The sunken gold ship account


Fair stood the wind from France as two French ships in full sail crossed the Chanel on that day in the year of grace 1745. Captured by Angus Jacobites  in Montrose  Harbour Scotland in the November of that year and renamed from The Hazard  to The Prince Charles Edward Stuart and now sailed to France and back with supplies for the planed revolution.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart was now running low on provisions and arms but cash flow was his problem.The French King Louis Xv had sent gold coins in thousands so to win the throne back from our German King.

There is no doubt at all that this was the plan set in motion no matter what some historians think it just a head count to show how many British could be relied upon when war came to set Prince Charlies father on the Throne of Britain.

On to our coast line the laden ship came closer. It was the in the sights of a British naval man o war. Although the ship was 270 tonnes and supported 12 six pounder deck cannons and gave fight the great war ship aimed well and holed her below the plimsol line.Taking in much water she managed to run ashore and Captain George Talbot and his crew vanished across into the towns along the shores of Loch Hakel near by the headland of Kyle.

They say before the navy could secure the beached ship many towns folk stole what they could. Many made rich by this act but nothing was done as no manifest to tell what cargo was in her holds. Some truth may be that gold coin in boxes sank into the sea when she was holed by cannon.

in 1840 a large gold coin was found in long grass  at the far end of Lochan.

The end was just three weeks away on the battlefield of Colloden Moor on the 16th April 1745 the British red coated infantry shot the last Scottish Highland charge to pieces but not before Prince Charlie manged to escape back to Italy and died many years later a total drunk.

Two more French Frigates rounded the headland of Scotland harried by Naval war ships .One sank in the Kyle of Tongue the other sank in deep sea waters .Naval intelligence tells of the ship that limped into the Tongue sank close to the rock wall to the left side on the entrance to Kyle.  We think that she too carried muskets ball and cannon along with cash count for Charlies escape.

Many tell of the march ending at Derby when all London was away with the King .He could have just walked in and took the throne. It is wrong that they say it was confusion as Prince could only speak Italian. He spoke clear and perfect English too along with French.

What happened after he left our shores amounted to ethnic cleansing all over Scotland and Northern England of any who could be said to support another king. German George had been only the Mayor of  Hanover but was one brute as King and his big fat son Cumberland made sure the Scots ran or be killed. Canada is full of the many who effected escape from the Georgian mass killer who occupied our throne as those in power had elected what they thought was a Protestant King but spoke no German so did not know what an Electorate was?  A common Mayor with no Royalty in him.

The gold, if found in Kyle, is deep and would need a diving team with skills and protection from the bends as if she is on the bottom it will present problems. Then many will try I am sure, as four million in gold then could realize perhaps 50 million now. the ships names ,Le Mars. The other, La Bellone.  You will receive no help from The French records only that of the British attack on the French flag flying ships have scant detail for obvious reasons  2fb4dde70c2b43734b235a419c87f170

To trace the records one must study hard that fight as ship log will say where the enemy vessel sank and I have read it twice so you can do the math yourself.  Good luck I wish you well as I have stood on that cliff gazing down into the Kyle and would not want that dive no matter how rich it made me. Deep and black her waters that run out to sea .It is were Sea gulls go to be lonely.

I just had to write this up as in fact I have been so informed that someone is planning a dive in Summer of 2019. It will make history as to raise that vessel would thrill any historian  The prize is so high maybe even you will try.

God speed my friends good luck ride with you if you try for riches beware your not alone.

Spanish Gold and French booty may be even older coin but all gold and saleable .The coins in museums to show our next generation would be nicer.

Thank you all of you for reading my articles I do try to make them interesting and so hope you follow my work. I charge you nothing to see amazing facts that may entertain and educate any who you that likes history.

Sir Kevin.

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Codex. Beinecke MS 408. Voynich manuscript mystery case.


We have heard of Bletchley Park code breakers that during World War I broke Hitlers

secret war codes to help win an evil war. This Voynich manuscript was found IN Northern Italy in 1912 by Polish antique book collector Wilfred Voynich.  It refuses to be code broken by world experts and is 15th century hand written and illustrated  manuscript carbon dated to 1400-1438. The whole work of 234 pages is hand written on to vellum.

