Did she die for love aged 17.

The snow lay thickly on the driveway. The night, so cold. Her dreams only for he who really was her own now. Forever together they swore and caressed sweetly in the bright burning light of a wood fire in the grate. The room filled with shadows, candles holding the light on her young face, her coal back eyes flickering as he shot her dead. Then gasped and wrote to his friends. Six hours later  he pointed the barrel at his own face and so fell to his knees and joined the love of his life hand in hand somewhere in the air Perhaps in the gloom of that same bedroom on nights cold and full of snow the ghosts of both he and her may walk the corridors and room as if it never ended.

He was Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria she Baroness Maria Vetsera .He was 30 years old married unhappily to a Belgian Princess. She a 17 year old who had lived the life of a student in the best academies of Europe. He had met her at a race meeting in 1888 and could not take his eyes off her. It was noticed by all but she saw him and nothing would stop her marrying him there and then. She had fallen head over heels for this stately handsome man. It was love at first sight and no as some have pointed to as her capture of a married Royal. All the evidence piled up says just that .Some say she meet him at a ball in Vienna in 1886 but she would have been only a child and we know she was still in study to be a lady and not in Vienna at all.

Some say they courted in secret over three years but if this was some it would make her only 15 at that time. I believe it was over 3 months and when warned to control himself and return to his wifes bed this proud love sick young man could stand it no more he must have Maria he called by her English name of Mary.

220px-Baroness_Mary_VetseraBaroness Maria Vetsera.

She too had been lectured to the point of heart beak and when in time they knew they would be split up by the Royal household and her father the Duke a wild desperate plan hatched between them. A romantic silly idea but too late it was firmly in their minds now. Slight waves of madness in his actions and she no longer normal , she was a girl in love for the first time.

He had bought a hunting lodge miles away in Hungary .It was called Mayerling and Rudolf loved it it was his escape from hounding and that awful demanding wife.

They arrived by horse slay as in the movie of this epic tale told. Candles they lit and a good fire to warm them. A little wine and he took her to bed for perhaps the first time. Some time in the late night they knew only love and live meant little .In their minds this was the only way open to them to be as one.  It was all over when the searching guard arrived next morning and found them together in front of the ashes of a dead fire that too lay dead. It was clear as to suicide but he was still a Crown Prince. So they wrapped her in a blanket and hurried buried her in a local grave yard without recognition.

He was carted back to his demented mother and a great state funeral proclaiming he had been murdered by Freemasons. No mention of the missing Baroness came to light.


images_005Crown Prince Rudolf.


Rudolf often spoke of death to his  friends as no love was lost between his father who accused him of plotting against him to take the throne. One night drinking too much brandy he confessed he had had enough and wanted only peace and Mary.

I found that both lovers, had in fact, left suicide notes. She to her mother Helene and he to four people.The only one that matters was to his own Valet .”Dear Loschek please fetch a priest and have Mary and me buried together at Heiligenkreiz. ”

The corpse of Mary was cold and said she died 6 hours before Rudolf who was still almost warm when discovered. His face shattered so badly it took a surgeon many hours to rebuild the bone structure and fill the bits missing with hot wax. He was laid in State in an open casket so as the pistol fired in his mouth it went straight up behind the nose and into the brain breaking up all bone and tissue in its path.

Emperor Franz Joseph lost his only son and later Empress Elizabeth the boys mother. he remarried and went off to honeymoon in Sarejavo .He and his new wife were shot dead by a young terrorist. This was the start of the First World War. Also the end of power of the Austrian Empire. If only Rudolf had lived perhaps all this would have been avoided. But he was rebellious and checked so many times by his over powering father he was also trapped in a loveless marriage and with a slightly mad mother may be he too suffered madness. Many other theories exist as to what happened on that might 30th January 1889. None mention the suicide notes or why anyone would follow them to Mayerling hunting lodge near Vienna. Too far out in the wilds in snow storm and then wait in freezing cold 30cel  plus ,below. If they had been shot by some other power why shot one then 6 hours later shot Rudolf with his own pistol. The one about Bismark is the funniest yet as he is said to have wanted the Prince dead so the emperor had no one to take over and so Bismark would walk in and take over.  No too much evidence relates to this premeditated suicide I conclude when they disposed of the young Baroness like rag doll in a blanket and a fast hole dug and dumped we see how the story could be made to say Freemasons shot the Crown Prince. DNA on bones in a church yard near Mayerling , now a nunnery , proved to be the remains of poor Baroness Maria Vetsera.

