Will the real Sir Francis Drake stand up.

Even this mans birth date is unknown. 1502 -1509 anyplace either side or between. He was one of 12 children born in Tavistock Devon on a farm belonging to the Earl of  Bedford   .

Drake loved the stories of his older cousin John Hawkins and at age of 15 took to aid John in what seems to have been transportation of Gold Coast African slaves. He then entered the navy and rose to rank of Captain soon after. Then craving expedition he sailed his own ship around the world anti clock wise into fame.

He was in fact in search of the truth was part of New world an island.  It was now he saw how Spanish sailors armed and able robbed the Inca Indians of gold. He decided to help himself out at sea by capturing the laden ships and becoming rich  Back in England he  had a ship built to cope with fast sea battles and speed was the need. Out came the ship he called the Pelican but soon after Drake changed his mind and renamed his newly built ship The Golden Hind. {A deer female is a Hind. } Gold , speaks for itself.

He sailed to capture as many Spaniards as possible. Any ship he could keep in one piece after battles he sold as salvage.This was legal to perform and still is.  In fact he shared half this treasure with Queen Elizabeth I st in England. So much gold and tons of silver made her very happy. So much her minsters worried over war with Spain. She decided even so, to award Drake with a Knighthood. However she did not go down to his ship she sent the French Ambassador to Knight Drake on the deck of his ship in dock. Cunningly distancing herself from support for his actions. Then she did grant him a license to make money as a Private owner of ships he became a privateer. This meant he could sail where he wished and he did ,right back to plundering the gold ships sailing from South America on route to Spain.

Phillip King of Spain placed price on Drakes head but they had stolen the gold from Incas so Drake thought it only proper to steal it from the thieves.


It is interesting to know that half Drakes crews where Black men who had equal rights on deck to work and be paid. If we think of Sir Francis as a Pirate I will say his men,all of them loved him. He never went after other honest traders he stuck like a limpet to the ships of Spain and the gold silver and jewels worth the danger of battle.

The Pope contacted King Phillip of Spain and told him he would pay for Spain to built a new vast navy. That navy to sail and take England as theirs and handing the Godless Queen to Pope for torture. Phillip chopped down his forests leaving the lands flat. He brought in ship rights from all over and in four years built the mighty navy that the Pope wanted. Drake hearing of this sailed back to the Queen for permission to attack the Port of Cadiz where most of the new navy lay at birth. He sailed in with old vessels and set fire to them directly in line they sped to target and burned to ash many mighty galleons that in turn set fire to part of that city. It is called by the English records the shinging of the King of Spain s beard. It took Phillip another year to replace his loss. So England in the know devised a plan. It went like clockwork in 1588 when Spain sent hundreds of galleons armed to the teeth into Dover ports. Then the Thames but in fact fire ships and good navy shooting broke down masts but the big ships could not turn around became sitting ducks as our tiny ships ran circles around them.

The rest of the navy arrived and dropped anchor to say prayers when in came the fire ships into the tightly knitted groups of shipping .Too late the anchors raised by then all on fire burned and took over half of Spains fleet. Then the English wind blew hard and drifting ships and maned vessels went windward around our coastline. So many wrecked on the rocks what was left reached Scotland and swam ashore. That is why many Scots are darkly none native looking now.

Phillip hearing the news was told the Pope refused to pay as failure was an insult to the Vatican. He was bankrupt personally and his nation too. Phillip the might Catholic King whom all feared was bankrupted and Drake was rich as he had the largest galleon for salvage money.  Queen of England in her armour ready to die among  her army was to hear a service for victory in much relief.

Sir Francis Drake was happy to retire .Help build defenses and bring in a proper water system in Plymouth Devon. Paid for it all and water in the city for first time since the Romans was the result.  Aged 55 ,Today would be age of 78 he was called to see his Queen again .She need the gold that Drake had buried owing to the singular fact  that his men could not carry it all back to the ships. I bet he was not happy but no one refused Elizabeth anything. This was Englands golden age and Drake the most famous and most loved mariner of that age.


Drakes statue In England.

In this act he sailed back with many ships to again find the spoils of war. Trouble is that Spains spies in England had alerted Phillip the King. A reception awaited Drake and so he could not land. In the battles he suddenly felt ill and 3 days later he was dead. 55 years old in 1596.

Now  all say he died on Dysentery but if he did they had time to dress him in his armour as he himself had requested. Lay him out in the lead lined coffin that was not made in seconds. You see having seen first had what happens when dysentery attacks it is a smell so bad no one will go near a sufferer as contents of stomach is putrid and out it all comes every time the sick man coughs. In 3 days of it i say that metal suit of war armour they buckled on to the body taking save half hour to effect that would be impossible to suffer. Anyway 3 days is short for that complaint to kill Drake. 7 days is the time for death as your insides rot. My guess as he complained of pains in his chest too that he died of a stroke, or heart attack. just my guess but think its right.



Exact replica of the Golden Hind in Devon built for movie use.

That haul of gold we know all about .Drake and twenty crew member carried the sacks of gold down from the attack loosing the mules by gun shot sounds the Spanish fled after a stand up hard fight. Drake ordered the sacks two per man about 40 pounds per sack so about half the man could not carry through jungle so much. Drake ordered half the gold and silver to be buried and site marked on chart. They hobbled back down the track to the ships and sailed way with the gold they had.

No one since has ever found it. They say around half what was recorded by Spain has value of 78 million pounds today.

The Archeologist TV producer and star of the Discovery channel  Joss Gates shows us the exact path in the Portobello jungles that Drake buried the treasure was very good to watch it. He found a sword hilt an English dagger blade and other proof that the site could be very near. Then as always never finds what they went to find. This treasure remains hidden.

Drakes coffin should not be found or moved it is a grave site. The ships that English sailors could not man they sank in the bay near the massive stone called Drakes Rock that sits in, Portobello, Panama waters even today. The two ships cannons found suggests that Drakes coffin may be in that same area.

Was Drake a nice man ? yes by all account he was a good man. The slaves he freed stood by him to the end. Rare in a time when it was not thought wrong and dealt in on the lesson of blacks selling blacks to Seaman as normal trading. Elizabethans harder more daring and perhaps less concerned with ways that we have learned since that time is wrong.

My take on Sir Francis Drake is he was a man dead set on riches. Then he shared all with his crews and gave half to his Queen shows he was not so tight pocketed as history makes him look. In his mind if Spain was the gold thief it did not make him a  pirate for scolding them. He then sailed into battles so powerful that victory gave him every human right to take the wealth and let the sailors go. Then two wrongs never make a right and only the proud Inca was the looser in truth.

