In search of a lie some 2400 years old

The lie can exist long after the very dust of the story teller is gone and all that existed with him too has vanished save for remnants of that civilized world such as stone pillars and stone steps may yield of yesterday.

I am talking of a island beyond the pillars of Heracles (Hercules) an island lays far out that is larger than Libya and Asia both together. The Straits of Gibraltar  into the mouth of the Mediterranean  . That according to the play write Greek we call Plato

As to locality though vast exploration both on the seas and under them has reveled nothing. rich men have become poor and reputations have been ruined in the search for this island that was even given a name by Plato he called it Atlantis and all believed it existed. Many today will argue I am wrong as Plato recorded it all as if Plato was God who had created it out of the words he used to talk with scholars. Plato that gifted argument of man  who looked so deep inside your mind to have you questioning ones self, could he ever lie?

Plato  in company1_rnjjw8f2ttafb1b21movpa

You can ask that question of almost anyone and the answer will come back no. Ridicules who knew him personally. I would have said he invented many things to make his point a score. Then I never met him either so what do I know. Only that he lied or invented Atlantis in a work of fiction. if not we must ask why did we not find other such tales of this most notable land mass vast in all proportion not another living soul mentions its existence. Not one single record of anyone save that of Plato.images_025images_027

The hundreds of people over the years have tried to find this land mass without a sniff of success.  People such as Jacques Cousteau the Oceanographer and divers. Then we have not lost Atlantis as it was always there where it lived , inside Plato books Timacus and Critias

It was an American amateur historian called Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1901) a Congress man from Minnesota who added his own twist to Plato work. He went on to invent Diffusionism ,the idea that we all start from the same point not just we but all life on earth. He even sent Charles Darwin his book on the subject. Darwin was less than impressed.

Jacques Cousteau diving from his research ship Calypso in search of Atlantisjacques-cousteau-gestures-at-his-latest-underwater-research-

in 1888 Madam Blavatsky wrote her book called ,The Secrets Doctrine. It gave a very Christian flavour to Platos Atlantis and she even predicted that Atlantis would be found in 1969.  It was never lost but never found.


How many have lost lives trying to find Atlantis and how many in the future will continue the work instead of better things to do. It is fools gold to say the least but to some it is me who is mad. I care not the math will never add up and in the true style of Plato will argue my case as he would so very long ago. He invented it all.

Like that of the Sainted Sir Thomas More  his book Utopia was penned to teach a king how to rule wisely  though it fell on stony ground as that King Henry went on to murder. Plato in his own way  wrote of the mythical  Atlantis is much the same way perhaps.

Not long ago a man called Franck Goddio claimed to have found Atlantis below the North West corner of the Nile Delta  at a place known as Aboukir Bay. He found when diving a 330 foot stone block wall then a statue in the remains of a Temple of Scrapis  who was Egyptian in origin.  He went on to say that this sunken city is the size of a temple and palace. As it is not in the sited area that Plato gave us nor is it the size of Asia and Syria one then sees Egypt in the making how can it be Greek Atlantis. I dare say many lands sank below the waves over our long history. The Town of Port Royal is but one example. Many exist around the world. This will not add to Atlantis as it never existed but in the mind of Plato to tease us all. Or was it his desire to teach us.? Or was it poetic license belonging to a serious writer .What it was not nor ever shall be is fact. If a vast land mass in the middle of Atlantic ocean,the size of Syria and all of Asia suddenly appears the wash waves it could produce would sink both Africa and America north and south. All of Asia even then was all of China ,India and all between. It would be the largest Island in our world. It is foolish in fact to think Plato never lied as he certainly fooled some on this story who believed him Atlantis existed.

If one doubts this simply add up Asia land mass at time of Christ it is=4458 sq meter .Syria now far smaller today as it included Turkey at that time but land mass = 185.180sq M .Now take away size of Atlantic at 3716 miles and in metric 9.6244+9 sq M. Making Plato who invented Atlantis not very good with sizes of mythical islands.

We can rest assured that what ever was in the great mans mind at the time of writing his famous books it was never to impress with figures so again we are back as to why he felt he needed artistic license to write at all?  As I say I have felt for many years that Plato was trying to tell us something by this means not lie to us. He was a cleaver mind that worked so well I would have loved to have spoken with him just to know how very good he was at mind reading and puzzles as he knew so much of man and his ways.Pity he was forced to drink hemlock in his wine or be cut apart by swords. He knew far too much and the corrupt had to have him silenced. What he left us was far more than Atlantis the real gold is in his words.

His belief was that democracy will not work in the favor of all.At best it is mob rule. He died owing to such radical ideas but we know today how right he was and so as he said only the dead know end of wars. May be his Atlantis was his ideal land to start a colony of good people on. This world of greed and war could never hold his free soul so may be that was his wish to leave us hope to live in peace devoid of greed and mans desire to own us to make us many soldiers and for what? .So the greedy can survive to use us again for their  own ends. Plato and I would have been ever such good friends pity the gap exists. Now that would be worthy a quest to find time travel and stop searching for land mass as to find it is impossible for it was in Platos heart to find why he needed it so much.