images_002Mayerling in 1889

I think he talked the young Mary into his plan and she so readily agreed. It is my hope they are both together in heaven as how could he have foreseen what transpired before it happened. If his father had not had his happy day in Bosnia all would have gone off without history of war. If blaming anyone , the idiot who shot both he and  his new wife as they sat in an open car back seat in full splendor he tried but that car shot off too fast as they sat in a coffee house that car came around and parked at front and one of the men raced out and committed cold blooded murder. He was the cause of 16 million mens lives fighting Prussia Empire in 1914.

Rudolfs mother suffered bad bouts of mental depression. She too died by a bullet but she was assassinated in Paris by a  revolutionist who saw her as a filthy rich aristocrat. She was a lovely woman bent on helping people. Her mental depressions may have been her sons let down also. To me if I was in his shoes and loved this woman I  would have shipped us both out to a new life in America .He had the money and a wife he could easily have left far behind. Instead he shot his lover and killed himself. This to me points more and more to madness in his mind. She in love an 17 years old would have agreed to anything as still impressionable as a child at that tender age almost a woman but not quite maybe.  Sad and morbid not at the least romantic in the end. Franz Joseph gave away the building to Carmalite Nuns soon after the death of his only son. Today it is a nunnery and one part a good eating house.

At least the movie told most of the story correctly as that in itself is not normal in script writers now. The only thing that I know was totally misleading was that we were told the this girl was so far beneath the Crown Prince that she was but a servant he shot. Omar Sharif played Rudolf convincingly and the guess of what went on before the deaths may well be as it was in reality. Catherine Deneuve  played  Mary in the 1968 epic movie.


From the Movie Mayerling 1968.

images_004Mayerling today

Thank you for reading hope now you know the truth.

Yours Sir Kevin Parr Bt

copyright Kevin Parr Baronet 2019


Myth or mystery or fact.

We only believe what we are told by the Government for in most cases we have no other way to know. Then what if Governments cover up murders aimed to silence someone who could otherwise expose them.

I believe this could be the case with the death of a famous actress in her prime.

The Los Angeles county court ruled the death of one Marilyn Munroe a probable suicide after a three minute inspection of her body.

Born Norma Jeane Mortenson 1926 she lived as an orphan in many adoption homes. When she died at age of 36 she was at the pinnacle of her life of fame all around the world.

One thing is for certain she did not kill herself. We now look deeper into this case that up to this moment has been suppressed and glossed over heavily.


For a woman whos death shocked the world the real truth was hidden by Government order. Why did they want her dead? We together will examine that only facts we have available to see what is the truth.

Having come to that question why did her lover John F Kennedy have to die. Or his brother Robert ,also Munroes lover, suffer murder as death.

We all know her movies her sexual majesty in that fact she was the most exciting star on earth ever. She married Joe Dimaggio  the football star and was happy for a while but she was plagued with shadows of you childhood insecurity, always.

What we saw as her on film was far from the real Norma. She was a frightened child a girl with demons even in adulthood. Her fears never left her for long. She clung to men for safety and warmth and sex was her ploy to be loved.

marilyn-monroe-kennedy-brothersMunroe with both Kennedy brothers in the Whitehouse office.

The day prior to her death she was on  a high, according to many of her friends she was planning a rest in Mexico and had renewed her contract for the movie she was working on. She had promised a day out with one lady she was friendly with for next day. Friends told of her bubbly self  and how she loved life ahead. She was rich famous in in company she liked.All was planed for the day ahead and Marilyn was excited to be free for a while of filming.

This cant fit in with police details of Munroes last days but I believe that moody Munroe was in fact clean of all the pills and barbiturates that many enemies said she was hooked on. Her stomach was free from all drug use when inspected by coroners dept.

Then when the Coroner did not comment on the large bruise on her leg, her organs taken out by doctor and Coroner on the search for clues suddenly vanished from shelf. Then the Coroner, cornered by press, some days later confessed he had rushed the examination of Munroe through and told of probable suicide as he had been told. Told by whom was never discussed. He faded away rather fast from this case and no one thought it worth putting him on the court stand as witness.

