man of oak story

The dark musty scent of wet leather .The dry coat of powder .The lost road to freedom and the forest broken like ship masts in the wake of a storm . He could wait no longer the morning yellow and bright had loomed over the lintel. He woke, moist and itchy, desperate for warmth as the waste land on sourced earth announced the fall of dust on his head.

The room once had looked homely but after cannon had boomed and in came the roof not a trace of humanity remained.

He rose from the floor and stretched the weary bones of his frame skywards to the bluest of sky seen in patches above his head. Holes in the blasted shot roof allowed almost a full view of the heavens above him.

The battlefield was filled with blood run into mud and only the dead played the part of stone. Waterloo was won and Napoleon had been captured in Paris and sold to the British by the hands of the restored Kings subjects. Once so loyal now his captors.

Emile Valoise in his dirty mud stained moist denim army blues looked at himself in the water barrel, reflection as some one else he had not seen in years. His face grey and unshaven his head bandaged with his dead friends shirt to stop the blood and keep out infection. It was hard dry now and felt like a rat on his head. The sun was trying hard to shine and Emile searched for food of any sort. He found none in the house .

He had escaped the fate of so many others left in death broken and torn on the field. He had run for his life a mile into this fallen brick built lodge. Once a grand gate house to a manor of the rich. Now a forest of broken trees and dead birds.

Suddenly he heard a voice and crouched at the window to see a French Grenadier rifle at his head.

Name rank and number,the voice demanded.

Emile Valoise Sargent 4th infantry French army under General Salte. Payroll number 56455579 Valoise Private.

‘ Private eh! What happened to Sargent Valoise? Cried the Grenadier lowering his weapon.”

“Acting Sargent .Rest of the men dead. And you ?

“Anton, Private, Grenadiers under Salte. You and I are the left overs. Road blocked by British .Not a hope of escape .Best remain until we may find a way out of here at night. “

” In shook I with head wound stumbled into here. Must have passed out and woke about five minutes before you appeared . “

‘ The battle finished us off .Which of us that remained rounded up like so many cattle by the Prussians who galloped on the the field at the end to assist the British in a clean up of us all. Shock .Man I tell you we did our best and look at what it is now. Two sorry survivors feared for our lives in this mud bowl called Belgium. “

Emile smiled sardonically,’Rain at least has stopped. ” but Anton looked around him to see a door in the broken wall and did not listen. His mind now on treasure . He advanced sword in hand and pulled back the bricks and rubble to see the framed doorway in tact.

Soon the pair found them selves in a room . The dust having settled displayed a fine laid out table of silver dinner service dressed deeply in cobwebs.

The men amazed drew near and with passion growing seized the silver plater of goods. Dragging it to the edge of the oak table a cloth of red satin came with it like a wedding dress tail it followed behind.

The road to Brussels had been blocked and now only a patrol sought escaped French soldiers at gates on city. All other roads had guards too. It was then that the silver landed on the stone flagged floor crashing like sword fight and pistol blast.

Anton took up a silver salt boat all ornately dressed in rose buds and leaves al silver up to the curved roll of the handle. A lid which under it lay a salt knife and hammer to help crush the hard rock salt. He was just slipping it down his shirt when a voice boomed out from the dark corner came a man the size on an oxen .His hands 15inch across. With haunted black eye he took in the thief and lifted him up in air and spun his so well that the silver item fell back into the woners hand. He now hurled Anton across the table .He hit the wall so hard it broke his neck . Emile ran to inspect but his associate was dead .He looked up at the giant and asked if he had any mercy for Napoleons soldier .

Under his arms the dead Anton and the struggling Emile were handed over to the British lines that same hour . Colonel Grant looked happy to see the great ox of a man . The shook hands and the giant moved away as the prisoners led away by troops and that would be an end to the tale if not for that fact Grant wrote of his Belgic Giant who had fought so well for him that day and had vanished home to find it hit by cannon . British army had to build it back as it was .. It was all the thanks this giant of a man desired .Who he was .No one ever knew

Yours always Sir Kevin and thank you all for following my work. It means so much to me.

Copyright Kevin James Parr Bt 2o21 June

Scottish Mist.

