Maestro of my youth

The half moon hung like a silver slice of melon in a blackened ocean of sky. The hatch sprung open like a jack in the box of his youth and out from the depths he came.

“Master Christopher I believe.”?’ The fine fellow decreed.

The boy on the ships deck stood open mouthed as one catching flies. He replied by a slight nod of head but it seemed only to stun the speaker.

‘Cat had your tongue boy ?” He cried.

‘ No sir but in polite society dare I say best first to introduce ones self”

‘My my what a fiesty boy you are. Come come.Im Ranzifer Gosimaut of course .”He said in angered tone as one hurt at the boys ignorance to such a fellow as stood in charge.

“I am sorry but in all my toy box and books never heard of you. “relied the youth backing off as he said it.

The figure slid from the hatch and let it fall with a bang.

‘What in the name of Hadrian was that?” Screamed the latest arrival on deck. A small round little chap in a Tricorn hat and in hand a sword waving to all in introduction. .

‘ And who are you I demand? ‘Voiced the lad .

To this the sword waver bowed low ,as his hat fell of all could see that it was no more than the lost soul of the Captains cat himself. With some regard the cat looked up with moon sized eyes and smiled a cat like smile. My name is Beltain and im the one in your dream young Bob.”

At this the boy sprang up in his bed with a sinking feeling as the dream was so real. So vivid it haunted him for days . His mother was ill the maid had told him many tales to make him sleep and each one more vivid in his mind for ever welded.

He could make up a story in moments .Good easy beginning ,moving middle and excellent ending in six minutes of his tale you were hooked. His father wanted him in the family business which was light house designing and building but the boy now a youth was studying to take up law.

It was a rain cast day in Edinburgh At number 8 Howards Place in the gentlemans part of a velvet city and capital of Scotland . The boy had become a man but in not the best of health . He had passed the Bar exam to pass as a solicitor and this day he read the letter offering him work in England as a partner in a law practice. He was born 13th November 1850. He was to die on 3rd December 1894 on a far distant shore line.

He also had a short story published entitled The Squire De Malatrotts Door. A fine story in every way but alas too upmarket for the vast market of public need that existed then. He could tell a tale but decided he could not write one it seemed to him. Law hardly suited him but he gave his best.The cough was the real problem as it hurt him to stop when he had to.His chest you see had troubles. Or was it more that caused his pain. Father did not know and Bob did not complain

It was around the time of his next book that he went to see a top surgeon who told him it was his chest but start was the slower beat of his heart that was his cause. Young Robert had always felt ill .

Urged by his few friends to write a childrens tale .He talked with his publisher who told him to forget the high brow stuff carved from silky words and out of his educated mighty mind but what the reader wanted was gore and murder and filth.

Robert went home deluded .Sickly and weary with life.He sat down with his now wife to shut out all daylight .Next morning he took out a sheet of white paper and inked his nib to sit down and write in three days perhaps the most know book in history. Treasure Island .It hit the presses and has never been out of print.

He went on to give us Kidnapped and many more tales that trilled us as boys .He moved to a warmer place an island in the tropics but while opening a wine bottle for his guests in Somoa he had a sudden heart attack and died almost instantly. His name will live forever where British minds and manners meet. I give you Maestro- Robert Lewis Balfour Stephenson. But by now most of you have worked that out before hand. Robert Louis Stephenson was his writing name as he saw it. RLS to all of us

Thank you for reading my blogs

Yours with love Sir Kevin

copyright kevin Parr Bt 2021.

The need to know

As I have been a need to know person all my life so far I must tell you why we use so many words and ways of life that connect directly to our Roman occupiers some 2200 years ago.

We call the mile only because the Romans did. Mille passus is the distance in 1000 paces. How that works is measured from the left foot hitting the ground and is double paced but only count left foot beat to reach 100o paces and Rome placed a Mille stone in the ground in order to tell the army how far a day they needed to reach a point in how many days. So Mille passus is mile paces in corrupted English from Latin .The fact that Canada America England and Italy use miles as measurement of speed and walking distance. Even though the modern mention says Kilometer mille we forgive the inventor for lax on sense.

The pint of beer is also a measurement of jar set to drink from. They also gave us 3 types of beer. The strong first brewed the middle less strong and the small beer that children drank at about 2 percent. Well no one dared drink the water .

Even the words we use such as- Verbatim, Et cetera, ultimatum ,consensus , ego ,alibi ,bath , per diem, agenda, gratis, major and also Video which means I see . We could go on but you see my point pure Latin in our language of middle Germanic and Norman French with big slice of Viking in it makes raw middle English of the 13th century.

I read books on this subject in my teens by Professor Hall of Oxford university .Still in print and entitled Early Middle English . It covered how Saxons and Normans absorbed Latin in many ways but what emerged out of thousand years of French rule of Britain made peasants out of the Saxon farmers and village dwellers who made up code to talk in secret . Those forced to serve in houses of great lords learned the code and made from bits of each language and made up words too . If heard today we may recognize bits of English emerging in a hard gutteral form of German Saxon and base line Roman and two words of Viking Norse. The effect will astound the listener . It can be bought on tapes to listen to at home on line. Churchill himself read it along with the Rights of man be Tom Payne an English soldier who went to help the Americans win a victory over us. Not what Churchill wanted to know nor myself but Paynes book is something of good in reading.

What we know of todays modern English did not emerge as a spoken language for many decades from 1230 to around 1342. By this time it had became a national spoken language in essence. But not before the Victorians was it all as we know today. BBC made it world famous as did the empire of the East India trading Company did it spread as a world known. Then the internet is closing the gap as today even the jungle tribes men can converse in English. Not since Latin has a language become international as English is today .

It is a fine language now and one knows it is not as expressive as the French nor as forceful as the German descriptive but what it lacks it makes up for in easy relaxed ways .No male and female gravs a chair is just a chair. no sexual content exists in items or anything else but then boats are called she ? Because she carries and protects, obeys and assists in travel.No because of the bond that is formed a Brit will love his boat his car and so the loving word, She , can be applied. This is affection only and not to be confused with male and female in French.