Police then came up with the finding of barbiturate higher than death limit found in Marilyn Munroe liver. No one could argue as the organs taken out had been taken in hiding by those interested in keeping facts hidden and altering the true cause of justice.

Then why would a famous actress be the mark for CIA if this was the case and it really could be so. Well her lover JFK was dispatched in a similar way. So to his able brother Robert, again connected to Munroe.

Death Scene

The body of Munroe with hand on telephone ready to ring for help.


Years later Munroe maid came up with a tale of her injecting Munroe on Government orders.

Then she vanished.  We may never know the real facts but it remains a smoking gun case forever as who in power will ever admit that Governments kills people.

Too many strange events in the life end of this actress to make any sense .Then that will keep her memory as legend and that is what she was in life and in death more so.

Marilyn Monroe's body at the morgue in Los Angeles for autopsy after her death on august 5, 1962

Photo taken after the Coroner had spent less that minutes examining the corpse.

It was said that Jack Kennedy was a total womanizer  and who  talked in his sleep. So did he confide somehow awake or asleep secrets to this actress,as he was watched and recorded always.Did he leek something vital enough to make him a target.

Then how would Robert come in unless she told him what his brother had said? Bang! down go the Kennedy Brothers and poor lively Munroe is nailed by massive dose of something lethal.

Too much in the limelight plus love of Powerful men and down she goes. Sad story this week but I leave you to read all facts and see what you think.This is more than just a theory ,or a conspiracy  it is how the facts lay out when read. No one tells the same story is a big clue to cover up.Then her organs vanish. If that was not enough the Coroner admits he was told what to say.  Spend an hour going through the files and see what you think. If she was murdered than who killed all three playmates must be the question? A big question is who could and not be traced ? Who could cloud the pitch and stop forever a story of fact to be told. Nothing adds up from the moment her death came to be. it seems that all trace now of the Kennedy power and all the touched it have been dealt with. Was poor unsettled Marilyn a victim of a Government plan to remove all trace of JFK and friends and if so,why? Something Kennedy was involved with lost him his life. The death of Munroe is linked to that singular fact. There is no real other way it could have happened. All three deaths are connected and too many to hide.  I believe one day we may know the truth as nothing can be hidden for ever someplace a lead will fall out as now in the Kennedy shooting facts show clearly that more than one rifle was aimed at the slowly moving car. Three bullets hit Kennedy and car. who changed the plan at last moment to drive the US President down the route un chartered? Setting him up for death? I think as it was not Joe Soap it then must be Mister CIA.

Dangerous ground we travel on today my readers but an amazing fact is this case just will not go away. The dirty tricks department exists in all nations as what comes under defense office of the interior.  Dont be surprised dears it has always existed since time began. The Official Secrets Act is a clue.

One more thing. Look at the last photograph. The lamp shade. The bag on the floor the fact that her body is wrong way on the bed. It all has been arranged but not by a woman to look as if shed died in her sleep but owing to her bruises she may have fought like a tiger.

Thank you for being my readers I hope one day someone investigates this case fully and clearly so no doubt is in our minds. For this woman is still a legend for all time.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019.

The mystery of Doctor Death.

Just how did a war criminal a mass murderer slip through the net of justice at Nuremberg trials. In fact being there ready to take the stand someone let him go from his cell. Witnesses ready in place to have Doctor Death hanged as mass murderer?

images_010 Heim 1942

Doctor Death was born on 28th June 1914 as Aribert Ferdinand Heim. An Austrian gymnast 6,2 tall and strong as an ox decided to serve Hitler and so joined the SS. He was just the right Airian type to impress Hitler as Heim was blonde and fit and soon stood out as example of Hitlers new empire.

He was given a doctors rank though no record of him ever having training. It mattered not as Hitler wanted this tall youth to join the team of SS men as in control at death camp Auschwitz in Poland. The Final Solution team that was Hitlers dream to ethnically cleanse the world of what he saw as undesirables. The weak the ill the Jew the black the none German Airean breed.  What ever that is?