It seems to be totally have  been indecipherable left to professional code breakers and history scholars scratching their heads.  It is believed by many to have belonged to Tudor Alchemist and occultist John Dee ,the legendary scientist to Queen Elizabeth 11 of England.

The luminated pictures and many illustrations bear witness to medical recipes that may heal the anatomical body. Some therefore believe the manuscript book deals only with eternal life. Therefore it is protected by secret codes.

The painting of naked women treading in a bath is Jewish tradition with the bath called Mikvah which goes back over 2000 years.  If the original script was in Hebrew as many have arrived at in search. Now one really knows what value this book holds. Roger Bacon the English writer owned the book at one time. We know for certain this beautiful book was treasured by The Holy Emperor Rudolf 11 as he had paid 600 gold Ducats for it. That sum today is around 90000 dollars.

In 2016 research into anagram coded text written in this unknown language presented what was thought to be the definable breakthrough. A lecture expert eventually came to the conclusion that one day a bloodless machine will crack the code over night.  When Umberto Eco visited Yale university all he asked for was to see the Voynich manuscript for real  He then said “The evil beauty of the Voynich manuscript is that it holds a mirror up to our souls”.

The Alberta University used anagram to come up with the language being old Hebrew. Professor Greg Konrak brought in Hebrew speaker Professor Moshe Koppel who picked out words from ancient script saying “She made recommendations to the priest, man of the house,and to me and the people.” Strange unhinged sentence to me but accepted by many as correct. No one other word since had been announced. I rest on this as it is anyone guess if correct. As Bletchley code breakers failed to crack it in 1945 I doubt all attempts as false until proved.

for 600 years this work has compelled man to see beyond it but all have failed. A code or codes intertwined wrapped in an ancient language had confused the greatest minds right up to today. What really is the message this book holds? Could it really be a hoax with no code attached ? Well! millions of believers in this codex would never agree with that.

We wait to see what will be the case in future years as no code was ever made that cant be broken unless man did not write it? Now we step into the real unknown.

Another example of coding can be found in England. It is the Shepard Monument. It was built around 1763. Called by locals in its native Staffordshire and inscribed with code that over 250 years no one has ever been able to decode it. the word is DOUOSVAVVM, if you feel a challenge coming on try it for size. It is engraved in stone across the front of this monument.  images_010images_009

As far as the Voynich manuscript is concerned I think the work in Alberta uni may one day come very near to decoding all the words. If so well and good as for all the fuss may be it is but a garden herb book with recipes. May be the ladies book of healing properties rather than the elixir of life.  If it had anything to do with the legendary John Dee than it could even be something worth having. Until we crack the code to be able to read it, it will remain a world mystery for ever.

Thank you all for your attention again on these cases. I did find this book is now for sale in print of Amazon. For all you crossword fans why not try to be the first in the world to read it, understand it and prove yourself with the world who failed at every attempt. Sound good ,I wish you luck as I could not make sense of if myself. Looks like 6 languages folded into one then every third word coded, but what do I know. Nothing .If world war two code breakers gave up on it what hope have I of cracking it. Out there someone must be good enough to see through this and open the eyes of the world to their name.

Yours faithfully Sir Kevin.


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The FSA the great Mortgage Scam of All time.

Scam that affected thousands of innocent home owners in UK 1988-90

headerimage  The head office of Abbey Life in Bournemouth UK

In the mid years of the 1980s on the announced new Government promise to clean up the industry of insurance and assurance. Abbey Life trained a team of unknowns to sell mortgages to all and everyone.They would be self employed under the banner of Abbey Life and with abbey line identity badges . They could promise what ever they wanted but sell at least four policy a month. The best seller promotion to manager on a set wage .’Go out and prove to me you can sell mortgages transfer pensions sell insurance what ever the need you can cover it. We are only at the other end on your phone if you need help.Go out and sell.’

that was part of the training. Not one of the newly made department of sales had a single clue about any of law on pensions or mortgages but every contact was explained.all they need was name and signature ,the office can do the rest.

