One shot and its over.

A tiny moth landed on Andrew Hardings window. A tell tale sign of Autumn and his sorrow as heavy as the rains outside in the street. It was becoming colder and even colder in his heart. For before him the letter that he dread had arrived to haunt him.

Angela had found someone else. He read her words over again. She had found real love .Love that he could not hope to give her. His lost job, his debts mounting up trying to please her meant nothing to her. She was happy he was sad. The world around him darkened into nothingness. He was not good enough.

The bottle was open and he found solace with the first glass of Whisky.The pale honeyed liquid swilled in joy around his tonsils. Soon the bottle was empty as his mind was now. From the kitchen drawer he took the pills his mother had used before that fateful day she had died. The pills came easy from the box of cardboard as it fell to the kitchen hard stone floor and gentle as gossimer softly reached its end.

He had taken the pills ,all sixteen of them in one mighty gulp .In case he changed his mind at last second. He stood gazing out at the cold rain hitting the frozen glass of the windows as if in a dream. For some time he felt resigned to death. Then the pills took hold with the whisky and he crumpled to his knees as darkness fell his eyes could no longer see. It was 10am Tuesday morning and he was cold and sick all down his shirt. He lay stiffly not caring .Senses dead his mind a whirly gig and he could hear the circus music of the fair. Last thing he heard was someone calling his name but lights had gone out.

It was just after Midday ,the rain subsided and his eyes slowly focused on the cardboard box on the level with his gaze. He felt pain in his stomach but to feel that meant he was still alive. .He raised himself to a sitting position thinking of nothing ,not a thing at all. Slowly he felt a serge of bile race up from his churning guts to his throat. Again he was sick and his trouser now took the soaking .

He must have dozed off as it was dark in the room and the stench of sickness hit him hard in the nose. He threw up again as he tried to raise to his feet.It proved hard and took a while but then he managed it all the same. He could not think why he was still there and a period of time passed as he tried to focus to turn on the light.

Its bright introduction burned his eyes and mind. He looked around at the bottle rolling off the table hitting the floor to shatter the silence as he held his aching head.

He slumped on the ever waiting bed and he felt no more until waking next morning with a severe headache. The straggled sun light across the bedroom told him it was still hell and he fell off the bed feeling rough and ever so sick.

At another side of the city, Angela was happy in Dons arms and his house was nicely appointed.They had made love many times in his large wide bed with its black satin sheets. She had called around hoping for sex and was not to be ignored. She had no thought of her 12 years marriage with Andrew Harding. Why should she she loved only Don now.

They had met at a shoe shoe in town some six weeks earlier and hit it off at once. She knew nothing about him only that on helping him with his selection of work shoes she had served him with affection and charm. From that first ten minutes something had happened to here and she hoped to him.

Don played right into her hands and they dated and meet many times. Don had an office job as a Lawyer while Andrew a factory foreman in a Steel works had lost his job in an industry shut down. Angela had stuck it out for six weeks of Andrews performance of lame duck. She had not meant to fall in love but when Don had walked in to the shoe shop were she worked it all fell into place. As easy as falling off a log. A very thick log at that.

Autumn walked laughingly into winter and Christmas day was there so soon. Don had wished her well on Christmas eve phone call but had not invited her to his home. She asked openly why. He made an excuse about visit to his sister in London many miles away from Yorkshire. Angela spent the holiday at her parents but on Boxing day could not help herself she walked around to Dons lovely house expecting it empty. But as she drew near she peered through the windows to see Don and two children playing on the lounge floor when in came this young woman with a tray of cakes and she kissed Don of the forehead. She thought this must be his sister and her family so she ran back home and phoned him. A child answered the phone and she asked for Don.To which the child called out Daddy someone wants you on the phone. She went cold as a woman replied and she said hello who is it please. So she spoke.”Can I speak with Don.”

The woman then asked who was speaking in a slow but steady voice. “Im Angela his girlfriend “she replied. The phone went down with a bang.

Back in Leeds Andrew had left the hospital feeling lost but on the mend. It had been sixteen weeks but he was ready to face a job interview.

Don had vanished his home was now empty and a for sale sign was on show in the window. She asked a next door nosy woman who told her Don was a married man with two lovely children and his wife had left him at Christmas time. She asked if he was still in the area. The lady did not know?

For weeks she watched the house as she did not know which of the thousand solicitors offices in which he worked but nothing came to light. Then one day some months after she caught sight of him driving by in a new Jaguar sports car. He was with a young woman .Blonde hair was all she could see. As his wife was Ginger and Angela blonde she put two and two together and saw Don lost to her . It hurt like hell but she wanted him back at any price.

Andrew had sat next to another hopeful and he was not sure he should stay as next man looked a business sort. At this moment a door opened and Andrew was motioned in.

He was not too sure of anything and he had never sold insurance.In fact he had never sold a single thing only perhaps an old set of ice skates as a boy .

The interview was relaxed and full of laughter and soon enough he had joined the firm . The office was cozy and Phil Jones the manger who had offered the job was easy going short. John Bates the saleman to train Andrew was a nice sort. Andrew had turned the corner and he knew it.

Angela had been crying .Don had ignored her as he parked up and ran to an office she ran to him but he turned sheepishly back to the car and sped away. She was now to walk into said office and ask for Donald Briton as his photo was there on the wall as partner. She was told he was out in court but was due back any moment if she cared to wait. Wait she did ,for two hours and guessed Don had phoned the desk to escape her.

Andrew was selling well on his own now and was given his own office and phone with shared typist who acted as secretary for both John and Andy. Her name Pamela Armstrong Briton.

The day was snowing hard and February drew into March Don lay dying in his blood on a step near the fish market .People stunned tried to help as he clutched his chest an ambulance sped up and Don was lifted aboard and it sped way with loud ringing siren breaking that silence as it sped towards the hospital.

Andrew passed it on the way to his third appointment that day.He saw the fuss and heard the siren but to him it was perhaps an accident in a car.

Angela had jumped in a bus for shopping centre and no one suspected her of anything. She was not herself but no one on that bus even looked at her. The smoking hot barrel of a pistol in her hand bag was not seen.

Part two next week.

The conclusion of Ash.

The morning air was brisk as October turned into November .London had rain in the night and the office as Jones walked in smelt musty with wet overcoats hanging from pegs on the outer wall. He was set to have just one of those days that all know of. The phone burst into the silence like the sharp slap of a car door. He took the call from his desk still trying to arrange himself ,then froze.

‘ Your silent Inspector. Not happy with my find. “

” Sorry Doctor. Yes I thought for a moment we had what Sir John suffered from. What is it then?”

” Not blood sucking dead .It is more a puzzle infact. Id say she was to well preserved to be that old. Her bones and skull are some 80 years old That fits Id would say with what we know. The blood is the problem. I dont know it shows DNA back to 1890s. It would make her 130 at least. Old age should have killed her never mind rat poison. Come down Ill show you the results. “

He made his way down the stairs just as Dee burst out of his lab door red in the face.

“What ever could be the matter Dee?”

“Bodies vanished that is what is the matter by God. Come in man dont dither about .Your the detective tell me where she is.”

In less than a minute the lab two doors ,one he had walked in by lead to the stairs and upper floor main office. The door in the all lead to the morgue and an vacant slab. The main doors lead into the yard outside and Jones fond them securely locked.

‘So were did that copse go ?’