Heim operated on the living and removed innards with the patients tied down and awake as guts dumped on the floor and death followed. People almost starving but with nothing other wrong died this way daily on the tables in Heims office. He took to cutting off heads and boiling them in water in a pan on his stove. This he feed to the prisoners and then used the skull on his desk as a paper weight.  He gave similar made skulls to all his SS officers friends to decorate  their desks. The crimes stacked up over  years every day deaths and reports on all cases Heim wrote .His mind was but a sewer and he loved it.

images_007passport photo 1962.

He was by now a living legend in Poland and then  after the war the world knew him too as the most evil man alive outside of the Nazi command.  At the Nazi trials with enough case to hang Heim as a war criminal and mass murderer who tortured innocent peoples for sport.  Some one allowed Heim to escape from his cell.

The Allies did not even call for him to take the stand. Witnesses lined up to condemn Doctor Death but he had left the building into vanishing mists.

For over a decade no one looked for him and under the noses of his accusers Heim married a rich heiress and lived in a villa happy and she gave him two children and life was good for this killer of mankind. It is unlikely that his wife knew anything and over time Heim bought blocks of flats to give him income. In Berlin someone started to investigate. It was 1962 and Heim was tipped off. He packed a bag taking also his prize records of his crimes in a brown leather briefcase. In the early morning air Heim fled with help to Egypt. Here he changed his name and converted to Muslim. Now as Tarek Farid Hussein Heim even learned the language and melted away in the sands of the Nile.


As Tarek Hussein

We know that his children, two boys, now growing up wrote many times to Heim and keeping in touch he lived under the net of detection.  When eventually Mossad the Jewish Nazi hunters located Heim, again someone tipped him off. It was said that Heim had died of Colon cancer on 10th of August 1992. No corpse fond, not even a grave has been located just a wall of total mystery still surrounds this case. If Heim is still alive he will be 105 now in 2019. Unlikely he is alive but where are his remains as proof. The man who was helped right trough his life by unseen unknown hands has escaped justice on earth but not in the law of God will he be allowed such luck. The judgement that awaited him would suit his crime no doubt far better than the hangmans rope he richly deserved.

It is my deepest desire to see justice being Libra in air sign and by nature even so the scales of balance in thought and in  mind.  Beast like Heim ruined Germany by reputation but most of the SS were in fact Austrian like the evil devil Hitler.Heim most certainly Austrian too.  It is all over 70 odd years ago but it is still hard almost impossible to understand such evil cruelty in them to do what they did was devil like. is in in all mankind this way just that never will it come to the surface in most .Or were they evil from day one and in Uniform became evil masters. I ask myself could I do this to a fellow human by choice ? Inside me I hear, no.

So why are so many evil or is it as they say birds of a feather fly together.What ever it is God forbid we never see it again and war to be banned by the people. To tell the Governments make war and we bring you down to be flogged by the people that you represent for we are your masters not you ours. Must be way to stop such insanity? Death is the end but not in bloodshed to please a master a King a president we are all too precious to be slaughtered so the fat man becomes richer on stock market metal prices and arms trading ,which is what a Government gets up to as we fight to the death to help them.  Peace is lovely they want to try it and relax. As for this monster time will have run out and he is toast by now.

Thank you my readers for your kindness in reading my words.

Yours with respect Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019

Agent Garbo.

In the dark days of 1940 a young Spanish speaking man named Juan Pigol Garcia born in 1912 approached the British Embassy to give his services as a spy. He was not even taken on but that did not stop him. Thinking how to serve the British he could do no better than join the Nazi party and reach even Hitler as spy for him but a double spy to aid the British cause. From Garcias home he put together a master plan .A web of agents all over Britain that did not exist in reality. This was amazing as Garcia had not seen England nor did he know anything to say. The imagined agents he built up had histories made for each of them. A map lay on the table with all British cities and towns ringed off and pins set in with cotton strings showing the whole set out of spies. He reported stories he read in the news papers as from agent x or Y who over time the Germans came to know all these spies and names and families as if real. Hitler was so impressed he gave permission to double all spy pay.

imagesphoto of Agent Garbo in his youthful days in the free Spanish Venezuela army

However it was not the Germans who rattled the lie but the British intelligence at MI5. Garcia was picked up and interviewed by two officers who had traveled. Garcia was found to loyal to the Crown of England and so primed with bits of real fact spread with lies and real facts of invasion of France but with dates four days later than planed. This had the NAZI so interested that D day beaches  not fully  protected. Rommel that great General was back home in Germany at his wife birthday party.