What will they find if they do locate a 424 year old coffin in deep water? Lead lined on a ships deck may not have been the best job of metal work. The wood rotten years ago the lead knocked by rock movement. Perhaps only bits of metal and a few bones not taken by shark and larger fish. My guess it accounts for the reason no one has ever found Drake. Then if by some massive reason its intact this coffin it is a grave site . Do we really need to disturb it ?

b1eafd72bc1e1f018790ee499c8cc7fd Sir Francis Drake as Historic research finds him and wax model made to show him perhaps as he was.

Thank you for reading hope you want to research more of this amazing mans life.

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The gift of love.

Morning had appeared over the hill the golden sun came bright and warmed the face of young Taria a man laid out in the sands of wild  desert expanse .Far from his home and  still feeling the lump on the back of his head he rose frozen only for the warmth of the sun now he may never have woken.

The road to the town of Parbhani was another three days on foot from him. He felt weak but faced the now burning sun . The sky already turning purple as rain was hoped for soon. He had set out from the city to deliver a baby and after successful birth he had taken his leave to go home to his wife . His motor cycle was no place to be seen then suddenly he felt the heavy weight on his head and no more.  Some how he had been taken and dumped in the desert by unknown hands. That lump on his head was painful but he edged on with only his handkerchief over his head knotted each corner to keep it on. his leather medical bag was also missing. It had been the gift of the people he had served since leaving medical school in Delhi.



The Indian sun beat down relentlessly he could hardly see ahead, mirage after mirage puzzled his eyes. Then he swooned and hit the sand heavily. Above his still body black shadows flew in circles after food. He lay many hours and woke cold and wet with sweat. His head banged, his eyes hurt but it was cold and he marched on until the hard road surface connected with his bare feet. In time a vehicle stopped and picked the man up. On hearing the strangers tale the driver was a mechanic who had been asked to start a motorbike as two men from Lahore had lost the key. Doctor Taria Pandit now asked the description as he himself had wired the bike to start only be key. The driver thought hard as at that time he had thought it strange. By the time they reached the town gates he had written down the half remembered registration . Taria was now sure it was his machine. No medical bag was noticed by the driver but even so his description of the two men matched with his memory of two men he had seen at the birth and were uncles to the baby born. He had now a starting point but first must find his wife. His loyal helper, wife and dearest lady, was opened armed so frantic and worried over him it was some time before she learned the truth of his time way. Bathing his head and with hot towels around he fell asleep.His wife slipped out to inform her brother of the news. He sat at his desk as chief of police taking it all in.


It was afternoon of the following day that Taria awoke, his medical bag on his bed side cabinet. It was joyous to see it again and he leapt from the bed to find it empty. His tool and medicines all gone.The newly purchased stethoscope  too had gone. It was while he sat thinking, bag on his knees, that his wife arrived with teapot and two cups  on her best tray. He smiled but opened and tipped up the bag to show it void of goods. She nodded slowly knowing all.

His wife no stranger to life put her hand on his head softly, caring and said so gently that she loved him no matter what. He looked up at her with moistened eyes and nodded his head into her arms.

It was as the burning morning sun came over the garden house that Taria looked from his window to see many people calling him down to see them. He sleepy headed opened his front door to all the village who handed him a canvas bag. Inside ,to his astonishment they had given him new tools. He was told that all had clubbed in to help him as he could only help them if he had tools for the many illness about.  His wife at his side,all knowingly ,smiled . Doctor Taria was back again as doctor to all.

From the bushes a man stood watching .His head down, his hands at his side ,his guilt hurting him .Slowly he walked away sad and alone his bottle in his pocket bought on the proceeds of the sale was all he had .He was so angered at his need for whiskey that he failed to see the car, off the hand brake,       before it rolled over him. The doctor was rushed to aid him but found he was too late.  Too late for that man too. Then Taria would never know he was with the man who robbed him.

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Detective James at the ready,concluded.

The sun hung low over the tree line birds flew and the sound of voices heard in the Dell. The land almost dry at the edges of the Mire as police teams searched every inch.

” Danger is John you lads are very near the heart of this bog. May be sun has dried the spread of the soft part all up but the land is but a march vibrating under footfall.  Be careful man nothing is worth dying for.”

” My men are experts in this area sir Andrew but treasure is the last thing on my mind .”

“Sorry.I dont understand you now. ”

” That girl Alison Gibbs that served in your employ is dead sir. She never left this house. Her remains are out there someplace. ”

” Good God sir you mean someone murdered her,Why?”

” She told her killer of the treasure is my guess.”

The call went up at that same moment and after just four hours her remains had been located.

“Hello Horatio. Died of a large bang on the head. Broken scull. Some one with a heavy arm. ” Panted the overworked police pathologist.

” Thanks Doctor Dee. My hunch is right you see. ”

“John as long as I have known you your hunch is always right. See you back at the Yard .Oh! your lads are finger printing a large ball hammer head found above the victim just a meter down in the earth. Enough for now will know more when I have her loins on my table. Later then”

The afternoon went slowly on the team muddy and tired transported back to base .

“So who killed her then?”

” Wait for fingerprints we can only hope enough proof is left on a hammer 12 years in the earth. ”

“But you have a hunch who did it.”

“Your ghost sir Andrew. ”
“My sister could not have dragged a body as a ghost. ”

” Your sister is dead sir no place in this case. You see someone wanted you to walk into a trap set for you. See that mark in your carpet. ”

“Faintly but no chest in my time sat on that spot.”

“Some place in this wood panel is a catch. I have traced it all over and nothing. “Proclaimed the Detective.

“A door you mean. ”

” Yes exactly it was perhaps a priests hiding hole built by Catholic workman long ago. Usually built near a fireplace so the victim chased by Crown could keep warm in winters. Small room just enough to sleep flat out in. The family would feed him .”

” Catholics we were long ago yes. Same as all older families all changed over to Anglican when King Henry Tudor ordained his own church. ”

“There. This candle holder moves.Watch out sir Andrew.”

“My word your right a space behind it. Hardly used in centuries until of late someone used it to spy. That mark on your carpet fits this door opening.”

“Ladder in here John.”

The Detective climbed into the attics and used his torch with the new bulb Dee had fetched for him. In the ray of the torch light a bed was unmade and bread lay in slices on a plate with very stale jam. No one had been there in years as mold set on the bed blanket and plate told of time gone by.  He reached down to pick up a shiny disc. It was in close light a button from a soldiers jacket.