” Vanished I told you ,man. Gone. Doors .You came down to me, door was between us, she was not taken into the offices. The main iron doors for delivery only opened by the key in my desk. Look.-God its gone.”

‘ SO they did pass through the doors and locked it from outside.”

“Only way ,yes agreed. Then why would any one want to do this.No respect for the dead.”

“Are her innards still with you Doc.?

” Blast me ,No the tray in the fridge with her liver has been taken too. “

“Then how could they know it was her liver?”

“No other corpse here.”

“Open that door may be a clue .Prints on iron are a great print.”

‘Sorry we will have to reach the yard via a walk around the building. Only key and they have it.”

The fact that no prints they could find led to professional body snatchers or some even crueler reason. Many bodies have ended up embalmed as ancient mummies and sold as antiques in markets about the world.

‘ So someone must have noticed a body being carried. “

“Or they had transport .Look at these tire marks in the last of that snow we had. Come Doctor need a bit of plaster. “

By all the tracks in set plaster told Jones that Henry Bolton the tire sales man could tell the tread. He phoned him and they took the tracks over to him.

‘Now gentlemen this is a Michelin and rare indeed came off a 1950s pie van reg in my book. Sold last set to Gordons the bakery . Yes here it is NGD 633 Black Humber van. He uses it as they all take note of car and big pie sign each side. “

it took an hour to stop the van and police found only the driver at the wheel with the van empty.

“So what happened then sir?”

” I parked with back door open to load six trays of hot meat pies into the back. Order for the Bird and Bush pub. I went in heard the van start. Turned to see it drive way like the great Sterling Moss at the wheel”

” Who found it?”

“No one. It was parked up in the yard cleaned and polished. Nothing missing only they had done 23 miles I have to keep me mileage for records in accounts .”

“Thank you sir .We may need to speak with you again.”

‘By noon next day the location was found .

“Here sir .Ring around here show where half of 23 miles is as he had to drive back. Two places .Here a land spill site easy to hid a body. The other a clinic ,just here . Rest is houses and shops but Clinic could be it. “

‘Right thanks Sue .We can take a look at the latter first. Ask Dee to accompany us .”

The clinic was in full swing when they arrived.

“Your boss please Lov. Police asking for help in a case. “

“Im your man Inspector .what case is this. “
” Body snatching. “

“Come on now that ended centuries back. People now leave body to science. “

” A female body was taken from police morgue yesterday in a Humber van and we have reason to believe it arrived her soon after. “

“I am here to heal the living officer ,not bring the dead to life “

“Can we take a loo around or do we need a warrant. “

“Dont go poking into private patients rooms please but yes you may take quick look about .I have nothing to hide. “

For about 12 minutes the four police and Doctor Dee inspected the one level clinic. Finding nothing they agreed to pack up and go to search the land fill when Jones suddenly stubbed his toe on a gap in the floor. On closer look and by moving a wheelchair the outline of hatch top gave them another place to investigate. In seconds the police arrested Don Blake the owner. In the cellar the frozen corpse was taken out of a chest freezer and all arrived shortly after at Scotland Yard.

” Right arrest both of them . Both know far more than they are saying.:

The daughter came quietly but her brother the Dentist fought like a tiger.

why did you take the body from ‘In here both of you. Now in your own time, tell me why you killed her. Or should I tell you. You see she had left the house between both of you. But! she left you her daughter her fortune. So in comes you with the rat poison and had to put down your cigar in the ash tray. Thats about it motive some revenge for the 45000 pounds in mothers will Id say. “

‘You could not be any place near. Ill admit it was my fault. We both tried to help but in our innocence we killed her as sure as if Id shot her dead.”

“What we did was not wrong it was just we both had no experience and that medic robbed us of our dear mother.”

Closer now, Jones moved in. ‘What Medic?”

‘Simon Patton .He works in A and E at Middlesex hospital. He sold us blood to change the blood that was killing her. A simple transfusion done at her bedside at home. Simon had somehow mixed up the sacks of blood and rang too late to tell us the stuff in mothers veins was from another county. It was frozen from 1900 African brought back by explorers to lab here . What ever it was it flowed through her and in one night she was dead in her chair next morning. We acted only as no one would help her ,too old to care for. “

” She had cancer of the blood Inspector. I was terrified I would loose my license and business if blamed so we decided to keep silent but your man decided something else was going on.”

“And we were right ,there was. “

” We had no other way we had to try as hospital let her out to die at home. Bastards it was our mother not a Nazi bitch, or some sort of low life.Mother you see?”

” I let the court decide now. Arrest this man Simon Patton and allow these two a phone call each. ” At the door of interview room five he turned .”Mister -Thomas– why did you take the body from my morgue ?:

‘It was to stop you taking blood samples. but we were too late it seems. Silly yes but what could we do we had lied to police twice . “

End of story. Thank you for reading whole tale. Hope you liked it.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 October

The case of ash against poison

Out in the sunshine of an English day .Oxfordshire village. 1986. Month of June day at 1pm. Police car at number 23 Langley Lane.

‘Not a pretty sight Doctor Dee. Dead how long?”

“Id say two hours at least.Shant know more until I have her tripes on my bench. Report say 5pm ish”

“So who found her .You here all day love.?”

“No came around to help Mom at around noon and rang you. Heart was bad but she was fine last evening.”

‘Who else was here. That ash in the tray is from this morning.She smoked then did she Mrs-?

.Miss Thomas .Sheila .Mom was Mrs Mary Thomas. “

“I see “,said Inspector Jones. It must be your ash then Miss Thomas. ”

” I dont smoke nor did mother Inspector. Is that all? You see I have Geralds lunch to fix at home. “

“Gerald who?”

” My brother Gerald Thomas .He is back from his practice in Mortlake road.”

“He lunches with you often then?”

” Most days, his wife is ill in hospital you see. “

“Sorry to hear that Miss Thomas. His profession is?”

“Dentist . I must rush so much to do, ring undertaker and what else. “

‘No that wont be necessary we need the body down at the morgue to establish death. “

‘No that will not be needed . Heart failure I told you. ”

‘You told us you did not witness your mothers death a moment ago so how do you know what she died of?”

” Here the pills she took daily for heart problems. “

” Right thank you Miss, dont leave the city we may need to talk again .”

The day came around, case sat on upstairs desk. Jones down with Dee in the morgue is told Mrs Thomas was poisoned by rat poison around 9am that same morning.” Died in agony .” added the Morgue assistant.

The case handed back as murder investigation and now on Inspector Jones desk. He opened the files and scanned all statements as long before him another great policeman had always started with. Jones still had the photo of Inspector Sir John James on his desk .

He stood and walked to the desk front. Facing the team.

“Now pin your ears back lads I want this sorted fast it is murder .Search that house for clues. Finger print all garden furniture and find that rat poison .Its either there or check daughters home too. Ill get a warrant now. Ring me on mobile if anything comes to light. “

The police car arrived just as Mr Thomas had finished the fillings for his client.

“Dead. Indeed I know that . My sister told me on phone. Im off to see her now. “

“Mr Thomas I need a statement first. ‘

‘ But I have just told you I have been here all day.My assistants will tell you that?”

‘ Fine so put that in writing will you sir. Here on this pad. ”

” You need a sample of my hand writing.I am shocked really .just lost my mother and here you are pestering for a statement to prove what I say. ?”