Each one of them given an area to comb. Pressure was on them to sell. A call on any home was to say you have been selected for a financial health check. Next was ,”this is a nice house have you lived here long” .Oh! 20 years . “Did you know that you could draw off the equity on your home without any lose of ownership.”

Then they creep into the unsuspecting victim and if they say no thanks get them to sign the thank you sheet as called on you. Tell what ever tale you wish and use that signature on all documents. If they say yes bring instantly in our estimator call him the valuer. Once we know the value of the property you can sell them the idea of say 40,000. pound pay out .Dress it up and signed and out you come. If they have tight questions just tell them there is a slight pay back but we can deffer payments so if on a mortgage you will pay no more than you do now.

This all came from an agent who worked for them. I do have his name to be brought in in part two.  Then a more personal case of being robbed by them. You see Government had told this dodgy industry to clean up its act.The industry came back with yes but give us time to do all the papers to reprint and all that. Result, Government was on the edge of the chair to get this done and so promised a period of so many months.

Fast as one week later hundreds on unemployed sat learning how to fiddle. Once the thing was sold no 14 day cool off time. We avoid them as you sell all policy from many companies and we get a bite of all. Your self employed so get as many in as possible.

This is pretty much what was said To all of the new starters. They had about three months to create hell as nothing could be done once that Financial Services Act came into force. Most tried to stop it all once they spoke with friends who knew lawyers and some who knew real insurance men who saw the scam. Big companies just closed their doors , saying the man you need is in conference trick each time but if you rang back ,it would be, sorry that numbers busy do you wish to hold or ring back. Eventually they all run out of time and tried taking it to court but told by judge what they have done is immoral, evil, greedy, but now not able to be judged.they knew that ,said my judge shaking his head.Financial Service Act covers all sins. Yet with thousands of people homeless through this scam we see the offenders still dealing and surviving. The likes of abbey Life are owned by some one else today been bought and sold so may times since 1990.


I could not see them get away totally with all they did in my area of the country of England but some aged never picked life up again. Many I knew with small children had to run and keep running in order to avoid the bailiff. It was the scam of the devils that wanted as much illegally as they could knowing it would be made to vanish once the act covered them.

investigation that deffer payment case is hard. You are given cash out of your equity .No that can never be right. What happens is they sell you a loan. You think that it is out of the figure of equity as that is what an legal person had just told you. Could not be less than lies. Equity is when you buy your home to the date you are visited by scoundrels. It is inflation and the rise in nations wages that sell your property at a higher price than when you first moved in. Yes make equity. Your home could never be the bank but this is what you are conned into believing by commissioned sales persons as not one of them was such as lawful even then. They could not tell you anything like that and be legal so they are there to rob you. A cash loan has its payback and no deffered figure can remain without a massive balloon figure in the last days of mortgage .So instead of retiring with all paid off the house now yours, the mortgage company issue a closing balloon figure of something like 25,000 pounds in interest unpaid. I found that what went wrong with so many was their own banks did not receive the papers until after that final date and so perhaps three day over the mortgage company took you slyly off that deffered agreed payback figure to full pay back amount.

Now you owe the true figure of your loan. One chap owned his home found he had 45000 to pay back in ten working days. Another found 100000 pound he owed but had never signed that papers or asked for a loan but it was in his bank. He then tried to put it back with the lender .No they demanded interest of 25 years based loan. Both men lost the homes they had owned with nothing to show for all that paying out to mortgage societies over 30 years in one case 19 in another. It is an evil web hidden by that Financial Services Act law passed to hide criminals who refused to sign Government green papers to make a dodgy industry legal if no time for them to make waves. In that offered time they went right out to rob and steal anyone to bring home to cash. For all knew that once that date for signing loomed nearer it had to stop but anything they committed in sin would not be against them after that. So Courts all over Britain told their victims . Some rather inventive sales persons rose to managers knew more ropes and cared not about guilt. One such madam forged signatures and changed pensions under hand. This is part one of an article .Next will come names and lies exposed as we close in on the very devil who exists even today. We can name names and  red face all of them but will they care . God knows.