“So John the 3rd Light Infantry first world war uniform. ”

“That food is less than 3 weeks old Sir Andrew .No ghost here. See this pot it contains theatre grease .It shines in the dark. Who ever played your sister hid up in that attic used the ladder to reach the stairs and perform her role to appear before you. We are looking for an actress who is somehow connected to the dead girl who worked here. ”


“My word what ever else.?”

“More is the case .Your ghost is exposed but now work out why she performed is far more interesting than her act.”

“She was after the treasure then.”

” Yes but more to this than treasure.  Ill get to it straight soon. ”

Back in his office in Londons Met he called Dee.

“Yes two clear prints. Both belonging to Mrs Elsie Banks of The Strolling players company London.”

“Pick her up Harris and book her for murder.”

” Bit of info for you Horatio.”

“All ears Dee come in.”

” That body was moved some weeks before we found it. ”

” I know .You see dead by a fall from a ladder her mother buried her at night in the gardens. Then when we came to search she had to move her daughter again out of our way but she could not have know the full extent of my search plan.”

“You have been doing your homework Johnny boy. ”

“Mrs Elsie Banks is an old friend .I arrested her twice for fraud. Her child in care while she served time in Holloway prison. ”

” That child was her that worked for your Sir Andy then?”

” The very one. Soon as your fingerprints came to light i had it worked out.”

“That army button then, explain that?”

” Elsie was playing at the Dukes stage and played a soldiers moll .That great coat she still had on racing to find Sir Andrews treasure. ”

” Did she find it then.”

“She did and so did I. ”

” What.You have it here old son. ”

He smiled as he opened the desk drawer and took out a box.

“Go on man whats in it.”

“Here take it.”

The good doctor did as asked and to his surprise took out a broken rusted iron key.

” What will it fit in this state Horatio?”

“A good question but I know the answer. It connects to a bank box belonging to Sir Andrew now. He is as we speak, on his way here. ”

Sir Andrew on a stick managed to arrive safe at Detective James office.

‘So which bank is it John?”

” You tell me Sir Andrew. ”

“I beg your pardon.”

” You may but your under arrest for murder Sir Andrew.”

” Your maid found out about that key .I fond the box in your attic and before her and her mother could get to that bank you threw the girl down stairs killing her stone dead. You then set her body on a sack and dragged her into the garden.  For over a year she lay under your roses.Then hearing from me about the search you panicked and reburied the body in the dry march. That hammer head you had kept and used it now to frame her mother if body was found by us. ”

“What rubbish. Why would I do anything like that. ”

He smiled and took up the phone. “Send in Elsie.” was all he asked of Harris next door.

Elsie was marched in in handcuffs she told her part of this story as mistress to Sir Andrew who owed her more money than said. She found her daughter a placement in his service but he did not know the relationship to the mother.Between them they found the clues and as the key as found Sir Andrew overheard the plan and decided to act. Mother was back on stage, girl faced Sir Andrew and he killed her. Mother than appeared to soften the old boy up and find her daughter. When discovery came that she was indeed dead a mother lost her temper in grief and tried to kill Sir Andrew by poisoning his food. Result he lost control of his legs.

‘Arrest both of them book Andrew for murder and her for attempted murder .”

‘ Hate to ask Horatio but how do we know the account. ”

” We have it Dee. Here across the page 78. This history of his family .Page 78 line 6 and 090 in the margin. Try any combination may well work. Bring the car around. ”

‘Yes Sir. ”

The oldest bank in the world  of Medici fame held the account. 090786 opened the safety box and before their gazes lay on a blue satin cloth a sparkling necklace of pink diamonds best ever seen. The setting of Stuart silver edged with gold and six exactly same sized large pink diamonds with lesser size around chain. The bank had it valued at 226 million pounds.  To the Banks grateful thanks Detective John James placed the lid down and locked it.

‘Thank you .I do suspect another 500 years may pass by before that box is opened again by another relative of the owner now serving life in Wandsworth prison. ”


End of story hope you found it an entertaining read.

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Detective James at ready, continued

The dusk fell over the house. The little dressing room bed he lay on had him sleep soundly until dawn at 6am. Then as he stood looking out across the gardens from a window over the sink he noticed a strange vision linger among the tree belt that marked the drive. He could just make it out as it darted back into the undergrowth. It was a figure in white and visible as it glowed.

He hurriedly dressed and made his way down to the locked side door in the kitchens. Up at the place he had witnessed the figure he searched and down on the long grass his fingers touched a greasy substance. Lifting this substance to his nose he suddenly knew what he was up against.

At breakfast he said nothing of his find to the cook and ate in silence alone. At length the master arrived and selected kippers and so sat at far end of table from John.

” Sleep well John?” Said the master of the house as his fork took up the smoked fish.

“Yes thank you. How many retainers do you employ sir.”

“Well! Mrs Tuttle my cook ,been with me 12 years. Peter ,my do it all man. Drives me and gardens ,fixes problems around the place .Plumber joiner that sort of thing. 5 years to date. Used to have a kitchen maid but we fell out as I cook caught he stealing silver. Bad show too it was. Police and such. ”

“How old and what became of her sir.”

“Oh! 17 perhaps Ill check in my book. She left with our reference and went ,well who knows.”

“Matters little these days .factory more the thing. Worcester girl then. ”

“No thats the thing. London, orphan. Came through agency my dear wife rang.”
“So she lived in.”

” Of course. Why?”

‘ No matter just a hunch. Can I see her room sir. ”

Day went on and Detective John James sat reading a book he had taken down from the shelves in the lounge room. As suspected grease marks on the page that held the information gave the game away. In his mind the girl had read this book and many times the same page. It was a history of the owners family. The page 67 told of an ancient Lord who had buried a treasure in the grounds of his estate to save it from the soldiers hunting him.

It was Civil  War in England the family lost at the battle of Towton  in Yorkshire and the Knights father killed in fight leaving only his younger son to escape from the slaughter grounds. The Duke of York dead and so many Englishmen of Nevile line had joined the ranks of the dead there. He had raced back to the house and gathered all valuable together and buried in in sea chests in the area of the land around house. He had taken ship to France and died of fever in Paris two year later with no money in his purse.

James came to the line that suggested the treasure was in the area of the rear of house drive. The land then four times larger that today took the fields to the left away sold off by the Earl who came a century later.

“So there you are John .Good read is it. ”

” Sit down sir.We have much to talk over now.”


” This book tells of the family treasure. Your kinsman buried it in sea chests on the land behind this house.”

“Yes so they say but my father,God love him.He spent all he had searching for it. Someone dug it up years before was his conclusion.”

‘ I think not. You see the porch on the entrance was built in the years 1816.1820. Who was owner then.”