It was late afternoon on Thursday 12th . 1847 The Earl was dead. His doctors gathered in long silence and dark frock coats huddled in conversation. The youngest stood motionless against the wainscot wall near the open door to his uncles bed chamber. The preacher now blessed the body and all in silence marched past the one time war hero at Waterloo.

Soon the carriage dressed in black cloth drawn by a pair of the Earls best hunters taught long since to double as coach horses stood stock still muscles twitching under the shine of well groomed Geldings .Well matched in all ways they waited in silence as the coffin of their beloved master was loaded inside and a cavalcade of hooves joined the slow procession down to the chapel on the very edge of the estate.

The company had seen the noble buried in the family plot and now sat dinning in the dead mans house. Traditional feast of fare and table fit for kings laid out by the servants worried over remaining in service.

It was two days later that Mister Raymond Morris opened his case and produced the will in front of the assembled relatives in the front lounge room of the house.

Over all all of them had benefited rather well but the house lands and estates with income of 4000 pounds a year fell to young John the only son left that war had not claimed.

Morris made it clear that the bulk of his Uncles funds over 2 million pounds will come to John ,the new Earl on his marriage only.

John at age 19 had nothing further than the glass of Port in front of him and marriage a distant shore.

His uncle wanted him to have sons to pass down for ever the old Scottish castle and estates. Morris hammered this message into Johns mind but as quick silver it melted away in his brain. He was down from Oxford reading law and had no intent to scurry off to marry any one .

Besides 4000 a year paid his bills and kept up the house . He desired only another glass of tawny Port and Stilton and he was bound for that train back to the city of Dreaming Spires.

Morris made an exit and on way to town in the trap with Lord John he hinted at a way out of the way to millions . John smiled but cash did not motivate him and he had loved the old Blue as uncle. Nothing more was said the rest of way.

Back in his rooms he paid 4pence to his loyal fag and so ventured back into his rooms and piles of books. In less than an hour his mind had left the day and into the future he read. Exam was in less than a month and he needed to gain ground to take the Barr test if all went well.

Back in Scotland the Trust took care of employment and three lost jobs . All kitchen staff as one master to dine for as long as exams lasted in his final term wages lost some one had to go. Cook and pot washer left only in kitchens. Butler informed the House maids that brass still needed polish and silver too. Fires blacked and leaded each morning by maids, and coals whitewashed by the garden staff. Brought to kitchen rear door at 7am daily .

Slowly the manor went on as it had since the first Lord had occupied the seat. Early on the milk arrived the Cook helpless as only the staff to feed. No big dinners and exciting parties to watch the dancing from top gallery door .

Finery and gentility a miss and no sign of it returned as Lord John as a silent saint who dared not speak back to a dog .Cook said openly he cannot run an estate like this he is a monk really not a man like the Earl was.

“Times are changing Cook. Lord John is young he will come around as a court fighter I think.”

She looked hard at the aged Butler having little to do. He saw that eye and he vanished as Cook was someone not to vex. The day was dry and velvet in her summer outfit. The gardens look at their best and from a distance, in the thickets of the last rose border a cold clear eye was observing all it had to see. No one saw the figure of a darkened figure as life went on in progression before it. Then no one was allowed to see behind the thin veil that shields the dead from life .

Dawn was breaking over Oxford Camera and the yellow stone of Cotswolds that it was built of shone in the first rays of June sunshine . Lord John opened his windows on the the grass lawns if Quad and sipped the tea brought in for him . It was 8am and results had arrived in the assembled hall. He was able only to hope as he raced down the six steps from his floor.

He waited with baited breath and beating heart as he opened his mail. It read so well he cried in passion and ran full tilt back to his rooms to pack for home. He was now a Solicitor and the world opened for him. Joy of joy as he marched in from the pony trap ride from station. Butler took his cases and followed him in.

“Sir if you had used the telephone we could have lined up outside to meet you in old custom of duty sir.”

John looked around him,smiling. “Yes but you see I passed with flying colours man so forgive me it was last thing on my mind.Will not happen again .i know how you love tradition Morley. A glass of whiskey and one for your good self whom has been vexed. “

‘ I say sir how very generous of you Ill drink it in my room. “

‘ You can drink it with me cant you it is a toast. ”

‘ Er! Not done in polite circles.”