Hope you found this ramble as interesting as I found writing it?

Yours with love and kind thoughts ,Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 2019.

Turin shroud

In the old Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist in the ancient northern city of Turin in Italy a cloth is stored that is said to be the shroud of Jesus the Christ.

images_014Mathew Paris

For centuries this so called shroud has been displayed by the Catholic Church and held up as Holy relic to the massive following. It used to be in Rome on display but it really came from France.

We now leave fantasy to enter real fact. in 1217 the Nights Templar had problems. Having built the church of Holy Sepulcur in the city wall of Jerusalem in 1130 they had no wish to leave so an artist was employed to make a real attempt to impress that Moslem owners of the city. Armies had long left and alone saving non Moslem visitors they needed proof that Jesus was real before Moslem would grant them leave to continue. I believe this was the moment that this shroud entered history.

Who could have been the brilliant artist employed is up for proof. I think it was painted in blood and oils by none other than a monk in search of maps to show roads from London to Jerusalem. In England the war of the Barons raged .The battle of Lincoln that date.For art historian and map maker Mathew Paris Monk of Saint Albans England it was easy work to make what Knights of Saint John said they needed to convince Moslem leaders Christ was real. Would a monk say no?


If this is so and to be honest i have come to see it as possible proof then this explains the reason it was made.

king John who gave us the great charter we call Magna Carta in 1215 had died and so Mathew Paris in 1217 had no employer .We know he made maps from Jerusalem to Rome and back to England to get away from war torn England.So he was perhaps the greatest living artist at that time and in Jerusalem in the care of Templars.

That is what we know and it adds up to that date. When the Shroud was radio carbon dated in 1988 by scientists from America and Britain it was found to be from plants grown in middle ages. A cloth bought in Middle East. Then in later years John Moores University lead by Matt Borrini and his team who lead the forensic expert tests on the Shroud  came to record that no way could it be on a man with stretched arms on a cross. Nothing added up to such. Even the rivulets of blood on the back of the cloth seemed fake. The blood had been poured from above not from open wounds.

Now we examine  Roman torture and find that the very first crucified man was in the centuries ahead at the Rome slaves revolt. The method up to then was public whipping. in City of Jerusalem they used the city walls to hang the victim by the neck but with loose arms and the hot sun he was killed by his own weight and died of shortage of breath. So conclusion is Paul lied so well it ran the world for 2000 years plus we all believed it as children along with father Christmas.

imagesPariss work on showblood-on-the-shroud

Close up photo of Shroud showing rivulets but this also shows the burn marks of the fire it was caught in.

The shroud of Turin is fake we know but the story behind it is not. oh! course many versions exist I can only give you facts and you can spend time making up your mind. Paul used Mithras information to create his church . A man much like Billy Graham in his preaching he converted millions to build his Vatican by nay means the best deal that they say is proof is here and with all humble advise check it all out yourself if you are a person who disagrees i understand I fear God and love him as creator of us all but any other cannot be God as only he exists and is with us all at any time and always.

matthew-paris-c-1200-to-1259-benedictine-monk-english-chroni.jpgMathew Paris

Way back in time talk of a shroud bearing the image of Christs face went around the known world but no record of any group of people seeing it. When things went against the Knights Templar they invented a way to convince the Moslem rulers of Jerusalem with another piece  of cloth bearing not juts a face but a whole body.  Burn marks from the 1532 fire show as patches of dark that some say is blood. The cloth has been kept in Turin since 1578.  It is made of hand spun flax from around 1200.

Bernard de Clairvaux was one of the founder members of the poor Knights of saint John of Jerusalem that became the Knights Templar over time. They became more interested in memberships and banking than any belief in Christ. They had come to understand no historic truth lay in belief and so that shroud was sold on. it is how we have it today as if cloth could exist over 2000 years would be the real mystery. I know for many this is heresy but I am just an historian dealing in fact I give here facts that fit the case only.

Motive for the fake and how it may have been painted as negative are traits know to Paris in his day. we can believe only what can be proved not asked to accept blindly on faith alone as that means they have no proof viable. The Pope will of course ague as his job depends on faith but no historian can accept any of it without hard fact proof and their is none and never has been.  Sad , well! yes but bring me proof and reward will be yours. I am that certain. Religion  has nothing to do with God.

Daring all God be with us all.

Kevin Parr Bt copyright Feb 2019

A mysterious case may last forever.

I started this so I must try to finish. It is something that happened long ago in May 2007 that upset the World herself. I never knew her but nor did others who heard of a 3 year old child who simply vanished. A case that hunted a nation brought tears to many eyes and has never been brought to heel.  As all remain alive today who entered this note worthy tale one can go softly into facts or invade in force. I hoped to find a passage between and hopefully tell the case of a 3 year old girl called Madelaine Mc Cann as facts only. resulting perhaps as I see what happened as the only way it could have.