“God knows. Lord Harry I think. He fought Waterloo with Duke of Wellington you know.”

“Waterloo was fought in June 1815 so yes Lord Harry it must have been. You see this house is wrong way around.”

” What ?”

“By building that porch so grand and turning the drive to it it shortened the drive and altered the entrance. That is why your rooms and all in the sunshine. The old entrance is your great hall.”

” So that great stone lintel was over that doorway. ”
” Yes Queen Mary Tudors time that part was built it says here. So he turned it all about easily and made it grander by far .It also faces the sun in the morning room he also built and made an old dark house far lighter by so doing. ”

“Lord Harry hmmm!”

‘ You do see what this means.”

“Well my poor father dug over the wrong part of gardens looking for that treasure.”

“Yes but more so someone else worked that out too. ”

” Who else not me I had not a single clue.”

“No but that girl that you dismissed had read this book many times.Here see this greeze.Its kitchen stained by working hands. Either your cook or most likely the girl. Her name would be handy sir. ”

“Never Mary my cook. That girl .erm! let me check. Something like Alice something. Ill go and ask cook. ”

I must come with you as she may know something we need to know. ”


Part Three to follow.

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Detective John James at the ready

Dark the night high the moon over the heather lane. The detective sorry he had not changed the bulb in the flashlight hand torch. Dimly he picked his way as a man lost in a dark cellar hugs the walls.

The Queens Men public bar was the first place he called at.

‘You look done in sir. On foot on a night like this?”

“Car left in next town car park engine failure. Anything to eat here?”

“Closing time in ten. I can ask our cook for soup and roll but thats about it”

“Lovely make it with butter if possible.”

The bar man marched off to the kitchen door and vanished into the affray beyond.

Just then Detective James saw he had a signal on his mobile and rang his desk hoping someone was working late in New Scotland Yard. He need not have worried as that someone was Detective Constable Harris.

“Where sir?”

“Lower Slaughter Harris. One mile outside. I am having a bite to eat in a pub so can you send someone to the car park behind Police Station there as car engine packed up on my. Where ?No  Cotswolds area. Why?  Harris I was on my way to see Sir Andrew Barber at Chambell manor Worcester.”

“Your soup and bread and butter sir. Its carrot soup sir .Everything to your taste?” The barman handed the tray over.

‘Thank you, many be a glass of dry red wine to wash it down seeing Im not driving tonight. Alas. ”

“Dry red French sir?

“What ever you have mister? ”

“Bob Prentice sir. Barman and church sexton on weekends.”

Harris rang back as James took to spoon to soup bowl. “Yes Harris. ”

“Found your car sir, garage man says new engine.”
“What ever upstairs says Harris ill hire a car on expenses.

“Roger that sir .Nothing in your tray Ill inform command in morning.Good night sir”

The soup he enjoyed the bread stale but he decided a bed would be better and was lead to a room above the main lounge looking over the fields of middle England.

It was therefore after a good hearty breakfast that James hired a new fiat and drove down to meet Sir Andrew at his old manor house front door.

‘So your the fellow famous for ghostly events . Im Sir Andrew Barber. Come in. ”

The purpose for this meeting was Sir Andrew as brother in law to Chief Constable who as boss to Detective James department had asked for help.

“You say a ghost stood over your bed Sir Andrew ”

“Well John if it was not, im a Dutchman .”

Old place like this can seem so ghostly could it not have been a dream?”

” No it was as clear as a lamp shining and face of a woman all white and pale .Not a thing to recall but cannot get it off my mind.You see I knew who it was.”

“You knew her?”
“Indeed I did.My sister Eveline .Dead these last 12 years.Cancer aged 40 took her you know. ”

“Yes sir  I drove my boss to the funeral at Saint Oswalds churchyard near here. ”

“Look old boy I had not touched a single drop that evening she came to me. ”

“What .Did she speak ?”

“No but she handed me this note?”
” A literate ghost what ever next.”


“You can mock if you wish young man. Here read this.” He took up a paper from his side table and handed it carefully to the policeman.

“I see. Short and sweet. Take your self to Atlade and pay for your sins. Atlade sir?”

” A ridge looking over from my land to the dell beyond.”

“Have you been there since sir?”

“No. legs not up to that. Stick in soft ground after so much rain you see no good.”

” How far?”

” About a mile as crow flies. across the moor is only way from this house. ”

” On foot or car. ”

” Barley a foot can find a path across the mire.”

“Wet lands then. ”

“This weather indeed more than wet lands suck you in like worms.”

” Can I take a look at your bedroom sir. ”

” Rather take you up to my room than walk to Atlade John. ”

So it was that John James entered a large wood paneled room with a stone mullioned window bearing in stained glass the arms of the old mans family. The room dark in all corners but no board creaked under his foot fall.

“It was here I lay and from that door she drifted to me.I was in fear but she brought a skin and bone arm white as cotton sheets from inside of lowing silk gown and handed me that note. As I took it, dazed  was  I ,she drifted backwards into that wall.  “He pointed out to an oak wall in six large panels. A great brass lamp with six shades affixed to centre place.

James tapped at all panels and side timbers but the sound assured how solid that wall was. It was then as he gazed at the carpet were a slight depression took his eye.

“What is it John my boy.” Cried Sir Andrew.

‘ Cant say its anything.This depression have you moved a chest of drawers from this wall recently. ”

“Not to my knowledge Chest on chest 1670 against that wall. He lazily pointed across to the opposite wall. James then looked at the feet .Great solid balls under the cross beam told him nothing. He searched for clues but nothing came to light .Then as he walked to the door to leave he felt a chill come over him and as he looked into the corridor a ghostly figure peered back at him from the far end. For seconds only and as he blinked it vanished. Onwards he ran to that spot but nothing came to his hand to say anything was wrong.

“So we both saw that Detective did we not?”

“Yes.  I saw it I admit fearful, what ever it is.”
‘Its my sister, that was what we both saw”


Next week part two.

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The young Kings man.

The moonlight led the way across the cobbled stable yard. The driving rain swinging the lantern. The creak of stable doors disturbed the hound. Sniffing the way to the prey he slide in behind his master ready to be his guard. The Inn was mid way from the Gates of York with its many heads of spikes .Traitors all of them who fought against their Duke. Edward was King now and golden haired golden voiced and giant to his subjects was more a God to his troops.

The thin line of soldiers traversed the mountain track down into the valley behind their leader.The Road from Wakefield had been long and this patrol Scottish loyal and Edwards faithful friends.