I can place a hand across a brick and know I have 4 inch distance on hand spread out from wrist joint to start of finger joints . A grow mans foot size 10 is one foot in measurement. A hand to measure a horse to the withers (shoulders) is a hand open one on top of other. Each hand is the measurement of house say 14 hands is 14 open hand measurements. Invented to be easy for farm labour in the 10th century. I use it today. If in Metric say 5foor 4 inch .An inch is thumb joint of right hand from top to first joint. So back to Metric is 1.64592. What use is that to any one trying to cut timber with no ruler he is stuck.So dont camp out in forest with out having a ruler to measure the site.

Now Britain is back on its own changing all ,but laws, back to English perhaps its time to teach feet in inches and stop this crazy Metric nonsense. Metric is not British so why use it.

I hope I insult no one Im safe with The USA who refused Metric as rubbish and work in feet and inches to this very day.We are now working with USA on trade and not EU so best learn the real way to measure things and thank me later. It is a most English way of working . You can work out a size by looking at it really. Not in Metric as a 8 foot gate goes into so many numbers one cant visualize it. I have have proved this time after time in Europe and still its Metric in use. Ask them why ? All say because we are Europeans. Well! there is your answer .Britain is not Europe is it. Britain is getting back to be an island set in a silvered sea against the envy of all other nations.

SECTION OF A ROMAN ROAD STILL IN EXISTENCE IN THE ENGLISH LAKE DISTRICT AGED OVER 2200 YEARS. Many such have been motorway made over through out England but vestiges remain of what was Rome in its hey day.

I hope all found something in this blog that pleased them. I wrote it for myself alone but there we are its done.

Sir K says God be with us all.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2021

The Elgin Marbles

For many this is not a new story.The question is did Lord Elgin buy the marbles to save them from neglect and from the hands of looters as Greece at that time was in hands of Ottoman Empire. Prime Minsters of Britain have since the Greeks took back their nation demanded these ancient stones back. Each time failed as Elgin legally purchased the marbles from the Pathenon and so saved them from a fate of destruction or theft. It must be said Greece does not even now protect that great tiled floors that can be seen and fields left in semi ruin of sheer neglect .As old if not older than that marbles are and of historical value that mosaic floor that once had houses over them fell to bit because no one cared .The marbles would not be seen again if not taken by a museum that preserves history to the full.

The idiot political who write we must return marbles as we made Nazi looters hand back all stolen art work after last world war is suggesting we British are thieves. He should be jailed as a traitor having said enough to make me comment on his rant. I am happy to say marbles go back if Greeks can prove beyond doubt that they were looted by Lord Elgin.

I know that he took his time with authorities and obtained the rightful documents and paid from his own pocket a huge sum in those days to secure an ancient carved relief on to marble blocks .He donated them to National British Museum so did not profit from the deal .Therefore if Greece insists they must buy them back. As Greece is poor nation who will not pay back EU loans this is but another shake down by EU on Independent Great Britain. EU have no love for Greece who own them billions they are just using this to go against its old noble partner who had the audacity to leave EU far behind and not share the pay back of Greece massive debt.

Britain is free of that club now. EU worked against Britain last month too ,stopping all trade over internet with Britain and introducing taxation on parcels by way of Customs if you break the new laws . Lovely childish slap in the face again .One gets the feeling we are being hounded but as GK Chesterton said ,We are the people of England,and we have to spoken yet . Get the feeling that when we do, God help all who are against us .

Parcels and Marbles today we must wait to see what else is planed before we act as headless Europe needs strong leadership to protect us it is seen as a war zone through all time and we know who is called to sort it out dont we. Perhaps if it happens again we roll over in bed and ignore . Sad is the world that fights over greed and payback for merely stopping our subs in the club we have grown out of.

Boris has much to do to secure or waters and Marbles are not even an issue nor are the Falklands for that matter .I think Spain is next in line in EU plan of broad attack as it moves in the state of play of Gib and our legal ownership.

The EU is throwing in all it can as days go by it will act again against us. It show just how much they lost when we marched out really. They are in the last days before break up as who in right mind wants to stay in a vastly corrupted club of mad drunk leaders .

I predict that before long another nation will leave the house of cards and we must be ready to help who ever it is from the hounds of hell that dictate our plight now. I do not say a union of states of Europe is not a good idea .I thing it must be the only way ahead for all the nations including Britain to forge a deep bond with the United States of Europe. The EU it just cant be, we need a set of rules carved in the walls of justice and freedom for all.No money for membership not fat cringing leaders and drunks telling us how to trade. We do it ourselves and keep it clean ,protective and ship shape .Above all we trade with no boarders to stop us, no taxes for that fat boy to feed off. Ebay had the right idea but an old concept now we must learn another format in order to nail down the need for fair play.

Some one out in the lands of hope and freedom will hopefully read this and invent a way to progress in free unity bring down the walls of EU and making our own trade stand to help all nations prosper without listening to greedy idiots tell us what wine lake or salt heap or sugar mountain you need in your country . Freedom to think what business you may start is vital to life blood of a nation. Trade is the way ahead, keep it clean.

The Elgin Marbles belong to Britain so Eu can take us to court and loose its all

Enough .England freed Europe 3 times in history yet now we are called by names that are not deserved nor true. We pay for that things we have not thieve than as suggested by these mindless devils in the House that Duke of Wellington bought in 1815 after victory over Napoleon .The Duke was Europe in decay and so desired control of Europes debts and to assist those robbed of goods by French Empire and bandit leader. It was he that gave us United Europe not these greedy planers who today rule Brussels offices rebuilt .

God be with God save our Queen .

Yours Sir Kevin wishing you all my best wishes for a golden future .

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt March 20th 2021

Letter from Latvia

Here we are again. Snow unrelenting and minus 3c is normal ,well! for winter but not this far ahead into almost Springtime. Seems we are in for a much larger fall this coming weekend. All well and good but deer now attacking my evergreen hedges as no food elsewhere.