On the 11th May 2018 at 3.54 pm tried to speak with Matthew Allen of Phoenix plc. This was to give them chance to defend before publishing the truth. It came back post failed. I then went on to their compliant form as now Abbey Life is owned by Phoenix Assurance and so in great trouble as so many have complained of Abbey Life scam to new owners of that said firm.

I only hope this helps those who now have a chance at showing up that scam that made thousands homeless in Great Britain.

Yours with respect and thank you all for reading my blogs.

Sir Kevin.


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Cats and the Black Death case.

7906_6gregor1          tumblr_nw0lr1Mqmn1ttovh1o1_500.gif


You may be alarmed to know about this singular case of stupidity that contributed to some third of European people loosing their lives in the worse plague in human history.

Pope Gregory 1X 1227-1241. decided that cats ,especially black cats had connection to the Devil. He organized a vast clear out of cats all over Europe by Papal Degree. Cats connected to witchcraft wiped out millions of the poor innocent creatures and it took years until hardly a single cat remained alive any place in nay European nation. He as Pope then changed every law  in the Catholic library. A Papal inquisition followed hard on that trail which rewrote history. You spoke against the church and the Pope signed your death warrant as a fact.  Cats piled in heaps all over Europe stank as fire then had to be the clear up.

That is enough of  Ugolino de Conti who  became Pope Gregory 1X

For almost a century after this massacre of cats came the worse human tragedy ever recorded. The plague called the Black Death ran quickly through all Europe into England unstoppable and death bringing killed without mercy millions of people.Age mattered not your family wiped out in days.  Accounts of the deaths are fact the lime pits clearly ,marked in London Rome and Paris still stand as sentinels of truth that so many died. Some villages have plague pits all over their boundaries. One theory is that rats brought in the Black Death from Asia Minor. By ship the rats over populated every country and brought in the flea that is blamed for plague spreading.

We go back to the lack of cats slaughtered by the Pope as one good reason why rats, mice and rodents of all types would have been kept well down in number by none other than the cats themselves. It took a time to build up so many rodents that ran in streets like rivers and stories of Pied Piper is not wrong. Men earned hard cash dispelling the rats it was that desperate in all cities. Town too as any crumb of food feed the vast armies of rodent power. Nothing was safe children eaten dogs devoured and then on to ships in harbour for anything to eat. In 1346 the first terrifying signs of plague hit Europe. Until 1353 it raged hard and long like arrows into peoples hearts everywhere. The call to bring out your dead echoed all around you and the takers of bodies wore beaked head gear filled with scents as they thought that an air born invasion of death could be stopped by not breathing in the air but through mixtures of scents and fruit skins. The Peak that made them look so evil was protection filled with this mix.


So the Vatican stopped killing cats as Gregory died and the new Pope stopped most of it.

The people saw cats as witchcraft and it was years later that cats re appeared at all mostly from Ireland into England and back out into Europe.

Many believe now that rats did bring that plague and all can be placed on the Vatican for wiping out billions of cats on the stupid idea they had all been made by Satan that that church itself invented to scare you into paying out for protection. The millions that suffered from such as Black Death would agree that they died in agony through the absence of cats to control the armies of rats. We can only save RIP to our ancestors, yours and mine that suffered such an evil death.

As for the cat today ,it is back and loved by many who see its beauty its pet like charms and who enjoy the absence of rats around their estates. Let us pray that never again will we see such a plague or evil wicked invasion of rats to affect us.

cat-kill-rat-close-up-thai-mouse-ceramic-floor-tiles-3642728Rats, they fought the dogs,killed the cats and bit the babies in their cradles, and ate the cheeses out of the vats, and licked the soup from the cooks own ladle,Split open the kegs of salted sprats made their nests in dead mans hats and even  spoiled the womens chats by drowning  their speakers with shrieking and squeaking . In fifty different sharp and flat yodel .

Such was it that Robert Browning wrote after reading history of the plague.

Thank you for reading this and know now ,save today ,we seem compared to then we are happy people to be alive.  Man made religion, God made man to love him and serve him.

Yours with respect. Sir Kevin.


The Vatican today

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The case on the Delphi Oracle voice.