‘ Time you arrived sir is all important. We have spoken to your sister. “

” Oh! I see my sister told you precisely what?”

‘ Statement sir here or down the station is up to you. “

” No . Here will do. Mind if I smoke. “

” Your surgery sir. Cigar nice one too.”

” Imported box from friends in Cuba on holiday. Now will that do I have signed it.”

” You came in at 9.34 am remained until now with us. Six patients .Three staff in as normal. Ok thanks sir.Hope your sister is feeling better.”

The police left. Dentist remained.

London office.Phone call to Inspector Jones desk. “Dont say . Havana .Right gather ash from the cigar and we can place him exactly at the scene of the murder. “

At the home of Miss Thomas . ” So in your pantry we found this Miss. “

” Its for household use; so what?”

” You need it for what exactly?”

” What ! Chrips, rats of course .Well mice actually. “

” Let the camera see that the packet has been opened. ” commented Jones.

” Why is it of such interest to you .Its common or garden rodent poison .Every one buys it .Dont they. ?”

‘ Hold out your hands please your under arrest on suspicion of murder. You dont have to say anything that can be used against you in court. “

” Dont be silly Mummy died natural death .Arrest me why, I loved her cant you see. ” In tears she was lead to the car and many curtains swished as the police car sped away.

In the lab Doctor Dee works on the types of ash brought in to him.

” Right we can say item one is best rolled Havana cigar ash. Slow burn white with fine ash. Same with Item two . It proves little in fact only it is likely both cigars smoked by same person. We can say that person is Gerald Thomas .That is my findings gentlemen . That said no court is going to accept him guilty are they. ?Not on ash anyway. “

‘ No but we are looking more to the sister who had an open packet of rat poison in her house.” She said she found Mrs T dead and rang us. Not what I would have thought I would have done “

” You would have phoned for the doctor. ”

” Like most people would. Now if she knew she was dead because she killed her that would account for her phoning us. “

” Easier than your ash trick Inspector. Sail on then I have another body on my slab and its 4pm chaps. Toodle loo. “

In the cells at 7pm.

‘Want to see my sister. Erm ! Thomas yes thats the one. Brother. Yes. “

” So he did appear sir thats him now. “whispered the key keeper to Inspector Jones both men in secret from behind the screen.

” Tape the conversation Briggs .”

” Connected now Inspector. “

In the main office Doctor Dee has concerns.

“Phone call Inspector. Dee in a panic Sir. ‘

“Doctor Dee That is man . Hello ,yes .What!”

” Bones of this woman are over 120 years old.Id say born in 1890s. Nothing adds up about her. She looks in her 70s. Her liver says not. “

My thanks to my readers I now have a week to think of what will happen next.

Yours sir Kevin.

copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 October.

Part two next weekend.

Who was Noah?

One could watch this new movie film of same name with some doubt as to what is said of Noah in the book of Genesis in the bible.

Then you would be right it is not as we believed happened as told as children. Maybe the main steam famous actor Mel Gibson made the best of it .The script he followed mocked by many religions . Now that must be the place to stop this nonsense and tell you the real story of a man who never did talk with God or build a boat. How do I know this? Because it is a myth taken from the story heard by Palestinian people when the great and mighty war lord King Nebuchadadnezzer of Mesopotamia expanded his borders across the cradle of creation in the year 549 BC. The story was heard by Arabs and the children tale was told and retold for centuries as the Epic of Gilgamesh .

This man was said to have had a dream to build a massive boat in the deserts outside of Babylon. He took in two by two all the animals of mans needs cows, sheep, goats, hens ,geese, horse and his family .Then when all was loaded he stood waiting to raise the sails on deck. The people came and laughed for long enough before the rivers rose high and flooded the lands and the boat sailed away leaving behind civilization to drown. For many weeks they floated and came to rest on a mountain side after using doves to locate land.

So some 1200 years later Gilgamesh becomes the tale of Noah told by Israel scribes as myth but it entered the bible more as fact. If you research you will also see this stories origin is in India long before Babylon was even built.

Vedic folk law tells of a fish that warns a king called Manu of a great flood . The fish tells this king to build a boat taking only the peaceful minded people and animals in pairs. This is perhaps 2000 years older than any tale mentioned. I think it the origin of the biblical Noah.

For some time King Nebuchadnezzer occupied India so this how this tale came to be in Babylon. .it is an easy search to find the start of such a massive story. Can anyone see lions walking peacefully up a ramp behind lambs and goats . The simple fact that not only building boat without skill and no dry dock for what is measured as size of Titanic with only his family to help. Then fill with a zoo and farmyard to care for,feed and muck out daily .This would be a full time job alone so who sailed the ship? It is a story to wonder at in childhood as it was intended to be at outset. Noah is a story handed down over 2569 years from the hearing.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is 6000 years ago and King Manu long before. Dont cry out sinner first go in search as I did. I aim to upset no Christian or Islam believer I am a man who searched for God and give creed of mans religions a wide birth as none of them are made by God but mans wishes and desires for God to be. God needs none of it but still loves us all.

These are my findings and Noah never existed as you can see. The recorded facts are all available to anyone to read my blog is only part of a story but that part I needed to prove where that great tale in the bible came from. I think many many many people of hundred years ago or so wrote what was current but it all is mixed up. What is fact and what is fiction can not be sorted unless someone starts the job in hand .Great facts lay hidden in that Bible .Some distorted by secondhand views. Then some are legends not possible . Noah would have needed hundreds of skilled workers to build a boat that was a ship the size of ocean steam ships now. Then as its fiction anything is possible.

This brings me to that boat shape feature on Ararat mountain side in modern day Turkey. Is it a boat under all that rock or is it more an erratic moved by the ice into a geological feature over time? We wait to see but what will it prove if it is my some magic a boat? No mention in the story were the boat landed in fact so Ararat just happened to be available to those how believe anything because they want to. Nothing said by man can be trusted unless one is prepared to look closer and research .As man is lazy on checking even his phone bills is it a surprise we believe what we are told is true without proof.

I dare say some will still not take my word. I hope they will look closer before commenting .Again I say no intent to make fun of religions only have my views and facts to guide me.

Thank you for reading a simple explanation of an old story and how it came to be held as true. For those who want to know what is meant by BCE (before common known time or era .)

Yours Sir K

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020

The crew. A tale of the high seas .

The cruel hardened wind howled in the masts billowing the sails out as linen on the line. The tiny ship heeled starboard as fast too the men on deck sped into action. The life at sea was not what the lad had believed but when ordered he jumped into the sails of the Fore mast cross spar and monkey like tackled the twisted ropes. Men on deck marveled at the sight of a 12 year old Midshipman in full navy uniform doing a sailors job aloft. The sea spray hit his face many times he nearly toppled down to 70 foot drop onto the hard oaken sea washed deck. Many believed it would be his fate. Down he came the ropes fast and tied off below. His five foot frame stood straight as a dye and cried out “Hove too, action on the Port side. Mister Mason load the front cannon.Hold fire until we see the whites of his eyes my boys. Frenchie She is.”
Up behind Him came the master .’Good enough lad. See who will mock you now.” He smiled at the little Midshipman who inside swelled out ,then no one noticed all fixed now on taking the ship racing too them.