The British main force hit the Normandy beaches in almost light shelling. They marched into France with advanced force but Hitler had been informed and Rommel sent back expressly to sort it all out. Trapped now the British suffered badly as Rommel brought in tank corp and blasted hell at us. A race back to the beach head but if the lies told by Garcia had not been accepted there would not have been a single survivor at Dunkirk.

Garcia renamed by the war office as agent Garbo as he was as famous as that actress whos name they gave him. He retired after that war and was awarded the MBE on the invitation by Sir Peter Petrie on behalf of the King.


Garcia went home to live in peace and died 10th October 1988 in Venezuela. A powerful story teller a convincing liar a brave soul he served as spy to The British during those darkest days of Second World War. With out him those survivors of Dunkirk in 1944 may owe him their lives as much as to those who risked lives sailing anything that floated to help bring them home from the cold sea and those blood soaked sands of Normandy.

I hail them all those reluctant heros and those who sailed in rowing boats and fish smacks to save the wounded and the living from the whole array of fire power against them. It was a brave attempt and a foolish plan by far but it could have been far worse if not for the aid of many who cared.

Garcia was such a man and lucky we were he loved us enough to stay with us.  Rest in peace brave soul we loved you too.


Yours with respect with joy we are saved and war just a distant memory.Let it always be so my brothers may it be peace in your hearts.

Roger, over and out .

Copyright Sir Kevin Parr Bt 2019


Woman of the Fairies.

I come to this as extension to my past blog on ESP. It relates to old Celtic Legend on Bean Shidhe meaning directly in English,  Woman of the Fairies. Over the centuries the Irish have made it into what we know of legend now, namely Banshee. Not to be out done the Scottish have made their own legend on this theme.But is there any real truth in this old morbid tale of the warning of a loved ones death told of by the hearing of a cry that becomes a moan that enters a prolonged terrifying shrill scream then fades away slowly.

We walk into dreams of long ago ,mist filled northern valleys of Scotland and an Earl who saw his own death of battle next day.  He was Lord Ewan of Mull.  He went to fight his won father in law,one Maclaine Of Moy Castle.On his way to the battle fields he saw a washer woman at a stream cleaning blood off shirts.  She thus cried a scream so thin and shrill that he had no doubt it was his death announced. So was born the 16th century legend as part of an older legend that we all know of. Banshee.

The Irish,canny as ever, tell of never having seen the Banshee only of hearing that lingering unearthly scream announcing the death of a loved one

it is said some hear of distant drumming or pipes playing lament then the cry once heard never forgot.


It seems only to be British isles that suffer from Banshee cries. My old Great Grandfather invented the lady in grey ghost after reading Wilkey Collins new book Woman in White. Why did he invent a ghost? It was a cleaver way to keep all who hunted off his land at night. Even as children my sister and I believed it, so no surprise that the myth lived on.

I think many large estates had their ghosts by similar means. Not to say ghosts do not exit. I do know we all have the power to feel death in a loved one.I knew my father had passed from miles away just knew inside me something was wrong. The hour he died he asked for me said he would wait but by the time i arrived he had been dead five hours. Not my fault but always on my mind.


Death is not the end it is the beginning but fear of loss of what we know will cause us pain in human thought of our  own time being called. Still it is not what one will do everyday so hope for longer life and dispel the thought for now. Repent and pray for all we have and be prepared to leave it all one fine day for then we leave.

I tried to examine how this legend came to be similar in two separate nations,It must have traveled with  trade on the high seas. I tried every way but all talk of some one who has heard it but could not contact any who had.


It seems that this whole tale began in the 8th Century when it was fashionable for rich nobles to hire local women to moan and cry at the funeral of family member. it was to show how loved that dead person was in life. This was from ancient Athens the same.The Romans too but it was left to the Scot and the Irish to invent a legend that will remain.


It extended into the spirit of a ghostly lone lady crying. Then into the warning Banshee we have from 10th century until now. This girl even tells you when to die but has no direct connection with that person. The person to die will not hear it only those close as family will be warned.


My verdict for what it is worth we  are unlikely to ever hear one as they do not exist. A good story told around the fire at night had power to be spread across all lands. This is  one of those treasured myths. It relates only to mans fear of death.