On the good side the British pound is creeping back up the stock markets slide. Euro edging back a bit helps all British pensioners abroad in EU nations, at long last. We can only wait to see what is happening as today the EU law prevents any trade with none EU nations but a blind man on a galloping horse can notice its directed at the gates of Britain really. A slap in the face with a iron handed glove . It means if we dare to trade on internet ,shipping by air plane or carrier it makes no matter. Deal with none Eu nations is a no no. Customs houses take charge of your order as it arrives and you are punished by taxation .This makes you ordered parcel a dead weight in customs charges and the extreme difficulty of paying any such tax will make you curse all day trying to connect with customs .

Otherwise it is a lock down until April 6th we are told may even be extended into June. We all have our feelings of time in chains because of this.

The roads are seriously deep in snow is more of a problem for progress it must be said than any lockdown.

On the positive side, and by God we need one ,we can shop but have to stand in line in real cold waiting to be allowed in like Noahs tale of woe. Once a place is made and in we go. Its business as usual but not if you wish to buy other than food items it is not. Tape closes of lines of white goods and household needs included. Just eatables on show can be purchased. Not much good if heart intent on replacement coffee mugs.

Cannot talk gardens as laughable it is I cant even see my work in such deep snow .Statues resemble mounds, hills more like perhaps comes to mind. Arches stand as frozen ice bound ships on a white sea of troubles melting into the far mists of fine snow; blown by the ice bound winds across the vanished horizon.

6 shillings and 8 pence ,half a silver mark, could not be more remembered than the winters here to the old brain of a man who can recall all that happens in man and time. The brain fed by the camera of the eyes will hope now for warm Spring so well deserved. But not a sign of a single snowdrop can i see above even the light fall of snow around apple trees in gardens .it is white out with no other way to say it.

This set out to tell the truth of situation but in end is what it is I fear a vista of Christmas card worth turning into a vast ocean of lifeless wasteland.

This is the down side if Northern Europe at a glance .Then in fairness this is the worse winter longest snow time but not as cold as some years. So I take that as a great plus as plants covered deep are safe from the rider with the whip of the King of ice in hand as from our Saxon Heritage and our Viking ancestors mingled in to the bloodline. Tales of Ice Kings told around the fires of our long dead would be told and children fear it until made warriors fearing nothing or nobody. No different than the Spartan training in fact.

Here in Lettland as my German readers call this land that was once that land of Letts and Balts that its history is vague as how Latvians appeared is a mystery .Unlike our British documented history ,not much relates to how this nation emerged from its dark ages. No real record exists. It is land taken by force many times in its past and recent past at that. More Russian than European in make up and Latvians love to dance and to party too like their old ancestors who ever they are.

Balts from Riga we know traded pots beaten from metal .Copper mostly.Amber too from its lovely coast line was traded with England back when Alfred was King. Then the British ships entered the port only with great difficulty as even our early naval men caused panic in the local tribes as something amazed them as so large and powerful in sail had them backing away.

Richard Chancellor sailed with three ships into river mouth of Riga but failed to pas through as river was blocked to ships of the size of 590 tons .A mere ferry today is many time larger. He sailed on to Achangel and made it before ice blocked him off. Ivan the Terrible was Tsar who tricked Chancellor into telling him how sails worked. Then Ivan arrested all the crews and took the ships into his name. Jailed all winter he killed the guards somehow and escaped to his ships and by time Ivan was woken all he could see was white sails far away across the ocean. England never again trusted trade with Russians. I must say the Latvians do not trade with them either and all love is lost in the matter of this subject.

Russians I have met hold the factor as found in all nations the good and the not so good exist. Most are good peoples but many are born Latvian and called Baltic Russians and they hate it ? Matters little to an educated person I suppose then no help is granted to these people ever being accepted as they are not allowed many things that native Latvians can boast of though in fact that is precious little compared with Britain .

I wish all of you safe passage through life and eyes on summer and freedom of passage granted from lockdowns. So bit more of what Latvia is in all seasons for those thinking of moving here. Summer is so golden we tend to forget who bad winters can be.

Herby I come to the end of my letter to all no matter where you are may your Gods go with you .

Yours as always God bless . Yours,Sir K.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt March 2021

Heart felt thoughts

I have had a short break from blogging on other maters in my life. My thoughts on news relate to the Harry Megan case. In no way do I wish to upset anyone in this blog. but I feel I need to say my piece.

The Royal family needed not this upset that in truth is a case that would affect and close family in the world if so happened in their circles. The same result would be present. The tabloids make it seem big news and sadden the members involved yo do not deserve the publicity unfounded.

Prince Charles who has been called all sorts on names had only love for his sons. Harry displayed revolt when he dressed in a Nazi officers uniform at fancy dress party he knew would be televised.

Saying that he served the nations as army officer and loved by his men he came out a brave and loyal serving officer. That is fact.

So what happened to him to say in a meeting with Ophra Winfrey who was called deluded by one investigator of consequence once and who now opened a bomb on Royal matters that have nothing to do with her .By inviting both Prince Henry using Harry as his call sign and together with his wife Megan Ohpra knew well what would transpire . Megan opened her heart like a non Royal leading Harry in full of her notions and ideals as a man in love to the full with his wife how could he avoid that leading questions that hurled at him. Harry on his own would never see his father suffer through an unloving sons words as came from Harrys mouth as it did next to Megan.

This actress of a woman pulled the racist card on Britain from day one . it is here I feel the tension as fate is carrying our Prince along so fast into another world of 1938. Edward the King ,now David the looser fell head line and sinker for the ugliest woman in the room . A two time married waste of time with Nazi links to Hitler. What followed once she had him hooked was similar to what David stooped to in her defense as Harry is falling into now. From totally different back grounds Megan is denouncing Harrys closest family .It is what Wallace Simpson did . In Edward a cruel steak existed it can be said he had a week brother who suffered what we call today Autism. The brother died early and Edward told all he would not attend the funeral of what he called an animal. His poor brother had so much love for all but his problems in health was non of his making. Edward was never a King but a fob of man who dressed well and took full advantage of many women with giving a care for his actions .

