Thomas Jefferson and the new Bible.

The fourth President had a big secret in his desk all the time. In spare time he cut of passages in the Bible with a sharp knife. Taking great care not to mark or stain the pages he never the less removed over 12 years all information about Christ as son of God. All miracle went in the waste paper bin All Pauls preaching too. For Thomas this was his idea of who Jesus was , just a man who preached to the crowds .He did not belief that he died on a cross nor that he rose up to heaven after first appearing to many.

What is remarkable to me is this was 170 years ago  and no one had checked that deep into Roman and Jewish records before the 1900s . He was so far ahead of the peoples he led as President. He could not risk this book being read or even seen for destroying a holy bible with a blade was heresy by the Church and a crime to the many billions of Christians around the world. For President of America to be a non believer would have seen Thomas dead.  He knew this and that book was under lock and key and worked on only in secret.  It was discovered many years beyond his death anyway.

For many who believe in Jesus as son of God Ill say this, we are all sons and daughters of God who made us. The fact that no historic proof exists that Jesus even existed makes it harder for Thomas or myself to come to trust, the word of Paul, as suspect. The fact that Jesus lived in the time of Nero according to Paul and his scribes who became the first followers some 50 years after the so called death of Jesus is amazing as we know the names only owing to Paul employing them as scribes to write at dictation and from the cult of Mythras and words of Paul the new church faith.

We look at the first world record of population count that all subjects had to sign and date against birth dates from the Emperor Augustus some 40 years beyond Mary on the donkey and Joseph and the stable. What were they doing there as no census existed then.  We look at Pliny the Younger who worked for the Roman army as traveling historian at the time Paul says Jesus existed. With all his followers one would think Pliny would know and mention the moment Jesus came before Pilot in the office above Horse Guards set in the Western wall of Jerusalem city.

Well! he did but he mentions Jesus Barabus. A criminal and rapist and  was passed over from the San Hedron Jewish elders council to be judged by Rome. The man was released by the will of the crowd on the feast of the Passover. Nothing else, no Jesus and Barabus.

I have stood on that stone ledge in what was Pontious Pilots office and although he was small at 5 foot 3 inch that ledge could not have held three men his size as at nearly six foot it was all I could do to stand alone on it allowed by my guide for one photo of Herrods Palace.

Thomas Jefferson was a clever man a good living soul and he was right about it all.


God told us put no idle before me but that did not stop Paul or Saul of Tartus as he was in truth. He wanted cash in preaching and all hated him.He was called Paul the liar in his own life time. When ship wrecked off coast of Malta the population refused to aid him and for him to drown. He made the shore that day later bedraggled and even today it is named by the church they created as saint Pauls Bay.

To me Paul was a preacher with his own theme .A bit like Billy Graham who made 16 million dollars before he died. Paul was murdered for his purse owning to an argument over Jesus.

The Jew who abandoned his people to be Roman for the pension was a greedy man with instinct to make his life richer. The Vatican still works on that idea.

I was born christened and a chorister in church aged 6 to 11. I loved it all took Jesus in depth as my savior. History was and is my love and so growing into manhood I just had to know and worked hard to find in the Holy land where it was said to have happened. Sadly I learned the truth that I had been conned by expert liars. I was coming down the Via Dolerosa and below me hundreds of boys and young men some walking with palm leaves, some riding on donkeys, all dressed in white. I asked my guide what this was about she told me happens every Palm Sunday as tradition from long before Jesus time. All boys try to be the Christ ,the leader promised to come to lead us against our enemies.

So it happens even now as the true leader  the Jews have never found.

The steps they call the way of the cross are some two hundred years younger than Jesus time and are the work in part of that old Roman wall and the 1127 church made by Templar over what they claimed was the tomb of Christ. The Church of the Holy Crypt.

So the via Dolerosa may be the entire work of the Knights Templar. One more nail in the story is that no cross death was ever recorded there, they used to hang them over the city walls  on reuseable bar and ropes. A long slow death as lungs cannot take in air as the body weight sinks down and no foot hold secure against wall.

The first recorded cross death was at time of third slaves revolt when all the men that fought for Spartacus,  the leader who  was killed in battle in 71 Bc, where nailed to crosses all the way down the Via Appia into Rome. It did not become the normal event as timber was priceless for building stockaids and walls for invasion and pontoon bridges as the Romans took over the know world.