To note that many many accounts have been told of events and the shifting story of her parents will not help us in this singular action.

In some way I admit I hear a voice begging me to find the truth . Am I fooling myself or do You know she only wants justice. In any event I care, so onward we go in this strange feeling that tells me do not be surprised.

Little Madelaine was born on12th May 2003 in Leicester England and died In Portugal aged nearly 4 in 2007. I do not believe for a second that they sold little Maddie off to slavery.

Her parents both in the Medical profession. Her mother Kate had studied hard at Dundee University and came out with a BA in physiology /sports science . She was born in Liverpool. Both had money jobs and cant see that they ever needed the cash to sell off a lovely child.

images_002Parents  Kate and Gerry.

Her husband born in Glasgow had a degree in Medicine in 2002. The pair meet in Scotland and five years later married. They moved for work to Midlands of England and started a family . Maddie then twins  gave parents  enough to cope with and both in careers too.

In planning a holiday they chose Portugal as it was becoming really popular or was it owing to friends? We dont know but to chose a back end of resort hotel seems very strange as both had excellent salaries. I always chose hotels in Algave near and around the harbour as best of best hotels. Yet they chose the back end place far cheaper?

images_003Mc Cann hotel where Madeline vanished.

We move to the evening both parents had arranged to meet up for  a night out. The group of professional medics and doctors and Mc Canns referred to themselves as a group as the Tapas Nine. Hinting at long time friends and drinkers.

So all knew each other long before hand. Husband Gerry went ahead of his wife Kate who had not bothered with the recommended nanny service attached to her hotel and well advertised.

.She wanted all three children asleep before joining her husband but the eldest was a hand full, a real live wire, who would not drop off to sleep that easily. Did Kate slip sleeping drug into her child so she could sleep all night whilst she partied. She in medicine had the means, the skill, and I say she did this but made wrong amount as mistake and that killed her child.

images_055 Kate and Gerry.

Now it all goes hazy again as so many statements and none of them agree with others. Kate says she went back an hour later to see if all was right with children. She was away a long time says witnesses. Then she appears unsure of her self. she tells her husband Maddie is missing .He flies back to see in the room. Someone called police. She tells them someone had jemied the window and had taken her child. Later she tells another officer he must have had a key to the door. Both window and door proved secure. At this stage the local police made a really massive mistake. I would have taken all the bedding sheets blankets and even mattress off the child bed for DNA testing. They however did not. Be not acting on it vital clues had been lost.


mccanncardm0909_468x283Maddies blood, DNA found by police in this hire car that Mc Canns hired days after child went missing. Can not understand why no arrest has been in place.

Then they interviewed Gerry her husband, The witness, a waiter from same hotel, told police that Kate had gone for a jog. This was confirmed by another witness and so two hours later she returned in no sweat. Now if this had been my daughter all hell would have moved with worry and anger and way to find what I could to trace my childs movement.  We all do worry differently but still I find this woman hard as stone.


These are some of the registered child minder outside of the hotel used by Mc Canns. Why they refused such a good service is a mystery still. Maddie would be alive today if they had.


Portugal police now accused the Mc Canns of murder. They really thought it all related to her. I must say of all the facts laid end to end so do I say Kate Mc Cann is guilty of hiding the true facts. Clement Fraud the MP and chef TV personalty and grandson of Sigmond Fraud lived near by and told Kate The she was both a nyphamanic and was hiding the truth. How he arrived at this no one knows? seems he also had form in child sex.

If as is suggested by McCanns that Maddie had been abducted why stop at one child as three children lay fast asleep in that room. It makes no sense. Then a witness tells of a man with a small child in his arms with pink and white sleeping clothes. A local man known for child abuse was interviewed twice by police but had a convincing alibi. The picture of a man in dark clothes with a child in Maddies pink and white distinctive pyjamas could well have been Madelaine in her fathers arms.

A lot of red herrings after this tell of Maddie being sold to near by sex offender. But to avoid the real story as it takes us far out from the really simple truth.

A lot has been written about this child and her fate but closer inspection shows more. I think it was Kate Mc Cann who gave her child or children sleeping drugs to set her mind to party life. I do not see murder or white slavery as possible.  I see it as  simple as that. She had the time to hide the body .Maybe her husband later carried the dead daughter out to bury her. It is very odd that if abduction was the cause then how did Maddies pink and white pyjamas appear for her parents to use as sympathy in TV interview years later.

We say no motive links to this case no matter how hard one tries to fit the many pieces in place nothing fits. So my theory has one motive ,not of event but of cost of real facts being known. Kate mistakenly killed her eldest child maybe gave her too much drug by accident or because she was hard to get to sleep. Over estimated the dose. Then she thought if  known her career would be in tatters. She knew the child if tested could prove her mistake so she told her husband and he seeing the Doctorship slipping  away by association, helped hide the body of his loved daughter. Later in the dark he carried that childs lifeless corpse in his arms , was seen by witness so he carried her to some place know to him. later using the hire car the little body was finally buried. She may be fathoms deep but we need the corpse to be able to prove anything. Forget search for any other reason just divers in the seas off coast of Portugal will be a good start.