Harry is not that man and never could be. In Megan he has a mother he lost early in his being .He has a wife he loves and she is the mind that wants him at her level only .Therefore he was to be taught to worship her and forget all he loved before. She is an actress who knows just how to press the buttons and in that she repeats history as Wallace Did to David.

interesting fact Wallace led the wild life in marriage leaving David at home on orders to get drunk she tripped the lime light in club land. David had lost her he was fully aware he lived alone .At end of his life he was filled with anger and remorse and sadness .She cared not he still loved her but could not have her he knew it. A woman how had her way and ruined a man.Then David was deserved of her really.

Prince Harry is not so rigged and warped as his relative. He is an innocent trapped in a union that truly cares about him but will not allow him to be under any influence than hers . Her own father knows her ways and must feel as hurt as Prince Charles must surely do in this singular matter. The Queen at her age needs none of its betrayal . I cannot speak for her but see her as human being with feelings too.

Where is it all going is anyones guess but it is going some place for certain. Will it bring down the walls of Windsor castle .Not a chance of that happening . They will drift off into what ever way they wish for. Time and history will forget them I only hope love keeps them strong as Megan has her way and now the curtains close on then both. They will become old news soon enough as the last cannon is surely fired they sail off into the sea of no return as it stands for there is no way back for Prince Harry thanks to one actress who came to Harry as he came to her. Love story in making but Megan demanded far more than Harry ever wanted to yield ,if truth be told

A family matter that has entered the very fabric of our history page of todays world that will pass into the next and beyond as time and tides go by. Will it matter to the daily life of public needs or upset the nation.The answer must be no it will not . it will affect the saddest way to the Firm and a loyal Queen as head of it.

Only the press now will carry the torture of a aged monarch ,the Future King and Prince William ,as any news will pay them to publish caring not about that damage that may came from publishing a dragged out story of ruined worth .

I only hope sense will prevail and on all sides and news stops on this story will be an act of kindness to allow perhaps more than just fade way but a time for healing that may come from it .Out of sight out of mind but love family love is involved into this story too

You may say ,and you would be right, that any Royal news makes top billing in news papers unless something bigger like war happens one will read of Royal matters for years in news. Then if it happened in your family son marries a none white who is pregnant and she wants him to never return to his world of family. As a parent, a brother of said son would you not be concerned and hurt if said son talks behind your back of family as horrors that ruined his life. Would you be hurt . One says yes ,terrible hurt and sorrow for many years to come.

One may now understand how the house of Windsor feels after that evil interview with a tv woman that worked hard to push a story to the world of magnitude and sadness in an effort to show Royal family as worse than trash when she herself walks in the shady part of facts hoping to be President of USA But many things done in her life will prevent her standing for that job .

JULIUS tried it so too Eric the Red then came Napoleon and Hitler none of them could beat my island race of peoples so OPHRA what ever her name, will never hurt us .

Henry Mc Carty story

In the davy dark days of the old west was this man shot to death as legend tell us or did he die of heart attack on a Texas street aged 90?

A boy who read comics depicting the raw myth of America cowboys and gun fights in the narrow dusty streets .He became addicted to this way of life and times. An Irish lad who lived with a woman who could have been his mother but more likely his aunt who kept him with washing taken in and any work she could find. The lad too helped at the local store in down tread New York. He is known to have worked hard brushing floors and general duties earning himself a trusted position with owner and staff.He was a pleasant sort of child and very active at work.

He had not known a father until his mother took to a man who looked the part but had one big weakness in the fact he gambled. Macarty he was called and fled soon after never to return.Then came mister Antrim who liked the lad Henry well enough to marry his mother. She died on tuberculosis in 1874 leaving the 14 year old an orphan. He was entered into foster care and boarding house and back into foster care.

That is all we know of young Henry Antrim. What followed is more interesting. At around 16 he came to be a cow rustler with two more lads of poor lot. The then cleans bar rooms for pay. One man called Windy Cahill who was a drunk card player and did some horse shoeing as a side line took umbridge to young Henry and insulted him badly Next he fell upon the lad like a wounded bear in anger. Next thing a gun went off and Cahill rolled off the boy ,dead . It was self defense as Henry had no gun and must have taken cahills in the struggle and fired to say his life.

He rides as far off as he can into New Mexico territory and works for a beef Baron on round up time. He is seen by an English man who owned a farm near by . John Tunstall his name and a rich sort of man he was. He took a shine to young Henry and soon gave him a better job at his place .Henry likes it and settles down to work in safety. Over time John allows him to build a cabin and work his own farm. Henry is now a house owner legally aged only 18 .

It is about now that things become heated as Beef men form a union and headed by Henry old boss James Dolen and Lawrence Murphy plus cartel of many more rich beef men. They tore down the wire fences placed by sheep men so cattle can roam and graze any grass that is there . Sheep men and market gardeners are helpless. Then Dolen brings in the railroad for cattle to be taken into slaughter yards in towns and cities. A war breaks out we call the Lincoln County war . Gun men are enlisted ,hard men with no mercy who shoot dead John Tunstall and his best horse he loved. They cut the horses head off and disfigured the corpse of Tunstall. Henry and the team working for Tuntall take up arms in revenge calling themselves The law sworn in as deputies . This led to a rage of gun fire over many months and the Beef men fired back with more hired guns.

During this a Sheriff was shot dead and Henry got the blame but all said he did not fire at anyone. He had been shot for not dealing with murder of Tunstall. We know know Sheriff Brody he was in the pay of Dolen gang.

Price on the Kids head for two murders he did not commit that of Windy Cahill and now the lawman

When arrested by Pat Garret Henry was now Billy the Kid on posters 500 dollars dead or alive went up to 5000 dollars dead .Garret was once buffalo hunter and hide stripper but we are told he somehow knew Billy . He became Sheriff and arrested Billy. Taken to a court house near by he was chained hands and legs but so he could walk chain was long enough to able this.