Another of mans own religion made up as we went. Effective indeed and as with Great Grandfathers invention rank as able to make one scream and maybe this how the Banshee learned to shriek.

I think a curtain, a thin veil hangs between life and death but we not have the power to see beyond it. We may never understand what is fact and what is fiction unless we make effort to explore. Man makes all the information on this earth up as he progresses. We have not a clue beyond the books, the religion and the mark of man, on both. God has not spoken only leaves us to find the way home ourselves but never takes his eyes off any of us. Now that is  a tale to speak of around the camp fire but it is always avoided. Why! because for so many they really do not want to believe but are willing to put faith in legends.

Perhaps the search must be inside of us to discover who we really are, each of us. The unassuming belief in the man called Buddha , the enlightened one. Reveals the thought that we live many times  before selection. Man belief again but then  Buddhism  will agree calmly and respectfully so. I come to see Buddha in his true stance who is not a God but a man who studied hard to find himself.

Mankind has such power, such a computer of a brain, but he has never found peace and love, yet so that power is unknown to us. The Buddhist may have locked into that latent power not by magic but by study and prayer, gentle rest and open hand. God is in the mind and Navarna is out there waiting for us. Mind is a power unit as nothing else on earth can imitate. I believe they have found a way by strict control of thought and prayer they have come nearer to understanding the spiritual need and the power God given to each of us to be happy and see life as but a test.

No legend no faith in false God no need for war no need for gold .no greed no harm or hurt for they have found perfect peace and joy in prayer. May it serve as a lesson to the rest of us. This world is myth and meaningless as we find our own way back home, like E.T we are travelers in time.

Today I have wandered off the path of history perhaps but still this remains the greatest mystery, who are we really? The bible tells us we had been made in 7 days. Well perhaps some 70 million years is nearer the truth. Man, made of stardust and radiation , image of God who made us. Do will live many times to gain the knowledge or do we fill the memory section on the brain as a library that some power stores. I ask myself often are we just her to be tested the meaning in finding God before we are judged. Is that we have far more power than we can imagine. Do others use it to destroy this world. As we age I thought all answers we will know. How wrong I was for only questions remain. Who are we? what is life and why the test if God loves us a test seems rather unloving. Or did we manage to upset our father so badly we are to be tried as the bible decree stands. I dont know and cannot say for I am just a humble human.

Sorry if my ramblings are not what you want to read.I promise to get back to historic facts soon. What I have written is my thoughts out loud. Maybe others are thinking much that same. One hopes so for life is short and we need to find the way home.


Thank you for reading, ,if you have any thoughts perhaps you can reply to me.Always interested in reactions of my readers. May be you know more than me and want to share.

Peace be with you all, Sir Kevin.

Copyright 2019 Kevin Parr Bt

The Monocled Mutineer

It was dawn over the trenches. The watery sun still frozen tried to bring light. In the mud and shit rats bounded here and there nibbling at the dead sat slumped as sentry called the men alive to go over the top firing hard at an enemy they could not see. No food in their bellies the wave scrambled into action .Tired starved and ill to be butchered in minutes by the flash of machine guns and the red streak of lead that shattered the very body of the dead on foot. The trumpet sounded retreat onto the deaf dead ears of mother England sons.  The mud shall be their winding sheet as mother Earth took them down in that stinking trench were moments before they had obeyed the call of death in the Kings name. Never to be found never to be remembered for long enough to matter.

So it was a man who had seen it all started rebellion in their wake.Those noble lads he knew all gone all twisted in pain and vanished under the field of mud. Not for him an end so terrible. He was the Monocled Mutineer now in his mind revenge.

The horse led carts trundled passed him but he card not for that direction that ran onto unaware of hell that lived in those fields. Great artillery guns fired as he climbed farther up the banking. Boom it deafen  him as one shell after another sang loud and screamed out across to the other side. He was dizzy with the sound but slid down to the lower level.Was there no where out of this crazy war.

His name he remembered was Private Percy Topliss born 25th September 1896 in Chesterfield Derbyshire.  His parents had farmed him out to a grandparent as they could not afford the keep. He had spent two years in Lincoln prison for attempted rape. Here he was about to vanish again as a deserter.


Five times he had deserted but always rejoined using his own name .Only now he bought a monocle and called himself Captain Topliss as his rank and name. The rebellion in Etaples he was said to have started but no proof he was even present as we have it he was on his way by troop carrier to India as medical corps man at time of uprising.