Head on she came with the wind in her sails to board them. Lagging on tack the British naval frigate loomed limpid out of breath. Seeing her plight the big deck Frenchman gave broadside and tacked to reload and pass again with the wind down her other flank.
Waiting for this British guns on four wooden brass bound wheels could reload six times faster and she let rip as the French lowered their gins to lower deck British shot round after round along her plimsole line and before her Captain could turn her head she was already flooding below, the sea in her belly took her down. A cheer went up and the little Midshipman Pennington was lifted high on his mens shoulders. He had been accepted as one of them and respected for rank by all.
The French taken aboard in chains led into the hold. Enemy to ransom back to France would bring in a tidy gold haul.
The ship ran fast to harbour in the Dover straight down into the Royal docks. Within time her damage repaired and again orders to sail came back from Sea Lords.
The rest had seen the Midshipman tell all to his family in London. His father ever so proud was a Chandler for the Navy Board.

At sea again the Viscount sailed North wards. By midday the rocky point loomed into view on her lee bow. The wind now almost a gale. To round that dreaded rock the Sail Master Mister Falcote asked the set the main sails. ” No Sir”. shouted the Captain, “She cant take it man. ”

.”She will have to Sir we head to that rock unless “Cried the Sail Master. Up that sail unfurled and filled out so fast nearly broke the main mast in part. Around that ragged rocky point she came so close and off her side came speed as wind changed direction and away to sea she opened up. The coast of Sweden in sight to rest in. From here her able Captain had planed the meeting with Jan hoe a man known for battle .A gun master and a dead shot with a cannon or pistol. At dawn with the tide the vessel made good passage down to Gibraltar and filled up with provisions ready to tackle the journey to fight the French.
“Enemy in sight”, came the Midshipmans watch call from the poop deck. Make to you men all stations make ready. ”
In between the the two French men racing at them she sped in tight and fired both banks into each and caught the turn and wind raced her far off as both ships sank. Near the coast they swam and Viscount sped away like a ghost. She had not escaped her rigging in bad way no control of the ship had men up and down repairing splicing and sweating but as soon as she came to hand ahead lay the French Four masted war ship of Napoleons navy . She just remained ready to pounce. Steady her gun decks made ready . She sat like a duck in front of death. Nothing Viscount could do but wait for the run. Her yard arm almost touching as the French man hurled forth head on his guns blazing hit the ship square on. Her figure head in splinters and her fore deck on fire. Slowly she leveled the cannon and before he could reload Viscount fired ball shot and grape into her hull .The oak planks split apart but the shot did not stop her being just a bit too high of the water. Like a sitting duck they drew swords when a little Midshipman aged 13 fired a barrel high over board towards the oncoming hell.
Once in the air Jon the Swed fired a riffle and the barrel bust into flames on to the main sail and down to the decks. On she came a fire ball now ready to explode. Viscount fired again lower and down she went just half a league the suction as waves sucked the big laden ship down to Davy Jones locker Viscount was trapped bobbing around like a cork. Her sides torn out against the rocks the waves racing over her washing all from their feet and no end seems to come. Viscounts last stand sank in the swallows and deep mud basin. The morning came as clouds broke from the rising sun. The dead buried the ship almost gone as rescue would not even aid her now. Over land the survivors slipped away into history. Save for a letter home from a 14 year old navy Midshipman to his dear mother from a French prison someplace out of sight or name. it was found by builders making flats near Marsailles France among the belongings of a navy man.

It was dated by the book on Nelson found in the lads pack. No bones or clothes found led archeologists from Paris to contact London. It seems the crew of the navy vessel Viscount that was lost without trace in 1807 had been located as prisoners but as no bodies found only belongings led to two thoughts. One. They had effected fast escape .Two they had been executed by their captures. The Midshipmans letter to his mother made no mention of the prison or the loss of HMS Viscount and may have been written to stop her worry only. Or a wishful thought and not sent either that he could not or he was dead anyway soon after. War is that way often we hope they did not suffer but we were at war and anything could have happened to that crew.

Although I admit this is a work of fiction many ended up worse in war.

Yours always Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020.

The second letter from Latvia

Again I write of my adopted country for those who asked for more detail. Summer is hot and balmy enough to bring out the lemons to make fresh lemonade. Working in the gardens is fine now already brown by such endeavors. The forest is just across the open fields where deer ,elk and wild bears roam free. None a danger as in winter bears go back to Russian border through Estonia. Elk are ambling alps and terrified of human life. The deer ,up to now thats 8 years, have not bothered my gardens but did walk across my lawns once as much to say,”you are trusting  us.”

Really they have everything here. A nation of calm easy life mostly helpful and accepting this Englishman as friendly sort. With less than a million inhabitants and few jobs that pay only pensioners from England come or those with money.

Latvia was the cheapest place on earth some 10 years ago. Euro changed that. Still one can live well here on a budget if sensible. Plants for garden are now almost as expensive as England 10 years ago. So packets of seed window ledge heated seed trays and thats sorted. Having so much land made into English  gardens is a joy but costly setting up. Then any place else would be harder with laws. Here one can do what one wants as long as you dont speed in the car.And do not turn left in Riga city centre or outside . 30 euro instant fine if so.
If floating foundations on summerhouse workshop and hen palace then no planning permit is required. One can just build. Thats Latvia for you. In some things they are so different from us. Manners are not a strong thing here with all of the people. EU laws are not used and Latvia even places an s on your name so I become sirs Kevins.. Then they convert names of other national people such as actors to illustrate that Errol Flynn becomes Erals Fphins or something like that. Where we call foreign people by the name given Latvians convert all into Latvian. When watching Endeavor on Latvian TV about young detective Morse played by Shaun Evans I missed the first show as Endeavor became something totally different that i could not relate to or could I pronounce. They are a lost nation really as only they have a language that no one understands as is it worth learning in schools, they teach English now. Outside this small nation no one would understand them so they speak English and right trough the Baltic out unto Sweden all will understand. Which for me is perfect.

The Riga Ferry is cheap way to cross to shop in Swedish markets in Stockholm. Ferry travels across the Baltic with shops stages of actors movie and dance floors, bed and breakfast extra. Saw Cats flown in by helicopter from London for one show on board. Swedish ships and crews mostly cost about 40 euro each to cross .This takes all night and we arrive 6.35am Stockholm where taxis abound ready to collect you.
ddb2045d5592c1f4e447dd8f0f94f8b4Riga old town.

I was told to bus it as cheaper and see far more. We did and saw well the city of clean streets and houses. Had luncheon in a lovely cobbled square yard with tables and shops so delicately painted. Loved it all. Like passing back in time to a world of travel 1900 it felt like. Swedes are not as friendly but like us English bit stand offish. However it was a good day out. We took a tram ride to see Vassa the ship that was brought back up in perfectly preserved sate from the muds of that harbour. In front of me the vast size of history boomed out in techicolours. Painted in 1767 to be the Swedish Kings flag ship. Like our own Mary rose ship toppled over and sank owing to top heavy gun decks and open gun doors she went deeply down into the sea just yards from her moorings. A perfect ship as if built just now stands in a building made to house her. You can buy a tram ticket return but if not back to use it in half hour your lost. So we walked back took half hour into city. Strange but perhaps it was my fault did not understand Tram laws