Now comes the mystery. how did a man in irons get hold of a gun and shot Bell the deputy working for Garret. He asked to go down to the toilet shed besides the court house as he had stairs he was watched by Bell and his Bob who was to leave to served food to prisoners in jail at other side of road. Billy comes back and tells Bell to unlock him before Bob returns .Billy has a hand gun loaded and ready to fire? Did someone leave it for him in toilet ? It seems strange that Garret was not with his most wanted criminal but miles away on another case it is said. Bell will not allow Billy to be released and takes for the stairs to escape but seeing Bell reach for his gun he shot Bell dead .Instead of running for his life he cool as ice picks up Bobs rifle left behind and owing to Bobs pestering and insults and beating around the head in custody Billy opens the window as Bob racing back after hearing the shot and Billy pokes the rifle out saying “Hello Bob” And shoots him dead on the street. He then takes his time trying to get out of the irons before mounting a horse in the street and irons and all trots out of the town gentle as you like. That is the story so far .

Garret hears later his two deputies are dead and his capture vanished .He traces Billy to the House of Pete Maxwell a store keeper who had made it work and whom knew Billy. Billy liked the Maxwells and had learned Spanish from Petes little sister Paulet and the local people all Mexicans who loved Billy as cheeky innocent lad with a smile. Garret rode in at night and sat in Petes bedroom taking to Pete who was unwell. In the darkness he sat he said in his statement he fired at the man who came to Petes door and who asked who was there.Garret siad later he knew the voice belonged to Billy the Kid and shot him twice .one bullet killed him the other went into Petes wall. Some say Billy was left on bench laid out in a gray suit Garret got to bury him in. Some say he was shot so badly in face no one could recognize him.So say it was not Billy but a young Mexican who was same size as Billy.

Garret lied we know as he said he sat in Petes bed room but its really he hide in the porch and shot him from behind .Who ever it was he had no gun belt and some said only a knife as he was peeling potatoes for dinner in Petes kitchen . No document exists in record of Garrets statement on how it happened but in his book only we have it all in great detail. None of it makes much sense. The only paper found later is Garret telling us he deserves a rise on pay in the third person really.

Did Garret kill Billy the Kid is anyones guess Id say as more one reads of contradictions to hide some of events by Garret I still think he did shot Billy dead in 1881 aged just 21. Billy did not kill so many as claimed 21 men is not right. Id say two Bell and Bob if that is even fact we have only Garret and two witness with out names that it happened at all .if not Billy is as innocent as a lamb only self defense infact did he shoot Cahill. No proof what so ever he shot the lawman .He never robbed a soul not rail not stage coach nor a person .he rustled cattle only to feed the Mexican children and was loved by all for his act.

We come to Texas where a man is said to be Billy the Kid . It is 1923 and he says not a word but all else seem to know him as Billy the Kid. His name is John Miller who was a real spit copy or the real man. DNA was taken from his remains but to date no one will allow search for Billies mother in Silver city to match up to. Billy was excavated for but no bones ever found to be his .One coffin on top on another in graves in Old Fort Sumner dont help recovery. Time can stand still on this case as he is so much Billy and would not say to any one but admitted he was Billy on his death bed to his son. His wife and mother to son said she knew he was Billy the Kid when she married him she patched the hole in his chest that Garret shot through. So jury is out on this one for now.

The other more famous imposter is Brushy Bill Roberts who did really claim to news that he was Billy The Kid who wanted the pardon promised by the Governor of New Mexico Lew Wallace .The man who wrote the book Ben Hur The life of Christ. He had so promised Billy a pardon but only to capture and hang him . He convinced a reporter we was Billy and he did seek a pardon but in front of law he was speechless and made a mess of his story in front of the committee who discredited me as lair. He died a few weeks later on the street of Hico in Texas on way on foot from his a home to post a letter. He fell dead of heart attack in 1950

I dont believe Garret missed the shot in 1881 and Billy lays between his two pals is Fort sumner New Mexico. Until we know for sure that Miller was not Billy the Kid we cannot close off the legend in truth. So there we are up to date with news .

Thank you for reading my last blog .Offered a deal to keep on with it but sadly not enough have subscribed and so I may pack in now. I wish to thank all that have helped keep my active at the keyboard I am frankly one finger bigger than all others after so may words typed each week. I took a months rest and stated today as still have until end of March to think about it . We can only wait and see as i dont know either if Im good enough to blog. Its rest finger time now for me.

God be with you all my dears Sir Kevin takes last bow and curtains close.

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The road to war

In the warm night of an English summer a British Government weapons inspector lay dying on the path to his home. His name was known all over Britain and Iraq. In fact all over the world . Doctor David Kelly had served as investigator of hidden arms of Saddam Hussein the Dictator of Iraq. Kelly returned to Britain with a detailed report that clearly proved that in fact Iraq or Saddam, or his family had not stored away arms of war of any kind . Kelly had served Britain in Iraq from 1991 to 1999 earning a Nobel Peace prize for humanity .Died in 2003

One of the last photographs of worried Doctor Kelly

The Prime Minister at that time was Tony Blair who sent a message to Doctor Kelly to attend a meeting and read his report to Blairs cabinet team.

That evening of the day Kelly had been called for next morning, he appeared on British Tv news. He said he was under much pressure as his report was his own findings after many months of searching cellars of palaces and cave and desert that he was happy to swear that his finding were accurate. He was fearful that his finding would not help the Government but what could he do he had be sent to Iraq to do a job well, and he had in his opinion done all possible to show the truth that Iraq had no secret test stations for rockets, no under ground works, no cellars loaded with arms of any sort. Not even in the surrounding deserts. He looked a tired worried man yet his integrity was obvious to all who watched that broadcast.

Kelly was murdered that night and left against a tree in the lane leading to his home. A news paper boy an a bike saw this and reported to police. When police arrived however the body had be moved to a spot opposite from the boys statement. When it was moved again before ambulance arrived the body had its wrists slashed but as it was dead no blood came from the severed wrists . So who killed this great man ? Give you one good guess.

Strange things happened as that report vanished .it was not in his house or his cases nor in his car. It never appeared in evidence and so Blair agreed with Bush the American head and so war was declared on Iraq for storing Nucs and chemical war machines. Items of war against America. He sent members of our armed forces into Saddams nation to be killed in war just to capture a dictator against his people who had no interest of the world outside .Americans had bombed the houses of Saddams family and killed his sons. They found Saddam hiding in a fox hole and set up a bogus court and had him found guilty.If that was not illegal what is legal? They the Yanks then hanged him in full view of world news cameras . All this to start war in Arab nation to bring down the oil barrel prices and have more than a hand in that part of worlds daily events. Blair was brought to trail and never asked the questions did you have Kelly killed did you destroy the report did you willingly start a war knowing it was illegal. If they had he would not of got off lightly and be at large today.