Now the law moves fast from mistake to hiding the truth and diverting the case of justice. This would lead to jail time. Confusion is the way they to coped with police and there we are back at the start without a single clue. No body , no bedding no DNA.But some found in hire car? I bet it haunts both of them daily and each time anyone comes near to start a case they go on TV  or news to say how broken they are? One time even holding up the pink and white bed clothes of daughter that if she had been snatched would have gone with child?  I say Katherine Macann is guilty as hell. If she had not dug the hole that she stands now in she could have been cleared and lived a far better life. He too as he is as guilty for complying. No smoke without fire in detection so Ill leave you to decide what happened that fateful night when a mother decided not to pay for professional available Hotel supplied child minder but handle that job herself.  The only sad fact remaining is where did they bury that poor child and when we find her all will come to light. We must find the truth for a child is lost and lays alone some dark and ugly place. Though her spirit will have left her to live in peace I am sure with God

Yours with so much thought. Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019



The enduring legend of William Tell

I must start this article with my first introduction to the Tell legend as it appeared as a serial in the late 1950s on British television. The adventures of William Tell acted out by Conrad Phillips so well it is logged in the mind forever. The common man who cut down the power of the Hapsburgh Empire and helped build the Swiss nation. Great stuff to watch and believe. But sadly none of it is fact. Tell is not even a Swiss or German name.


The first known mention of the actions of this hero appeared in a work called Chronicon Helveticum penned by Gilg Tschudi in 1734. A play by Friedrich Von Schiller was produced by the famous Rossini and so the Legend entered the minds as fact for many.

700 hundred years ago around the Christmas events the Hapsburgh King Rudolf died. 1307  in fact it was which draws us right around to the event in the Swiss town of Altdorf and the man Tell shooting the apple off his sons head on the order of the tyrant bailiff Gessler who represented the even more evil King Rudolf. The date is 1307 and the news had just reached Tell that this King was dead and so he rebelled to make his own nation. He shot Gessler and took to the hills as outlaw with the towns folk with him.

William Tell on a gold five Franc coin 1931 images_029

That is the basic thread of the story as we know. Nothing was recorded in any records in Swiss history or that of German Baverian . Not until 1734 can say a thing be found to tell this tale as genuine. It was only in the mind of a novelist called Gilg Tschudi

Not even the fat bailiff Landburger Gessler existed in reality as  he set this story of freedom fighter William Tell on the date of Switzerland national date of becoming a free nation in all things severed from the German Austria Empire and set Tell in as the hero.


There are no facts until this came about and Tell was a figment of the writers mind only.

For you looking deeper into this Rudolf did exist and was a tyrant King of Empire under Hapsburgh rule of even the Swiss nation. 1282-1307 .


What really sealed William Tell in as the legend we all of us love was when the great Italian opera composer decided to put on stage a play he could write the music for.We all know the William Tell Overture by Rossini that came from that play that was produced from the work by Schiller in 1803.  With out this the legend would be unknown by any so we can say Tell never existed as a man but I can see how he can live in the minds of the Swiss as a hero from the people that brought hope to their ancestors in the struggle to be a nation out of just a chained State of a power mad cruel King from another land.

Gilg Tschudi was born in 1505 as Swiss, died in February 1572. He was a magistrate in the town of Garus  and is known a man who invented tales to fill in the gaps in his history of Swiss nation. Bit like the British Geoffrey of Monmouth did in his history of Kings of Britain.

If Tell had have lived not just one man would have known but nothing from the time is recorded so Tell is myth.

Further more there is a legend that is almost exact but it is from the Viking age centuries before Tell.   Toko was a Viking recorded warrior who upset his King and paid the price of shooting an apple off his young sons head. A real fact history and in a different country than we deal with here. It was over 250 years before Tell and so Tschudi knew that story well he just made it Swiss and changed the Heros name.  No mystery as to why.

A British Television serial show called the Adventures of William Tell used to thrill me as a child and each week we watched Conrad Phillips the actor play out what we thought was noble history. Not until now I go far deeper did the shock hit me that Tell was not real nor his history.

I dare say if you are Swiss this will come as a shock to most of you. No less a great nation because of this . Tell really belonged to justice and freedom for all peoples so to find he was created by pen alone is not what we want to believe but is fact never the less.

So there we are dear friends another good story bites the dust.

Yours Sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019


The Butch Cassidy mystery

We many all recall the movie of this story .Butch played by actor Paul Newman and that of  Sundance Kid played by Robert Redford. It is an epic film but is it based on real hard fact.Well ! no as even if we all agree it looked terrific as they went down fighting gun style over the cliff  no off this ever happened in truth.