Coaches take Latvians all over Europe but its the Estonians with cash that use them we find. Went to Tallin on a coach. 64 miles one way . A packed modern city but the old town is straight from Robert Louis Stephenson tales of curfew and city walls. For his tale of the Squire De Malatrotts door he must have been here to write it as it is exact to this place in description. I loved that old city so clean white and interestingly historic. Well! one can ramble on with all of this .I make a suggestion just come and see for yourself one day. Good old European song contest compare we all loved in Terry Wogan joked about this Estonian thing with votes but poor old Terry never came to see how great this land of Europe is. Yes it has faults it would not be a human place it if did not. Then balanced and examined the points make 2 against and 8 for. So I remain here in rural bliss with no rates no taxes and freedom to dance naked in the rain if one wants. I dont but could if i wanted. Bird song is stronger, rain is softer and heat is much. One becomes use to all in time. Fair skinned I suffered but now do not have too. Im happy to say gardening hardened me off to exist as one of them. My gardens are not they are very English lawn sort of Edwardian England and still in the making extended. If God made man a garden called Eden could it have been here in this land flat and forested lakes and meadows that he made it? Perhaps not between the vast open reach of Rivers in Middle East was it sited but here. I can think of no more a perfect vista than this to build a gardens on. England is a garden all over only thing is it has out priced its self in land, houses and gardening. The nations youth cannot take on a mortgage to buy such as a house with large enough workable gardens now.

Ship is loaded by boarding between 2pm and 8pm . I hailed a cab in city centre and the driver turned and said ferry is it Sir Kevin. I nearly fell over it was an old pal from university a lad from Old Corinth Tunisia. We drove and we talked of Liverpool in the 1960s. He had married a Swed and left Tunisia as communist Mafia have taken all over he lost even his property there. I knew him in Hamermet when I stayed there in 1980s with them. Modern house overlooking the desert to Algiers.

Travel back was sleeping and shopped in duty free for perfume next morning ever so early for Anita. My car was brought around in dock for us and drove home relaxed.Would do it again at drop of a hat. Norway for us next sail.

Here 24k will buy that house and by law that house must have at least 2acres with it. Some can be bought as wrecks to repair. 7k will give you land with timber to build your own with skill to do that your made. About 16k to make it England inside and that means no over heads afterwards so life can be as lazy or as industrious as one likes.
I would not say its for everyone but you can still have cornflakes and English tea .No bacon no real sausage so we make our own. Buy smoked meat carve and fry its bacon and sausage buy chapati its a pork and herb sausage for special occasion but cooked in hot oven its Cumberland sort of sausage which suits me. One thing you can have anyplace is black puddings. Latvians think they invented it? You cannot buy beef unless you pay through the nose for Angus beef in a shop in Riga who imports from Hereford in UK. I went just to see prices but nice lads who worked in England as most of them have to do for cash. Beef was on marble slab on show. One little loin steak was 26 euro for two just double that as no discount for bulk buys. Gary Ward who built a large guest hotel sort of village in the lands he bought said we can buy beef in station rail yard shop in Imanta outside Riga .

Yes I bought a beef joint and it was good and soft and cooked very well but was without taste. Dairy cow sold as beef. Latvia one can buy good chicken excellent pork and all the veg you wish for. Fish too. Mackrel is cheap Cod not that bad as 2kilo cost me 12 euro. Rest is river fish which is not to my taste at all. I did have large bony but very tasty Carp with garlic just the way old the Monks used to cook them. Very tasty too. I can quite see why Monks farmed Carp along with honey ,which led to mead drinking. Not a bad life if you like early dawn prayers .I could love it as music every service was the best ever made in human history.

Home produce we grow so can I have fruits and veg and green house full of toms and gourdes. Cucumbers and chili .Self sufficient if you include hens.

Latvians love garden parties and outdoor as much as any Aussie they build big barbies to smoke and  grill on wood fires. They hate spices and love milky things .Horrified when I put out five dips one Indian curry from Bengal made by me. No chili in it purposely and I was told by Harry from Newcastle that was not hot enough .Latvian had runs to toilet and could not even cope with it on the serving table. Otherwise I find we have some common ground as we all must eat. Anita is used to curry now took 10 years of trying. She even tells me to spice up sauces for such as pork chop and mash and peas. I cut chops from pork sides they sell off in supermarkets as ready for barbies. I remove the ribs for marination. Remove that thicker outer skin and cut thick chops out of the bar length. Kidney in some and about six pair with chuck meat for casseroles in the week. For cost of about 14 euro it works out so cheap to have English Barnsley chops that Latvians never use or have seen. Ribs soaked over night in soy sauce brown sugar orange juice and Worcester Sauce will come out lovely .I grill on the barbie and serve with Basmati Indian rice and drizzle the marinade over them. Everyone adores this Japanese meal even Latvians who dont have a clue about Japanese cooking.
They are in the main nice people but through the last 70 years to freedom now have been the victims of cruelty and hard labour under the yoke of their Soviet over lords. It will take time for them to know who they even are.
The rich Latvian is one who robbed the state when Latvia became free from Russia.Before that it was Prussia and Sweden owned it before that.

Riga is full of Russians . Latvia has lots of Russian billionaires who live here but one hardly sees any of this going on. See the poor who leave in droves to seek wealth in America or Sweden as UK has closed its doors with 600000 Latvians residing inside Britain already. You would not know as they look mainly like us only when they speak will you understand. They talk good English but undertones give them away. Their ability to think Russian also tells you they are not one of us. Most are gentle harmless beings so no real worry and in fact they hate Russians as over lords and masters over them for too long in chains. Well! my dears a letter from Latvia more down to earth for your edification your enjoyment and your healthy  wonder, perhaps.

Love to all from me .

Copywrite Kevin Parr Bt 2020 September 12th.8am Before a day gardening.

The last part of the vapour.

Sir John had read the letter three times.Sat now at rest in his easy armchair his mind racing on as he had seen this type face before. It was Garamond face type as printers often use. Then suddenly the phone rang in the hall.

‘ For you John someone you asked to phone.”

Slowly he approached the phone for he knew he had asked no one. “Hello.”

“Sir John is it now.Well! how are you old adversary. Holding on are we? Glad you took my good advice dont want another episode on the lawn now ,do we?”

” So who are you then?”

” Not to worry we will meet soon . Farewell for now Sir.” The phone went dead but he was transfixed and his wife placed the phone down from his hand.

” Trouble again is it my love. Retired and they will not leave you alone. ”

Suddenly he came out of the dream . ‘Yes as said im retired ,sod it love. Any tea in the pot?”

” Just making some.You go and rest . Your shows on soon on Tele. You know Crime Report.”

He sat down thinking hard where he had heard that voice. Mental block as he switched on television and fell asleep in the armchair.

Next hour he walked out for exercise on to the embankment. He walked in thought until the end of the road. He was looking back as he turned to the Parliament buildings across the river.The lamp light caressing the river as smooth as silk. The murky flow taking on a milk pond look. He started walking back and someone behind him spoke softly. He was startled .”So you recall meeting with me now Detective Sir John. ”

He gasped as he who stood before him was the last Vampire to escape. A young man in a dark gray over coat with open necked white shirt. He knew him at once.

” its you.” he breathed it out in some haste.Shock in fact had caught his tongue.

” Yea Im hurt you did not know me on the phone when we have been so close. You even sent my woman helper into ash pile. Time now for the payment John. ”

” The payment ?”

” Oh! yes. Can you guess what it is I have for you dear retired idiot you are?”

At this John James came out of his shell and his mind had cleared. He thought of his dear wives ordeal and his safety as he smiled as if he had a plan ready out of this.