Long ago in space and time a monk sat thinking deeply on the subject of money.

He had it that he could make his idea work but how to build his designed Oracle on land he could not afford to buy. The mystery thus begins as someway he starts his build.Some years march by but now many have arrived to work on the idea. Before long all Greece have been told of the monks who can connect you to your dead loved ones. Can read your worries and for just a few gold coins let you see the future and the past as one.

Today we travel back in time to the 2nd century AD. We are on the Greek mainland some way from Athens.

The site was once  a service so rare, so gifted ,holy and pure ,that the legend of the Oracle that is Delhi raced around the Known World. A group of loyal holy monks trusted and kind serve both the living and the dead. It was here that mighty  King of  Ithaca, Odysseus, came to find his dead wife Penelope.

When he arrived heart broken at her loss this warrior King was told by monks not to say his name but to dress as all else and spend four days in penance to cleanse the soul in a cell with another with no identity.  All who came had to obey the written rules of entry.

In 1987 I walked around the ruins of Delphi in wonder. I had made it so far from childhood dream to be there. Stone upon stone and the odd wall are mostly what is left. From architectural maps showing how it all looked and numbered notes on every corner one may see how cleaver an idea it was. The oracle that really gave answers to questions then gave them to me now. Hours of strong sunlight on five days holiday spent researching this site paid off.

The mystery lasted four centuries until the coming of the Church of Rome. The Catholic pope had the Oracle stopped in its tracks and pulled to bits. It was all through the book written by a monk who described the workings so to move on from Delphi . It explained what drugs had been used to induce belief. How women used voices to tell the drugged King that indeed his Penelope waited for him in the curtain beyond lifes door.

Here at the site I trace double walls all around what had been the main dwelling.It was marked as the traveler visitors to see the oracle cells. It was clear how they manged to do this. Each visitor was brought down to nameless .Sat with someone in same mode and in closed locked cell. what happens is you each tell the other why you came to be there and a little of your worries. It is natural of a long stay that all of us would act this out. Throw in some drugged food and listen to every word behind the sealed walls. It was magic in motion and as corrupt as ever it could have been.

Then no one cracked it then the monks had perfected such an act that for centuries it worked a treat. Some high ranking world known historic people went there just to talk with their dead, see the oracle and find out the next move in life. For this they paid highly and made the small team of monks very rich.

All who came went home to tell of the wonder that is Delphi. Freely it was advertised from Greece to England all around the trading world.

The sun had gone down, the cool night air bathed the heated brow. It was dark and stuffy but I was between the walls. Here pipes protruded from the inner wall. .So this was how they listened. The outer stone wall was thickly built but the cell walls really only lathe and plaster mud brick type. Every word could be over heard by the monk as he slowly walked around the outsides of the many cells he marked down interesting comments on cell numbered script. The design was well thought out as its clever shape allowed voices to carry all around the tunnel behind each cell set in a semi circle. The listener could write all down as record.

By the end of the visitors stay all was known and the visitor was by now nicely drugged with hallucination plant heads and all kinds of magic mushrooms. Pliable of mind and with help from the team of monks led to speak with the oracle. Here a large metal bronze dish filled with oils and heated by wood fire under the bowl unseen. He would be drawn near and answered to each and  every question he asked and as if the oracle knew of his every though.

He would feel in capable hands. He would then see his future picked out in details in the floating hot oils that filled the wide bowl.

A voice in the distance told him it was his loved one, dead but able only to say a word or two. Even the white silk dress wafted across his face and perfume to drug him more as he fell to sleep. It was the best theater ever and it was done so professional that the fame of this spread around the globe and made this Delphi Oracle magnificently rich.

To travel today from Athens takes a bus ride from the city bus service marked Delphi. About 3 hours really depending on time of year and traffic. It costed then about one English pound. The site looks nothing from the road but as you have to pay to get in without the old oracle to boast of one can see it is very cheap now to enter. One big site with lots to take in and if you know the story and the famous who believed and had been there all comes to life even now.  I sat in the sunshine after hours on day one just walking in history.