We go back in time to Bolivia South America  1908 and that shoot out with Bolivian Army cavalry. The two men caught in a trap inside a mud walled house Sundance Kid shot and in pain both men seeing no way out of this and so Butch shot Sundance Kid in the forehead and then shot himself. That is more than the 1969 movie tells.  It is however perhaps the real truth of the matter Or not.Here we are to try to sort this out.

We can go through all imposters stories but too boring as same with Billy the kid. It seems even though these men were criminals some will want to live as they using the dead mans name for self praise and our amazement, or even hero worship. To me they are nothing but hardened thieves and bandits totting guns.

butch-cassidy-9240908-1-402 Butch Cassidy

Now Ill try to get into the legend facts as a mystery it may be but an end may be found in records. All records now examined ,read on.

Butch Cassidy born 1866 as Robert Leroy Parker in a poor Mormon family in Utah. He the youngest of 13 children went to work for a young farmer and liked him well. His name was Mike Cassidy. When moving on to cattle rustling Parker adopted the surname and added Butch so as not to bring bad reputation to his own parents. He fully intended a life of crime by so doing.

Sundance Kid took the prefix from the prison in Sundance Wyoming on the charge of cattle rustling 18 months for first offense .It is how he took the code name as Sundance Kid. His  real name being Henry Longabough.

In around 1901 the two men robbed a bank then a train together but planed for a gang to make it less of a strain.


THE WILD BUNCH. Butch on right Sundance left with Kid  Curry leaning on Butch shoulder next to butch Tall Texan,  behind him and  Sundance, Butch  friend , Bill .

Soon, as birds of a feather flock together, many more outlaws joined them becoming known as the Hole in the wall  Pass gang. Then a newspaper reported called them the wild bunch  and so we have the potted tale in one. The Wild Bunch they were. Drinking and party life even brought them to cook dinner for a whole town and it really happened. Maybe to have their loyalty but they remained to party and dance with the girls until day break.  The local news reported the event and so passing into legend this alone gave the Wild Bunch and Cassidy Robin Hood status. They entered into folk law and loved it.

Some 80,000 dollars the gang stole from banks and then railway trains made more.Some say millions. In time as no one could stop them as they vanished so fast that even Union Pacific begged Butch Cassidy to give up and be forgiven, even offered a job with pension as train guard. Cassidy said no thanks. The Union Pacific then turned to capture by employing the Pinkerton detective agency.  The Wild Bunch now saw it was not as easy to operate so eventually decided to leave USA to safer live outside of it.


Here we come to the last interesting part. Did then Butch and Sundance really die in a gun battle with Bolivian army at the hold up in San Vincente village that sunny day in 1908. Well here we have evidence that the grave of the two bandits was exhumed in 1966 by none other than the President of Bolivia one Rene Barrientos. DNA was performed and both Bolivian and USA labs came up with results. Not the remains of either bandit.

No record of any battle with bandits in Cavalry Army records announced Barrientos to the world. So we know for fact that Butch and Sundance invented it all and sent the story back to hide them in peace as dead as far as USA knew. Asking the Bolivian Embassy of any record of the shoot out existed was told it never happened,

Butch had escaped on perfect planning that had kept him safe all the years he robbed banks and trains. His exploits makes him the most famous and successful master criminal in American history.

More than that no record exists of him or Sundance ever killing anyone.

So where did they go is the only real mystery on hold now.

Large arrows point to Argentina and a certain cattle farm owned by three Americans. Etta Place we know was more than a girl friend to the Sundance kid so as no record of here dying in USA exists can we say she died in Argentina?

In 1925 Butch came to see his sister living in USA. She told all the family who believe it was Robert alias Butch that sat drinking coffee in her lounge room with her.

Then some man called William T Phillips wrote a book called the invincible Bandit. This was published in 1920s and in the many pages he told things that perhaps only Butch could know. It was found that Phillips even looked like Butch Cassidy. He was not but may have spent time in jail with Butch in the early days.

When Butch as a young man  was caught rustling cattle he was arrested but asked if he could have the night to see to things and come back in the morning to serve his 18 month jail term. The sheriff must have known his man as it was agreed. Next morning back came Butch and the sentence was served to the end. It was the last time he would see behind bars as he planed far better his actions after this.

Most research into facts leads no place as Butch planed a master stroke in fact to hide forever the bandits .But what happened to the Wild Bunch and Butches best friend was Bill Ellworth Ley. The other members are Ben Kilpatrick the Tall Texan. and Kid Curry birth name of Henry Logan. Well now all of them knew their way around cattle. So as no sign of any of them ever turned up in the States my guess is a farm in Argentina

So ends this record as completed. Unless ,of course more facts come up as to where they all are buried would put the top hat on this story for all of us.