It did not unsettle his companion but it did register. “I have a way now to make you see why your here now. ” From the folds of his long coat came a set of diamonds that sparkled in the lamp glow “Here take them , a little sweetner for your wife. “He vanished into thin air. In his hand he had the biggest robbery ever in crime¬† .Then from bushes and trees came many policemen who grabbed him and lay him down on the floor handcuffed.

‘So lads we have the proof these diamonds stolen from the house of Lord Seftonly last year had us all on the go. And it was you of course who lost that case James. Detective Sir John James your under arrest. ” The Chief Super shook his head in disbelief and Sir John was led away. No use saying anything yet he let them lead him to the cells.

‘ Can I act as visitor to see him or not?”

“Doctor Dee we are all shocked by this but ,yes of course, you may see Sir John in his cell. ”

‘ Thank you dear friend.”

“Say nothing I know almost all of it. I called on you .Your wife told me you have gone for a walk down the Embankment. I hid when i saw that vampire appear from nothing. I was too far off to hear it all but he handed you those diamonds.Why , is my only question?”

” You see he is the one who did this to my wife. He is also the one who blames me for burning to ash his aid and lover. So suddenly he hands me and wills me to take hold on the diamonds and vanished leaving me holding the baby. From all over police came and Im here under arrest and only you know my story. ”

” Talk of vampires in court and they will laugh you out of your pension mate.”

‘ Of course but what can I do but get him in here.”

” He is evil itself you know that. As he said this is payback. Outwit him is the only way. ”

‘My word just thought. Yes we arrange a meet in here. He will gloat over it. You set up cameras well out of sight .Any false move and hes gone from sight and sound. ”

” Great but what is the reason. just to get him to say he set you up. ”

” Not exactly. I need to get him talking on record by asking him what else I can do to make up for the ash pile. He may take the bait he likes talking about himself. ”

“Ok sounds a bit risky but yes may work. Not much else in your favour old son.”

‘I did hope for your help you know. ”

” Say no more.You have it. Now rest no more we can do before one of us sorts a plan out. Sleep well Detective. ”

The night fell as darkened cloak over his eyes as sleep the master of peace fell over him. Outside in the foray of time past the street silent and unaware of evil stood the aged old servant of Satan himself. He watched the building were inside sleeping Sir John lay out of the hard wooden planked bed. The cell of bars stone walls not a prison make nor iron bars a cage. Not for a Vampire at any rate.

He lay in the cell eyes closed the Vampire stood over him but Sir John rammed a silver neck cross into his arm. There was a howl that could wake the dead and he was gone. He knew now what protection he needed. The blood still on the cross Dee at the door of sell.

‘What in heavens name was that noise my lad. ”

‘No time to talk .Here take this for DNA test . We may find something. Take it Dee its Vampire blood. ”

Through the iron bars the good doctor took hold of the silver cross at best he could. By morning he had DNA that confused him greatly.

Back in the cells with Sir John in the cage he released the information.

“Bat blood,really Dee?”

” Remarkable as its sounds.Yes bat blood it is. So that old legend is true eh!’

“What do bats do that we need to know about.?”

Dark in the corner dumb as a dog sat the Chief Super but now emerging in full police uniform started the pair.

” Great Scot sir. What a way of joining us.” expelled the good Doctor.

‘ So as I thought this is how you ended up arrested. Bloody Vampires again. Bats blood Doctor?”

” Yes strange as it sounds.”

“No not really considering we are dealing with Vampires yet again. I left you in this sell because Sir John you could not trust me with the truth. I knew you did not steal those diamonds. You were here that day of that robbery. I left you in cells for your own protection mate.”

“Sorry sir your arrest was enough for me not to say another word. You see this one is on my case as I turned his lover to ash on London Bridge. Revenge is sweet they say. ”

‘Sweet that s it John. Bats love sweet things. “Gasped Dee.”

” They may do but poison will have no affect on him. Sweet or not. ”

“In the movies they drive wooded stakes into the heart, or is that poppycock too?”

‘I expect so Sir. We need what worked before. That silver cross. She had been shot and was withering old as she slumped down silver bullet in her gut. What turned her to was ash this simple silver cross my mother gave me as a gift at school all those years ago. Need silver bullets Sir.”

“Will he come here as he will know wont he?”

” If you keep me in here, no; dare say he will think me under arrest and with no outside contact as I was arrested as planed by him, by police of my own department.”

“Then so be it. Ill get you silver bullets for that pistol of yours. Stay put work out the plan to get him in here.” With that Chief Super left the cells.

“So at least your out of danger on charges detective.”

“Yes happy about that Dee but more concerned over being dead.”

As promised the Chief brought the two silver bullets from the Army Silversmith. The plan was fixed all they had to do was wait.

Day two nothing happening. James knew that what this evil spirit desired most was his body to occupy. He wanted him to suffer first. Mostly right in his thoughts the Vampire was waiting only for the sentence to be set. They in the police office and cell could not know this but by slim chance it happened over Chief Supers head.

“Your day in court has come Sir John. Follow me we have a lawyer waiting to brief you sir. .”

” This came from the top room did it?”

” IM not at liberty to say. Handcuffs must be on. The prisoner is ready to move. Open the gates.”

Chief Super hid his face as he was lead out to the interview room. At this moment the Vampire appeared and shocked the whole police floor.

“So your mine now .Not wanted by your own and fated to be mine come John smile its your best of bests live forever with me as master. My plan worked as smoothly as water flows. The doctor slipped the pistol into Johns belt as his handcuffs were removed and in seconds gun smoke filled the room. As it cleared the whole room saw a young man fade into old age before their eyes. The face crumble to dust and the scream from the typist pool echoed across London. The man of no name was but dust on the floor. Dee rushed forward to collect it all up. Not a spot left on the marble stone floor. Sir John looked at Dee.” Its over dear friend .We won. ” The Chief Super came forth to shake the detectives hand. The Lawyer looked at top brass and all left the room save Dee and the detective.

“Retirement sounds good now ill bet.”

” After this no doubt Ill start a garden as she wants me to do.Dee never forget were I ,live ,will you dear man. ”

” Always dear Friend. Go home and hug that woman of yours. You have both been in the wars. All here now the truth of what you did to rid evil from the world but best say nothing outside. If i was you Sir John.”

Without effort he handed his pistol to the doctor patted him on the back and left via the main door of Scotland Yard to hail a taxi home. On his mind a poem he had read in youth.

Rise,like lions after slumber
in unvanquishable number ,
shake your chains to earth like dew
which in sleep had fallen on you;
ye the many -they are few.

For now those words of Shelley made him stronger for fewer still they are ,He thought and smiled.

No record of any case of vampire hunting ever came to light. The public will never know that they exist ,best kept that way. Sir John lived happily and finally became a gardener with help of a caring wife. No more will the story tell .Peace lay over the city that men such as he helped to protect. We will never know their names who serve us behind the walls of silence on the subject of security of the English speaking world.

Thank you all for being with me here. God be with us all.

Always yours, Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020.

The vapour ,a case for Sir John James

‘So your back .Retirement not to your taste John.”

‘ May say that Chief Inspector.” He smiled and sat down on the desk edge. ‘You say Lenny was released and that he now came close to killing me. ” The smile still on his lips for Detective John James nothing would stop him bringing back in the criminal who had painted his name across the front of James house front not two nights before.