The wind howled thin and restless as from under the hay came the stable lad sleepily. The riders hand quick to the blade saw in time the need to relax. The horse hot and steaming white on the blue black mare shone in the moonlight as a ghost .The boy rubbed her down with a straw whip and curry comb in hand he began his task. She spluttered with vapor as much to say thanks. His touch told her to trust.

In the Inn now her able master was being fed a gruel of lamb and carrots in barley. Red wine in goblet he was engaged well in silent meaning. Over the cobbles iron shoes rattled to a stop .His men now arrived .He raised a hand to tell the landlord to make haste with grooms and feed for his horses and men.

In the gloom of the yard no one noticed the lean and quick figure of a beggar in rags pass out of the way into the barn of hay.  He was Robert the servant of Phillip the Bold the disguised spy ready to listen at cracks in doors for the slightest clue to race the wind back to his master with news of the young Kings army.

Captain Crompton was a leader born .He sat now watching his men eat. A pipe of baccy hanging from his lips a hand steady with the taper ,he drew the hot smoke into his body and exhailed with ease.

The inn was full of travelers and one young boy was listening to the landlords wife.A big strong and no messing lass from Devils Bridge. She roared to the cooks to hurry with the food. More had arrived and Crompton was busy deploying his men as horses filled the cobbled yard and sparks flew as iron hooves scraped and pawed at the uneven stone floor.

Inside that inn sat a silent hooded man. His cloak of ragged ends had once been noble cloth. He had ridden hard in it from way back in time. He was known to the Landlord as Black Jack a man who was best left alone.

The boy was interested in the traveler and served him a dish of food. Ale not wine and he handed over a golden crown telling the boy to tell him when it was all gone. Not once did the boy see his face his voice was gravel hard and he decided not to befriend him.

The morning broke clear and bright the last dregs of the storm no more. The horses mounted the post horn broke in as a stagecoach rattled in to the yard just as the troops raced out. Confusion as bags and trunks remained as grooms and ostlers flew to clean the overnight bays and mess of many horse.

The stage guard and Whip non to happy flung the passengers trunks and bags down and without warning raced the team and coach out and away.

The Landlord came out to help saying his peace on go. The passengers upset slid in the horse muck and down went one fine lady crying as her husband helped her up asked if anything was broken to be moaned at about the ruined dress.

That man was Simon Best the Judge and the landlord was reeling with un ease as he was put in his place.

The yard soon was back to normal and the stable boys darted back in the hay to rest. A stable wicked creaked and behind it the spy was ready to listen to the boys talking.

He learned that Cromptons men had spoken over common news of battle expected but he learned nothing he had not guessed.

Over the moor lay the city of York and the other way led down to Pickering. it was sun up and soon the guests were at table dining. All was back as normal and no one noticed the beggar slip away into the thickets and and over the gypsy lane to York.

Black Jack had seen him leave and was soon mounted and spurring lightly his horses flanks he headed to the west.

That evening a tawny sunset had him back at table hood over his eyes in his usual corner. The boy asked if the ride was good. The travelers hand shot out like lightening and grasped hard the boys arm. Pulling him close he whispered in his ear. ‘ Mind yer business lad .What you do not know will not hurt you. ”

It was never enough to scare him well and being released from the Travelers iron grip he slipped by silent in the night from that day forth.

Black Jack never showed his face but was known far and wide for his voice was that distinct and his walk long stride and fast. His sword as sharp and long as his stride Black Jack was a strange man who all who had him in their camp asked no questions so told no lies.

The day had come for the battle ahead. The great armies combined in the mingled mass of uniforms. The roar of battle heard 20 miles off in the town of Taunton. Yellow the sun ,thin in a grayblue dishwater sky. The dead lay like fallen carrion all over that land but only the commanders rode fast back to hide.  The rain clouds building over head as the long knifes of the local wives cut ring fingers of the dead and clothing and boots able to be worn as the dead no longer need them. The rains fell with avenging rage ,bouncing like lambs off the dead.

From the hiding place of General Fowler in the forest above Monmouth to the north he and four officers played cards over a barrel of strong beer taken by force of the retreat.

Blacker that the forest glades a rider softly approached . Within moments the cards lay spread over the ground .The barrel on its side and five dead men spoke not another word in this life.

This dark rider mounted and rode fast to reach London by morning. His entrance in the war office of Royal Edward was at 11am and the great oaken doors slammed shut behind him. In talks only the council and the spy master sat. By 2.13pm that day a rider on a black mount slid out of that room and raced the Kings highway to the town on Monmouth on border of Wales. Here his mark , a strong hearted farmer who was forming a revolt against the new young King was addressing his men. Twenty or so plough boys and farm horse men. None had any idea that the hooded rider in their midst was Black Jack.

Six days later the son of York rose to the throne of England as an 18 year old general six foot six inches tall towering as a hero blonde and golden to be King Edward 1V.  He was the Sun in Splendour King,  long before the French Louis was ever born.


Selby and his tale

Far flung the mist of  dawn with the sun rising across Tiger Paw bay. The ship on her side on the rocks and her cargo of black gold drown to a man in chains. In the downy turf of land the survived sailor clung too and had slept in exhaustion wet and steaming now in the golden heat of an African day. His name being Edward Selby and this his story in all.

Born out of wedlock,child of the parish of Dawlish in Devon England in 1767 and now aged 23 in the year of God 1790 he was lost in the country of slaving. From his position he saw below him, long before he could hear them . A tribe of native males.From the spears they shook as they marched forward to the wreck on the rocks his fate lay in escape only.

Up they came in hundreds . Slavers all of them black as jet polished in the sunlight he watched them traverse across the rocks as fleet as mountain goats. Before they went down the hold to see  what was worth taking he had taken to his feet and slide down the mountain side to the worn path and discovered a row boat had floated up into a cave. Here he made good and took the oar and was about to push the boat out into the retreating tide. When suddenly the man stood over him pistol in hand and dressed in the robes of a pirate. No time for introduction Selby shot him dead.The powder had dried in the pan and had worked. He had not time now as taking sword and pistol with bag of lead he shot back to join the tide not knowing at all a plan. The shot had alerted the Blacks and only by skill with oar did he manage to ship off before they could reach him. he left them hurling spears at him and one struct the oarlock. rowing for all he was worth he reached the ocean and effected his escape.


Four hours later he had speared a fish but had no option but to eat it raw. Days drifted by the sun beating down and no shade to hide under young Edward was blistered and lips crusted badly. He awoke to the blue cloudless heavens and a cobalt calm sea. his eye lids burned he in pain could just make out a headland . He however had no power to row fell back and slept. Some time later that day he came to in a shady room a hand maiden tending his lips with sweet honey. In a language he had no knowledge of she talked softly and calmly to him. He had no idea what she said but he was sure she was helping him.