Looking at it sideways if it had been me chased by police would I have wanted to die or escape and if all was that way would I have though of the border and invented story to live on. A farm and money to pay in cash for a roof over my head. Cattle to sell and in Argentine no problems selling cattle for British shipping in the biggest meat sales in the world .Argentina steak in cans was the best protein in shops in the war of 1918. Butch would have been 52 and a cattle Baron then.  Plan was a good one and again a thief escaped law. Robin Hood he may have been and by all accounts a nice gentle kind man with respect for mankind but a will to be a gangster more than work for his crust he demanded the best. Hard not to admire him,then a man of such as could steal from another is not a man to be famous but it is what the common folk then raised to higher thought in mind.


Argentina cattle ranch of today unchanged by time.


An Ethel Place bought a farm in Argentina around 1904 it is filed as her land. The Argentina people could not pronounce her name so she may have become simply Etta owing to this.  Four years later her lover Sundance Kid and his partner Butch Cassidy ended their career not in Bolivia as told but went farming in Argentina as planed long before.



1904 photo of Ethel Place and Henry the Sundance Kid


Hero on a stolen horse is the province  love by the populace over centuries with the suppressed people seeing justice against society in the fame of bandits. A mystery may be solved by fact only .I added up all connecting results and came up with what is my answer on research done. There can be no more doubt in my mind that these outlaws out lived the faked deaths by many years. I even doubt that they ever went to San Vincente or even crossed the border into Bolivia. Butch had planned the whole thing down to the minute detail. Then invincible he was.

Thank you for reading, Sir Kevin

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt Jan 6th 2019

Wild fantasy or real fact Hitler died aged 73 in Argentina

A remarkable claim by Abel Basti a reporter who in his native Argentina watched activity in the Nazi built town that brought him to research what was going on. We know that the President Peron who gave full permission to Nazis, cash, and gold  in his country. They ,the Nazis had built schools and area of sport and houses that really displayed a rich nation to all visitors to Perons palace. Peron made a statement to world press that he had only respect for the Nazi people in his nation as they had provided education and housing in the poor part of city. They had but only for themselves. A fully working town in fact. Many families piled in by submarine, was said to have  happened.

submarino-vigoSubmarine German U boat docking in Argentina 1945

Today a new case comes to light as the British authors of the book Grey Wolf have used Abel Basti photos if not all his text from Bastis own book.  I believe they did as newspapers from 1960s show same photos of aged Hitler in Argentina long before Gerrad Williams and Simon Dunstan wrote Grey Wolf.

How did Adolf Hitler escape? It was said way back in 1945 by Joe Stalin to Churchill that Hitler had escaped which brought Churchill to Berlin bunker himself . Since then many ways have been suggested .He was flown in a light aircraft up the main street of Berlin by a woman pilot, according to three German eye witnesses. He was helicopter lifted to waiting U boats even given details of submarine U-3523 as the vessel used.

All a maze of could be facts. What is a case, beside Basti photos is that the Skull kept in Moscow on show was tested by Nick Bellanton archeologist who was given the task of DNA  as late as 2009. It was found that the skull belonged to a female around 45 . This so upset the Kremlin that they then refused to allow the jawbone to be tested.

Now a FBI document declassified recently may prove that Hitler escaped and did not die in the bunker in 1945.


The photograph Hitler hated and tried to destroy it.


A CIA agent retired who had worked 21 years as highest paid official in intelligence section came out with a revelation. His name Robert Baer .

He told the world that after all Hitler and his day old wife had fled at end of war before even Russians reach the gates of Berlin all knew  war was lost.

In Argentina a great haul of Hitlers known belongings went under that hammer at  action in 2014 but police moved in fast to stop it an arrest that simple farmer who was to gain from the sale as to how he had come by the items. The man had said Hitlers house is for sale I just walked in and took all of it.


Basti seems to think Hitler saw a way out and brought in dead bodies from the city morgue and had them burned to fool the Russians. He then was taken by car to the submarines already packed with riches.

When U.3523 was found recently sitting on the bottom of sea bed off coast of Argentina Governments of the world told it could not have been used as it was so damaged by war it was not possible Hitler had escaped in it? Maybe they themselves blew it up to sink it. Why leave it sat in the dock to give a lead to his enemies.

Even when three subs found off coast of Brazil failed to alarm anyone I myself came to think maybe more to this story than just a tale. If Russians did a deal with Hitler all would be hidden nicely then in Churchill was in on it why would this be even possible and what could be gained by this cation.None. I think the Russians may even have provided the case of bodies found to show they had secured something if not that man alive.

images_002Abel Basti today.

I was 6 years of age when my uncle told my father he was in Berlin in 1945 with British intelligence and saw the burnt bodies  and told that no one was able to say it was Hitler or not. My uncle had been in Berlin as he told us his name Frank Whiteside if any wish to check.

churchill_001Sir Winston Churchill at the Bunker in Berlin 1945

we could go on forever but one question comes to mind.If Hitler escaped how come so many top Nazi close to Hitler and in same bunker not go with him?

Perhaps this case will never be fully solved one therefore must look at the evidence we have and thus make up ones mind one way or other.