The uniform branch had lost Lenny Preston at this point in time had no clue or lead to his whereabouts.

‘He wasted no time announcing his return. What an hour after release he is at your place Sir. ”

“Jones relax im just detective James,Recall it do you?”

” Officially your Sir John James. Recall your Knighted ,do you Sir John.”

” Touche I think Sir John suites you detective. Need me ill be upstairs.” The Chief left the room and Jones handed him the photo of interest he had in his uniform top pocket.

” Who took this?” sparked the detective about to pick up the phone to ring his wife.

“WPC Jenny Adams Sir. Took it in Oxford Street about an hour since. Lenny knew she took his image entering the taxi. Reg of that cab I have .”

‘ Good work tell her Jones. Number.”

“Here sir.”

“So it belongs to Stan Armstrongs lot. All start with ST. And not the Saint.”

” He is no Saint sir. Ill call on him to interview that driver. May shed light?”

“Lenny is no fool Jones. He is not called the Vapour for nothing. ”

” No guess he is a hard man to locate. last time I arrested him was over that diamond robbery in Eastmans Row.”

” He wanted to be caught. Four years inside he went for the chance to kill Freddy the mouth. And he did somehow just a day before his release. Found the body an hour later. All cars after Lenny failed as he has vanished. ”

” Not quite he was painting my wall for me hour after getting out. Where were Flying Squad then ?”

” Chasing someone else sir. Lenny is the man now. Cant say he can vanish but his work shows he sort of fades it to the crowd so well we are at a loss to grab him. ”

‘ Thats it Jones. He goes out in disgiuse not inwards. That is his trick Im sure of

it. ”

The day was crowded with phone calls and only at 3pm could Detective James ring his wife at home to reassure her he was working. For that very morning he was sure they would not take him back. From the desk he clipped on the badge and proudly walked out onto the pavement when some one on a bicycle pushed a note into his jacket and sped away around the building corner. James read its working .Typed not hand written. It told him if he was on the case of Lenny Preston he was a dead man walking.

Later that same day Prestons body came down the River from Mortlake on the tide.

“My word seems we have found the Vapour lads. What now Detective Sir John. ?”

“Sir just Detective will do in working hours. Yes it is Lenny Preston I identify him as such. Shot in the stomach .Horrid slow death. Then who sent me this I wonder?”

‘ This was handed to you you say. Bit strong what!”

” Bit fatal id say sir.”

” If not Preston then who else is on your trail Detective?”

The office was in darkness as he sat in the desk chair thinking it out. The phone jumped into life shattering the silence of his mind. ” yes James here. Who?” He placed the receiver down on the phone buttons cutting off the call. It soon rang again but he was out of the office racing back home.
He arrived by taxi just 30 minutes too late as his wifes body lay on the lawn under the glare of street lights.

He fell to his knees at her side mouth wide open he gasped and unwilling the scream came up from deep inside as load as a lion. He called her name ,held up her head and cried his eyes out telling her how much he loved her. Dead still in his arms cold to the touch he held her close as Flying Squad surrounded the scene.
From his side a voice told him “Let loose Horatio. Let me see what is not and what is.”
He knew it was the pathologist his friend but he could not move a muscle. Police helped the detective to his feet trying to confort in any way they could as rain soaked the Doctors looked puzzled. Then the pathologist spoke. “She has been injected with something to put her in coma state. Horatio dear man .She is not dead. ”
In disbelieve Sir John James fell to his wifes side and kissed her in joy.

‘Not Dead then” his voice in a short of echo in his head.

” Let the doctors work. Im a man if your dead they are the men for life Sir John. Dare say she will be back to normal soon. Could be a drug that can freeze the body down to look like death. Ill reserve judgment on that for now.”

The ambulance arrived and as she was lifted by the paramedics on to a stretcher He saw an envelope under her on the wet ground. Quickly he tore the top off pulling the letter inside out in same motion.

“So now you know I can kill you both at any time. Be warned stay retired or face judgement in front of me. ”

He was angered by this and looked all round him hoping to see who did this too him. Then so much activity and sirens he saw nothing but felt he was being watched.

Over the course of the night she came too. She turned her head and there he was, at her side. ‘John your ok! He said he will kill us both soon. ”

“You saw him dear?” He gasped.

” No only on the phone and someone came behind me. I saw his face in the mirror for a brief second .Then all went black.”

” Who was it you saw?”

” Dont know. Some small faced man darkish hair mustache and beady pale blue icy eyes.Never seen him before John. ”

“rest now dearest .Your safe dont worry ill sort this out myself. Who ever it is we know we have two of them at least now. So grateful you are alright.”

Police guard around her room James went back to his office to write a report. The phone rang he picked it up and a voice spoke. ‘Who are you?” He asked.

” Let us say I am the ghost of Christmas past. You caused the death of my wife and hurt me more than I can say. I told you walk away your retired .The bullet I fired at you was not meant to kill you only to get you a pension and lay you up. Seems your stronger than I assumed. Well! John this time I will not miss. Goodbye hope your wife recovers .Then we cant be too careful.Can we. Toodle loo.”

The call could not be traced and so down went the receiver. He decided to spend time with his wife and let the caller think he had taken the advice. From his desk he took the revolver and shells with him.

For six weeks all was peaceful and they had a homely time. News on tv showed a bank robbery in East End of London .A murdered man in Manchester and not much else. Sir John sipped on the hot tea his wife had made but his mind was back on duty. His 55 birthday loomed and all preparation made for it by all who loved him. In a way he rather liked his pipe and slippers day but work hung over him like a beggars shawl.

” Seems your dear lady was injected with something I have no record of John. Sorry and all of that but she is alive which is a bonus. This case is becoming clear we are dealing with an educated lot.”

“You think do you Doctor Dee that I dont know that.”

” Dont take that to heart doctor our Sir John is not himself.”

” No Chief Super he is not and he cant recall my first name even.”

The case was that someone demanded he retired finally and death came as result if he failed to agree. Who the devil was it that was doing this to him. He collected his pens and left the office. In time he arrived at his door .In the side of the rose arch a white paper stood to be noticed. He read it slowly. It said “Good boy enjoy life as retirement is yours. Not a word more. ”


Copyright Kevin Parr Bt.

Who was Piers Plowman?

A quest I have delved into from time to time all my life. In 1360 a poet named William Langland penned a book entitled Viso Willelmi de Petro Ploughman. It was to change the land of England and belief of all common folk who could read.

Many heard it read to them by clerics. I have a copy of this work and value the texts. For many who have no word of this man I may start with your permit to relate a short account of who he is thought to be. Born in Ledbury near Shrewsbury in 1330 he started working life as a labourer in the fields. He had the knack to tell interesting tales to the unread. Clerics employed him teaching him many things and his poetry began. Later in life he is living in Bristol singing prayers to rich men relating poetry and living as he could. We know he owned property so he was not poor. His writings fall into what we call Middle English a sort of leaving of the French the rich spoke and German through the Saxon settlements. A small amount of Viking too made a bond of the common orders a language of the poor. It evolved slowly at first as a sort of Cockney slang but with real words that way it made the servant and tradesman able to talk and leave out the mighty rich with pure French that language of England for 500 years.
In time each and every man would learn the new common language made as code spoken as fact and written down as it expanded into use. Maybe the first real account was as late as Mister James Boswell aid to Samuel Johnson writing down each and every word of English in a Bath city coffee shop called Slaughters Coffee House in the 18th century. The English Dictionary it was named. Only say 500 years had it taken to build a common language but what was left out Johnson filled in for certain. Many words he invented over coffee to keep him awake.