A miracle no, a mystery no longer, a priceless fact , yes. But it was such a mystery to thousands of people who passed through and everyone heard and saw their dead speak. Received messages that answered all their questions and an oracle that told of their worries and gave them answers  that helped them. They also saw the beginnings of the earth in the oceans of fire show in the bowl of the oracles power. Heated oils can make lovely pictures and the monks had the skill to perfect.

What else would you wish for but the memory of your visit to last. The monks made certain that your every wish would be answered so you would be the advert for free and another satisfied happy customer.

It was the most profitable business in history. A monk who sat and thought this out was not next to God but he was the scoundrel so rich on earth he worried not. Need I say more.

We last not forever, no 10000 years, so be good and wait for the day of judgement clean without worry nor greed. A happy life to lead.

It  was the Greatest Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelious in his wisdom that said much like this and I  agree that he was right to believe that life is but the test and we are judged on our merit . Manners and respect cost nothing people matter and we can redeem our sins. The monks conned people in the cleverest way imaginable but it was evil one may imagine only what became of them later.Men such as Marcus Aurelious was remarkable for his wisdom in an age where sin was massive people butchered and killed in the name of riches alone. Yet no shroud has pockets to holds coin .

I hope you found interest in Delphi site and  a story as old as time ,as much as I found back then and writing it now.

Your host Sir kevin says thank you for your visits.



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The worlds first computer 1st Century BC



It has fascinated historians for over a century since it was found in a Roman ship wreck off the coast off the island of Crete in Greece

The year 1900 and the name given to the find is the ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM7f7896075c292d29fa55a31f83fb32e2

My first connection to this amazing work came in 1976 with marine explorer and famous world diver Jacques Cousteau and his team on British television. He had dived onto the wreak and found bronze cogs ,no doubt that once had been in this clock mechanism at one time before the ship sank. It awakened my interest in such as a mystery as to what this mechanism could be?

Scientist Richard Feynman visited the National Museum of Athens to see  this mechanism close up. He was not impressed with the museum set up but found the device amazing. He records it has cogs and drives and much like a modern mechanical clock work but has really well made slid rule type devices and some sort of mechanical set of mathematical gadgets . It could be the worlds first computer.

Trigonometry was invented by Hipparchus who was born in what today is Turkey in 190BC and taught school on the island of Rhodes. He was one of the first to have known that the earth ran around the sun. It is believed with some facts that indeed this man designed the mechanism we discuss. Who made it is the unknown factor. Greek writing seem instruction on what the device does. Two separate writing styles suggest that maybe it was made in a family shop of metal castings work. The bronze metal inscribed with writing should tell the whole story, yet we are still in the dark.

The fact that this mechanism is so advanced we now are aware that it is a 2000+ year old computer made in Greece and in the end being taken by Romans .The ship sank and all was lost to history. Or was it a gift for Julio Caesar whom in the first century would have had a  very ample celebration.Then all thought ships went from Greece to Rome but now new facts seem to point towards Turkey being the destination of the ship that sank.

It was first discovered by Greek sponge divers in 1900. The equipment made for deep sea diving  was primitive then and killed two men with the bends at 150 feet deep when first discovery caused panic. Later some 2 more divers left with paralysis from the bends.

Marcus Tullius Cicero who spoke of something called the planetarium”sphere of Archimedes “. He went on to say that it was able to display the sun. movements of the moon and planets even the movement of earth. We think he was talking of this same mechanism. Perhaps Cicero himself ordered the ship cargo that sank.

in 1974 Physicist and historian Derek de Solla Price worked on the Antikythera Mechanism until his death in 1983. He never had it worked out fully but so close his papers tell but if he did crack the puzzle he took that to his grave.

we can only guess how it worked and so an element of mystery remains in this case file.

My thoughts are this, perhaps the part that could be missing lays 150 deep on the ocean floor even now. A puzzle without all the parts may be why no one can fire it up and make it work. We know that it did so when made. My theory could even be right. Who knows?