Smithsonian Institute in America do not believe it possible that Hitler escaped but shot both he and wife and dog to end all fate of hanging as evil dictator.

diagram-showing-the-position-of-hitler-and-evas-corpses-on-t Position of bodies in Berlin Bunker draw by USA officer

No smoke without fire and lots of smoke around this story hangs. So many dead ends as no proof on and side remains.Then if we believe our eyes could Basti be true and his photos real? He is convinced he saw Hitler alive in his native area of Argentina. So did Hitler live to be 71 or 81 and two books on this subject claim? ? ?

325px-hitlerwithoutmoustache0002Disguised Hitler

images_058 Abel Basti photo of Hitler in Argentina aged 73. He told of the photo being taken through a window into a room as the man slept but he opened one eye and Basti fled with alerted guards after him.

I have seen some startling evidence from both books written by Basti and  look into the face of this man ,ill and not far off death. Is it Adolf Hitler? I really now think it is.

Is it still a mystery or did he escape and is this Hitler or is it his brother? Then did he have a brother. It all goes down to what you want to believe as this research has led me only half way to fact he escaped. What is your verdict now dear friends and readers for I can say no more. Although ace pilot who landed in Berlin outside of Fuhrerbunker  told after war that Hitler had given her a poison tube to use if caught. She had to air lift Field Marshal Robert Ritter Greim  out to safety as he had replaced Goring as head of Luftwaffe. Goring had been cast a traitor that same day. Russian army had reached the main streets as she lifted off as four witnesses told in 1950. One told that from his window he witnessed one wonder of a flight move over tree line on short run across fields. Why had she risked this if not arranged ? Hitler may well have been the passenger. Germany top female test pilot Hitler trusted and liked.

Verleihung des EK an Hanna Reitsch durch HitlerHanna with Hitler on Iron Cross award day.

images_002Hanna 4 days before her death giving BBC interview in good English. Told of her amazing flight to Berlin Bunker to meet with Hitler and that may have been her death wish.

Her name Hanna Reitsch died in 1976 in Frankfurt Germany an iron cross holder. She may have taken Hitler out of Berlin but she stuck to her story it was the new head of Luftwaffe and him only. That plane made it out of Berlin but damaged with bullets holes came down and found empty. Later Greim was captured by American troops and was told he would be handed over in Saltsbergh to the Russians who demand he should be their prisoner. Left in a cell Greim  killed himself. We dont not know if Hitler was on that plane and that is what the Russians wanted to know.  Stalin most certainly thought so. It was a secret, that if true, Hanna Reitsch, air ace, took to her grave. She had taken cyanide pill having written to a friend in England himself a flyer for RAF, that it had started in the bunker will end with it. Why did she at 67 fit and able to give that famous interview with BBC only days prior? Did Intelligence contact her with questions? Only answer must be yes and therefore what she did not want to admit may have been what this blog is all about. Her medical record death certificate gives it as heart attack. her friends know that is not the case. I found out she was born in Poland and all her family shot themselves to save problems later. Hanna had loved being top dog and to her end day loved Hitler and did not believe he had anything to do with Jews or death camps even though she cried over seeing what had gone on in film. Loyal to Germany and the Fuhrer she chose death rather than say she flew him out of Germany to freedom.

Yours Sincerely Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.9th January 2019

The real Utter or Uther Pendragon.

We all know of the legend called King Arthur the Briton. A war time Roman at the fall of Rome who remained in England to fight Vikings and prove he could rule as King. He most probably was a Britain in the Roman army called Artorious   His father is said to have been Utter Pendragon brother to a King himself.

In the wild borderland in front of Scotland we find the valley that steams from the hills of three counties but it is the Cumbria river called Eden that flows north and is the only one that flow that way in Britain. It runs down the Eden valley and on one of its bends we find the remote castle that we know was built by Utter Pendragon but in 1080s. He is a recorded Norman Earl who built and had that castle washed away before it could be finished by his stone masons. The Eden river had swollen and down the castle fell.

Record says he started again but river came back with power to scold him. Eventually and much moved back he managed to effect his dream home. War built for protection in that part still wild today. Not a big castle more a family home it stood but time neglected it into the romantic ruin we know today.



In knowing its owner Doctor Raven Frankland  who worked on the fallen masonry and dug out the cellars during the later part of his life I joined him for a day digging in the hard packed spoil. 30 years it had taken him ,bit by bit, to clear out and cement up what stood to help save it. We talked about its builder and Utter and a a man for short conversation as he was a busy man. A doctor of history and one of the richest men in the country owing much of the lands his family inherited and bought way back in time.  A vast remote empire of thousands of acres and village.  He told me that Utter could in no way have been the father of Arthur the King. But I knew that from dates .What did come over was that Pendragon was not Welsh nor his town of Penrith at far end of county new as made in 1972 Government mess out of old and sacred Westmorland and Cumberland plus bits of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Now Cumbria.