If it was not Blair then ask yourself just who had the power to stop that report being read and war stopped before it ever started. The killing was not done by SAS or real killers it was a clumsy job and to slash wrists of dead man to show he committed suicide is but silly . The public realized this at the time which forced the Governments hand to bring about a trail seen on TV. Blair had aged beyond natural effect. He sat frozen awaiting his fate but the questions never came and he walked away free. If this had bee a court case he would have been jailed. Then once a prime minister can this even happen? Try down loading Blairs photo . I settled for wax work model as its just cant be done other wise.

Doctor Kellys wife vanished soon after and so ends the story. Blair is a war criminal and a murderer of a Government servant who was not ever a weak mind to end his own life .How did he get up and shift his position and cut his wrists to the bone yet no blood came out of severed veins as heart had stopped hour prior at least . So we all know what transpired Kelly had refused to change his report and Blair had to kill him in order to face President Bush next day with signing Britain defense over to Bush for war on an innocent nation

. Perhaps a danger to me to say but justice must come before one mans statement and I will never fall on my own sword life is far better to face head on .In this Doctor David Kelly believed whole truth he was about to die by Blair orders and tried to show he had no fear of his fate.

I felt I must get this off my chest and show how evil it can be in politics .What Britain faces now is in the hands of Tory Blue and loyal to the cause are we.

This is the verdict of mine indeed but who else could be in the frame but Blair ?

Thank you all for reading my works and Happy New Year to you all.

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When one thinks of Eastern Europe it is of the slaughter of its peoples from the time of last war to 1960s by Russian over lords. Baltic take over was planed before the war and Stalin the butcher led havoc here sending children to salt mines and shooting all that objected in their own gardens. Churchill was right an iron curtain had fallen over this part of Europe. Now free of the yoke around Latvians necks they struggle to build a republic after rape and robbery took all heritage that they had.

Long before that Pussia had ruled most of Baltic and Poland. My story now must fast move back in time to a more peaceful Latvia. The 18th Century brought a young German noble lady into marriage with the Russian Tzar Peter and became to all nations the Great Catherine, Empress of the Russians. To us at school in 1950s England ,she was Catherine the Great.

This is the about the palace built in Latvia for her Royal visit to Riga in 1744

Rundale Palace today.

It is a massive grand summer palace as you can see. It lands vast and spreading as that of Versailles.Which in France was perhaps the model for some of the garden effects but its rose garden includes thousands of world class roses including modern day David Austin English roses too. The designs made to delight. A garden for interest of those who wish to walk the mile around it.

That is a potted history of facts but really the Great Empress Catherine decided to turn down the Latvian invite and so a great Palace built as home for A Baron was finished as he wished

My take on this is first and foremost the Baron built it for himself and wanted more power by inviting the most powerful Queen of Russia to his table and maybe she thought why should it happen. She was no ones fool so perhaps it is so.

How ever it did not stop the ambitions of said Baron as one can see in photos. Here we see a rescued palace and gardens. One man had vision to do all of this at his own pace. It is a great achievement indeed. The restoration is ongoing but really its nearly as it was in its heyday now.

The many guides to take the visitor around the vastness of rooms.

One can walk around the vast palace that have slowly been set up each room over many years. When first I went to see such it was rather primitive and empty of all furnishings. Paintings on the walls looked as if children had painted them all. More likely they had or a visit by Rowan Atkinson character of Mister Bean had penned noses on faces of framed art.

However as time marched on my next visit 8 years later saw such advanced skill in decor that a walk into the past is possible today. Such a palace is worth a visit and costs are fair.

Now the gardens exist and no expense has been spared on the many parts. Takes a few hours to walk and view .Benches at intervals help. June is the month to see old roses in full bloom and the sent from some 6000 types of roses is intoxicating. Not all is before the eye at once; one has to move about to find what magic is there. Paths are wide and easy walking .Wheel chairs have no problem to progress. Ponds, water features and lake to see. Tall hedges and vistas to witness.

In winter all is covered over to save plants stress of heavy frosts and deep snow. It echoes as a visit to the power of another world in Europe that in the past had history and might to build a place like this. Some30 grand bedrooms line the mid floor with fireplaces of artful craft adorning each room and passage way for servants between . Vast windows light the main walkway across front of house and from here a view to lawns and gardens that seem to have no end.

The width of the garden paths

Outside of Russia this palace is a rare site and the pancake flat lands of Latvia with its many coaching roads of the past but with us now convey the way things went in 1700s up to today. Slow is the code word for developing a nation as most Latvian born natives no longer live here. Some 18 million of them left to find fortune in England, Ireland, Scotland and even New York and places beyond . Being white and like us you would never know as they can speak our English as we can. Only a very few pronounced words give the game away. So for us 60 odd English over here it is home from home.

The Empress Catherine the Great may have boycotted Latvia or just ignored it on political interest as this great mighty palace may have created a situation in the province but Baron Byrone a German noble made his mark on Latvian soil that stands as testament to his will to build a stately home fit for a great Empress to live within. That fact she may have hated the thought was besides the point to the Baron himself. We cannot know what went on but the palace is here to see and enjoy as the Great and mighty are not.

I think Rundale Palace near Bauska outside of the city of Riga can be reached by public transport from Riga main bus station easily and cheaply . Make sure you tell the ticket office that runs across the hall that you want Rundale Palace gate stop. Pay and they tell you bus number and time of bus. Do not forget it .Walk to side alley and see so many buses lined up down the ranks it is easy to make a mistake. Bus drivers rarely help as they do not speak English . The many ticket office staff do . It is a well run system trust it and take the bus number and time as some buses come in with one number and go for break you get on as I did and number changed as driver returns and I ended up on Russian border ..Only that a kind lady gave me a lift back I would have had a problem unthinkable.The lady turned out to be a ticket inspector for that service and spoke good English to hear my problem of wrong bus 23 miles out of city and other side on country lost . I had gone in on bus to buy a part for my car. Not the bus fault as it happened it was my fault. So stick to what the ticket office tell you please.