The weeks rolled by he was eating well  now. He noticed his pistols and clothing over ata desk on far side of a lavish room. He managed to reach the window and saw the ocean blue and perfect as he was healed by treatments and felt obliged to this maid.

Her name was Elmeria and she the hand maiden of Royal household of Imire of  Syria. He taught her English over a year and soon they were friends.  She found him work as water carrier to the Sultan son. Selby was fed on fresh fruits and decorated meals of olives and fish .Goat and spices with rice .He loved peaches and creams and found he loved this place. Elmira and he talked often of England and he told her all he could of his land of birth. But he did not tell her he was a slaver on a ship of black slaves as cargo to Liverpool docksides. He just told her he worked on big sail ships with trading all over that part and Africa.


She learned that Africa a Roman name for the land of deserts and jungles that lay lower down from Iranian lands. Over time she fell deeply in love with Selby and he with her. in days that passed it became clear to all and even to the great Emire himself. Nothing was said but eyes on him he became aware of.

In the soft evening light as the singer called his song out from minaret Edward Selby placed her in a boat with boxes of food and water he slipped out into the harbour and with cloth sails he reached the gates before they close for night. Outside in the ocean he hugged the coastal waters beyond Iran and around the land a Arabs he made it to an English ship leaving from Nicosia on the Greek island of Cypress. It had been a five day sail and once aboard with his love besides him and offered a cabin he slept. In the strong light of day he woke to find his  Emeira gone and he locked in the cabin fast. He battered at it with all he could by the oaken planks did not give way.  At change of watch they let him out to find they had locked in Captains cabin as gift to the King of England.  Selby was to serve on deck. Here he so used to ships let loose the missen mast sails and watched them fly in the wind away to sea. Uproar prevailed and sailors ran this way and that until the captain appeared on deck where Sebly hit him hard with a wooden mast peg.Down he went Selby sprang tiger like and took the pistol from his belt and held off the crew. The Captain was dead and so not much else to do than accept Selby as Captain. Up went the rescued sails and rigged for bad weather the ship raced home. Elmeria much relieved to be untouched and back with her bow. Offered to cook the crew a meal. So it was that the crew who had hated Captain Evens rejoiced at freedom.


Edward made it clear once docked safe he wanted no part of that ship and the crew must have it. So in 1805 in London Saint Marys Edward married his dark haired wife. Selby became a member of Parliament and owned a hall in South Yorkshire. Selby Hall still stands today.

Hope this tale of truest love will bring joy to all hearts.

Yours Sir Kevin, thanks you.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020

Part two Detective James case

German made pistol loaded from breach found in river by Tower Bridge steps. What is your verdict Doctor.?

” I found it be exact match for the bullet we have from Diplomatic agents head sir”

‘ Then are there any prints?”

“Yes partly. As i informed Detective James sir. Not much to go on but yes middle finger print inside the barrel . Carried it that way and dumped it. Water did not take it all away. faint but still certain it matches and so same man. ”

‘Thank you Doctor Dee. Now John can we find this killer before I have egg on my face from above. MI5 have no mercy so bring me a name fast.”

” I think sir I have a name now. ”

” Really that is fast.Go on man.”

” Well! can only be a ghost but its David Ashby Jones.”

” But he is dead .1989 plane crash. ”

” Good cover sir. Perhaps our man escaped.”

” Highly unlikely Detective ,I saw the body.”

“Then sir we have ghost to blame for an international murder.”

Good God man i had it with Vampires never could believe half that evidence. Ghost you say. Maybe ?Better do your thing man. Ill be in my office until five so in that time please,if you can?”

The Doctor smiled at James and beat a swift retreat back to his lab. Detective James pulled his tie end into his suit and on with the jacket left the building. Detective constable Harris joined in and drove out to London docks.


‘ Who are we after Sir?”

” Charlie the brick. Shed four end of row.  Coppers Nark from years back. ”

“Is that him sir. Black mac left to picture?”

‘ Id say so looks his size.”

‘ Blimey sir he is a big bugger.”

” Prize fighter at one time .Drink got hold of him early on. ”

The car pulled up alongside the man.

“Mister James himself is it?”

:” How are you Charlie still in the ring.”

” No no mister J trainer now more cash no bangs in the face. What can i do for yer.”

” Well! what can you tell me about Ashby Jones?”

” Six feet under as you well know. ”

” I say he is alive Charlie.Be a good boy and something in it for you. Hear me do you Charles?”

” I do, loud and clear sir. Keep my ear to the pump sir.”

Back in his office the phone rang.

‘ Yes James here . When. Ok thanks. ”

” Glad you could come Horatio. Phoned to tell you but here it is self explained.”

” Great Scot what the hell is it Doc?”

‘ Your looking at David Asby Jones liver. Or so we have been told. Your right who ever that body belonged to it was not David. Liver is riddled with drink related signs. Older man by my reckoning. Say maybe dead before he was killed you see. ”

” I get our meaning. So we have our killer at large.”

” Not a ghost it seems old boy. Good luck Im off to dine with Sir Bill.”

William Forsdyke head of department C. ”

“Very man indeed . Toodle OO.”

The hunt was on and all department on the case by mid day.

By two oclock they had their man .

‘ So as I found him for you sir whats my cut. ”

” Later Charlie lets get him in the cell first hey?”

The criminal sat silent as Top brass attended the interview.

‘ Though you had it all sown up Ashby Jones?”

” Got me over thirty years freedom. Cant be bad can it ?”

“No it cant but we got you now. ”

” Saying nothing copper.'”

‘ Dont have to but I think you will start singing soon. Bring it in please .Right Harris take his prints.”

Later the proof came through all points now matched.

” Now I need only to find out why he killed a diplomat. This should be fun. Is it five yet?”

” 4.12 sir why?”

Five is the time over according to upstairs. Tell you what Harris get up there and tell super its in the bag we have our man proved.Go on chop chop. ”

Down stairs Ashby Jones with his lawyer.

” Right lads move over. Just tell me why you shot a diplomat for the record. ”

” Just a job no other reason .Then how ever that was is for me to know you to forget. ”

” The paymaster is in this building then. ”

” He has said enough my client claims the right of silence Detective.”cried the lawyer

‘ Then maybe your client will sign a statement and mention his paymaster in it.For me to act .If so maybe a deal can be reached. ”

” What kind of deal James?”

” Less than life for murder?”