Jefferson was born 13th April 1743 .He became Secretary of State and then 3rd President of America in Feb 1801 -1809. He spoke many languages, was a wine collector, book reader and a clever man who loved dabbling into architecture and history and wrote over 19000 letters in office. He married a widow, Martha Skelton and fathered six children  Yet on his grave it fails to say he was elected President?  It may have something to do with the discovery of his book Bible.

We cannot make people research as indoctrination  is the way of spreading faith . I cannot force a believer to give up unless they them self seek in wish to find the truth.

This is my belief in time with Thomas Jefferson s faith but I believe in God Almighty only.

I have said all this to aid the story on doubting Tom as to me he was right all along I just hope he is with God now.

It will not be what so many will see as what their faith is I know. That is for you then to study and i wish you well no matter what. I work only on my findings. This account tells of  a ,man who knew it long before anyone else and made his own bible. I end with the Knights Templar , did they too come to see Jesus and the idea of Paul .Yes I believe they did and it accounts for many things about them.

With respect, Sir Kevin

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The sad case of saleable children

In 1989 an American woman wanted to know her real parents as she suspected she had been adopted.  Nothing wrong with that. Not until Lynn Heinz recalled her childhood and the mother she knew and lost.

In 1989 all that came to light involved one of the most astounding cases of child farming ever brought to light. What is child farming. Well! here you will learn all about the cruelty of one evil woman. She who lived under the shadows selling of captured babies and young toddlers off the street. Aided by her friendship with the richest tycoon in California who was acting as mayor she hid from detection for over 23 years.

No one knew who she was as head of this children help society and no one bothered to look. In this way the guilty Georgia Tann from Philadelphia Mississippi was covered from sight or blame. She would grow to see human children as commodity and profit in selling.

What she did was to drive into the poorest areas of New York and California looking for the right child she had orders for to sell to adoption parents as legal. Babies from prams 3 year olds at play in the street. Sweets they call candies offered to the children and in to the car never to see home again. Lots of cash changed hands as Tann knew the ropes she claimed from State for care of lost children. She then sold to the family who paid the most .Some as normal it seems paid 5000 dollars which in todays money is a fortune.

Then she lost some in death? 500 in fact died in her care which suggests she was cruel to her stolen money makers.

We looked deep into the files and it seems she even sold her own baby brother when her father told her her chosen career of lawyer was too masculine for his only daughter and forbade her to study law. Was it revenge that brought her into this evil trade?

From 1921-1940 some 5000 children she sold by her own figures and hidden accounts. She was making it rich on sin. Cruel Vixon she was, died in 1950, just 3 days before the new mayor Gordon Browning ordered a full investigation of her and the childrens home society she ran.

Georgia Tann knew she was caught but also she had been told she was dying of uterine cancer.So she took her self back home and died faster than was guessed. In came the city police, many whom had known as they had profited from her. The whole thing ended up on the table in court but only those who had gained by pay from Tann ended up jailed. Tann had run the whole thing herself.


Georgia Tann.

Some 5000 people on this day had been sold as small children by this evil woman and many have come forward to know who they really are.

How sad this tale is has no ending as it still goes on now with others of Tanns ilk in far flung corners of the world? No maybe even in your own area someone is watching your child. Be ever vigilant and allow this story of a real case teach you that sadly, nothing is sacred.

Thank you for your time,Sir Kevin


Ba Ba Black Sheep

I was sat watching television quite minding my own business when some chap piped up about racism and quoted this old pearl of childhood bliss.

Here do I place the record straight for all to enjoy.

Black sheep are rare creatures even today but in the time of King Edward Longshanks the great war leader and faithful husband to wife Eleanor , black sheep were even rarer.

Yet from Edwards time of 13th century London does this chant come from.

Edward needed cash flow to build Windsor Castle and gardens. His dear wife a business woman of wealth talked tax and Edward took her up on it. Wool tax was brought to the farmers and black wool was paid a slightly higher price so tax was more.

The poor people searched the walls for sheep wool to sell as sheep have a habit of itching themselves up against stone walls and fences. The Black wool sold well hence the peoples song became folk music to be sung at fairs in summertime.