Lady Anne Clifford had owned that castle in the days of Cromwell and she had stood up to him too. It had a long history of owners up to Frankland time.


So who is Arthur of the Britons. The once and future King? Some 20 miles up the A66 trunk road that follows the old Roman Verterai  highway we come to an ancient stone circle now just a mound .It holds the name of Arthurs round table. Across the road a Roman grave stone stands against the wall of a field. Roman villa stood in that area we know from floor found. My guess is Artorius was a Roman army Officer who with the men he had lead in battles decided to take their freedom ,or had been ordered to remain when Rome went back in force to save Rome from Attila. They survived the ending of Roman power and known world empire.  He had the skills the armour the horses and desire to rule. He was Arthur the legend. The rest made up by the first writer who gave us all the cast that did not exits as far as names relate.

Morte de Arthur is an old poem that tells of a man who became a King called Arthur it weaves a story much as we know through movie land. Only small parts of the whole are true. He was not Ambrosius he was Arthur and he did exist but not as we know it today.

King Arthur, metal statue,English coastline.


River Eden near Appleby town.

Excaliber was one of the seven swords in old Briganti Norse legends that became made by the blacksmith Weyland.

Weyland was punished by Swedish King Nidud who lamed him for the rape of his own daughter when taking a gold ring to be repaired. He had sent his two sons who Weyland killed and made cups from their skulls and so chained to an anvil earth bound  smithy to shoe the hooves of Odins horses he was sentenced to do for eternity.

This is mentioned in the Volundarkida a 13th century poem but was taken from a 5th century work called the Beowulf poems.This was England oldest known record..  So did Arthurs sword exist? no, it is called Excaliber which gives us a  big clue. Ex meaning parted with and calibur the army name for a bullet mold.  So parted with mold. The legend really is that of King Charlemagne of the Lombards 742-814 AD who had his Knights and castle and empire and a sword that he loved to use. This was the mold that Arthur as King had taken over in most details and a magical sword added for good measure. Not that the man himself would have known as it all came after his own time.  Arthur lived centuries before Charlemagne then we see it just cant have existed. the whole story is fabricated by Geoffrey of Monmouth a known writer of records of ancient Kings of Britain.. A monk who invented all he had no information on which was all of them.  Arthur may have lived but nothing as the legend makes out. He was said to have led armies against the invaders who may have been Saxon or Viking as every one wanted England after Rome fell.

images_002Weyland Smithy in Oxfordshire UK

This said smithy is located in Southern England and can be seen today. Legend is he made 7 magical swords and cast them up into the skies so to hide them from his brothers and his father Odin. They form a heavenly star formation. For Arthur one sword was granted to make him king. All nicely rounded up to make a good story better.

Uther Pendragon  was born centuries later and no legend just a historic builder of a castle in North West Britain who could not stop the river at the place he wanted his castle. He is know for only this and no more.

So the mystery is who was Arthur and who was his father. Six stories exist but none hold water so far. We need to leave the whole legend behind and start with one ex Roman army man who may have had had British blood. Nothing else can be trusted as fact. Most of the story relates to another real mentioned King who was also Holy Roman Emperor and ruled in Europe a vast area.

When the story of Arthur was being invented by Geoff and all that came after him it was  many centuries after the real man lived and died in battle. But there is nothing like a story that is the heart of the meaning of all that is fine and noble in mankind to stir the nation into unity. That is why this story will persist unto the end of time. The once and future King story is far older than even Arthur. It relates to that of Dunmail a northern valley King who fought raiders and was killed at the head of a pass called now Dunmail Rise  near Keswick in Cumbria. It is not well know but the great heap of stone on the ridge came from the rock slides of centuries. If one big stone is under that then there by lays King Dunmail. In those days so far off it was common for a rich land owner to call himself King of the valley and at one time many such local valleys had a king. Maybe a farmer or someone who was big enough to insist.


220px-Dunmailraise Dunmail Pass around 1900. From Ambleside to Penrith up a very high hill. They have stopped to view the old Roman hill fort just out of the right hand corner of this photograph. I have crossed this same road on foot on a motorbike and cars so many times from youth that I know every stone turned. Even on a horse once. Took all day 18 miles.


Dunmail is said to have won the battle but dying of his wounds told his loyal soldiers to bury him under a pile of large stones .If he was needed to defend and protect his lands again all they had to do was to knock on the stones loudly 3 times and he would rise with sword in hand to lead them against the foe. This battle is recorded as fact and many English Britons died there but four times more Scottish raiders died that day.  The King Dunmail was killed by sword cut to his chest and died of blood loss. The rest is of course with much artistic license but is the first mention of a King that will live to fight again. It is added to the story of Arthur from this tale by writers in the past who built this story by candle light and guile. When one takes away Camelot and that sword what is left is a Romano-Briton leader who died fighting the enemy and was famous in his own life time.

Yours with respect Sir Kevin.

Kevin Parr. Bt Copyright  December 11th 2018