“Im listening but at my age who cares 20 years in state lock up I will not serve the whole sentence mate dead as brown bread in five Id say. ”

” Cant say I care . Your sentence will stand but it could be soft or hard just as you wish ,mate.”

“Open prison and ill talk.”

” Ill see what I can do yes.?”

Your man is – Sir Gerald Smith. ”

” really you prepared to put that in writing are you?”

“You prepared to give me my prison in writing are you?”

” More likely Walton Liverpool.”

” Thats top security. ”

” Yes and better than London your a dead man in any of Her majesties prisons here.”

” Some place I can see the sky and walk about at times.”

“Scotland suit you?”

” Not lowlands no higher up yes.”

” Judge will decide but we can guide him.Ok deal”

“Paper and pen please and lets get this over. Nailing that bastard upstairs is sweet.”

The police cars piled up in the driveway. The Detective wrote in his diary that Sir Gerald had seen the end and shot himself dead rather than to face British Justice. From top of secret service to an out and out murder arranger over the years of privilege had shocked the whole system of power. Why had he hired out killers without leaving his desk was not know only his bank accounts told some of the story.  Another case over.John James walked home drained of energy at the speed this case had raced through. In his mind his England was a safer place and that pleased him well.

“Good night sir,”

Thank you Harris same to you,and ,thanks for your help today.”

“Your welcome sir.We got him and that is all that Im paid for.”

The End.

Thank you for reading the stories.Yours with respect Sir Kevin.


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.2020

Another case for Detective James.

For the last hour the clouds hid the face of the sun. The city ,outside of the walls of the jail house buzzed eternally with the noises of the city throng.

At the stake the blindfolded man moved a foot to stir the dust as his last movement on earth. Shots echoed around the Citadel as he slumped forward lifelessly in his bonds. The firing squad fired again and the blood ran to the sand before the order came to unload.

The dead man had been in life a scientist for the American Government Space race. His name is not important nor is his fame. He is dead in the back lot behind his jail in Iraq. Buried deep in the sandy soils of Baghdad.

The heat of this day 4th August 2012 is building up and the call to prayer from minarets all over the city rang as musical chant as a car sped out of the jail yard with two back seat passengers. One Colonel David of Jewish Intelligence his companion that of  Head of security one Zasin Zamir Hassan.


London England 23rd June 2014. Office of Trade.

” Mister Hassan we are glad to be of service to you. Please, sit. ”

‘ You are very kind Sir John. Let me put my case to you in script .” He handed over a brief case of fine leather finish engraved in gold motif of the City  Crest of Baghdad.

” Indeed most kind. Yes we can have coffee and rest before dinner. Then talks begin. ”

” Civilized ways are always the way to success. ”

It was in his hotel room later that evening all trade talks discussed. He sat ready to ring his wife in Iraq when a knock came to the room door. He left the phone ringing and stood to open the door as a gun man shot him down dead. The phone still ringing on the bed.

Waterloo Bridge in London over the River Thames

Waterloo Bridge River Thames.

“Bit of an set up we have here Inspector James. ”

The famous detective stooped at the dead mans side .’International cases are a mess on my desk.Who was he Doc. ?”

“Diplomat from Iraq on some trade mission it seems. Will say 11pm -12ish at latest. Will tell you the caliber after I carve him up. Shall we say 7pm .Farewell Horatio.”

Detective John James watched Dees retreat before inspecting the room. He released the body some minutes later and went back to his office in New Scotland Yard.

“Ah! so there you are James. Please tell me it is not our case to take on.”

‘Hello Sir. Yes your right its not our case. CIA took over about an hour since but this is England sir CIA have no place to deal with it.”

“CIA in London .I will ask the top why. Do no more of this until.”

‘Sir” .

The day drew in the phone on his desk interupted the silence of thought.”Yes Doc.”

“Dee here your shell is a German army round .Big bugger too from 9MM shell .Lugar 1944 model .Nice hole left in his forehead.Want the bullet its here when you call.”

“Yes thanks will do. Tell me Doc what range.”

” Id say 5 feet, may be slightly less. Why?”

” Just checking. He opened the door expecting someone as they are trained not to stand near the door. Wonder who our dead man was expecting?”

“Search me old boy. Your the Detective. Tat tar for now.”

The following morning brought the case back on his desk. The Chief Supper at his side in seconds.

“Just what I did not want. Still the CIA will not bother you James. ”

” No sir but the Iraq police will be no happy family meeting. Here now for the body sir.”

” I will leave that to you . Keep in in the loop Detective and let us pray the dead man is not another bloody vampire. Dont think I can keep all in the shade if he is. ”

“You need not worry Sir. Shot by assassin at close range in his hotel room sounds more my thing. i need to know this dead mans every move in life before we can work out why he was taken out. I can start now to work on Zasin Zamir Hassan. ”

“Then fire way as you do. Ill be in my office upstairs if needed.”

It took most of that week to find enough detail on the dead man to see a list of possibles. Two trained killers on the list took his eye. One  German National living in Middle East and known by Interpol as The Tiger. The other a London born man Mark Sefton known to MI5 as a rouge agent. Sefton was known to favour a Glock but the Lugar more likely to belong to the Tiger.


” Drop all case files for today I need every one on the location of the Tiger ,One Franz Gerrit Franc . Born in Berlin Germany 1982 to a Jewish German family. Father an engineer,mother a nurse .Boy schooled to higher education joined the army . And vanished after that. Interpol can be brought into focus but first see what can be found.”

By stealth only the Tiger was located in London at the time of killing. He was arrested and brought in to be questioned. His pistol was concealed in his jacket tail at his rear the bullet hole neatly patched in the tweed gave the game away.

‘So you think it was me who shot your man. Prove it. ”

” Your pistol should match up with the bullet from his head.If not you walk if so life in jail is what its worth. ”

” Im a professional do you think Id come nicely into see you. I let myself be captured man. ”

James was puzzled and hoped it was bluff.Dee knocked at the door.

“Right give me his gun. Loaded is it”

“Why carry it if not?”

Dee fired into a rubber case he had ready.He took out the hot shell. “No no not this weapon .He may have another Detective. ”
By 6pm they had swept through the flat in Chelsea. Tow more pistols came to light but nothing matched the killer bullets rifling. The Tiger was handed over to CIA and the chase for facts went on.

Two days later one suspect after another struck off John James list. Then a break trough to the gun that killed the Iraq diplomat.

“So here we are this weapon matches the bullet fired into the victim perfectly matched. ”

“Thanks Doc. Finger prints from the grip wiped off but one clear thumb print we took from the insert loader clip Id say we have a match with records .He is Victor Semple the chap we killed in June airport shooting. So he could not have been involved here. ”

“One step forward six backwards then.”