King Edward First as perhaps taken from the stone image of him.

It has nothing to do with racism nor sinister meanings unless tax is an issue of course.

Edward was in fact a good King and built a strongly defended England with scowling castles over shadowing the countryside. Not one to slow down he died on the march back from war with Scotland .On the sands on English side of the Solway river he fell ill and died among his army. They erected a massive stone stack on the place he left this life and its remains today near Port Carlisle, Cumbria now. His body brought back to London and entombed on 27th October 1307.  Westminster Abbey.

He never met William Wallace either. So most of that Movie Brave heart is wrong as that title belongs to Robert the Bruce. so much other nonsense to in that film . Showing the enemy your bum was a good target for the long bow then so it never happened.  If out of range of that lethal bow than too far by half for anyone to witness. The fact is Wallace dared not attack King Edward Longshakes army but his son Edward the weak was an easy war to fight .Ambush is not war but somehow this rabble is honoured in history as a Scottish win. Ambushing a rat is easy rather than stand and fight.  Songs about it last forever as Scotlands great victory over King Edwards army but it was not that great King but his puffy son in charge. Edward the second was a misfit a sad young fool of a man who may even have been homosexual.

Today we have breeds of sheep with black fleeces of rare farm breeds but wool is no longer profitable only for arts and craft weavers and such. Once wool is my bread was the crest above wool sheds and Kendal town hall in Cumbria England bore it as a badge.


So ba ba Black sheep relates to  a period in history when back wool was premium and taxed as pure profit. For the poor country folk finding wool was income and many bed pillow were stuffed with what was left. The monks made candles from tallow from fleeces of wool.

I hope this shows you how our children songs began from what was topical at the time and are far older than we think.

Thank you for reading. Sir Kevin


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The Devils Whore she was not.

Edward Sexby was fiction set in a TV film of the story of a lady robber.. The TV drama was way off true base. Entitled The Devils Whore , may have brought in the viewers not not one word was fact.

Poor Katherine, Lady Ferras ,was blackened by many who used her name as a witch . a highwayman , a sex fiend a robber and a Devil worshiper. In fact many movies over years have seen Kathrine as a Highwayman shot to death in the Margaret Lockwood Hollywood epic of 1940s. In many British Tv drama stories she appears as a crafty woman trying to get all she lost back by devil worship. In one tv series she is a hero on a stolen horse. Another a lover of two men and rescued from hanging by a rough soldier named for the series Edward Sexby.  None of any of it is true.

Wicked Lady.jpg

Her name was Lady Katherine Ferras married into the famous Fanshawe family .She was from a rich landowners family and died aged 26 in agony delivering a dead child from her womb. She was never a highwayman or thief nor anything thrown at her name but a good living wife to her husband and a God loving lady.

What started all of this legend off was another Ferrras but no relation, who as Lord Ferras was hanged for robbery long before lady Katherine lived. He being Lord and her lady Ferras joined by tale tellers as one brought about the lie that she rode to save her starving in the English Civil wars as highway woman.

The period 1642-1649 was one nightmare for those living in England as  King and his Parliament brought us war that nation that divided us  by the sword and no person safe from harm.  It is one of the worse periods in our history and from which many legends came out of war. King was executed and master Cromwell gave us years of peace and good trade .He was bible and sword but in rule he gave us a navy a stable nation and he died in service to his England. In fact he gave us the start of a trading empire.

Katherine_Ferrers.jpgThe real Lady Katherine.

Lady Katherine was a kind heart in a good minded body. Not a good horse rider and no lover of nights out of her abode as wife she excelled but on death of husband in the war she , terror haunted, gave birth to their dead child that killed her also in delivery.

Story now set straight after that lies told in movies and TV films that belittle such a good woman.

Thank you all for allowing me to defend a ladies reputation. I feel she has been tortured in her story by wasters and villains who only wished to be rich using her name in vain

Copyright Kevin Parr. Baronet.


The facts related to the Pied Piper of Hamlin town.

Long ago as a boy I read many tales of yore.I loved poetry and by reading Robert Browning I came across the famous story in verse of the tale of the loss of 240 children owing to the Councils lies. The man in a coat from neck to feet half red half yellow. The Pied piper legend of 1284 that Browning had penned went viral and now almost all children know something of the story.