I did enjoy looking back at this case as it is so exiting to think we had all that before Christ lived. why do we go backwards what happened to stop such progress is always interesting for me; at any rate. The craftsmanship of this work is beyond the date we know this was made. It must have been famous as Rome knew of its existence. Greeks told of it and now we have most of it to study more questions than answers appear. That shipwreck is so far down in the sea we need even now a major job to shift through sands and rocks that form the sea bottom all around that wreck. Then try to brig an old Roman vessel back to  us for anything that helps to solve the mystery of what is the worlds first computerized clock that may even record time.

Until the next time. Thank you all for your support. I may only hope that you enjoyed the account case as much as i did writing it for you.

Yours with great respect and faithful service, Sir Kevin


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The Truth on the Mata Hari Spy Case


15 th October 1917. Records of letters and proof about her life now released by law.

Come with me on this journey in the the life of a remarkable woman who for nearly 101 years has occupied the centre stage of history only as maneater, a sex machine and a spy even double agent indeed. I now try to tell the story as it really was. I say that for much proof did I uncover in researching this case. Her letters in fact have emerged just one week  ago released by the years kept secret by the very Governments who used her as an escape goat for the massive loss of men on the battle front of the pointless first world war.

Margaretha Geertruda Zelle she was born and Christened on August 7th 1876. In the Dutch town of Leeuwarden , Holland. Her father a prosperous hat maker one Adam Zelle and his wife Antje Zelle. Later her father went bankrupt owing to bad advice on oil shares.  Soon after he left for good leaving 3 children a girl and two boys and a wife to starve.  He never returned. When Margaretha was 15 her mother died so the family had to be split up between various relatives. She never saw her dear brothers again.

Poor and sad she saw a lonely hearts advert in a local newspaper for a wife for an army officer serving out in Dutch East Indies. She was 19 and sent him her best photograph. They were married soon after and life in East Indies was far from worse. They had a boy and a girl and then her husband started drinking heavily in front of her. For 8 years she suffered beatings assault on her life with a butchery knife to her throat .The kitchen chair she was sat fell to the floor as he tried to cut her. As it hit the floor she picked her nimble self up and fled. He took the daughter but the servant poisoned the boy to death. We have no logical reason for this on record.

Now alone and no place to hide she was some 21 years younger that her husband Captain John Rudolf Mac Cloud.

She traveled to Paris and took up piano teaching. It did not pay too much and she eventually found herself in debt. So dancing was the way ahead .She was olive skinned and dark haired and attractive to men so being paid she loved the freedom and the job.

She soon found attention from a French diplomat and as much for protection she became his mistress.  She had been in the hands of a weak father and fallen into the arms of a complete cad in that of her drunken husband. This man may be different she wrote. He was but war was near and he drifted to the war office. She alone again now went back to dancing.

It was now that her Temple dance she saw in East Indies came to the fore. Slowly it brought the public in to see her.  Oriental items and effects had become so fashionable all over Europe by then and her dance fitted in nicely. Soon she appeared in La Scala in Milan . Next the Paris  opera.  All over Europe she was becoming famous. She attended garden parties and salons with her act. She was the toast of Paris then.  Once appeared on a white horse showing her buttocks off which was loved by the men and not so with the wives. She never ever took her top off or displayed her private parts just the faint sensation that she would drove men wild. She had what we call now today sex appeal in buckets full but it lasted only as long as her body was young. Soon younger girls tried to emulate her and she found herself out in the cold yet again. She was Mata Hari ,the eye of the wind, the eye of today. In an age before it began to be known she had invented herself. As the expression is now.

Mata Hari had cash but then she met an English man through a French army connection. In short they wanted her to draw information from high German command by giving private dances. The MO5 todays MI5 organized her schedule but she went too far  by boring a high ranking German with too many questions. He knew she was spying. He decided to hand her snippets of useless information on battle lay outs. It worked and  she made sure her French contact received all as duty to France.

She was recalled as the French had guessed that Germans had know all about Mata Hari so the game went no place she was dismissed.