They may have the cafe open which is often a place to stop as Latvians know what cakes are and can make coffee better than we. Latvian cakes are delicious so are the meals worth trying. I like the many soups that come from Russia and Latvia. Try Solanka a good soup to fill you up. Russian Borsps soup to. All soup is served with fresh cream so if not your taste tell no cream thank you .All meals come with salads .Latvians cut fine all greens and beans and some hundreds of types of salads. to choose from. You pick your own. Or can leave salads out.So cheap I take salads too.

Love this dish, they hammer pork into flat cakes and dip into flour, herbs and egg mix and fry .Served with boiled salted potato and a creamy mustard sauce. Fritai is the name. Latvian food is mainly excellent. Water here can be consumed too. Milk is not pasturized and tastes like milk from a real cow should ,full of cream. Only warning is roads outside cities and towns are dust bowls made of sand, clay, stones and potholes . Rural lands are lovely forest lakes and farms but rural is not served well by Government allowance to councils so roads are the last thing on list .

Driving here is an art fast learned and not for the faint hearted in the main. So base your visit around public services that abound here. Trains are fast and average priced related to length of journey. Some rural taxis are cheap but one never knows until the bill. The thought is the English are rich and some will take a small advantage of that .

Beers are many and Im told are very good. Cheap and around 80 cents a litre the youth come from England and are drunk on 6 quid at Riga prices .They have insulted the Latvians by peeing on the national monument of State Freedom from Russia. I blame bars that keep tills full and not telling the drinkers enough now thank you. They can see the kids are drunk and get them into trouble easily to show Britain as wild. So dont join that side of things. We must show that Britain is an educated civil nation when abroad as we are the visitor that represents the nation where ever we go be the gentleman and ladies we are known as.

The Armistead family with pet dog that was always with them in live.

In Riga park a statue of an English man and his wife and pet dog was opened by Queen Elizabeth 11 in 1960s to celebrate the man who became Major of Riga and three times in office.He built Elizabeth street houses now used as British Embassy. He was so successful that even the Russian Tzar wanted him to run Moscow for him. His name was Amistead and he hailed from Yorkshire. His family silk traders from wool to silks and riches they came to Riga as base. One of them born here loved the city so well he made it great.

A much longer read for you. Last blog until after Christmas is a rest for all. Latvia is a big story to tell so forgive my humble account.

Yours Sir Kevin with love and best wishes to all no matter where you are.

Happy Christmas to to you and all whom you love.

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A sudden thought.

The dawn broke over the town of Padua .The birds sang from his window sill high above the statue of his father below in the square. The empty bottle connected with the high gloss floor and shattered its tiny fragments, taking in golden light as they rained down again to join the neck on the tiles.

He rolled out of bed,still drunk from the hours before. Antonio Cornielli was just 22 and had spent his fathers capital and inheritance and desired just one more game. A turn of the cards was all he needed in his favour.

The dogs raced in to lap up the red juice drained from the silver tankard on the floor at other side of Antonios bed. He raised his weakened body off the bed.Sick inside and outwards it spilled. He spluttered into life only to gamble even the daylight in his eyes.

Closing the latticed leaded window to stop the noise that birds made ,his head thick and the room now spinning ,he stumbled on to the floor connecting with the bottle neck he let out a howl and in burst the servants to see again the state of the new master. Helpless and pitiless to servants alike.

He made his way down stairs and fumbled for his hat cursing the man who took most of his money over the card table that week. .He found the hat on the bust of his dead mother and smashed the glass in the door with a swing of his cane as he fell out on the street. The Italian sunshine blinding his eyes. Then his bank manager walked to him and an argument proceeded to rage .

It was therefore his luck to find he had just 23 silver coins to his name . Enough for one good bet. He would win it he felt it in his waters . At the club door he was allowed in by the big Turk employed to stop all that had lacked membership,or good intent.

Another drink from his glass secured the cards to fall right for him. The sweat from Antonio forehead as he placed down the last chosen card to find he had lost the bet to another man . With nothing now he swore he would call on the Devil himself to win . But the house would not accept his IOU. Cursing violently he stomped to that table but none would offer play. He sat head in hands thinking in the muddle of wines that whirled in his system. Then it hit him he now owned the family home outright. Surely after so much bad luck a big bet like this would turn into a massive win. The way of all gamblers the next card will pay the bills.

As he displayed his bet the house accepted the deeds as one stake only, win or loose . The table so informed Cornelli sat down and asked for cards. He was playing the man he had lost too many many times. His Lawyers brother Vincento Cabreci.

He smiled as he collected three cards . Cornelli did not. With his house now forfeit he cried out in a booming roar.”” I will play the Devil if no one will face me with a bet. ” He was now on his knees crying and moaning. When the door swung open and a tall man in a black cloak entered .The Spanish style wide brimmed hat over one eye. At his neck a silver clasp and he pointed to the door where the Turk stood upright but stunned. “He allowed me in to play. “He shrugged as if bad thoughts had followed him in. “Now Ill play with you for what ever you can play with Antonio. “

Cornelli eyes opened wide. “Who are you ?” was all he could say .

‘My name is Mai Ruc Elif a trader from the other side of time and space. My money is good yes?” On to the card table nearest he placed a leather pouch. On closer inspection the house found it contained many gold coins amounting to some thousand or so. Bowing gracefully to the stranger the two men were left to talk.

“I will gladly play you but I have nothing to stake my hand. ”

‘No .Well! perhaps we can play for your soul my good man.” He leered closer his hot breath scorched Cornellies face. ” But the cards were in his hand and the chair was able to move out by itself. ‘So your old Nick himself. One game my coat for stake .”

“As you will .Coat it is”. He played three Kings laid down in front of the dark stranger on the green clothed table. Ruc played 3 aces and took the game win. The coat was handed over.

Cornelli gasped and said ‘ if ‘ I may I have a wish granted. To prove to all that you are who you claim to be”?