The poet had license to add what he needed to make words fit it is true but in fact this is not a fiction it is heavily based on real fact. 240 children did vanish in Hamlin town in said year. All at once and witness told at that time of  a thin tall man in red and yellow coat that almost touched the street level piped a long thin flute and children flew from all directions to him. Never to be seen again.


Robert Browning.

That date is before the advent of the Black Death so what could have happened to those children?   The fact that rats do not belong to this tale at all may be Browning once again but records only show that this said piper lead the towns children up the street, that still exists, and they all vanished from that same main town area.

Record fails to explain the true cause of the loss. Yes the pied piper was seen by many playing the notes so sweet and children came to him happily to follow.

Then that is all we do know. It could relate to the poor who sold their children for cash for food to be able to survive. it is not unknown even today in some parts of our sad world. So 240 kids is a bit of a stretch of mind unless it was a pact and the piper a head of  a pedophile ring.

Seems not really a case for that with so many children. So what could have happened . The witchcraft stuff could be real. In 1248 many strange believes existed .  A magical piper is as much as a joke as possible but he could have enticed as starving kids may well have followed hoping for feed.

A stain glass window in Hamlin church depicted the event but even though it is recorded as being fitted in 1300 and is the earliest mention I think it burned down in 1660 so only the mention of it exists in records.

What I see is the symbol of death being the pied piper the children could have all died of some first runner of what is called the  black death. All perished of a sort of child related infection with no medicine to cure it then may have claimed the lives of the young. The shadow of the Angel of Death is an ancient bible story so was it seen that a lone piper seen in such a loud outfit got the blame and he became for the parents the Angle of Death without him ever knowing. This to me is how stories spread .The dead children piled up in roughly made boxes waiting burial may have been in the said street of no noise that is really their shrine today.

Red and yellow robes common for street performers related to the colours of Knights attire so nothing would have been associated I feel at that time if he had dressed more soberly. Then the legend would not have grown as Angel of Death as blamed for the many deaths of that generation. Then no one would have even recalled the event perhaps.Though 240 children is too many to forget .


The brothers Grimm also wrote this  tale up in all it gore and blood . Though not much help for research in their recant of the old story. Rats and all they tell of. Though this was not the case. Rats added later for better effect.

Hamelin today is spelt this way and is in Brunswick and not far from Hanover with the vastness of the river Weser .The said famous street is still banned by law from any music or noises and in English translates to the street of no drums.


They later added figure of the piper set in the main street of Hamelin Saxony Germany.Though he seems to have lost his pied look.

Thank you for your loyalty in reading my work.

Yours Sir Kevin.

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Rudolf Hess the real story untold.

In the gray dawn of overcast Britain a German Flugzeug plane Messerschmitt was out of control as its pilot had bailed out over Scotland. It was 1941 and Britain was at war alone with Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler. The pilot had hit the ground hard and his shoot was now a problem as he had broken an ankle landing awkwardly on the rocky ground. This pilot was Hitlers number 3 in command his name Rudolf Hess. just why he had flown the English Channel alone to be in Scotland only someone on the ground knew the real reason. The Duke of Hammond lived nearby and in fact Hess was headed for him.

Many top men in Europe and Britain thought it possible to stop the war and Hess had the plan to do just that. Hammond may well have said as much to friends just weeks before hand over drinks in his London club. The wall have ears, as the many advert sheets,on walls suggested .

Hess close to Hitlerindex

Hitler did not want to fight Britain he was always careful not to bring in a world Empire against him.  He wanted Britain to turn a blind eye as he took over Europe and he would leave Britain out of it. Then he did not know the English ways as Europe was our friend in trade and so no way would they not fight to stop Hitler in his tracks. Alone this was hard work to try but we went in head first while America watched as they had done during the first world war. Having promised not to drag America into any war that did not affect them was now holding President Trueman back and his America clearly unable to help us.