It was about now that she met the man who would take her by storm into the love affair of her life. He a Russian Captain called Valdimer de Masloff. It was  1916 and in the throws of love he was sent to the front lines into battle against Germany. Two weeks later he was returned to Paris hospital blind in one eye and shell shocked with many scars from war. Mata Hari was devastated and desperate to save him, found work just to keep her love at home and take care of him. She was determined to work and now found a lucrative assignment to spy for France. Georges Ladoux whom had no doubt seen her dance had set his sights at signing her up. She was informed to use her charm to seduce her way into German officers minds. Somehow that game was up before she even started may be owing to that fact she was a household name by then.

Her letters; hidden since 1917, tell now who she really was. She wrote “Dont think me bad, this so called man eater hated sex. I who danced at La Scala in Milan ,the opera in Paris. Private salons across  Europe really  hated sex.:”

Maybe her husband had finished her appetite for men. A great lump of evil drunkenness and heavy weight punch to keep her still. No fun in that just pain, brutal ugly pain. Night after night for years. How she must have hated men as animals after that. My thoughts are it was her husband who gave her syphilis and after that she could  never want sex. So that breaks the myth that she a Coutezan.

She had invented the life of Mata Hari as escape from days of poverty and cruelty to survive. Her love the Russian, had gone and she was suicidal. Nothing now mattered save for that daughter she had lost and who had never left her mind from that day she had run for her very life.

Her pining for her daughter echo through her letters. Down on the floor trying to kill yourself it is hard beyond hope to get back on your feet. She did but so weak her life was over in her mind.  41 now she is having an early breakfast in the Paris Hotel as a guard appears in commotion, to arrest her.

From here she is dragged into a car and man handled in to the back seat. She is raced to appear in front of her prosecutor not knowing why. Captain  Pierre Bonchardon  a well trained French interrogator   set his teeth into the case and cursed her from the offset as he had been told to do by Raymond Poincare the President of France. She was the scape goat to fix the 40,000 dead on the battle front as she was a spy for Germany proclaimed.

The British too lost as many and sent file proof to France to show Mata Hari was passing information to Germans in pillow talk. It was here that the sex story really began. It was all fabrication and head of M05 one Major General Sir Vernon George Waldergrave Kell had made sure that this woman would pay for the war losses made by him and so many other useless so called military planers. The war was being lost and some poor sod had to carry the can. She had sold out all our dead was the cry from power. If all had been sweetness and light they would have stuck a Victoria Cross on her as the woman who saved France.

So the British as much as the French demanded her death. The jury took less than 45 minutes to accuse her and find her guilt as charged. She had no chance of saying her peace. Hangmans jury made only by the loosing allies. If at that stage we had been successful in battering our way back to where we sat in charge on day one but told to move from by idiots in Generals uniforms. Hill 16 we had on day one the war began but   into digging trenches was more important to the planer heads.

So it was that a woman had to carry all those idiots that lost a million men owing to stupidity in planing in 1916-17. i can not begin to imagine how she felt knowing she would be dead in a second as she gazed into the faces of so many young men with hate in their eyes.

She was lead out dressed as she had insisted in a blue dress, black over coat and French three corned hat. The picture of elegance as she walked easily to be tied to the pole ready for the riflemen to shoot. She bravely refused a blind fold and looked straight at her murderers. It is said she blew a kiss at them but I cannot find a single proof of this ,I was hoping to, I must admit, as it would have made this story better in our noble minds.


Two nuns and a church chaplain read to her last rites she drank coffee offered and smiled to the nuns to say go now. Up right she stood majestically gazing out into their eyes . No trace of regret or fear of beyond. They fired in unison all bullets hit her ripped right into her , she died instantly nobly and bravely. Forever Mata Hari.

I am glad to have told her story it is not as the many films that have been  made tell but however it is true to what really brought her death aged 41. Though unlike the sad men who framed her we will never recall their names but all this world will know the name of Mata Hari. A real woman who lived as she died by the hand of evil men. I believe only true cowards hide the truth and blame the innocent as we are but here on earth for a minute at a time with no promise of tomorrow. I hope Mata Hari is in the light of God as she is as innocent as that of the falling snow.

Thank you for being with me on this case. One day soon all this world will read the truth of the case of Mata Hari reputation as now more records of that period in time appear we will see who is right from the dust of ages now after 100 years those who did this to her are beyond arresting for their crimes.

Yours faithfully Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2018