The men revolted as so many had been shot by own guns owing to what we know now is battle sickness shell shock, dizzy not aware of what went on around them, but shot as cowards by officers. Percy sided with the troops and a revolution came to be as half million mud covered blood soaked heros had had enough. The army fails to report this fact in any dispatches but it happened as stated. It is called by historians the Easter Risings.

Troops stationed in Ireland lower ranks rebelled mainly pit lads from Nottingham but unlike other nations most of these lad had like the rest volunteered to join the war as soldiers.True they had not a clue what war was when they signed to the Kings Shilling. They soon found out and making ready to be shipped to the front line many lost nerve.Some had lied about age many at 14 in uniform did mot know what hell is.

it went on for a week from 26th April 1916. At the end some 120 lads lay dead and many more wounded. The loyal army took charge of arrests and it came suddenly to halt. Terrified boys march to be shot as traitors Rest marched to the shipyard to sail to the trenches without rest.

images_027Actor Paul Magann who played Topliss in a tv drama.

That about sums it all up but for Percy he was right in there in France wanting friendship and asking questions.  He was being watched too. What ever this man was he was one hell of an actor. May have been slightly mad or just had courage to be the best at all he did. He stopped at nothing really.  Then out of war in 1919 he is said to have shot a taxi driver called Sidney Spicer in London and the chase was on. He fled to Scotland and then to a bothy (a small one story stone built cottage for shepherds )to take cover in at night.  it was whilst he relaxed that 3 local men seeing smoke from the chimney decided to approach. Topliss half undressed shot at them wounding two and the third ran for his life for help. When  a party of men and police arrived but no sign of the culprit. I have it that he was a beaten child by his father and the grandparents saved him. Slightly mad he lived a life of crime in the boldest sense he could. He really took the gentry off so well that as Major he so convinced Generals that he was invited to dinner.  To him, I am convinced, it all was but a game. He from the peasantry now able to rub shoulders with the toffs thrilled him. He may even have admired them but he was just an actor with such talent at 20 years of age that his legend is that of Robin hood or even more he is a vanishing Prince and loved it as theater that I am sure of. Did he kill that taxi man , but he was never charged but in his absence. He was able to shoot at any who threatened him like the hand of a father he now flashed back. he was but 23 years old when he died.

More to this man than I can say here.Many say that he was British Intelligence set to find out mutiny in the minds of high command. For me that could be except for that fact he was a loner a misfit and a conman who lived for adventure, magic and cared nought for any but himself. it made him dangerous and that is what he was.  His legend will never die and unlike his unmarked grave near the old Roman road in Plumpton he will not be forgotten by time. His legend will grow no doubt. I must add that I know the exact spot he died upon as have been to that site twice in my life as this man and his legend and the place he was shot not far from my home in my youth, a farm in the Eden Valley Cumbria.



Percy Topliss dressed as a British Army Officer

Next we have him at Penrith in Cumbria , once known as Cumberland. At a village on the A65 trunk road he was shot dead by three men not knowing who he was only that he seemed suspicious as he had changed out of army uniform into civilian brown suit and trilby hat carrying brown paper parcel with uniform in. It was 6th of June 1920 and he was shot several times, once in the back.  The shooters as guilty for murder as the man they shot down may have been.  images The gun and shaving gear with the tell tale monocle at police museum that all belonged to Percy Topliss.

Toplis-mortuary The copse of Percy Topliss

Topliss was either an intelligence officer or more likely just a bad boy who was able to charm birds of the trees and lived dangerously. He could have been suffering shell shock in intervals or was just a mad man who could act. No proof he was even at the Mutiny nor that he shot the taxi driver .If he at the Bothy shot in lower legs the two wounded men does that make him a killer? No need for mercy if he had murdered before. Lots of wrong alleys and bends in his tale. like the time he wore a Majors uniform he went in to try a suit .The tailors assistant obliged and he left the uniform and came out with a free suit. We cant say more as than that about this man.  Did he deserve to be gunned down by country bumkins at a turkey shoot? They admitted he looked suspicious but did not know who he was. I always thought his luck had run out but really he was murdered.

It all adds to the legend on the Monocled Mutineer.