Hess was captured and detained and he knew his plot had failed so he said nothing. He really wanted to impress Hitler whom for almost a year  had ignored him. If he could convince Hammond and peers that he could stop the war if Britain who agree not to try to stop him taking over Europe then all would be well and Hitler would praise him for his boldness. It is likely that Hitler did not know Hess had done this until next day at breakfast he was so informed. He let out a roar of a wild injured lion we are told on hearing what his number 3 was up to. He issued a statement that Hess was mad to stop anything bouncing back to him. Hess now was in fact trapped, his plan in tatters, as MI5 had known of his lone plane before it crossed the channel and that solves the mystery as to why no akak guns shot him down at the coastal artillery blockades around British coastlines.

index Rudolf Hess in uniform

At the Nuremberg  trails Hess acted as if deranged. It was a guise to receive a lesser sentence as all had said he was mad this was easy to convey and so was given life imprisonment instead of the death sentence he so richly deserved. Always a killer a hater of Jews and a true loyal Nazi and admirer of Hitler. Hess had murdered Jews and although had landed in Britain before the deaths of millions in gas ovens happened he still knew it was on the plans and said, nothing.


He was handed over to be housed in a house of   fame       In Monmouthshire South Wales. Here he was allowed to walk around Abergavenny market town unhindered by guards but observed by agents at every step.

Spandau Prison a 600 cell Prussian Prison in Berlin, Germany was being made ready for just 7 Nazi prisoners including Hess. The allies  had the Russians at the door and they had it that Hess was as much a Russia captive as Englands.  It was the British intelligence who had picked this place for that exact reason as   Russia would do the job for them and divide Germany into two halves as a house divided against itself cannot stand. It therefore cannot rise to arms so easily. Russia took the bait like willing children seeing chocolate and set about building a wall across Berlin. It was more than was wanted but Britain kept clear of it. It was enough to stop a nation that had caused two world wars in just 20 years apart. Russia now had control of the situation.

The second wall went up to stop any doubt that the wall was to stay and so Britain maned the wall with an area known as no mans land full of barbed wire and lances upright in between those two walls. The Germans that had relative each side of border wall had no chance of ever seeing loved ones unless Check point Charlie the Russian gate would allow passage?  This was felt by all to be  a small price to pay for what horrors had gone on and war to be avoided by the worlds most war like peoples.Not that in fact this was the case as Prussia was the cause of World War One


For many years this wall set up was the Eastern block against the European nations. It became a dragon as one by one the prisoners died. Only Hess who had tried twice to kill himself now existed in that prison. He had a little garden that he would attend. Hess a thin tall figure between two armed guards weeded his plot of flowers for half hour each morning. This could be seen by both sides of the wall by those who served as guards.

It was now that Hess was old and cramped and sad to see that his son tried hard to get him freedom.The British Government was pestered by those who thought Hess had served his sentence. Then one has to recall that as a cruel killer and Nazi top man next to Hitler he had show no mercy for those he did away with and he could have , should have received the death sentence at court. Then suddenly Hess died by rope around his neck. The British did the autopsy and claimed it as suicide. This was not good enough for the son of Hess as he said his father had been murdered.

imagesHess, the last days of life

Obviously he and the lawyer Mister Hess had, blamed the British as talks had been in progress at that time of death for release. It seemed to be an open and shut case for young Hess but why would the British want Hess dead he had but a year or two left and all would be over in any event. Yes Hess had now become a mascot for young NAZI youth in Germany rising fast in support to release Hess as a hero of the people which had to be stopped. The finger moving passed on to a German Government who wanted no part of Hess or the rising block of Nazism showing its evil face again. So it was in German best interest to kill Hess  this not only stopped the rage of youth desperate for any worldly glory  and also with no Hess ,no Russians halving Berlin. That wall was now obsolete and would eventually be the focus point of the world as an act of freedom with a united Germany. This later information was not the agenda of the allies wishes so if Rudolf Hess was murdered, which I doubt, who killed him do you think?

Hess will be judged by above where he escaped the earthly judgement .He was a true evil Nazi officer who had fought both world wars and followed the path of revenge as he had been born of German parents in Alexandria Egypt and in the First World war we took control of all properties including Hess fathers house and buildings. Hess went to Germany to enlist in revenge and so advanced into Socialism and into backing Hitler but he lost Hitlers favour to Goring and others more political players than Hess could ever be. In this mad brained plan Hess had thrown his hat into as to win Hitler back to him. It seemed a master plan at the time. He must have had years of regret to study his mistakes let us hope he begged for forgiveness and salvation over those 40 years  in prayer but being a loyal Hitler supporter until the bitter end one can not be sure.