But going back in time again by 1450 it was used by all. French and German had welded together mixed in the pot Viking and a language listed as English as late as 1500. Some say earlier by we are guided by books and William Langlands book deals in the Middle struggles of English as an entirely new concept.

Many have written on this. Prof. Hall. The study of Middle English was my bible at University. I have it still as ref. My language was taught me from babyhood by loving parents. As we all learn what we call English today. For me I needed to know why so many words spelt differently sounded the same but meaning so far apart. I was able to discern later in life through books like Piers vision and Langlands step (Passus in Latin.) why of writing a language that in part I could see was more than one language going on. For those you may now dash out to buy a copy of Langlands work from BBC OR Oxford Press I will say best buy the English modern version.

It tells of a simple Poughman in the fields who was risen as a sort of Christ figure to lead the people into righteous ways and seek God by prayer. It is in 3 parts and allegorical narrative unryhymed allernate verse. In it are prayers for the dead, a way of truth and a look at England as it was between 1360-1390.

It was John Dryden who called Geoffrey Chaucer the father of English language. That said Chaucer had the King as brother in law so William Langland may be the true father of the new age of English. I find his work a good walk with the people of that period. To read it in unabridged pages is hard but worth looking at.Even Chaucer Canterbury tales is in Middle English. One can see words being made before our eyes in both of these early works.

Bits of German too can be detected and translated by research.How a language started that one day would be spoken all over the world is here in the words of a writer evolving from French into the way we speak today. Without such bravery would we even know who we are.
The Rich did not wish to leave the French spoken in power and trade for a peasants code of words but they had to learn it eventually and that marked the start of a national serge of a far simpler more exact language for all. It will never have the beauty of French description nor the deeper meaning of German but what it will do is do away with male and female meanings for wooden chairs and dustbins. Such out of the window gives us true freedom to craft a language that in fact runs the internet,travels the world, is spoken as far away as India and New Zealand and the Great vast lands of Australia and Canada as far out as China and Japan, as the Earth is made, it will be spoken.

An Empire built on it where the sun never sets is not as may be so the lands under it but the words of a language that has won the world never seizes to amaze me that by the vision Of Langland who could not have known when he spent 30 years writing his tale that one day, long after his death, the language he managed to learn as new code would one day be spoken my billions of peoples all over this world.

Thank you all for being with me here. God be with you all. Each one of us make the world today; lets make it happy. Yours always Sir Kevin.

Copyright Kevin Parr Bt 2020 August 16th, noon of the day.

Detective John James last case

The day was hot .It was June 18th Waterloo day to him. For the rest of the office who now drank his health over retirement sat chatting about old times. His injuries healed as best they could he now had time to thank them all before the Chief Super marched into office one.
‘Ah! Detective James himself. All happy now are we ?”

‘Hello Sir thanks but Id rather be back here really.”

‘I too would like to see you back here but lets face it James. Doctors say it is a no no. Retired full pension man your better off than all of us now. Enjoy the time at home man.”
The phone suddenly broke the silence as someone on the other end shouted Help me. Officer Pendle was on the call.

‘Seems sir he ,that is the caller Fred Perry said he has been attacked by a wolf.”

‘Perry the Tennis ace?”
‘ No Sir hes dead .This one is scared to death.”

“Get his details and keep me in the loop. Nice to see you James old man. Keep smiling good day to you all Ill be upstairs in my office if needed. ”

The Super left and the office mumbled “Wolf.”

‘In London ,never ever. Someones Wolf hound on the loose more likely.”
‘Mind if I tag along .Not to interfere just as not much else to do .Mowed my lawn four times if a week so bored with it all. ”

“Dont see what harm it can do. Just dont get in the way John.”

The team went out to walk the distance to the city flats. Inspector drove direct to hospital to see that man who was mauled. John James at his side. They stood at the bottom end of his bed.

‘So what happened Fred. In your own words.” Asked Inspector Jones.

“I was sittin watchin BBC News on tele when through my open window came this massive black dog. Bit me in the hand as I was so terrified I tried to stop it. Must have conked out. See the bite.” He offered his bandaged hand up as proof. Jones was interviewing had not seen James vanish .With the nurses he watched the xray of Perrys hand.

Jones had learned little from the man .He turned as James returned. ‘You live in flat 54 sir is that correct .”

‘Yes 54 lived there now lest see . Mary died in May four years give or take mate.”

“54 tell me which floor that is on.”

“5th floor of course.”Replied the man.

Outside the ward on way out Jones asked why James had interfered. He had not himself discovered that much but regarded James as an outsider now.

‘Sorry could not help to take an interest.You do see it dont you.Perry says he was attacked by a large black wolf that entered his flat through an open window on the floor five. That is the Wolf ran up a straight wall some 70 foot high to reach his victim Jones.’

” He must be deluded.’

” If he on his left hand is bearing dog teeth marks so large it is scaring me what this case may leads to.”

‘My God its you .You had so many of this type of case your back after sixteen months of nothing like it and in ten minutes we find a Werewolf. ”

” Or not. Maybe a Werewolf but what if someone knew I was back and set this up?”

” Who knows your back .You only called in for us to say our goodbyes and here you are at start of case. ”

“Quite correct I am at start so may well finish it Jones.”

“Best see what the Super says mate?”

‘Well ill bag that piece of hair thank you .Bag please.”

“Looks dog like to me. Here dont say I dont care”

“Thanks for that. Yes it is animal hair. Black and greasy. You missed the scratch marks on that window ledge too.”

” Blimey so I did. I saw that rips in that chair cushion though. ”
‘ We say he had time to pick up that cushion to defend himself. No other way that cushion would be in that state if not. Bag it Jones maybe DNA on it. ”

“DNA from a wolf? Unless you do think its not just a wolf.”

” After working three cases of vampires real why shudder at the possible chance that man can change into evil. ”

Back in Scotland Yard Jones gave a verbal report to the Chief Super who than flew down stairs to see for himself who had dared to act in this case.

‘ Ah! so Jones is right you decided to act on your own behalf .I though I told you your retired James. Go home.”

‘I am a member of the public now as you say .One that has just solved yet another of your cases.Then as you do not care to see me Good bye all. ”

‘ Er! hang on John. Case solved in less than an hour”

” Yes I can tell you what led to this case. ”

‘ A werewolf is it man. Bit rich ,even for you id say.’

” Werewolf, yes real and evil. Then drugs bring on all sorts of imagines.”

“Drugs you say. What drugs change a man into a bloody wolf for Gods sake.’

No drug I am aware of. I said drugs brought on a werewolf yes. You see our friend had injected himself with stuff tampered with. In the darkness his failing mind dreamed on the fear of attack. Someone clawed at him and result was he had a bad trip. He has needle marks all down his arms showed me he was a heavy drug artist. Tracks like that lead to many visions. I think we need to arrest Joey the Hammer from over at Fulham Road bus station where he sells the drugs. He will have some explaining to do. ”

Two hours later John James was phoned at home. It was a short call and his wife noticed the facial expression as he placed the phone back on the holder.
” So they want you back then dear.”

” No. No, that was Buckingham Palace. I am to be Knighted my love”