God bless you all, Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019 March

Voices from the dead.

Thomas Alva Edison is famous for his many achievements in science and invention. Therefore when looking at his many clever ideas I was astounded that he ,near his own death, found a way of talking with the dead.

Edison born in Milan Ohio USA in 1847 -1931.  Went on to invent Electricity and many other useful things for mankind. in New York he had built power stations to supply street lighting and some 12 years later he gave us moving picture show. It became the film industry of Hollywood and then the cinema movies we still have today.

Edison became the toast of the world and lived in the lime light in grace. That is until an article from him appeared in the Scientific American Magazine. He was aged 72 when he wrote it and astounded an entire nation with his story of hearing the very voices of the dead.


Model one of Edison own phonograph on which he heard the voices.1d2678ba72150dd9e6a8471c1130a6e0.jpg

It went on until someone decided to visit and be present in Edison house. Here the old inventor had made what he called a phonograph and through this device one could hear a range of sounds then clear words .Jumping back in horror on hearing his own name mentioned he ran from the house. Many thought Edison had lost his mind and was mad.

220px-Thomas_Edison2-crop Thomas  Edison.

After many top men heard the device it was only then brought into focus as scientists took over and after many tries and tests had no clue what it was or how it could be. The voices clear as a bell haunted many and more and more came to be certain that Edison was right he had brought the voices of the dead back.

As never a sentence has been joined together and only odd words can be detected no result is known as to what causes this puzzling human sound to  emanate. Big tests have been done on this machine and many such phonographs were made to sell no one to date as ever found out a thing.  Do we really believe that the dead speak through sound waves and are collected by such a device as Edison constructed?  Wireless sometimes has sounds on it that make no sense. So sound waves bending do they make sounds not heard by human hearing until through the tube of a machine become words?

images_014Russian army taking over Riga to imprison and murder at will. Enslaved populations even today recall the horror of cruelty imposed.



In 1945 a Latvian Scientist named Doctor Konstantin Flaudive who had managed to survive the torture of the invading Russian army who had taken over the Baltic nation and made them slaves. He learned English, dressed as English and vanished out of Latvia under Russian noses. Not so for the millions who died in salt mines in Siberia  or forced to work the land to feed only Moscow.  Many women raped and shot by KGB Russian police. No crime made but that made no  difference no one escaped from KGB cruelty .  The Iron Curtain of Churchills address to the British people in 1950 told of it falling over Europe to hide what ever Joe Stalin was doing behind that iron curtain. Churchill had come to distrust the Russian leader that had offered alliance when Hitler had turned his guns on Moscow.

All Russia had in mind was not war but to clear out Germans in Baltic and Poland to take over all of that land and nations themselves. No help other than that in pushing back the German forces in that area did they do. From here it was fast run into Berlin and be first in to cover tracks. If  the phonograph is the dead talking may be those butchered with out mercy by Russian army and agents in those darkest hidden days after that last World War is what we hear.

Today in the Latvian city of Riga the cursed Russian sits as boss against the loyal Latvian who cannot fight back the tide of invader even today. A Russian mayor of Riga tells his lambs he owns the city for them .Yet EU pays out millions in grants to Latvia and grabbed again it is by Baltic Russians who refuse to go home. Danger sits at every level as Putin can walk in to save his loyal Russians and not call it take over.

images Edison.  first lighting of New York City.

Doctor Konstantin was to join Doctor Bander  to study the voices of the dead in a cellar in a bombed out house in Germany.  Their notes can be seen as published work.

What ever it was then has not changed over the decades. May be Edison can now be heard on his own invented phonograph.  If so may be he knows now what causes such to happen. As for now no real helpful answer has come to explain what is so weird. So we are thus left with voices of the dead until someone comes to sort this out with explanation suitable.

With respect and best wishes dear friends all yours, Sir Kevin.   a man who must expose the evil we have in this world with out fear or die a coward many deaths. The voices may one day tell of the way things are in our unfair world.  Edison . a good man in a bad world did his best to aid us all without him no electricity would we have today. What ever his machine is we must seek further in order to know exactly what causes the trapped words that we hear when using his phonograph which is just as mystifying for us and it must have been for Edison that great man of science.

Thank you all for your time and hope again you enjoyed this read. Phonographs are found in many museums for you to listen into.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2019