” Morley my good man it is my wish and from today I do not drink alone. Its mine wish .Cary on.”

‘Of course my Lord. ”

John made a few changes in the place over the first three weeks . He personally took it upon himself to bring back the three who had been pushed out without warning and without months pay.

Cook looked over the running of kitchens and was busy over the roast tin when he marched in. “Cook .Sit down. here a glass of Port each I think and none of this cant drink when me.”

Cook amazed said nothing this was not that youth of old she could see.

‘ Now Helen you have served my family for 40 years . Are you happy carrying on. “

My Lord I have no place to go .Please dont send me away sir”She cried

‘Not a chance of it. Your my cook now. Enjoy that odd drink together dear your part of the family. ”

‘ Sir i do not know what to say?”

“Say nothing then. Just popped in to ask if Thursday is fine as i am planning a small party .just say 100 people for dancing and dinning later . No problem is it.?

A party a real party Oh! no sir it perfect a real kitchen again. “

It is inviting all the Trust and to say how I intend to run my estates myself. “

‘ Yes sir . Game of lamb .”

Leave that to you Helen. ”

On reaching the lounge Morley awaited. ‘YES ”

” Sir a ;lady rang to say she agrees and told me to inform you as she knew how busy you could be. ” Morley look sideways at the vanishing figure of his employer but John smiled broadly and relaxed in his easy chair to read the news sheets. ”

The castle busied with life as preparations bustled along all corridors below stairs.

The party night arrived and all sat dinning with mixed conversations. The faces of each trust member puzzled the 100 dinners and all upstairs servants mouths gasped when suddenly Lord John stood up to make a speech.

“I may address the subject of my quest . You see dear Trust it is now I need my inheritance to run my estates and I wish. I think I have a happy ship and my place is set . I am working day by day as lawyer from office on first floor and I need an office it town to buy and start my practice. Time is ripe to act upon this. There for I know that many of you will be glad to go back to your way of life and not have the trouble of meeting and chasing money interests on my behalf I will be doing all that myself from today .So it is my grateful thanks to you all for your kept promise to my beloved dead uncle and for working in my interest. Thank you all. ”

He sat down and five stood up. He looked stern and impartial at them.

‘ Lord John this hardly can be as certain mention of a marriage is in the will and before that we will not allow access to your funds .im sorry but its clear and in print “

” I see that you are sorry but so am I .May I introduce you to my intended .Dear please stand up and let then see you. “

All looked at each other until eventually a young and very beautiful girl stood up


“My name is Lady Mary Sackville Ward. Lord John Douglas is my intended husband and has been for over two years so. This is not my first visit here . I thank you to observe my engagement ring .We marry on 12th of MAY just two weeks from now . Over to you dear John. ” She sat down softly as the shocked guests remained on feet.

‘Sit down please will you all. .Morley please tell cook we are ready for the puddling.It is my own delight so enjoy. “

The kitchens now buzzed with the news and one of the richest families in England marrying into Douglas clan made big news in the London Press.

It was a love match .Mary had meet John In Oxford two years before hand and both knew that fate had acted in their meeting. He decided to make her his just four days after exams and she said she would ask her parents for permission. That phone call was all Lord John was waiting for that day at home.

They married In the Estate family chapel and honey mooned in Venice. 1900 came about and saw them with grown up family and a happy ending at last

In the early morning mist of late October Lord john walked to the stables .He looked up and saw in the door way a man he knew so well. It was The dead and buried Earl who smiled at him and vanished so fast Jon thought it Scottish mist and doubted he was able to comment on it. Inside the loose box his sons mare had foaled . He leaned over the top rail and looked as his son looked up. ‘ Who was that old chap father ?”

‘ who”

‘ Said you ran well his home and walked out to the door. Funny sort of chap “

‘ really he spoke to you Henry. Dad I would not say he did if he had not now would I “

Lord John smiled knowingly and said no more.

One hopes you reader liked it. Yours Sir Kevin

I admit much of this story is true changing all real details the core is fact ending as happened .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021.