‘We have to find you had the gun as we took it into custody after the shoot out at Heathrow. Hate to say it Doc but its an internal problem.”

“Who signed it out then ?”

” Records page removed. ”

” We have a terrorist in our camp then Horatio?”

” Something like that, yes.”

” Or we have a ghost.”

” Hold on Vampires are one thing ghosts another subject. ”

Part two next weekend.

Thank you all for reading my work. Sir Kevin.

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The chase.Part two of this last story of Eternal

The chase was planed by Detective John James on the phone call he took from police department in the city of Rome.

” Look sir I know the Government as not happy .I need to follow this lead . So will you sign my expenses form or I cant ever book a flight. Two weeks that is all .Put it down as vacation if its your wish. ”

The Chief Super lay down his pen. Looked straight into this best detectives eyes. “Not a matter of using you holidays for what would be a police matter. You see it puts me in a bad place talking the need to go to Rome. ”

“World threat it is sir. ”

” Yes maybe it is at that. Then Detective James in my place would you tell Boris Johnston we  have to sign expenses for you to go chasing Vampires. ”

” Well no perhaps not but, if his kids are attacked by a Vampire sir will he think about it.If I save him from this horror what will he do. Nothing as he would not have known in the former place.”

” Your making no sense man. Your asking me to lie to the top desk. ”
” No Im asking you to help me make a better world.A safer place to live.”

“James my hands are tied . Next. ”

The Detective sadly walked back to his desk in a room a corridor away.  He knew he was obsessed by this case but still saw the utter need to stop a hansom ancient man make more devils out of human beings. Just then the phone rang.

“Detective John James here”

“Dee here .You know that body with the holes in hand?Well it got up and walked out on the morgue sometime after midnight last evening. Case of the un dead  Id say old son.”

“Blast it man. Can it be any worse. It means  our wonder boy bit him to make another vampire for us .”

“Servant you mean. Perhaps why he was not drained of blood. ”

“Will it never end. Virus is all that they talk of and under the shadow of this plague Vampires dance the feed of death. Horrid creatures. ”

“Chin up old son .Just another for your memoirs.”

No sooner than he had placed the receiver down the phone sprang back into life.

” Hello.”

” Good day Detective this is Marco Parisi. I  Detective in the Roma Poitzia department. ”

” Ah! Marco how nice to talk .I read your letter but here I am stuck as my up line will not sanction my air fare even. ”

” I suspected as much . Never mind John here we know about Vampires. My er! up line,yes. They have paid for flight and hotel. You see you are the only one who has burned a devil to ash. Big celeb you are. So one needs your help much. You accepted this case asked for it.Now come with no excuse. ”

‘ Thank you I will. Have to clear it here and book it as leave. That way no need to report. When to expect tickets Marco. ”

Fax copy over now. Just go to air terminal at 5pm your time tickets will be cleared by Politza here. See you at noon tomorrow as Im off to funeral of gallant officer murdered by your friend of ancient birth. ”

Rome 2nd May 2020 . Politza dept Via di S. Vitale, 15,00184.Roma RM Italy.

“At last Here you are John. No time to talk we can do that in the car.”

” So is it always this hot.”

‘ NO far hotter in June. Here is the Via Nationale behind which the body of uniformed Constable Beagio Delmarco was found drained of any blood and two holes in his throat. No clue to who ,or what killed him. I read your report in the police gazette and came to see the only possible cause ,no matter what, is Vampire at large in my city. That brings you into play.”

” How good is your coroners office here?’

” You can work with him speaks reasonable English. Here we get out and walk I have something else to show you. ”

The walk was welcome as heat in the car was giving the English man problems.

“So here we are John. This grave is over two centuries old. It reads Died 16th March 1874. Killed by Vampire attack. ”

” You have been busy as you say Vampires are not new here Marco.”

” I have not told you the victims name?”

‘ Indeed you have not.”

” It is John James from London who came to Roma on holiday.”

‘ My God sir. What is this the future or the past.?”

The day progressed slowly and at last at dinner with Marco near The Spanish Steps the two men had only to find the devil to succeed.

‘We have searched every place only underground is left. ”

” Sewerage you mean.”

:No no the catacombs under the city. Here many believe in keeping the remains of the dead in stature forever. Whole rows of them preserved in salty air line the way below.”

‘ Who is it who wants this?”

” People will pay high costs to be included. Some go back to sixteenth century in same suits they died in. Ladies with handbags parasol or even couples hand in hand. Too us acceptable to most others macabre to say the least”.

” How many or them?”

‘ Cant say must be a record someplace. Why.”

‘ Is it possible to hide down there?”

‘Who knows but we can go down and see what can be found. After breakfast in morning. For now relax.’


The horror of the dead displayed shocked the Detective from England.




John James had had enough by this hour of day but just as he turned to leave he saw the eyes upon him and saw the dead man from Dees slab and so dived through the dead to pull himout of hiding. Amazed Marco stood rigid for valuable moments until at length he jumped with baited breath onto the wresting pair on the crypt floor.  In that moment silver letter opener that James had concealed was now driven through the young mans heart. Before their eyes a yell so loud it echoed around like thunder ripe and active. The policemen thrown off him as he slowly turned to ash  bit by bit they witnessed it with awe.

“Pity he had not the time left to tell us the location of his master.”

For many days they searched. Not a sign of the last Vampire came to light. Then in the midst of all they stumble onto his coffin in the depths of an attic above a hat shop in central Plaza. It was empty on inspection and all they had to do was wait.

” So it is you at last .We nailed the lid shut. Just you and me now my lad.”

” Day light is almost here what you to do young man?’

“Two of you.I see, well you took away my servant. I have other sleeping arrangements farewell.”

” Just you wait a moment I have something to show you that is my gift to you. ”

” Gift from you? What can that be I wonder .Time is standing still policeman i MUST GO.”

“Oh! you will go my friend.”At this he pulled back the roof tiles and the sunlight flooded in .The two policemen stood in awe as the Vampire snarled The flames leaping through him.

“The gift is death Vampire its over now. ” The last words he heard as ash fell to the attic floorboards like so much dust.

Back in London no record of that event was ever brought to news hounds noses. The last Vampire ever created was now gone from the earth of mankind. No medal from the Queen but no virus did John James Vampire Killer affect.


Thank you for reading my blogs it has been my pleasure to write for you. All who have joined us from Gavitar and all over the world i say God be with you all. I found it impossible to join Gavitar for many reason so thanks to all who  contact me.

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