” A wish, no perhaps you will wish me way away. Play.”

‘No I will not ill make it simple but not to do with vanishing or leaving or not taking my soul. “

The stranger rubbed his chin. “Alright one wish and your mine gambler”

‘Thank you .Your name is not Spanish and rearranged says; I am Lucifer. Right. So if you are he you will be able to weave a thick boat rope out of sand from the shore and wash it under the well bucket full of water in the square outside.”

‘So that is your last wish .My word what a waste.”

The Devil vanished and in second reappeared with a perfectly made sailors rope made of sand from the coast many miles away. “There .Your rope.” the devil stood massive as himself before the shaking man. Slowly he looked in the Devils black eyes.”Now wash it ” Cornielli cried out.

In flash the bucket water spilled on the sand rope and it fell apart in the Devils hands . Again he wove the rope and water destroyed it. In a mighty roar he snarled and fled with no more than Cornelli coat. The public roared at this mighty man who rid Padua of the Devil himself.

A sober man for the rest of his life so famous they built a statue in another square near the statue of his father in the town. By kindness he even had his home returned and never would allow cards in his house. Or wine.

Be careful who you call up in anger as without you the Devil is powerless.

Yours with love Sir K.

My next blog will take you around the palace made for Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. Its rooms and massive reset gardens park as not seen until now by public.

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The Wicket gate finale.

The morning sun broke through a sullen sky as the rain decreased and Soames was out of his bed early. The wicket gate clasp had been lifted and signs of footmarks in the softened grass path led him onwards to a reed bed swaying in the breeze coming up from the waters of the lake.

A swan took to flight leaving the water to take its refection then paddled into surf as the great white wings beat the air to rise far above him. Soames was every inch a country man but he heard a motor engine stop in the yard above the commotion of flight

” Hello you are Soames Er ! Mister John Soames. “The police man behind the plain clothes speaker approached slowly behind the officer.

‘ Yes that is me.Who wants to know may I ask.”

‘My names Inspector Paul Davis. Scotland Yard. London Division. This is Constable Higgins from Number 5 station in Wennington Lane. “

” Yes, so what is it you think me able to help with”? replied the Butler.

” You took in a pair of crooks last night sir. The car at the crossroads was involved in a bank robbery some hours prior. The couple go under the name of Bentley or a host of other names. “

‘ Right. Yes a couple knocked at his Lordships door last night late on. Gave us the likely enough tale of motorcar breakdown and stranded in the rain.Filthy night you see. Ours the only door in miles. Gave them tea and a bed for the night.”

” Taking in the air then sir?”

” No I came to see what happened later .This gate to us here was opened last night, well early hours the hounds from the kennels gave mouth . Too wet to trace the pair who had left the bed behind. Nothing obviously taken I checked pretty well everything Inspector. “

” Im sure you did. Been with Lord Bingham many years. Officer at war you served as his Aide de campe now his butler. is it. ?”

” Something like that I expect. He offered me a job when we marched out of uniform in India. Nothing I would not do for the old gentleman.”

” Well! just called to tell you watch out .We have recovered the motorcar and my guess is they did not go far enough out of this valley.”

The following day brightened and by noon, his Lordship had taken strides down to the farm behind the house, to see his beloved pig . Local show had won her gold medal as fattest baconer in the county. Fine figure of a sow she looked in his Lordships caring eyes. Joy of his morning walk was to take her tit bits to eat from his table.

Her eyes, flashed ,as soon as he appeared and he leaned over to feed her the last of the soup and mashed potato left over from the meal for the household from the previous night .

Her gussling and grunts told his Lordship how well she loved her food. Then his eyes came up to see a body laying across the pig pen shed floor . It was on closer inspection the man from last evening.The old Baron managed a sort of nobbled trot back to the house, unsteady on the corners but finally arrived in front of his man Soames ,as his breath returned ,related the report as Soames and the bead delivery boy ran to check while his master phoned the police station.

‘ Yes its our man alright. Sid Bishop his real name .Jewel thief and his woman is Morgan Ainsworth his accomplice who seems to have shot her man in the head. Id say ” Muttered the Inspector.

“Someone after them you think Inspector?”

” Yes without doubt. One Elma Donning a nasty piece of work in all ways bad. She was the wheel man in the raid but shot in an arm fell down near the car .Sid ran past her and drove the car around fast in front for Morgan as she dived in to the car he took off firing at us as he left. Elma must have hopped it as we never found her id say it was her who shot Silly Sid here when I give it thought. Bet his woman took to her heals. Last week arrested Mrs Pankhurst for knocking off a policemans helmet. Seems woman are no longer the weaker sect . This modern day 1912 is changing all we know as safe. Your guests too.”

“But why leave their beds no one could have reached them in the house?”

” No that is a puzzle. Anyway the bodies been moved sir. You are free to serve your master. He looked tired out. “

‘Not used to a morning run these days Id say Inspector.Hope you find your killer. “

” The cash bag too is still at large. “

“Sir ,shouted the policeman from the car. “Someone is up that hill watching us as just seen flash of binoculars sir. “

“Really Johnson. How far along that ridge. “replied the Inspector.

” About mid ships Id say,look look! there,see it?”

“Yes. Got it. Now all turn to the house and let us drive away as if we had not noticed. We can loop around back of them if lucky we may pull that off and arrest at least one of those women.”

Soames wandered back in and made tea as Cook came in and told him “His Lordship is in bed. “

It was after dinner that evening when the telephone burst into life .

‘Hello Morton 54 here.” Soames was sometime on the blower before relating the tale to his Lordship in the lounge room who was playing cards on his own.

‘So police arrested Elma in the next village on a public Omnibus. The other one said Elma shot at her too. Asked why they had left the house she said the pale faced lady the came into the bed room was crying and they could not sleep. Will that be all for now Sir?” The old Baron gazed into thin air but he made no reply.

The Lords eyes widened as Soames told him the last of the story and from then on he never went near that bedroom ever again .Nor did his Lordships Butler.

Another tale over.Hope ,really hope that you liked the read. Thank you all .Sir K

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