Hess was no more than a gambler who lost his all. An evil shadow of Hitler himself and all those who stayed with Hitler even when knowing he was mad himself.

I hope Mister Hess can now shut the book and not harbor that same revenge as his father did all his life. If Hess had been tried in France instead of in Germany no doubt he would have been found guilty and hanged without regret by Charles De Gaul. If he had been taken by Russia he would have been shot without trial but as it was he existed long enough as captive to ask God for forgiveness. Question is did he?

Thank you as always for being with me.

Yours Sir Kevin.

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The war criminal who was Queen Victoria Nephew who escaped justice in 1919.

In June 1914 Kaiser Wilhelm 11 decided that his Grandmother was dead as Queen and Empress in England and the shooting of his brother and newly married wife on honeymoon in Sarajevo gave him revenge on the world. He could now please himself about the size of his empire. Prussia was strong and able to build a larger European empire after all India belonged to England, he told himself.



He with withered arm was never photographed to expose his withered helpless arm. His mother, Victoria daughter, hated her sons deformity and set about trying methods ,often painful to rectify the dead arm. She had no concern for her son and showed her son no love at all and disliked him often. He wore such wonderful expensive uniforms designed to shield his defect and so he, after all deaths in family, decided on world domination .


So his march into Belgium was no more than occupation and rape and murder of some 5600 Belgium peoples.Babies stabbed in their dead mothers arms. A free for all and blood lust from troops encouraged by officers under Wilhelm who saw them as rabble accused them of snipping at his men and all sins forgiven for rape and butchery. It was here that France and Britain took action .It was September 1914 and war was declared on Prussia.

The war cost 6.7 million casualties and over 8 million dead.  a war fought in deep mud and trenches. A line of stones marks one trench near Paris. it states on the stones ,”Here fought the men of the Dragoon Guards ,they lay here still. ”


My grandfather came home with out a lung and two shell holes in his arm. Gas and conditions caused him to be in pain for the rest of his days and I was born six days after his death.

We all know of what went on but not many know that this evil  king of the Prussians and Queen Victoria nephew one Wilhelm was a war criminal for sure. In 1919 he was accused of this but he manged to escape into exile into Netherlands into the care of Queen Wilhelmina who gave him a castle and all his belongings carried into it. Lap of luxury but no more a King just an escaped war criminal at large. The Queen had ensured her county would remain neutral and so refused to hand her guest over to the victorious allies .


Time wore on and in 1927 the trial of war criminals took place in liepiz but so bad was the German judge that only a few real offenders were executed. As Wilhelm was not attending it was not possible for the Germans to judge. Or so they insisted.That mystery must be the reason the British could not insist this man took the stand. Queen or no Queen she harbored a known criminal and that is illegal is in all nations law. No ruling Royal can be above that law , or any other for that matter.

In 1941 Wilhelm died in Holland but his grand Prussia was no more, now a part of it was just Germany, who  soon they would start war again.

Wilhelm was in my mind an evil leader, a war criminal certainly, as what was dumped on the poor Belgians by his troops before that outbreak of first World War and owing in part to this vile murder of so many innocents it is clear that he was a war criminal in more ways than just one. 8 million dead men on both sides of the field of war could stand up and accuse him I am sure. if asked.

You see going back in time to that day when he told Victoria he wanted Poland and she as his grandmother, reprimanded him, all was clear what Wilhelm was in truth a villain, but no one took enough notice at the time .He was told he had enough land and titles.

May be that ugly arm gave the boy a complex I can see that but to do what he did was criminal and his actions had an affect on every family in Europe, Canada ,India and England her self. The generation that was butchered and damned, lost us all we valued at that time. It went on to start a second World War and still the legacy on one War Criminal in the form of one Prussian King continues even today to haunt the face of Europe.  Wilhelm was a selfish monster, the Devils own minister. A man who threw his subjects into a war so vile and cruel it shook the very fabric of the world that came out of the abbess a very changed world.

Thank you for reading ,Sir Kevin.

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